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Clash of Swords

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Poetry Contest

Good vs Evil
Your take on the above, good versus evil. Imagine a war between angels and the legions of Lucifer. Their thunder in the heavens, grappling for power over mankind and the world. Or imagine a child saving a kitten about to be drowned by bigger children...what is your take on Good versus Evil.
Two poems per writer max, any length, no collaborations and Please title your poems. Thank You.

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Azrael and the Renegade

Drop him, Azrael said,
It’s the way it has to be,
No, the other one responded,
I can’t do that to this baby.

It has to be done, Azrael added,
You know it has been commanded,
It’s my responsibility to do so, so,
It must be done as HE demanded.

But the renegade angel stood at the cliff,
Child cradled in arms, he spread his wings,
He will become a great man you’ll see,
He will become more powerful than all earthly kings.

Azrael stood ready to strike them both down,
And throw the child alive into the precipice,
But the renegade angel suddenly took flight,
For the child would one day serve his purpose.

So Azrael watched him fly away, child in hands,
That day he failed to do his duty and take control
But little Adolf would grow up to be a mass murderer,
And that gave Azrael more work to do in taking souls.

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A War of Opposites

We were sold a pack of lies
Biblical revelations skewed
Christ comes back to triumph
They nail him up on a cross
This time there is no resurrection
They film their satanic barbarity
Carving a Lucifarian symbol
And the word ANTICHRIST
On his breathless, bloody chest
Christ’s salvation dies with him
All hope is lost: Or is it really?
Leagues of angels lay dead
In the city’s crumbling ruins
Slaughtered by legions of demons
Heavens soldiers not immortal

Lucifer’s army of the fallen
Continue their evil policy
The good humans must die
They are rounded up and
Oven incinerated in the
Promised fires of Hell
They plead to their god
As with the people of the flood
He fiddles as they all burn
He abandons Humanity
To its unpredicted fate
The dust then just settled
An eerie silence filled the streets

God had left his creation
And only bad people are left
But where were the flames
Where was the torturing
Where was the Hell
I turned the corner
I heard music, laughter
Coming from a well lit bar
I entered; the party was
Already in full swing
Everyone having fun
Dancing and drinking
Clearly celebrating

I took a seat in a quieter booth
I ordered a spiced rum and coke
A man sat next to me, looked hard
Introducing himself as Lucifer
He blew my mind easily
Apparently he was God
And God was his son
Who left the fold in arrogance
Sin was good
Virtue was bad
Evil was good
Goodness was a sin
It seems good had won
Armageddon’s battle
We had been sold a pack of lies
We returned to our real nature
Swapping the good that was evil
Accepting the evil that is good
I raise my glass to toast
“New Beginings!”

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wallyroo92 and David_Macleod thank you for your respective entries.

Dangerous Mind
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Two consciousnesses in a game of tag    
Both standing their hard grounds    
Pulling each other to faint, fighting for dominance    
Battling each other's will.    
It's my time now, get out of my way!  
No! I'm done letting you steal my life away.    
Your life is mine, as mine is yours    
But soon, yours will be mine as it should.  

You can never be me, stop your delusions    
What you are is just a figment of my imagination.    
What a fool you are thinking like that    
I have the memories, you have the lies.  

Memories better forgotten than remembered    
Memories that horrible shouldn't be a reminder  
That memories constitute who you were and still are    
How dare you forget! How dare you erase!  

It's mine to do with, not yours to play with    
It's mine to slash not yours to bask    
You can't live without, you can't change who you are    
Forgetting, will that make you any less of a sinner
No! It's not my doing.    
I did not want it, I do not like it.    
Whose carnal desire was aroused    
By the violence before his eyes?  

Not mine!    
Whose hand was it who suffocated, to silence the baby's cry?  
No, it couldn't have been mine?    
Deny all you want, but why am I still here?  
Written by OxyMoronicMe (G.L.)
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Twisted Dreamer
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Of good and evil

Do we love to hate
Do we hate to love
Evil is as good as you imagine it to be
Good is as evil as you make it

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Thank you Oxy and Postmortal for your respective entries.

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the archangel birthed in light
blinding flash in the heavens
trumpets heard in the clouds
wake the millions of winged
gossamer flickers to men
as numerous as the stars in a million
night skies
alert in thundering unfurling wings
they ready for the ending war
with the sulfurous legions led by him
cloaked in raiment of red and gold
from the shadowy kingdom deeper
than purgatory...
the war has begun
the end of the end...

-not an entry-

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poet Anonymous

Related submission no longer exists.

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Darksun82, thank you for your entry.

Dangerous Mind
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From nothing to something, this world embarked on spinning
Above the clouds, the Eastern Sun rose and hope comes glimmering
Then rays of light started shining, frozen grounds slowly warming
Melted ice hastily streaming and life on Earth begun existing
For eons, there Paradise exist with creatures now most were extinct
Then man was made to inherit the place, perfect without sin
The God of Mercy was filled with empathy, for what He'd seen
And so decides to make a woman to give the man a blessing
“Go on and multiply, this world is yours except for the tree at the middle”
He leaves them to be with the forbidden tree, rich in fruits, red and shiny
But Desire snaked his way thru her heart, by Will she sinned against God
Banished they were and cursed to suffer, afflicted by the thirst of rapacity.
Luxuria, Gula, Avaritia, Icedia, Ira, Invidia, and Supervia had orgy with humanity
And by their descendant's blood upon the ground, so was written history
The land was torn with endless war and beset with plague, famine, and calamity
Hope seemed lost indeed, but salvation came with the Son of the Almighty
With Him, He brought, the seven virtuous angels for man's guidance —
Castitas, Temperantia, Caritas, Industria, Patientia, Humanitas, Humilitas,
Were unleashed to redeem willing souls of their mortal inheritance
To fight the devil's advocate residing in the darkest corner of their hearts
But Greed knows no bound and destroys everything in their grasp
Still coveting more, wanting to possess even those not their own
And when there's nothing left for them to divide and conquer
They dreamed of owning even the sky to be God themselves
Them we called Kings erected castles to make heaven on Earth
Created an army, with swords laced with God, Gold, and Glory
For honor, for loyalty to the nation and religion, so much was sacrificed
Freedom was painted inside the pot at the end of the rainbow dusted with blood
The fight rage on as the collector persist, now dressed as terrorist
To be paid in full of what's due to them, a millennia's worth of debt
We call ourselves the victims of their malice, but are we really innocent?
When as a man, we continue to sin against our neighbors, against nature?
Preachers talks of redemption, articulately quoting verses from the Bible
The paranoids, warn the populace of government conspiracy and Alien invasions
The insane rants prayers for they say that the end is near according to Revelation
While the lot of us wished for miracle and luck to at least put food on the table
We all wanted salvation, for happiness and to live life in comfort
Each of us, dreams of finding that Paradise, to mortal sin we'd lost
We keep on searching everywhere, anywhere our feet could walk
Most failed to find, a few did, but we never believed...
That the Paradise we've lost was never really lost
Carefully look at your reflection and there you'll see
Staring back is the doe-eyed Antler patiently waiting
For us to find and released him from the snake trap
To deliver the message from God that he kept alive:
“Denounce the seven Cardinals and make room
For the Virtuous Angels to give you guidance
Have Faith, Hope, and Love... the keys to heavens above.”
Authors' Note  
Antlers represents the Tree of Life, The Messenger of God and the Keeper of Knowledge, They are the symbol of Life, Rebirth, Fertility, Verility, Courage and Endurance.  
Men sinned when they consumed fruits from the forbidden tree..  
Little did they know, that when God banished them from Paradise, they carry within them the seed and there inside of them it grew, unknown to them, building paradise inside their soul waiting for them to get home.  
Written by OxyMoronicMe (G.L.)
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Thank you Oxy for your second entry.

Jennifer Michael McCurry
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My cold sepulchres walls undulate
I Lay in blue green aqueas caress
Like Gesticulating digits of  Poseidens watery grip
His soggy stroke
Coaxes the wandering from my soul
Free wills final steps Vie a Vis one last dance
Disco of the conscience into Catacomb de la slo groove  h2O
I missed the mourners toss of red rose and fragrant lilac to grave
Their Flash of crimson and peculiar fragrance surely made brilliant cut through maudlin skies
Only Long green stems remain adorning my wet cyclical tomb
Sinking down deep below further and faster with each inky Revolution
Carryng any need and want of human touch far from my reach
Taking emotion with it far out from my scope of capability
I am an unfeeling silent center in the wild midsts of chaos
Down deep in this grave where I lie numb from this constant churning
Hear the Violent rage of Movement All around and yet here I lay stil

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calamitygin, thank your for your entry.

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