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Give it a go

Just a simple poet
Dangerous Mind
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Poetry Contest

Give it a go
Spill some ink here on what you feel how the world is going right now no rules apart from must have a title ready set go.

Dangerous Mind
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*Disclaimer: All opinions written here are products of the writer's personal views and not intended to malign nor to discredit anyone. No parts of this article can be copied and/or reproduced in any way without the expressed permission of the author.*

What is it about humanity that defies itself? I often wondered and so I asked over and over, is there a switch that could be triggered for self-destruction as a means of self-defense just so one could keep one's self-esteem?
Survival indeed is a tricky business.
It is questionable whether this society is progressing or regressing. It seems the former but the latter also in concurrence — if progress means change, a redress for better access.  
As time goes, people become more sophisticated, as our physical surrounding is slowly but surely being re-engineered to fit lifestyles, caprices, affordability, desires, durability, and adaptability, our psyche is also being remodeled to modify characters; much like actors in theaters with a louder voice and exaggerated movements.  
One would assume that indeed, progression is a good thing and humanity have all but gained despite the many sacrifices to be where one is at... not noticing that as a whole, something is fundamentally rotting.
The fight for status quo is raging underneath. While above-ground, the movers preach about righteousness, gaining cheerleaders and minions wasting away data and network traffic just so they could be lieutenants in an online war for the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow that is six years in the making. Behold, behind closed doors, the chess players are playing a color game not against each other but against the Bankeros.
I remembered a question posed to me by a wise old man from my province some ten years ago. He said, "How can we expect agrarian reforms when we kept electing those Hacienderos?"
The same holds true in our current predicament.  
How can we restore moral uprightness when we keep glorifying the adulterers, the lascivious, the gamblers, the killers and so on and so forth?
What would change, if the means is foregone for an uncertain end?
When will it stop to be about THEM color game players and starts to be a matter of interest OF the people, FOR the people?
I hope soon, but unlikely.
My hope is of little if not without importance. So I would stop and do nothing. For efforts, noble as it may seem and with good intention, would just go to waste as the rot would reach it in no time, and that is for sure.  
I'd rather watch, as tomatoes keep decaying inside their wooden crate and wait till nature helps them to grow anew and bear fruits for the generation that would come.  
Aye! It is a crime to do nothing or so they say. Maybe they forgot, that patience is a virtue and there is no harm in waiting. Everything would all come to pass someday anyway, and while it is still ongoing, I refuse to be a collateral damage.  
Written by OxyMoronicMe (G.L. Emz)
Written by OxyMoronicMe (G.L.)
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poet Anonymous

Lost Thinker
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Related submission no longer exists.

Dangerous Mind
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mystical fog lights

The powers keep themselves in power    
And cast the line into the water    
Then place the lie upon the shelf    
And let the shaman cure himself...
The mental aberration hour    
With incense prayer and psychic fire    
The union of the altered states    
The schizos sit and meditate...
Soulless science will show the way    
The theory taught as fact today    
A separate world we can't create    
Scholar and priest must now relate...
A spirit rest in druids trees    
They bow to wood and worship rings    
Jump out cha' mind and turn your head    
See all around the woods are dead...
How far down the rabbit hole to go?    
See nothing sit inside itself....
Written by runaway-mindtrain
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Tyrant of Words
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It Runs Deep

Crooked politicians make for corrupt governments,
It makes all honesty and integrity go out the door,
Still even though some try to fight for what’s right,
Those who are in power are always hungry for more.
And it runs deep, as if the masses have fallen asleep,
When shit gets all fucked up we ask ourselves why,
How the hell did the world come to be like this?
Cruelty and injustice seems to be more common.
And if we throw religion in the mix, it’s even more nuts,
When one group tries to impose their beliefs on others,
Then they go to war, some for profit fulfilling prophecies,
Like ancient prophets predicted in their visions.
And the world experiences all these natural disasters,
We pollute the planet and have the nerve to ask why?
As long as the greed runs deep in the heart of men,
So will the wrath of Mother Earth and Father Sky.

Strange Creature
New Zealand
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A view on politics

I may not be in the centre of it all  
I may not live in America
Which makes my country look small  
I may be young and not have a choice  
A kid from New Zealand  
Wanting. NEEDING a voice  
Our politics has fallen through  
Labour, greens and Winston. P  
Will doom my dads finance  
So I want a voice  
People to hear  
To listen  
I may not be in the centre of it all  
I may not live in America  
Which makes my country look small  
I may be young and not have a choice  
A kid from New Zealand  
Wanting. NEEDING a voice  
Donald Trump is a prick  
Nuclear weapons war  
North Korea shot  
A warning fire  
He tweeted  
A threat  
Written by DarkSoul05
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Gregory Rain
Twisted Dreamer
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Artifical Future (Written by God is in the Rain)

Half awake, I listen to the dancing rain! ^^
Acid teardrops of heaven falling on concrete grass....
Gentle wind brings back hope again! ^^
with the smell of burned gass....
And from distance, songs of love begin! ^^
Sang by smoky metal bird....
And Sun shines as bright as it have never been! ^^
on the factory chimney intered....
And so i go into the beautifull world behind the window! ^^
Of my computer screen....
Where clouds sometimes still look like a pillow,
and trees sometimes still stayed green.
Humanity has created a bloodless creatures,
Without emotions or Heart.
and soon our children will destroy it's creators and teachers,
through their dreadfull art.
Of all the things we didn't see,
And all the things we screw.
so let me take few posionous pills to be free,
Of the thought the only thing we're left to do.
as there is no hope, and no suture,
no other solution for the upcoming deadly fuss.
now, we can only go and try to destroy the future....

           .... before it comes and destroys us....

Strange Creature
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look at you
sitting in the gutter
wondering what went wrong

corrupting the alley
with stoic negativity
of a world thats seen by you

you fail to see the love and warmth
spread like sand across the world
we are right where we're supposed to be

the war that unites the people
the violence that saves lives
the hatred that frees people

you see the tip of the spear
the tunnel vision of your short time here
you feel fear

wondering why
you were put here

well good luck
in finding out

Bradley J
Fire of Insight
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Sign of the Times  inst. by Chris Wheeler Beats

gazellemon (Bradley J)
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Sign of the Times  inst. by Chris Wheeler Beats

Sedated savages
Grasping for attention
Ill-fated damages
Can't begin to mask the tensions

Dereliction comes quick
Like accepting the script
Submitting to sickness
Losing wit but still vicious

Witness the fall of mankind
Falling far behind God's of all kinds
Who would have thought
We would have lost touch with the divine

Decided to worship shrines
As warships look for genocide
Guided by foolish lies
I guess it is the guilty who die

Who is with me on this firing line?
I was shackled and tried to hide
Till i tossed my pride a burst
Jekyll and Hyde

Unsatisfied feeding into the evil
Shedding blood on the steeple
Ceasing to be an equal
Pain drenched art on the easel

Feeble yet i function
Dealing in a dungeon
This consumption
This corruption
leads to destruction

♫ inst by Chris Wheeler Beats ♫

Image A way to the zone by Dmitriy Kuzin

poet Anonymous

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Tyrant of Words
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You’re the right man, but at the wrong time

It’s only in America,
that men who can be bought and sold
like on the slave auction blocks of old,

that a president says, the s.o.b should be fired
for not doing what he’s told

Where was this thinking say,
400 years ago with the birth of this thing
called tobacco row
Why didn’t you fire the Africans
and tell them they had to go
they weren’t protected by DACA
or chants of, black lives matter yo

The problem sir, is your timing is just so slow

Like really, now you want to a build a gigantic wall
Why didn’t you leave Texas to the Mexicans
Because the real move, was not to get involved at all

You should have let those Spanish keep Houston, and Puerto Rico too
We’ll give up taco Tuesdays, pina coladas and Mexican brew
to get rid of those drowning people who don’t know what to do

They just don’t understand you’re a good guy, sir
Dressed in your red, white and blue

It’s just your timing, that’s six centuries past due

Tyrant of Words
Sierra Leone 109awards
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black lives do matter
as long as they can score points
and rise for the pledge
just like on the plantation
Mister Trump runs the Big House

Harry Rout
Dangerous Mind
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Related submission no longer exists.

Dangerous Mind
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Going Uphill

A twisted world with rules that are
Bent and broken almost every day.
The clouds cover and hide every star
Trying to peak through. Every ray
Of sunshine is hard to recognize
Through the climate change and
Their deniers. As the other eyes
Across the world watch, the hand
Of this country becomes unclean
And dirty, starting with our president.
I want to see this earth in green
Nature. People have already spent
Too much time trying to undermine
All of the work we have done to
Move this country into the sunshine.
It should take more than just you
And me to move this country ahead,
Away from the shadows. Two steps
Forward instead of back. Thread
The string to pull us together
Instead of apart and separated.
We navigate through the weather,
Good or bad. No more outdated
Ideas because we should be catching
Up to everyone else when we lag
Behind. We are barely scratching
The surface and not the main drag.
Written by eswaller
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