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silence is acceptance

Fire of Insight
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White America

This Earth is too blood stained
From thousands of brothers and sisters
Who die every day just to protect our rained,

Washed out world. We get too many blisters
From just trying to control our anger and
Scrubbing the hard concrete. The winters

Are only getting stronger. This land
That was supposed to belong to all of us
Does not belong to just one hand

Or to one heart. We will not make a fuss
Someday out of race, religion, sexuality,
And gender once we all sit on the same bus

Or plane or train. We will find our commonality
Once we get rid of hate and everything that
Is dividing us. There is no finality

To any situation as things that keep us flat
Gives us meaning and purpose. Within the
Truth we will be ourselves and no longer squat.
Written by eswaller
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Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
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I like to say hate is an infinite ocean
the fire that makes me know something's not right.
it burns so hot and cruel, this monster lurks inside of me and you.

Like the distance of the sun melts and freezes
Hate is just one side of emotions for control

Ignorant bastards
Deny your makers

I see both sides and just wish for more spectrum of light
I accept the love, unwilling rape.
Hate to come reveal the state of what has become.

A tool often used by fools
Though also a watch on your hopes and dreams
Hate is not always what it seams

Tyrant of Words
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Thank you for the entry eswaller!

Tyrant of Words
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Thank you for entering Beukez!

Twisted Dreamer
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You wont be able to fly
No matter how hard you try
My burnt wings i hold to
Into the sun we fly, we must try

This is life i  believe
In no matter what i see
A glimpse of the love
A taste of the hate

This is life i feel
The wind brushing past me
The sun warming my back
The feeling of loss through time

This is life in my midst
Distracted in mist
Please try to feel
Try to believe

We are real
I am a seer
I am a djinn
I will begin


Tyrant of Words
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Thanks again Beukes!

Tyrant of Words
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A little over a day left poets... need more inspiration?

"Seeds & Weed"s - (prose)

Prejudice plants its seed in the shadows of the brain,
but unlike nature's trees, it needs darkness to sprout.
The sprouting seed is like a weed reaching down into the heart to plant its roots there.
Weeds can be so hard to kill and, because they get such a firm grip on our hearts,
so stubborn and painful to remove.
Pulling them out never gets the whole weed,
It just makes the lawn look nice for a little while.
People are forgetful of the small lessons in life;
To get the weed completely out so that it does not grow back,
digging a little farther down, to start a little earlier, to stop it from growing.
People must be educated on more than just why hatred is wrong,
but also where it comes from and how to look inward to spot the roots.
Once you can see that far down, purge them with the strongest weed killer of all, love.
With great conviction, you must be honest with yourself as well.
There is no room for denial, no tolerance for falsely rationalizing
what kinds of prejudice we will leave the roots for un-plucked.
Because they are like a viral cancer, they not only grow,
they also can transform into other shadows of hate.
You could say, "OK, I won't hate other races or religions, but damn those gays”
but in the end you will not have done anything but fool yourself
into believing you're a better person when you are not.
Don't close the curtains at the bottom of your heart and hope that no one notices.
Others may only be able to see the surface of your heart,
but you have the ability to look underneath, to know your true feelings.
Open your heart completely, let the light shine on the seeds that require darkness,
shadow seeds like people who open umbrellas and rub on sunscreen
so they can sit outside on a sunny day and not get burned.
The seeds of hatred will burn when you see the light
and allow your heart to become submerged in truth.
The seeds are everywhere, always looking for a way into your thoughts.
It's not so easy to keep those thoughts from taking root.
But if you are aware of them, if you feel them teasing your mind
and know their motivation runs deeper than being planted in your brain,
you can cut them off before the lurking in the shadows becomes a highway to your heart.

(jj johnson)

Tyrant of Words
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I have extended the comp for one more week.

Fire of Insight
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I see

I just watched the news all I see is violence against women and children being beaten and sexually abused then I see the elderly abused one man rapped an elderly woman who was in her 80's he bushed her left her for dead and I'm like what is wrong with the world today, now I'm like so sad,
I see also a bus driver who has some sort of liquid thrown on him then he is set alight he died from his injuries now I am confused is to what gave that person the right to take another persons life all because of his race? colour? creed? religion? None of this gives him the rights to harm someone else,
I see on the news tonight we just had breaking news a man is wielding a very large sword police shit him dead and to top it off they are going to send more troops to fight the war on terror how do we put a stop to this whole craziness way I know we can't have all this violence against other people but there must be another way than to just blow people up,
Now I see nuclear weapons about to be fired potentially killing millions on either side did we not learn from the last time? but who is right the one who fired first? I see a sad ending to this all, did it all start out as a bully child or someone that just wants to control others or maybe to inslave them,
Now all of this is just adding to my Anxiety, depression and PTSD, so stop with the violence against others stop bully's in school stop nuclear weapons being built there is no need for them.

Tyrant of Words
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Simply Human

Hate is not hard to find
Apart from the hate that stays in your mind
You bathe in warm silence
Avoiding the violence
You may be forced to face
Trying to justify hating a race
Behind your closed door
You gleefully take the floor
And spew your hate
Secrecy protecting your fate
Nobody will ever know
This hate that makes you glow
You call a black man a nigger
A white man a cracker
You use words like wop,
Dago, chink, jap, paki
You abuse all races
You abuse all creeds
All ideologies
You hate for no reason
Accuse all of treason
You also hate faggots
Lesbians and Jews
Catholics and Muslims
You hatred consumes you
And put you in the grave
Well before your time
You escape justice through silence
Nobody knows your name
But I know you
You’re not white or black
Your not brown or yellow
You’re not red or hazel
You’re not male or female
Straight, gay or Bisexual
You’re not trans-gender
You hate everyone listed
Regardless of privileges
You are simply human
And you should be ashamed
In the dictionary definition of
The word ‘Cunt.’ There is just
A picture of Humanity
Choose love!
You cloth eared Bastards!

Lost Thinker
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In The Absence Of God


The sound was deafening
the earth griped groaned and grumbled
beneath their feet
seconds of mobocracy

Followed by
an eerie silence of confusion
shock and awe

The sun sat high unnerving
as the dust settled
exposing the grotesque macabre
that is now their reality

Tear trickled traces
speckled with blood seared
upon muddled faces covered of soot
stood surreal against the carnage
unabled to grasp what has happened
trudges about in symbiotic aloofness

Slowly a crescendo of wails
a wretched affair
sliced into the mid day air
sending chills to all within ear

Sirens heard from the distance
approaches quickly adding
to the cacophony of sound

An orchestra of pain
reminiscent of
dante's Inferno
rock rescuers to the core

Bodies strewn and dispensed
lie unrecognizable
young and old alike
for death does not

As neighbors extend
helping hands
Black and White
slowly the healing begins

We can breathe again

Live again

Trust again

For surely hate cannot be
allowed to win

The outpouring of support was
the love felt was undeniable
people say I'm ideological

But love conquers hate
and that's
Written by dachaoticmind
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Twisted Dreamer
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Accept The Faces Of Diffrence

Innocent we all began at one time.
Stereotypes criminalize some of us of all kinds.
No evil actions go without punishment.
Different in looks and color we are similar in most ways.
Before these pointless battles turn into war.
There will be no peace unless it's realized that none of us are superior over each other.

Twisted Dreamer
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Are You Down

Silence is the calm before the storm
Suffer in this world above the norm
As I face each day I waste away I slowly fade
Stone cold and being friendly to no one
Chaos on the streets as racial tensions rise
Killing each other because of foolish pride
Well I walk alone within my zone my fears unknown
Strapped hard prepared to take your ass out
Until you realize if you take my Brothers life
One of yours has got to die
Back to the streets as the war begins
Judged upon a skin that I must defend
I know the truth I've been that youth I stand accused
Guilty the end is coming down real soon
Looking through the cross fire I didn't see it
Racist on the inside couldn't release it
Watching as my world dies and I can't heal it
The murder the rape the violence the hate the Brothers in the ground
Well Are You Down...

Written by LBV
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Tyrant of Words
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Thanks for entering EpicUtester69!

Tyrant of Words
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Thanks for the entry David! I read that in your library before I saw it posted here.

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