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ChemicalRose (Meguana)
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My Sappy Love Story

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Poetry Contest

Write your sappy love story in poem format
I would like to read your sappy love story...

The rules are simple:

1.  Write your sappy love story in a poem format.  
2.  No heartbreaking or negative feelings here.  
3.  One entry per person

Hint:  If I were to ask you, how did you meet, what made you fall in love with your significant other, what did/does your significant other do to make you or made you feel loved and cared for....what memory do you hold dear to your heart, what would you tell me? Well, tell me in form of a poem...I want your sappy love story here....

C'mon, don't be shy!  Tell me all about it!  

Here is my example as a sample:

Our Story

From across the aisle
I caught a glimpse of your smile
Shyly, I turned away
Losing a bit of heart that day
But the sound of your laughter filled my soul
More than you will ever know.
I never believed in love at first sight
Until I met you and the moment seemed right.

We walked through the park and tasted mangos with lime
We made the most of our limited time.
We walked hand in hand like lovers, not friends
But our first encounter was a start, not an end
Long after you were gone, I still smelled your scent
Loving you at first encounter only made perfect sense.

"In time, he will leave me...they always do.
So, instead of getting hopes high to be turned blue
Let me be the one to walk away
And let fate have its way."
So, I made up a tale to have you leave
But who am I to lie or deceive
If not myself because from our first hello
You had my heart turn to jello.

There you were standing handsome and tall
As I tried to make us tumble and fall.
But you held on and proved me wrong
And we didn't get too far along
Before we realized in love we were
I was certain and you were sure

Through thick and many thins
We can definitely take a hint
That our love still stands because it is real
it has stood the test, not just a feel.

My love, my love...I never believed in love at first sight
But since I met you in plain daylight
I loved you and it couldn't be ever more real
Beyond the butterflies and throbbing feel.

My love, my love...my soulmate you are
I wished for you one day upon a star
And when I gave up looking for what would never be
It was then that my lucky star brought you to me.

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Related submission no longer exists.

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I Love You for Always

kisses and wishes
prayers and promises
young hearts
beating together
to a world with golden hues
clouds pink-tinted

you and I
holding hands, eyes for each other
no one existed but us
breathing each other's heart beat
echoing each other's desire
to be together entwined

pinky-promised of love
as eternal as eternity
a little over the twelfth of never
to seek each other
in dreams
and in life and living

we gazed at the setting sun
our world multi-hued
as the blazing orb over the ocean
we watched the sunrise
our eyes feasting on the loviness
of a new dawn

and you and I we loved well
our nights of soft giving
our days filled with our breathing
we inhaled and exhaled our love
ribbon tied with a golden circle
and they lit the nights.

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The Start Of Something New

(For the 'My Sappy Love Story competition)  
I remember seeing you
It was like the sky gave way to the stars
You hit me with that smile
Making your way into my heart
We started out as friends
But even that started to grow
I felt drawn to you, I let you get close
I decided to let my feelings show
I remember getting that feeling
That I didn’t want us to be apart
I guess it took us time to see
That we were in love from the start
I never knew how amazing it would feel
To be with someone like you
I didn’t understand how you could love me
I thought it was too good to be true
I remember going a day without you
That day was difficult and foreign  
On that day, I came to a realization
That I truly needed you
Your name is so sweet
Your voice is so pure
At night we lay together, and you hold me tight
I’ve never felt
So safe and secure
I never believed in love at first sight
Until I laid my eyes upon you
I remember your shy eyes meeting mine
It was like an entire galaxy opened up
And poured into my heart
In your eyes
I felt my entire soul ignite
Being with you
Has never felt so right
I was never one to feel those butterflies
Until you put your hand in mine
Your simple touch put me at ease
And will continue to for the rest of time
I feel safe around you
I find comfort in your laughter
I truly and wholeheartedly believe
That you’re my happily ever after
I never seemed to have that lump in my throat
Unless I speak your name
It’s quite interesting because
You also feel the same
If I could do anything
I’d turn back the clock
So I could fall in love with you
All over again
Forever and always
Seemed to jinx things
So we’ll take the time that we have left
And spend it together
I’ve told you before
And I’ll tell you again
It doesn’t matter what happens
I’ll love you until the end
Written by ChemicalRose (Meguana)
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The essence of woman
A vision of the flower of life
The sweetness of honey
Beauty grown in the holy garden...

She walks with purpose
And speaks with compassion
A brown tipped flower
With eyes of glassy soul...

In tune with herself
In harmony with the cosmos
The sound of lovely wind
As she talks to the moon...

A witness of the maker
A bringer of the night
She shines brighter than the sun
To dim the highest light...

Will the earth spin?
Or the world be fulfilled?
A thought of substance
She makes the deal...
Written by runaway-mindtrain
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.:Let's Test:.


test the waters  
test the air
perhaps slip away
from this county fair and
go skinny-dippin’ before
too late

a failed state
if we choose 2-wait
our heartstrings also have a need for things
privacy and what that brings - so let’s
test the wire; test the cable
let’s give ‘em a
tug to see they’re able

let me... test a joke  
while I test your laugh
let’s ensure we’re gone for at least a half
let’s get it on; take that ride.
let’s let it go, what we feel inside.

testing our wants against what’s fair.  while
showing each other
how we’ll always care
let’s begin this with an emboldened stare
then glance away like a
blushing pair

perhaps more tests; we might get bolder
in a hundred years, each moments older
so zipper down let’s sees that figure
cuz “here & now”
this test is


photo: misty allen

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my apologies.for double submission.

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Did I turn off the oven and
dim all the lights, pull down the blinds,
close and lock the door, what for?

Cause it doesn't matter really,
tempered with the fact that
I'm racing down the street

to the bus stop, 'cause I forgot
all about my car; I do have one.
The cat! No wait, I don't have that.

I feel so alive! Where’s my tote?
Oh, on my shoulder, but don’t stop,
keep runnin’, and what’s my name?

But it doesn't matter really.
I prolly forgot my rouge & brush
in love’s flush, and what day it is.

Neither coat, nor change o' clothes,
I can't think about those!
That's not why I'm in a hurry,

reminding myself as tears
crawl into my ears from the wind.
But it doesn't matter really.

I just need to put down steps and
mark the miles behind me till I’m
where he waits, with coffee for him & me.
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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poet Anonymous

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Love Story

I love you more than words could ever say.
Even with my trembling hands touching
Your face as my stomach is in knots as I lay
My head against your chest. I am clutching
And hanging onto what is our infinite love.
I do not want to let go of that feeling. We
Are high on these feelings and emotions
Nobody can replace. I know that we see
It all and not even the rolling motions
Of the waves can disturb our peace
Or paradise. I just want to stay with
You. Please let me go and release
Me into something no wordsmith
Could ever explain. I have found
My love within you on even ground.
Written by eswaller
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poet Anonymous

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In the Days of My Youth

So how did you two meet? People always ask.
At band camp, I reply and everyone laughs,
And though we felt the connection since then,
We were meant to be in each other’s paths.

I was sixteen, she was fifteen,
I was shy and she was well, much more outgoing,
Her friends and my friends started talking, but I…
Hid my eyes…I didn’t know where this was going.

She was drawn to look into my eyes that night,
Hiding behind a hat, behind a coy curious smile,
And boy did we make an everlasting impression,
Those summer days of youth could only last a while.

Her kiss touched my soul…and inspiration,
We were young with endless possibilities,
Her warmth created a superb new world,
With revelations and timeless opportunities.

I was a young dreamer and she was my dream,
In her I found the muse I wanted and needed,
Even when the circumstances got in the way,
In the depths of my core she was already seeded.

And though we remained friends for a long time,
We went our separate ways for many years,
Yet my heart always felt that it belonged to her,
Like a secret wish only spoken through tears.

But the fates knew why we had to go our ways,
To grow, to mature in life so we could be prepared,
Because when we met again as healing adults,
The passion and the fire was still there.

And though we went through many obstacles,
Love, patience and understanding got us through,
I know it’s sappy, but I can say I’m really happy,
To have met the love of my life in the days of my youth.

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i. Hit

I was pleased to be just me
Unaffected, jolly and sometimes, serene
Other times angry, but otherwise happy
Then you came and everything changed

I felt a sudden missing that wasn't there before
I don't want nor need it, but loneliness persisted
In my heart, something constantly grows so painfully
A hallow within, aching to be filled by something

ii. Denial

I looked the other way, walking past by you
Convinced myself that only if I faithfully ignore
Would the malady be gone and I would be cured
Much like a bad wind gushing fleetingly ahead

I am fine, I could take it, if I could just hold it in
I closed my eyes and run blindly away
The further I am, the less affected I'd be
I'll be happy alone, just like before...

iii. Acceptance

Or so I thought, but I was wrong
The more I denied, the more it pains
The more I run away, the more tired I became
I could never be free, distance is just an illusion

What I really needed, is to be with you
No one else would fit this empty hallow
Without you, a half-life is what I would follow
Like a moon without the sun in its horizon

iv. Plead

So wont you, take me with you?
Would you love me as I do?
Forgive my foolishness and embrace me instead
With your eyes in tears and a smile on your face.

Will you accept my heart, broken as it is
Of my own doing and no one else
Please  fill me in and make me whole
Give me air, heal me, make me live a full life!

v. Promise

I swear, never to be afraid anymore
I won't let go, I won't be moved,
I would make us a home, a family...
Together we'd weave the future

Together we will be stronger
Even at times of great struggle
We will survive, you and I
Because we are undivided, as one

vi. Grateful

In the crowded crossroad of life
Chances were given for the both of us
Blessed are we to find each other
Amids the chaos of countless encounters

Thank you for waiting to meet me this lifetime
For just being you, with me, for me... by me
For letting me be the shadow of your light
For making me the glimmer you follow in the dark

vii. Pledge

I loved you from yeterday
Love you still today
And would love you more
Till tomorrow ceased to be
My beloved stranger
Stranger no more

viii. Not the end

©All Rights Reserved
February 8, 2017
Written by OxyMoronicMe (G.L.)
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Thank you all for your creative entries and participation!  Unlike most competitions, I was not looking for the poem with the most romance, the most creative words....which is why I called it "Sappy."  I was looking more for a "layman" poem sharing a simply sweet love story.or memory....

In most competitions, the MOST creative, the MOST romantic, the MOST descriptive gets the award.  However, not everyone has the equal ability to write like a "William Shakespeare" or a "Danielle Steele."  So, I wanted to host a "sappy" competition, where the contestants could lay back and relax and just provide me a basic love story.

Congratulations, ChemicalRose (Megan), for your entry poem, which contained lite hints of truly creative poetic expressions but without converting your "sappy," (layman), poem into an aspiring romance.

Danny11714 and (unmentioned by a finger-fast accident that could not be undone or edited) wallyroo92 were runner-ups of this particular competition.

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