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Secret Crush

Dangerous Mind
United States 8awards
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Poetry Contest

Write about having that one secret crush you were too afraid to admit
Ever had a crush on someone that you were too afraid to admit whether you afraid you'd wreck your friendship with that person or it was forbidden for a certain reason like you were dating someone else already and couldn't be with that person or that person was the same sex and you were afraid of being judged.
Whatever that reason is write about it and explain why you crushed on them.
What made them special?
and what exactly made you notice them?

- Title your entry
- One entry only
- When I suggest forbidden crushes I of course do not and I do not mean UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES anything crude like incest!!!
- the entry can be as long as you want
- explain how you met them, what made you notice them, and what made them special to you

poet Anonymous

Fire of Insight
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The Ones Who Kept Away

Chlorine saturated our skin
Mine so sunned
So suited to it's smell
Yours a pasty boy's - seashell
My summer freckles brown, at play
Your eyes were pennies in the day
They drank my swimming sunlit form
You never moved
I was too warm
Left-sided smirks after bright afternoons
Popping chilled cans
In the cool of your room
Almost too charged to stand
Caffeine kicked closeness
And we'd never land
Although you feigned stoic
There was sweat on your hands
And your heartbeat betrayed you
You cool boy
You had heat too
The racing pace of the beating truth
And your expressions toward me
From those incog eyes
Erupting loose
I was a nestling
Freshly bold
Chasing loves to give me hold
And though you saw beyond my shape
My soul
You stood so cold
You stayed so cold

Written some months ago, about a boy some many years ago....
Written by AtoMikbomb
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Tyrant of Words
Joined 25th Aug 2011
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A Love Dance

breathes the musky scent
of a man
feel the skin smooth
of a woman
tantalising dance
on private ballroom
fusion of bodies
in the changing dazzling lights

touches hands clasped
lips touching, giving life
taking life, a union
engulfing the other
one another in a giving
soft dance of love
a waltz, with eyes closed
feeling the union
exquisite joining

Riding the waves
of ecstasy
feel, touch
pulses of life
searing pain pleasure
a death

drowning in each others eyes
one in all
united in love
falling together
passion sleep
a light slumber

no touches exchanged
no embraces
no kisses
her mere wishes
as she stared at him
across the room
a crush
forbidden to bloom
for he belonged to another.
Written by Grace (IDryad)
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Dangerous Mind
United States 30awards
Joined 22nd Dec 2015
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Still the Same Crush

The smell of chlorine on your dark skin
And I came that close to touching you.
You were a charmer as with one grin
I was on cloud nine. I wish that I knew
How I could decipher you, as you were
A complete mystery I could not unravel.
Nice one moment and nothing but a blur
In the next. Darling, I wish I could travel
Back in time and tell you how I felt, but
We were nothing more than teenagers.
I wish I could have just ignored and shut
You out, but you came back. The wagers
And bets are off as my feelings have still
Not changed when I am standing before
You as a strong woman now. Every thrill
Felt as a girl with hormones feels more
Intense now. I have done more than just
Feeling your skin or knowing the taste of
Your electrifying kisses. I know and trust
You will not set every butterfly or dove
Free because even if they do, they
Will come back like the patter of my
Heartbeat that does not go away.
You are that same crush and my sky.
Written by eswaller
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poet Anonymous


She sits at the bar, facing me    
her hair deep inlets settling    
on ribs, perfectly ringed    

I watch as strands cascade    
through scarlet fingertips,    
she smiles when she laughs    
studying a thin-fluted glass    
with delicate wrists,    
her silver bangles sliding over    
in rhythmic return.    

I have confined her cheeks    
deep into archaic furrows,    
her lips a seething reminder    
of the warmth felt kneeling    
before small mounds,    
legs crossed patiently    
right over left, softly feathered    
in dark corners of this room,    
this galaxy; I have made you God    

and you are gone,    
perhaps never to resurface    
walking a velvet turmoil    
in perfect arches    
of spine and breast    
a memorial of afterglows,    
hymns to my verve.

poet Anonymous

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Tyrant of Words
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Lady Driver

She radiated hard living
Flooring high performance cars
Sharing rap music, blunts and sex
Thrills sparkling with a bit of risk
A road of recent rain and roller coaster curves

I observe despite my years
Face pressed against the glass
Feeling all four walls in this one room dive
The caravan moves on
Her Mustang in the lead
A spray of dust and gravel and a blue-jeaned memory.

Fire of Insight
Nigeria 15awards
Joined 24th Nov 2011
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The Goal I Couldn't Near

She was the one
The one that brought me faith and fear
The one person I died to have
The goal I couldn't near

We cherished our times together
Our relationship we held so dear
Deep within I craved something deeper
A passionate affair

Her gorgeous looking figure
So tight and so voluptuous
Sexy beyond all ramifications
Erotically delicious

So sad we couldn't go beyond
Hand shakes and casual hugs
I wonder if she ever noticed my lust
During our usual talks

Every day called for endurance
Every day was a test
Should I say or say not
Or should I just let it rest

The secret admiration
And all the emotional torment
Went on and on for many years
Until it was too late to comment

About how I felt for her
Cause she finally found a lover
Alas it wasn't me
But it was another

Thus I had to let it go
My crush and my fears
No other but me will know
About the goal I couldn't near

poet Anonymous

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Dangerous Mind
Philippines 24awards
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First Sign - Menace

I remember the boy
and how he makes me swoon
by the sight of him
by his scent and things
and so I had always
invaded his space

I recall the feeling
of nervous joy
sitting besides Roy
in a crowded classroom
and so I alway asked
for lend and such

I haven't forgotten
the sound of his voice
or the way he walks
and that cute mole on his chin
and so I often
stalked him and his friends

He was someone
I wished I held hands with
goes on a date with
and be my first kiss
and so I wrote his name
on scarp books

I remember the boy
his name is Roy
I think he's annoyed
that I pestered him before
And so today when I see the man
He ignores me, like I am no one

Dangerous Mind
Joined 17th Aug 2015
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an innocent crush

she saw me
and I saw her

I smiled and
saw the giggle in her

I was sitting across her
watching how the thin air
mess her hair

our blushed eyes met
each other in turns
as she put the hair
behind her ears

the smell of the fresh green
as we pass the fields
and I fly into her eyes

lost in my dreams with her
then again,
I search for her eyes

her sparkling eyes
painted a blush
on our faces

my teenage heart
proposed to her
in the next station
I married her
on a beach

then I searched
for her eyes

and I saw her,
walking slowly
on the platform
as I slowly
passed her

I never
saw her again.

but still,
those eyes...

paint a blush
on my face

Written by dejure (vick)
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Fire of Insight
Malta 1awards
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Youre astonished with my words
Praises flying out like birds.
Wondering from where they come
Make your heart beat like a drum.
I think of them while Im asleep
The best works for me to reap.
At least an answer or a smile
I would walk that extra mile.
Written by joeborg
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Chelley Bean
Thought Provoker
United States
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Will You Be Mine

Sleep with the angels my dear
Close your mind and open your soul
Clear the cobwebs from your mind
Walk the line like Johnny did
Step up and take my hand
Your one of a kind
With you I will stand
Arm and arm to the beat of our own
I lay down my crimson for you
Will you be mine
Will we stand the test of time?
Lay it down on me
Honor my every plea
In my chest you grow
Like a seed in fro
To make me cherish you
Till the earth revolves no more

Chelley Bean poetesses

Strange Creature
New Zealand
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Poem for

I'm worried alright
Watching you deteriorate
You are constantly ready for a fight
But if it helps you sleep at night
I'll lie and say I'm doing alright
But the blood keeps flowing
And the slashes growing
But if it helps you sleep at night
I'll say that I'm alright
But that's not true and you know it
The way you look at me says all
But I'm holding on by a little bit
Because I need you to help me through my shit
But you don't know
And my feelings grow
But this isn't a crush
This is love for you
So where ever you are boo
I do care
You are who has made me question everything
And I thank you
So let me just say I
I love you
Written by DarkSoul05
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