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Calling Out All Of The Monsters 2017! (Halloween Competiton)

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Poetry Contest

Write the best Halloween themed poem
So instead of last year when I wanted everyone to write about turning into a monster let's switch it up and not just write about that.
So this year there is no limit to what you should write about whether turning into a monster, being a serial killer and going from house to house killing on Halloween or you can even write about being seduced by a supernatural creature like a vampire or a werewolf.
Whatever you want make it the best Halloween themed poem, the best one will win!.
🎃 One entry only
🎃 Can be as scary and disturbing as you want it to be, but remember to not be too graphic
🎃 Erotic poems are welcome
🎃 Can be as long as you want
🎃 No collaborations
🎃 Be creative
🎃 Have fun

🕸🕷 You got 2 weeks so get started!! And Happy Halloween!!! 😎🎃😈🔪🕸

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Hallows Eve

Fixed upon days fading light your mind engulfed by fear
Trembling uncontrollably as darkness draws in nearer
Your shadowed room a dim lit tomb a lair of demise
For on this night a witches flight evokes the undeads cries
Rising from their shallow graves the corpses of the dead
The children that this night enslaved now leave their earth filled beds
Lost souls in pain search for life again for death they can't conceive
So hold yours dearer as they draw nearer on this Hallows Eve
Written by LBV
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©OxyMoronicMe GLemz


No one knew of Leah.

She was that child, kept hidden and chained
inside the windowless basement
of the mansion across the lake -
the secret that her family would kill to keep;
the byproduct of an incestuous coupling
of a deviant, abusive father
and of a mad, yet dangerously beautiful daughter.

"Child of the devil!" her mother used to call her,
as she slapped her senseless, for the sin of existence.
Often times, she stroke her unruly curls,
and kept whispering vile words in her ears.

Leah grew up knowing nothing but the rants
filled with hatred, uttered by a mind gone insane.
And so she believed...

She's the child of the devil!


She looked at the mirror and all she could see
was an image of a woman that was not her own.
Those pair of green eyes with flecks of brown,
hooded by lashes so thick
that it hids the fury of the soul within.

Only she knows, only she feels, only she sees,
the truth swimming under the sea of despair.
And for what? For whom?

It's only a matter of time now,
before everything floats back into the surface.
By then, it would be too late to be saved.
A smirk formed in her cherry painted lips before mumbling,



The morning after that fateful halloween
some ten years ago have all been forgotten,
buried as a cold case and unsolved.

Funny how this town could easily set aside
the memory of that horrific day,
of Sarah and her headless body
floating in crimson waters
on the big fountain at the park.

How could they be smiling
as they dressed up the children
to play trick or treat, knocking on doors,
expecting candies in turn?

Should I play threat and trick with them
and make them remember?

"Hello Chloe, are you alone? Come in...
I prepared treats specially for you."
Oh, yes...

They will remember!


At first they thought that it's a prop,
remnant of kids' trash from last nights' prank.
Until the cleaning crew arrived and touched the headless 'doll',
and then they knew that it was not and it all began...

Screams of terror rung from a mother's lungs,
There's no doubt in her heart who could it be.
Even without the blond curls, who else but her Chloe?

That Tinkerbelle costume and pink lacy shoes
and that little hand wearing a ring with red shiny heart...
taunting as the arm attached drips diluted blood
when it dangles lifeless on the edge of the fountain in the park...

"It's a ghost! The ghost of Sarah!"
someone said.
And the following silence proves...

That now, now they remember!


The fools!

A decade had past, yet it seems they never learn;
commiting the same mistake as they did with Sarah -
asking the wrong questions,
suspecting the wrong person,
Assuming and jumping to conclusions.

...who done it? ...where hid it? Fools!

Will Chloe suffer the same injustice?

Tears of blood filled with rage runs down her cheeks, as she...
picked up the frames imprisoning
the smiling image of two little blond girls.
For they don't belong in that memorial beside the fountain,
surrounded by melting candles and flowers...

"Who, whose dead body was found defiled,
and headless on the fountain in the park?"
Because she knew for certain that it wasn't Chloe,
nor was it Sarah ten years ago..


Who would have remembered?
The child that no one knew, born and died
in darkness, not knowing the light of day.

Even in her death, she was kept hidden,
mourned by another mother, while her own
torture another in her place;
her grave
bearing another's name,

And here she is, unknown.
Alive but, remembered as the headless ghost.

She'll wait another year
till another chance comes for her to reclaim
her self.

She have nothing else but time.
Next Halloween, she hope Chloe
would be awarded due recognition.

"Hello Chloe, child of the devil!"

Gregory Rain
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"My Guarding Demon" by... well.... me....

Mr.Rain:                                                    Annie:
Sudden Dreaming, so Appealing....
Date of Lover, once my Flower....
                                                                 "what if your love's voice - haunted you' in your dreams?"
But soon all falls into Abyss....
                                                                 "bloody nightmares - full of devious grins...."
Her fading Voice Sharpest thing is....
                                                                 "and when you wake up - what the next day brings?"
White tree Alley, whispers gently....
                                                                 "her fading voice - the sharpest of all_things.... ^-^"
"Evil Valley! Consequently!"

Iris Red glow, "Shinu" Sign show....
Beautifull Smile, can not be Vile....
                                                                 "and here comes' me! Annie! - in to your dreams! ^_^"
Apears this Girl just her only....
                                                                 "mouth full of sharp teeth - she laughs' she screams!"
Seems nice, Seems cute, Seems so lonely....
                                                                 "she'll slice your throath - she will bite it out! :3"
So i ask Her, not knowing cost....
                                                                 "when you wake up - did she just' messed around?"
Side might Prefer? Maybe she's lost?

She takes my hand, through this Grey land....
Sings so nicely, walks precisely....
                                                                 "well wasn't it the perfect - excel'ent time? :)"
All around us horrors crawling!
                                                                 "for the realest, the crulest - of the nightmares to come?^_^"
Fear grasps my Heart she's just strolling!
                                                                 "i will let you choose - you will lose, or you fight! ;)"
Who's this Being? so weird appeals....
                                                                 "not just single tear - you will cry, in the night! >D"
All not Seeing, her song reveals....

Singing of Death, Best Friends last Breath....
How from my Nose, i shall sneeze Rose....
                                                                 "And what would you do - if your best frined died?"
Claret lines of Despair she says....
                                                                 "And what would you do - if you every day saw blood? ^^"
My attention somewhere else stays....
                                                                 "what if you sneezed it - from your nose? :O"
Dreadfull mistake, not to listen....
                                                                 "how long, will you maintain - your happy pose? >D"
What comes I'll take, Red Eyes glisten!

Despair she sees, Smiles through my Dreams....
With evil Songs, for my Life longs....
                                                                 "deep in the depressions - the Darkest Dreams Dont Die..."
All she says soon happens to me....
                                                                 "I keep on coming - you keep asking why? :O"
Still wondering how can this be....
                                                                 "I surely have my reasons - don't care if you "deserve" ;)"
Will to live is getting Idle....
                                                                 "killing you in nightmares - hope the pain's soo serve :3"
While arrive thoughts Suicidal!

Going Insane, as She brings Pain!
But through Red Signs, my Claret Lines!
                                                                 "but i wont stop coming - no i wont give peace...."
Enter Grey World, no Ligth, no Hope....
                                                                 "keep slicing your soul - won't leave a piece :3"
Begging white trees for Sturdy Rope....
                                                                 "standing on the bridge - feeling cold night breeze ^_^"
Darkening Rise! Humor of Sin!
                                                                 "last words i told him, never repeat please :O"
So i Realize, With Her akin!

Come close Honey, When night's sunny!
Shinu Sign Sings, Sweet Despair brings....
                                                                 "click click boom - no more weep! ^_^"
Tell me Tales from world Grey and Mad....
                                                                 "swallow all your pills - and go to sleep! ;)"
Make my life so Joyfull and Sad....
                                                                 "So say your name and last pray tonight :3"
Lovely Nightmare, Tears me apart! ^^
                                                                 "there's only one truth - the truth of CRIMSONITE!!! >D"
Demon i Bear, Deep in my Heart! ^^

Note: I'm using chinese numerology - that's why there is so many 4 across the work, unlike in europe, 4 = bad & 6 (also 8 btw) = good

Tyrant of Words
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Ecstasy in Your Eyes

You didn’t have any qualms or apprehensions about it,
When I invited you and you quickly decided to join in,
You were that excited you just jumped at the chance,
To be in bed with someone like her and her and him.
I lied to you when I told you I just wanted to watch,
At first my appetite is only to witness such a thing,
But you had this look of total ecstasy in your eyes,
When you were amid the likes of her and her and him.
It was a scene of sheer pleasure and ultimate fantasy,
Lost between them in the mix of long and sensual limbs,
Your mouths wide open without words being spoken,
As orifices were filled with you and her and her and him.
But as I sat there in the armchair in the dark corner,
I watched and salivated with hunger to say the least,
Ravenous at seeing you being with her and her him,
The time was getting closer for me to unleash the beast.
And as I saw you moaning you all came together,
The time had finally come for me to unleash the beast,
Because now that you were fully spent and exhausted,
It was my turn to join in and participate in the feast.
Lastly I opened the window to let the light of full moon in,
As we revealed our true nature you became truly horrified,
When we transformed into werewolves you screamed,
You were about to be devoured by her and her and him
                                                                     …and I.

Dangerous Mind
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The Witching Hour

55, 56, 57, 58, 59  
Tick tock the seconds knock  
From the old grandfather clock  
Suddenly, Hell’s Bells the clock strikes twelve  
Tis now the hour that horrid evil dwells  
Graveled voices of incantation rhymes  
Sing to the music of Westminster chimes    
This moment begins the malevolent Witching Hour  
That cool breeze upon the back of your neck  
 Is the presence of its ghostly power    
Old bones rattle, graveyards quake  
Rats scurry chased by slithering snakes  
Pray you all, for the passing of every second  
Thank the Virgin for the tick of every minute  
For it’s more than just your flesh at stake  
But your very soul the devil, he will take    
Tick tock the seconds knock  
From the old grandfather clock  
Will you survive this dreadful night?  
Or will your pounding panicked heart  
Come to a sudden stop from fright?
Written by snugglebuck
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Related submission no longer exists.

Fire of Insight
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October, Again

Mid October,  
Get out the mirrored,  
Even indoors,  
In the dark.  
You see,  
Mid October,  
Every year,  
My eyes start to change;  
By month's end,  
Fully changed --  
Come November,  
Put the glasses away for a year.  
Don't know why.  
Pupils go from round to,  
Slit - ovals - vertical.  
I'd say "cat" like,  
But, really, more,  
Or, maybe, serpent like,  
Like in the bible,  
Serpent like.  
A bit.  
But this year,  
By the 20th,  
In addition,  
Funny feelings,  
But not funny,  
And in my groin,  
Not exactly flaccid,  
Nor erect;  
As if waiting.  
A text message,  
A sext.  
I've never gotten one of those,  
Always wanted to get one.  
Black hair hiding her face,  
Earrings of gold with red stone,  
Choker string of gold with red stones,  
Black hair not hiding her lips;  
Those lips,  
Not the ones on her face,  
Which were hidden,  
By that other black hair.  
Fingers parting her lips,  
Those lips,  
Moist lips,  
Wet fingers.  
And a message.  
"You will start to remember."  
A couple days later,  
Another sext.  
Still hidden face,  
Same earring,  
Same choker,  
Matching bracelet,  
Index finger and ring finger,  
(Gold ring with red stone),  
Parted her lips,  
Those lips,  
Middle finger partly in.  
And the message - -  
"This time,  
Be On Time!"  
I was remembering.  
I swear, I was taller.  
Fingers, longer.  
Feet, different.  
(I won't say how different,  
You wouldn't believe me.)  
Hair had turned black,  
Dare I say, midnight black?  
Except for a stark white lock,  
In the front that insisted on curling,  
Between my eyes.  
Something else had also changed,  
Longer, harder, dripping a bit at the tip.  
And underneath,  
Larger, swollen, somewhat painful,  
Way more than "blue",  
If you know what I mean.  
That "queasy",  
Had grown,  
I remembered before,  
Something had taken over,  
I had been a passenger,  
In my own body,  
Operated by someone (thing) else --  
Was that happening again?  
In my closet, I found clothing,  
Which, two days ago,  
I would have sworn weren't there,  
But I now remember putting them there,  
A couple, maybe, three years ago,  
Way in the back,  
Of course.  
Which fit,  
Hid my new feet,  
Black pants,  
Long jacket,  
They, sort of,  
Around my body,  
On the plane,  
Sitting by the window,  
A guy sat down,  
I looked at him,  
He ask for a seat change.  
A girl,  
In white,  
With ear length, white hair,  
Sat down,  
Acted as if she slept,  
But watched me the entire flight.  
In Austen,  
Met by a car,  
Black, natch,  
Even, black chrome.  
Door opened,  
Couldn't see in,  
But got in.  
I recognized,  
"On time."  
She drove fast,  
Hands on the wheel,  
Gold ring, red stone,  
God bracelet, red stone,  
Gold choker, red stone,  
Her leg,  
Via a slit  
In her dress.  
A slit that went to under her arm,  
Held to her body,  
Under her breasts,  
By a tie of red,  
(Blood red, naturally).  
As she drove,  
More and more,  
Was visible.  
She glanced at me,  
Wet her middle finger,  
I watched a repeat of the image,  
From the sext.  
Stopped by the road,  
Somewhere in the country,  
I'm not certain where,  
But I recognized it.  
Walking out into the field,  
Through the trees,  
White cloth,  
Staked to the ground,  
In red,  
Not just blood red,  
Actually blood;  
And I was, again,  
A watcher in my own body.  
Even though,  
I remembered,  
Or maybe because,  
I remembered,  
I was,  
Really, really,  
She looked at the sky,  
The moon,  
And stripped,  
Or, rather,  
Her clothing flowed from her body,  
Landed next to but not on the cloth.  
She gestured,  
My clothing did the same.  
She saw my feet,  
"Maybe it will work this time."  
I watched her,  
Through my eyes,  
Controlled by something else.  
In my trapped mind,  
I scowled.  
She looked down,  
"I lost the other ones,  
This is my last fling."  
Off in the distance,  
A clock struck,  
She grinned,  
Sort of,  
Laid down,  
On her back,  
In the pentagram;  
Head at one point,  
Hands and feet at the other points.  
I watched,  
Whatever controlled me,  
Was amused;  
Between her feet.  
I remembered.  
I knew what was coming next.  
My body,  
Knelt down;  
Bent forward;  
And licked,  
Tongue tickled,  
And sucked,  
Lip massaged her clit;  
Pushed a finger in,  
Curled it,  
(exactly, there).  
My body was aroused,  
My controller enjoyed itself.  
She squirmed,  
I think,  
At least partly,  
Mostly, what it did,  
Was take its time,  
Getting her ready.  
My body was already ready,  
Judging by what hung-arose,  
Between my legs,  
My body was more than just ready,  
I would guess,  
She might have said,  
If she really saw,  
That my body was scary ready.  
Somewhere in the back of my mind,  
I had heard the clock strike for half past the hour,  
And was subconsciously waiting for the,  
Midnight stroking to begin.  
What controlled my body,  
Didn't wait for the clock to begin;  
It leaned my body forward,  
Entered her with one hard,  
Driving push.  
She cried out.  
In pain?  
In pleasure?  
My body's cock,  
Drove repeatedly,  
In to her cunt.  
I watched,  
As her body's reactions,  
As the driving,  
I stopped watching.  
My head turned to the side,  
My eyes saw that young girl,  
In white,  
At the edge of the cloth.  
She looked very different,  
Her hair was longer,  
She seemed taller;  
There was something else different,  
I couldn't quite identify.  
Her white clothing,  
Flowed from her body,  
Her hair curled down her back,  
She crossed the cloth,  
Entered the pentagram,  
Glanced at me (my body),  
My body withdrew its cock,  
From its sheath in the cunt,  
Of the body,  
Spread to the points of the pentagram.  
That very different young woman,  
Reached down,  
Gripped the arm,  
Of the black hair creature,  
And tossed her,  
Like an old rag,  
Off the cloth.  
She grinned,  
Licked her lips,  
(Her tongue seemed unnaturally long),  
Stared for a moment at,  
The ridged cock before her,  
And bent down,  
Face down,  
Ass up,  
Spread to the pentagram,  
Wiggled her butt,  
Inviting my body's cock.  
My body,  
My voice,  
Her voice,  
My voice,  
And drove in,  
One stroke,
Each harder than the one before,
For each strike,  
Of the clock.  
My voice,  
Had a growl,  
In it;  
A deep,  
Growl --  
Colored by,  
Sexual need;  
Had a similar,  
Slightly higher pitched,  
Growl --  
Hers was one of pleasure;  
Somewhere around stroke six,  
She turned her head,  
Her face was no longer hers,  
The word that came to mind was,  
My body,  
Its cock,  
Pounding --  
Six more times --
Increasing force,
Increasing passion,  
Increasing desire,  
Desire for release.  
When the orgasm came,  
Violently came,  
Pumping into her,  
The flush of release,  
Overcame me --  
I lost consciousness.  
I awoke,  
In control;  
Next to her;  
Glanced up at her;  
She was a full head taller than I.  
She grinned,  
Not exactly a friendly grin,  
Tinted with warning,  
"It better work this time,  
All the way to delivery,  
Or this will have been your last fling."  
I stared at her,  
She motioned toward where she had,  
Tossed the body earlier,  
It was gone,  
Now replaced with,  
A scattering of bone fragments,  
Bits of tissue,  
Other body remnants,  
Spread over the area.  
There, mixed with gore,  
Was a glint;  
I crossed, picked up an earring,  
Then a second one,  
Both still with their post-keeper on the post,  
Crossed to her,  
She took them,  
Removed the keeper,  
Put one to her left ear,  
Pushed the post through her ear lobe,  
Watching me as she did it,  
Fastened the post-keeper,  
Then did the same with the other ring --  
In her other ear,  
Drops of blood,  
Dripped to her shoulder,  
Ran down her chest,  
Her breasts,  
To her nipples,  
I looked at it,  
She stared at me,  
I unconsciously leaned forward,  
On my toes,  
To reach her shoulder,  
Stuck out my tongue,  
(Much longer than I remembered it)  
And lapped,  
(Not licked)  
It up.  
It was then that,  
I noticed there was,  
Only partially lapped away,  
On both of us;  
I glanced again at the gore,  
And knew.  
She saw my glance,  
"What we just finished took energy,  
Lots of energy,  
We fed,  
You took most of it,  
Alphas always do that."  
As she watched me,
"I would really like,  
The rest --  
I searched,  
Pawing through,  
What remained of,  
I'll just say --  
What remained.  
I found them,  
Turned to her.  
She was pulling on jeans,  
Saw me watching,  
Strange look in her eyes,
Saw the desire apparent,
In my erection,
Let me dress.
Not again right now,  
We have a flight to catch."  
A low, quiet growl,  
Froze her;  
She pushed her jeans,  
Back down below her knees,  
Turned around,  
Bent over,  
Offering herself,  
In reply to my growl.  
I was quick,  
Not gentle,  
But quick.  
She stood,  
Turned to me,  
Reached down for her jeans,  
Looked at me,  
I nodded,  
She pulled,  
Them up;  
Before zipping them,  
She looked at me.  
I nodded,  
She zipped them,  
Reached for her shirt.  
I nodded,  
She pulled it over her head,  
Forced it over her breasts,
Which bulged,
Nipples showing,
The thin material,
Of her shirt.
She glanced at the shoes at her feet.  
I nodded,  
She pushed her feet,  
Into them.  
I reached forward,  
With my hand,  
She reached out,  
I dropped,  
Into her hand.  
I crossed to the clothing pile,  
Next to where hers had been.  
That's all;  
I put them on.  
She looked at the trees,  
Then to me.  
I walked toward,  
The trees,  
She followed,  
We passed through them,  
Across the field,  
To the road,  
Where a rental car,  
Green Honda something,  
Was parked.  
I glanced at her.  
"Key is in your pocket."  
I opened her door,  
Before she got in,  
I stopped her,  
She looked at me,  

I growled.

In one uick motion,
She unzipped her jeans,
Pushed them down,
Bent over.

I unzipped,
Pushed my jeans down,
And entered her.

I was quick,
Not gentle.

She whimpered.

In response,
I growled,
And drove into her,
Until I came again.

As I stepped back from her,
She turned,
Put her hands to her jeans,
I nodded,
She pulled them up,
Zipped them.

She saw that,
My pants were still down.

I growled at her,
"Clean me.
Pu me away."

She dropped to her knees,
And cleaned me.

Just as she finished,
I grabbed her head with my hands,
Drove my cock fully,
Into her mouth/throat,
And came.

She swallowed,
Licked me clean.

With my cock,
Still pointed at her mouth,
She looked up at me,

I nodded.
As she arose,
"You've blended.  
The two of you,  
You're now one."  
I nodded,
I was beginning,  
To understand.  
As she got in,  
I noticed,  
She had changed,  
Mousy brown hair,  
Chin length,  
Choker was a not a choker on her,  
Her neck was tiny,  
She was shorter than I.  
As we drove to the airport,  
The roles we needed to play.  
Returned the car.  
Crossed to the TSA line,  
In my pocket,  
I found my ticket and driver's license,  
(Don't know how they got there),  
The picture was a much different,  
Younger me.  
As we walked down the concourse,  
She leaned against me,  
"Your 'Dad' died,  
The money from his estate has,  
Set us up,  
For at least the next nine months."  
"There's more.  
I'll tell you later."  
A growl,  
Reminded her.  
She trembled.  
This group of interrelated poems now has reached seven.
Written by J_J_Jay_Jr
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poet Anonymous

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Not Any More

It’s the gaiety and laughter that gets to me
A night of comedy monsters just for a laugh
What ever happened to screaming in terror?
Of running, falling, breathless from the chase
What happened to blood and gore, stabbing
Slashing, garrotting and unholy blue murder
What ever happened to the victims pleading?
For their pathetic lives and for god to step in
I used to miss those good old darkened days
But not any more

Here’s what happens at my house on Halloween
I bid you welcome, you come in smiling and laughing
Dressed in bandages as a fun Egyptian mummy
My blood boils I feel the rage rising in my soul
I give you a treat that is also a trick, you pass out
I drag you down to the cellar where the others are
But there’s nobody to talk to, they are all very dead
Like the others, I undress you cutting with scissors
You come to and start screaming, it used to bother me
But not any more

To me your screaming sounds just like laughing
How dare you laugh in the presence of greatness
I find that cutting off the lower jaw with bolt cutters
Silences any more laughter, the guttural noises
Sound much more like pleading as they should
I pull their neck skin up and staple it over their nose
Then puncture some holes allowing breathing
Sometimes I can make them whistle through the holes
Have you ever stuck a hot soldering iron in to an eyeball?
The sizzle the sound of boiling the blood squirting
As you go deeper, I used to do that all the time
But not any more

Now I use and electric dough whisk making a bigger hole
Scooping out the contents and sipping it from a spoon
‘Eye socket soup yummy!’ I have always thought deeply
About eyebrows, what use are they, a scalpel removes them
Then nipples, the devils coat pegs, ravenously bitten off
‘You may want to turn away now’ as I turn to the vagina
Its ugly and evil turning men from the path of righteousness
I must burn the witch: I stuff her opening with firecrackers
Massage around with petroleum jelly and then set alight
The bodily convulsions are exquisite, like a work of art
Her vagina now burnt out, no more pubic hair anymore
This used to give me wood
But not any more

I turn her over and strap her back down to the table
I need to release her now I must invade Satan’s hole
I climb on top, penis erect, a cheese wire with handles
I slip this round her throat, pulling ever tighter as I ride
Just as I start to come I use my power and pull her head
Clean off. Her warm blood flows over me as I dutifully cum
Semen and blood mixes well and on my knees I survey
My wondrous creation I call this one ‘The Headless Whore.’
I used to enjoy my work
But not any more

A single cell. maximum security, solitary confinement
These ten years have dragged like a corpse in the woods
They say I killed and tortured 47before they caught me
247 would have been a more accurate body count
I will never leave this prison cell while I am alive
All I have are my memories well remembered
Clear visually enough to masturbate and cum to
Serial killer and Public enemy number 1
But not any more

Dangerous Mind
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Dancing With Death 2

 Oh, My Darkened One,    
 How I see you so clearly now,    
 Was it the years passing,    
 Or a longing that bore you here?    
 The birth pangs deepen    
 As you emerge in a    
 Grey ethereal mist.    
 I am blacked out by the smoke ---    
 What surrender.    
 This existence fades like    
 It never was,    
 Oh, home-in-your-arms    
 To which I fall    
 Exuberantly ---    
 Oh, ecstatic    
 Place of reprieve.    
 Into you I retreat    
 In you I sleep    
 Let me not wake    
 Let me not see    
 Anything but you,    
 My withered one    
 And catch me when I fall,    
 Recieve me when I am spent.    
 Days apart, oh toilsome grind    
 Of mill-stones crushing    
 Reasons to live    
 I surrender to you    
 In you I am exalted,    
 In you alone I live.    
 Oh, my darkened one,    
 Where have you been,    
 Where were you all this time?    
 Did you drag your heels at my    
 Every achievement smiling contentedly    
 As I bore closer to you?    
 How I feel you were there at every    
 Milestone in silent penetration    
 Touching off such ecstasy ---    
 Such resonant glory.    
 And in the blankness,    
 Somewhere there was you,    
 Faceless, nameless,    
 Wrapped in diaphanous mists    
 Swinging from stars    
 Accompanying my    
 Abandoned remains ---    
 A chamber of echoes    
 Songs of forgetting    
 Become moist, damp and risen    
 To fill your cave once    
 Our fate is sealed,    
 My Winged One.    
 Your wings dance and I,    
 Aflutter, my breath escapes me    
 To never be seen again.    
 How I don’t want to wake from    
 The dream.    
 The words came like tears    
 When you enveloped me    
 Your folds like crevaces    
 In your moth-crepe arms.    
 How silently they flutter ---    
 My heart skips a beat.    
 What enshrouding of my    
 Once raw heart, now stilled    
 In a nuclear winters freeze    
 Your smothering surrounds me    
 To suffocate my longings at last.    
 The endless cycles of my hanging    
 On have ended; what reprieve.    
  The rainbow of life ends in you.    
  It dies there and is at last befallen.    
  The tin white powder of its relinquishment    
  Settles upon its remains like    
  Mythical fairy dust.    
  But you are not a myth, no    
  You are too real for me    
  To not believe.    
  As I no longer pulse with    
  The ink that flows from    
  My heart in an onyx river to    
  A tar-black sea.    
  Winged moth of darkness,    
  Your stifling cave beckons    
  How I wish to go.    
  Lead me into the dance    
  Of deaths swaying, sauntering dream.    
Written by PoetsRevenge
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Dark Messenger

Night's engorged corpse's maw spews forth
Sudden rider's dread appearance
As its steed's terror arch and pitch
Overwhelms with stench of sulfur,

In voices deep & black as death,
As if from ev'ry host and storm,
Resound in ancient glory raised,
'Tis he, the rider, back from Time:

"Beware, it will be ever known
That I am Devil, Satan's own,
Of Lucifer's originals.

“Of those who fell to follow him
And pass it on to souls like you,
That his is Truth, the Way, the Life
Fore'er in death and well beyond.

“That I, his Messenger elect,
Am but the only one who comes,
Not what was told would be the Christ.

“To bring the news: you are the one
With billions more who join me now,
And others who are me as well,
To be the Coming. IT IS HERE!

“For this in time won't be eclipsed,
Because our black Lord trumped your god!
Come now, bow low, you must be quick.
Eternity of work awaits...

“And there'll be no more rest for you!"

Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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