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Poetry Contest

Share romantic poems.
Romance: a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. love, especially when sentimental or idealized.

Poems will get comments explaining good features as well as subjective areas of improvement. If you want comments, then put your poem webpage's full url link (or just the 6 digits that are within that url) at the bottom of your posts.

You are allowed to submit a poem that you've written before, even if I've commented on it or it's been in my previous romance contest.

You can submit 3 poems maximum. Don't edit your posts, after the contest has closed.

Please send me a private message with any questions.

Here's some inspiration from last competition:

archetype23 said:ROSE

A poison burns in broken churns
to put a Rose in spoken terms
with little bits of worthless wit
I fiddle with the words that fit
and so it phases me to sunder
certain phrases full of wonder
leaving only fragrant petals
floating as the warm wind settles
down upon the golden beach
now just within my reach
And so I simply take her hand
no words, we simply understand
I lead the way across the sand
towards the rocks beneath the shade
to watch the growing sunset fade
behind the glistening green horizon
which I can barely keep my eyes on
not with Rose right next to me
a simple kiss is bliss, is ecstasy
eternity, she's all I see
each minor moment of each minute
seems to me so infinite
as I'm living here within it
as for tomorrow no one knows
all time is only now
right here with Rose

Canullia said:He Smiles

I open my eyes trying to pull-
in his sweetness closer.
And as his laughter darts away-
I wake up to realityís punchline.
Time may have set us apart-
but here I am lost and clueless.
As he speaks words roll-
out a kindness that strikes my core.
And though he doesnít say-
much, his words pour out like a wine
that trickles down my soul with a tart!
Behold, my heart burns with fondness!
I hold on to my head beating my skull-
hoping to contain my thoughtsí outpour.
My mind may have lost this fray
but my heart was the first to cross the line!
Your smile is the only journey I wanna chart-
in a world plagued with mishap and dullness.  
Once again you smile only to call-
away worries that leave me insecure.
I know neither of us can go astray-
but hey, the present is yours and mine!
So lets shake off our realities like clart-
from boots- Iím done being cautious!
For where sparkling stars lull-
your smile shall endure
And where a smile has a say-
your eyes shall be the vine-
where your smiles can impart
boundlessly all your sweetness!

AEMelia564 said:Symphonia

Lilly white skin

half sickle

would bask

Into Her






string quartet
her laughter

a violet field


Here's more inspiration from last competition:
Since You Stepped Outside by diddi
Where Love's Famous by diddi

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Sweet Smell †
Across her neck †
Embrace along her side †
The moonshine vision †  
The princess glide... †
The taste of her neck †
Alabaster tone †
The shape of her hips †
The moon in stone... †
A bringer of sight †
Bound in secret intent †
She makes love to the light †
The darkness laments... †
My lips on her thigh †
The silk of butter †
With taste of wine †
The inner sanctum †
The cherished room †
The woman incarnate †
The scarlet moon....
Written by runaway-mindtrain
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Dangerous Mind
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The essence of woman
A vision of the flower of life
The sweetness of honey
Beauty grown in the holy garden...

She walks with purpose
And speaks with compassion
A brown tipped flower
With eyes of glassy soul...

In tune with herself
In harmony with the cosmos
The sound of lovely wind
As she talks to the moon...

A witness of the maker
A bringer of the night
She shines brighter than the sun
To dim the highest light...

Will the earth spin?
Or the world be fulfilled?
A thought of substance
She makes the deal...
Written by runaway-mindtrain
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poet Anonymous

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jade tiger
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Is there a category for Lonesome?

For all those thousand years untold
And then before me you were born,

I didn't turn round in my bliss
Of nonexistence's hidden mist.

I wasn't wary of your soul
I was too young, you were too old.

A starter's pistol called the shot
Not giving me a second thought,

Unspooling me as childhood passed,
Kept back now further than the last.

I crawled then walked then ran to see
Unraveled, curious of me.

With so much time between our lives
Still innocent when I arrived,

But that was why I said it first
As if I'd read a line of verse.

Though I had sent my hope declared
Not knowing you had been aware,

Which made an even better thrill
Though you were processing it still.

And then began the start of us,
A courtship followed your prenup

Which means the terms that you set forth
In case the hardships went due north.

As feverishly done as gifts,
The 'ku's, the sonnets flew like swifts,

While often when the laughter came
It seemed we'd always feel the same.

But neither of us blithely is
A light of heart in lover's quiz.

To try and cross a bridge of height
And sit at either end to write,

While ether ferry's words alone
Not often finding us at home.
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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poet Anonymous

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Flower Petals

You remind me of flower petals.

So pretty

So flawless

So miraculously elegant

Yet so unnoticed by the outer world

But, fret not

For I notice

And I observe

You being whisked away by the slightest breeze

Oh, how I wish to take you away instead

I feel you,

You are gentle to the touch

Your silk-woven fingers

Run across my cheek

You rest your forehead against my own

As your star-speckled eyes gaze upon mine

In your eyes

I see a galaxy upon galaxy

A constellation of beauty

Upon no end.

Your lips press against mine

And I feel a fire spark in my chest


My heart is slowly melting

Layers of ice withering away

I can feel every bone

Screaming out

Screaming for you to continue

Begging for your embrace

Iíve never felt so much love

So much passion

Within a few short moments

There isnít a sense of boredom

There isnít an urge for lust

Thereís just a craving for you

With every sense of being within me

I will tell you

I need you

I want you

I love you

Wholeheartedly, and without a doubt.

Your existence is a blanket of comfort and tranquility

Wrapping around me and binding me to you

Your hands

Your fingertips

Your eyes

Your lips

Iíve never felt or tasted anything so sweet
Written by ChemicalRose (Meguana)
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Love me your way

Oh NO the other night i had a dream that you was coping with somebody †else on the scene, i woke up from the dream to brush my teeth i went back to sleep until my phone rings, †Baby tell me before it happen if the love is what you lacking, i can switch it up until you get burned up, †just be honest with me IF YOU DON'T WANT to be there please tell me, if don't understand it i just want you to be my baby.

Tell me why would i put so much time in you because i love you and i just want to be with you, I'm not just saying this just to get in your draws but please don't leave me in the dark, WHAT i want from you is love, even if it just a tighter hug BABY love me your way.

Love me your way i just want you to stay even though the hard times come our way, you Will always and forever be my baby i will never neglect you or trying to harm you, if you away from me or you think of me hit me up on the phone, let me know i always want to know what is going on, don't hold back your feelings JUST let me know how you feel I'm coming to you secure and foreal, if you need space i Will give it to you oh oh oh i hope this shows you that you is the one that i really want to be with, I'll wait for you just please baby love me your way.

Tell me why would i put so much time in you because i love you and i just want to be with you, I'm not just saying this just to get in your draws but please don't leave me in the dark, WHAT i want from you is love, even if it just a tighter hug BABY love me your way.

Written by deepthreat1490
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a female to love

I just want a female to come with me, don't judge me just love me and everything will be alright, we can just hold hands while we walking down the street on lovers lane this is not a game and I'm not being insane, two people like us can lay in the bed and not do nothing, but just look in each others eyes as we cry together, its a shame how people judge me by the way I live, my heart is made of still not the steel outside but the kind of still like I'm still going to do me, I don't have nothing to give but love, I love your warm and soft hugs, I don't smoke weed or loud, people who do that they heads be in the clouds, all I am smoking on is life and you baby girl I want you in my world, I will never take you where whores be I want to take you somewhere we can go sightseeing, I just want you to love, care about me and ill do likewise there is nothing to hide, express yourself show me how you feel and I want to what is the deal, I don't want to lose your trust because if I do all the love is gone, †that is why I always tell you the truth about everything God put you in my life and I will do my best to keep you here close, every time I see you my heart just goes racing like two fast cars trying to win being around you is like being around an angel with wings I feel safe and I am powerful, losing you will be like losing a friend and a family member, people hearts be in cold in December no wonder its the winter I need you for every seasons to keep me safe and cozy during the morning , noon, night I will never go down without a fight, I know there will be times that we need each other but always make sure you love one another, remember sweetheart Love me when I'm down not I'M up One love baby. its all for you
Written by deepthreat1490
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where is the love?

Where is the love? Can i get a hug? I need that special someone to show me love, BUT i am NOT getting it.  

Along in the room, listen to music tunes. Trying to figure out what I'm going to do, because I don't want to lose. †

Trying to get back the girl i lost, but my big brother told me that big bosses take huge losses. †

Walking in the mall, saw the female that disappeared on me conversation was dead, because we didn't say nothing to each other the whole time. †BACK than when we had intimate, but i thought that would made her mines. †

Catching the bus on MY WAY to handle business, my ex looked at me crazy and i ask myself what is up with all this dissing. †

Where is the love? Seem like relationship is outdated, because everybody want to try something new † and now this mess is getting crazy. †

Females fall for the wrong guy turn in TO a person that we never seen before. Turn bitter, GO crazy than want to have babies, wrong guy dog them out than trying to find a good guy or they diss and talk about men ain't nothing or they GO gay for the wrong reasons, some people play people like its EASY. †

Men some men be playing with women hearts, just don't dog her, but love her with all your heart. †

So tell me where is the love? Because THIS LOVER BOY need some right now, i give out love, but i can't get it back.  

Too many games and too many players, we is not playing sports. I see too many couples going to divorce court.  

If you love me show me, words without show is dead.

Have you ever had someone that you want in your world so badly that it hurts when they don't show you love, but TURN around and give somebody your love that you showed that person.

Hard times come for good people, but everything happen for a reason.

So, than again where is the love? †

Don't nobody know how to love. Try GOD, because he has the love rod.
Written by deepthreat1490
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Related submission no longer exists.

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Related submission no longer exists.

Lost Thinker
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Related submission no longer exists.

Lost Thinker
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Related submission no longer exists.

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My soul heard you in the distance before my ears did;
Giddy and nervous but without reservations, like a little kid
Anticipation for a reconnection of long long ago
Another life, another place, perhaps. I donít even know.
There is really no need to explain. Itís okay to just be.
There is a moment of lucidity when you are finally free.
When you are not alone and you are not lost in dreams
Ethereal beams of light start bursting through the seams.
Whatever souls are made of, I'm sure ours must be the same.
Intertwined through divinity but called by a different name.
I can feel you all around me, your presence in the air.
Absentmindedly, I run my fingers through my hair.
I smile and think about when I first saw your eyes -
I saw your sadness and I saw your beauty, so very wise.
I felt your vulnerability that you did not want to show.
Rest assured, you are safe with me because I already know.
Like a stained glass window, your brilliant colors captivate.
You are beautiful and abstract, as so hearts gravitate.
I will protect you from the music when silence is all you need.
I will take you dancing in the rain when your senses long to be freed.
I will watch you take flight when you feel the need to explore.
I will only ask for what you give, never anything more.
Because all that you are is all that I could possibly ever want.
Youíre an amazing being with an amazing heart, my love, my confidant.
Written by EmmalineMilady
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