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Poetry competition CLOSED 7th September 2017 10:40pm
Grace (Idryad)
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RUNNERS-UP: Jade-Pandora and eswaller

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Roast An Ex

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Poetry Contest

Burn an ex that hurt you the most
Was there that one ex husband/wife or ex girlfriend/ex boyfriend that did you so dirty you could never forget about it.
Was it recent or was it in past?
Whenever it was explain it as you roast them in your piece and talk about why were they bad and why do you remember them for what they did the most.
Let's make this the burning of our ex's!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😈

- One Entry Only
- As long as you want
- Don't mention your ex's name please keep it private
- Explain why you broke up and why they hurt you
- Be creative
- Express your hurt
- It doesn't have to be necessarily emotional it can also be fun or downright savage

You got three weeks soooo get started!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Lost Thinker
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Related submission no longer exists.

Thought Provoker
United Kingdom
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Comfortably Numb

Inspired by Pink Floyd

The cold pick of the needle as it enters the vein
Liquid ice cold
Invading your blood stream
Changing your
Making you scream

Are drugs
Invading your life
Keeping you captive
Don't dress like this
Don't talk like that

Don't touch me
Don't tell
What I can do
Bend over whilst I
Fuck you
Imagining another woman
Behind your back

The drug entering your life
Like an infestation
Moulding you
Into what they dream
And then
Tossing you aside
When they can no
Longer drain
Of what is left

Comfortably numb
As I walk around now
Looking down
Why the fuck
Can't you be normal
Oh please me
Fuck you
Not if you paid me

Waste of fucking space
Total cunting disgrace
Didn't you know
I faked it everytime
Cock size is not everything
Whilst I held
My hand against your face
Looking over your shoulder
Into outer space

You think your so fucking
Oh man god damn
Fool if you think
I did not know
It was all for
So I gave it a go
Oh bite me

Did you know I had
Three men on the go
Oh no
Each one was inside me
Hah did you think
You was the only one
Dream on sweet geezer
You didn't make me cum
I needed fun

Oh dear does this offend you
Well see what you created
This life is fated
And our path is written
Oops did I do it again
Fuck being loyal
When you did it to me then

From the drug
You gave me
You made me
Going wild
You stupid child
Age matters
And you still
Suck your thumb inside

Crying over the past
You stupid ass
And you think
Ignorance is bliss
Well kiss this
Arse as I walk
Dont play
What you can't win
If i got over you this quick
Do you think I really let you in

Ice queen
Glad to meet you
Finally she arrives
Comfortably numb
I haven't cried
And I never will
As you sit at the bottom of
Your well
Of personal Hell

Do i give a shit

Written by SamiBmuse
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poet Anonymous

13, not one more

Loved did I, the vigin, Di
Senior year, captain cheer
Dodge backseat I recall Brigette
One night drunk, back-doored hunk
Rebound again my childhood friend

All night study turned fuck buddy
Played the fool poor blinded Jewel
Gotta job and sidekick Rob
Year or less, 'til neighbor Jess
Netflix chill with romcom Lil'

Inbetween, c'mon Eileen
Commitment wary is burned Mary
Scraped the well, found Raquel
From another man I stole Joanne

Now to forget the worst I met
Now to dismiss your wayward kiss
Now to deny the swiveling eyes
Now to kickstart a chargeless heart


Dangerous Mind
United States
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holy contradiction of terms, batman!

She a walking car alarm, †
A high heel flip flop † †
Pullin' your leg to make sure your hanging dead..
. † †
A picture slanter † †
False flag implant-er † †
The broken leg on the marriage bed...
†† †
Bought a watch, to never use it † †
Was on a rowing machine that sank † †
Caustic tongue that never bases † †
Inner child, that needs a spank...  
† †
Built like a tank, that keeps a rollin' † †
Smashing dreams beneath her weight.. † †
An extra arm that's used for milking † †
Oh God for heaven sake!.. † †
† †  
Written by runaway-mindtrain
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Guardian of Shadows
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Anger and Disappointment

The smile on your face
the know it all grin, smirk
you know what my dearest
I feel like smacking if off
from your smart face

You said you were free
from shackles you did not want
she left you, o yes she did
to go far away
leaving you alone with your child

Lonely you came to me
I came to you and loved you
I held you in my heart like a warm chick
felt your soul and spirit go free
together, we held hands

On the sand I wrote your name
nay, our name together surrounded
by soulsí kisses, a sand heart
pledge us, laughter life live love
sealed our silent promise

One day she returned from faraway
your fairy princess your Pavlov
She cries out and you ran home
to hold her in your arms
on your knees, you re-worship the altar
The ring stays on your fingers
the roof stays over both your heads
the morning table is adorned by you
a couple, for better or for worse
I am a fly on your curtain

karma lurks at the door
do you know that.
Written by Grace (Idryad)
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Dangerous Mind
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If anything makes
Me a man

Its when a Woman
Has some good sides

Fire of Insight
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.:My Maybe Baby:.

Here again
Probably for the last time.
Trying to situate the situation
Us, how this jus happens to be our fate
The way we can no longer relate
What it is, is you donít see that trait

But wait... look

Iím not quite sure Iím sayin what I mean.
Might be the pain. The way itís been OUR Thing †
How this couldíve been how we sought the wrong thing
Targeting one another with a half-ass aim
And Iím still quite sure; sure that itís a case of... †You and Your
Maybe Baby †

See, you NEED 2 know
That not a one can save us †
How those nasty habits enslaved us
True, this is what we do, its what we did
And all of this is about what we have done...
That Blackening out the Sun
The darkness..
How YOU embarked on this
You and Your roam thang
You and your ďNever come straight home thangĒ
Picture that and this. The promises. The errors.
The ones we made with a nerve to insist

But YOU know
Mostly itís been an absence of trust
Such a bust...the lust
Look, weíre both insane, No wait,
Better said, both of us NEED to reframe
And you, you NEED to heed truth your style out
Because, you should know Iím about to wild out!! †
You and your attempts to label my pain
Calling it lame - Címon, really??
Itís ALMOST Silly - Tell me?

Tell me, who else might set afire to our final stage?
Callin it pacifying the rage?
Then after that? Who then Baby gonna blame?
Seriously, you really wanna drag this out?
Whoís gonna walk them hallways?
You know youíll still be walkin Ďem sideways.
Searching for soaring HIGH ways while
Goin about life with WHOLE bits of strife
You, the one certifiably insane.
While to you itís all been a Game

Címon, letís make it plain
Who else gonna live it, whoís gonna go thru it?
And whoíll accept it?
The fire, the flame; The Love
The way YOU stained it
Whoís gonna end up done
with how the heart retained it.
Perhaps the same way you framed it
From the way, oh by the way,
The way you faked it.

NO so damn foul in the way YOU played it.

Look, Youíre all but belated,
Just about faded
Living, creeping while in your stilled life sedated.
YOU, you need to admit youíre jaded
No, DONíT even hesitate, really
There is NO debate,
I got past your do or die.
So donít fake and ask me why.
Look, you once out maneuvered my ďPlease, Donít LieĒ
Done-in, so long ago, so thereís no need for why


Were you afraid Iíd know.
What, was I supposed to be slow?
You and your other baby daddy and his
bag of blow. How in the hell YOU owed him dough?
See, thatís exactly why YOU had to Go †
You -- such an ingrate
You -- always VIOLATE,

And Iím the one to tell YOU so †


poet Anonymous

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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Did Me Wrong

My first loveÖ why did you have go ahead and break my heart?
You took it all and tore everything into pieces. Everything was sore
And hurting so much. You knew that everything was falling apart,
But you did nothing, except taking back your promises, your
Words and actions. I was left feeling empty and with a gaping
Hole, but I had to replace you. I could not let the sadness
Wash over me while all of the anger was slowly escaping
From my body. I should have every right to be in the madness  
And be pissed off. I am sorry and all the other apologies will
Not be enough. I could have burned everything, but be glad
I am not that kind of ex that is psychotic and crazy. The thrill  
And chase of that teenage love is done. We could be friends  
Is bullshit. We were down different roads and ends. †
Written by eswaller
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Dangerous Mind
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to my...

Dear you



I wanna say

I'm sorry to you..

and to you, I say †
thank you... †

I'm sorry
for not understanding your love †
but I knew it was strong

Thank you †
for showing me love †

sorry I couldn't love you †
the way you want †
you tore my darkness violently †
made me see the light †

I thought I loved you †
but I didn't know †
how to show it

you showed me †
how to show love †

your teenage heart †
innocently waited †
for six years †
through adulthood

you didn't wait patiently †
you forced me to love you †

we were amateurs for love †
abandoned emotionally

opened my heart and †
turned it inside out
we were passionate †
for each other †

but you tried to show me
†† †love †
†† †life †
†† †world
with your eyes
and you forged me into a lover †

you made me fearless to love †
you made me †realise
what a man would do for love †

but I went †
deep in to the darkness
sulking with my misery †
trying to find salvation

and I loved you, †
although we knew †
we were not gonna †
be together †

maybe because †
it was our first
and maybe I
took you for granted

we gave our selves
some beautiful days

but, †
I lead you to cheat on me †
I lead you to leave me †
I lead you to..

and for that,

I am sorry...
I thank you...

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States
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Roast an OX

Yah, that's what I called that also-ran
In jest, before he hit the fan,
And that was a long time ago.
He's no EX of mine, not anymo'
After he expired from my list.

But yah, he was a big greasy beast,
Not thinkin' smart at the very least.
I mighta thought with his small head, yo',
And not my own bigger one, y'know?
Sure you do, you've found yourself there too.

But were you one big limpin' body bruise
Every time he was finished banging you?
Like the total idiot I became,
I tried to please him whatever the game,
Just short of having him take my life.

Of course the day came when it hit me.
Yah, the Ox, when I could hardly see,
But could tell that he was off his guard
And hauled off and kneed him super HARD
'Tween his fuzzy dice, OUT for the count!

Oh that was sweet, and was he a whiner!
For years I'd ask myself at a diner
If that one fuzzy still malfunctioned,
'Cause he never felt the compunction,
So he's roastin' slow turnin' on a spit!

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Thank you all to those that participated in this competition you all did so wonderful - Ms Jackson

Dangerous Mind
United States
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I am quite honored to be runner up with Jade. A huge congratulations to Grace as the winner of this competition. A huge thank you to MsRockyJackson for hosting this competition. Quite an interesting subject and contest to be a part of. Thanks again.

Guardian of Shadows
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Wow! Thank you so Much dear host for naming me the winner...jade and eswaller your writes were awesome! Honoured to be named alongside you two...and the rest of the participants were so talented. Thank you so much.

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