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Give me your dirtiest thoughts

poet Anonymous

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Fire of Insight
United States 17awards
Joined 20th Sep 2012
Forum Posts: 218

Double strip

Of course I'm looking,
isn't that's why you wear that push-up bra?
I saw you look too,
it's not padded with a sock.
If you would bend over just a bit,
I would have a much better view.
Now squeeze them together,
just a little more;
very nice nipple show.
Thank you.
they make a "push-up" for a guy to wear.

I saw
your eyes go there
just like mine go where they go.
How much is "pushed-up"?
Same question back at you.
this is now,
"If you show me yours,
I'll show you mine."
Not here?
That will do.
push-up with pink lace.
mine is a v-neck t-shirt.
Shirt for blouse.
Sounds fair to me.
Show me yours,
I'll show you mine.
That was the deal.
Sandals off?
that rates showing you my socks.
Switch it around a bit?
remove from me whatever you wish,
I'll remove the same from you.
Belt, zipper, jeans to the floor.
Yes, I will step out of them.
No belt, elastic waist, yours pushed to the floor.
I'll help your feet out of them.
I like the pink lace trim on your bikini,
to match your bra?
Very nice.
So, t-shirt off over my head.
Even an unfastened bra can't fall off,
if you hold your arms that tightly to your sides
and your arms folded in front like that.
Fair is fair.
You're seeing mine,
I get to see yours.
I don't think you really needed that push-up.
Yes, I mean it.
Your welcome.
So how does this work?
Your bikini and my briefs and socks.
Two (or three) to one.
You want the score to be tied?
Kneel down and remove them.
While your down there,
does it look like a sock in there?
You really can't tell?
Don't try to hide it.
I see your grin.
Then remove them.
No sock.
Just me.
All me.
You thought it would be bigger?
It will get bigger,
You won't have long to wait.
You will see.
My turn.
on my knees.
Just like you were.
No, I don't need to,
but I certainly want to
slide my hands inside your bikini,
down your legs,
and back up again.
I notice that you're wet.
Just from this double strip?
Can't imagine
how wet
you'll be
in a few more minutes.
it is getting bigger --
I told you it would.
If you want it bigger . . .
Oh, you know what to do?
your hand
you certainly do know,
exactly what to do.
Keep doing it,
Your mouth too?
anything you want to do.
Let me lift you
up onto the edge of the counter.
Fair is fair.
My mouth on you.
You didn't know if I would?
Of course I will.
Whatever you want me to do.
You notice a drop of wetness coming out of me?
And now I look big enough?
suppose we mix wetnesses?
Of course, I will take your nipple in my mouth.
One then the other.
Not to worry.
I have no intention of stopping --
wetness mixing.
Rhythmic sucking
and licking
will match genital meshing.
Hands on the back of my head.
My mouth mashed into your breast.
I am absolutely not complaining.
Legs wrapped around my hips,
I do like that,
helping me rhythmically drive into you.
My body stiffening,
Driving deeply,
Giving everything,
Your contractions tell me that
you wanted everything I have just given.
Was it necessary to
yank my mouth from your nipple
to your mouth that forcefully?
Bruise my lips with yours?
OK, fair is fair.
Yes, I'm still in there.
I thought not.
The grip of your fingernails on my butt says,
not slowly,
not gently.
Let go of my ass, lie back on the counter.
This will not be done either slowly or gently.
That is
what you want,
Wasn't it/
I did say whatever you wanted.
One question.
What is your name?
Written by J_J_Jay_Jr
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Thought Provoker
United Kingdom
Joined 9th July 2017
Forum Posts: 63

Kitchen duty

I stand hands in water
Watching the world go
By outside the window
Dishes sparkling
As I lay them on
The draining board

Movement behind me
As you sneak up
And place your hands
on my waist
Moist lips pressed against
My neck
As my heart beats faster

You press yourself against me
And your hard cock rubs against
My buttocks
As you lean into me
And you hand snakes
Around to cup my breast

I reach back and place
My hand on your neck
Pulling you closer to me
as your teeth
Sink into my neck

Your hand slips
And and you
Pull my panties aside
Pushing your fingers
My soft
And gently your
Fingers enter inside me

I gasp as I feel
The flush of
Warmth build
Wiithin my stomach

You drop to your knees
Pressed against my lower
And you nudge
My legs apart with your chin
As you push your face
Harder against me
Your tongue
Licking and tasting my juices
And I lean forward
To allow you more access
Your tongue
My clitoris as it
Under your  tongue

You spin me around
And pull me to the floor
Lips meeting
And heavy as you bite
My lip
Just enough to draw

You pull at my clothes
Pushing my top
Up over my breasts
Your teeth
Plucking at my nipples
As your hard cock
Pushes, inch by inch
Inside me
Enveloped by my
Warm folds
Like velvet

You thrust
And I cry out
As my orgasm begins to build
My juices flowing
Over your hard cock

Hips grinding together
You passion so hot
As you pound
And my crown
Hits the unit behind me
Your hand rests upon my
Slightly squeezing
Partially blocked
DizzyNess overcomes
Me as you cry out
And I explode inside
And you release
Your hot white cum
That dribbles
Slowly Down my arse cheeks
And then As you withdraw
And hold me in your arms
we pant
On the kitchen floor

Dangerous Mind
Joined 19th Nov 2015
Forum Posts: 3112

Driving through your pouring rain [ lust in excess ]

I'm going to
fuck you
your going to
give it to you
so good
like you're
let me be
come on
let me
feast on

I must
I dig
peel your
my kiss
a wash
of my
get me

crawl on
here baby
you know
i need
strangle me
with your
throat now
& i'll
give you
my seed
spread a
little bit
as you
feel of
my need
riding you
so hard
you won't

I must
my cock
call out
to your
in cum soaked sweat
the wall
the bliss
for breath
like you
I must
come on
& suck

Lost Thinker
Joined 15th Sep 2012
Forum Posts: 7

Thursday Night and Friday Morning

See you
kneeling in front of me
dark eyes begging
lips parted
breasts heaving as you pant
"please daddy"
"hit me again"
feel you
skin reddening under the impact
head snapping sideways as I give you what you crave
licking your lips
looking up at me
"please sir"
"hurt me"
feel you
my little fucktoy
underneath me
my fingers tightening around your neck
you writhing and bucking
humping the air in desperation
needing air
needing to not get it
My fingers torturing your breasts
watch you
eyes rolling back as I thrust
hard, deep, long
fucking you
taking you
my little girl
mine to abuse
screaming no
begging me to stop
eyes begging for more
cunt pulling me deeper in
no safeword yet
screaming my name as you orgasm.

See you
straddling me
holding me down
Gripping me with your thighs
hand wrapping around my throat
teeth at my neck
nails on my chest
drawing streaks of blood
marking me as yours
fingers pinching and twisting my nipples until I gasp and moan
making me beg for more with every touch
your palm, lashing out at my cheeks,
drawing whimpers and moans
whispering in my ear
"such a fucking slut"
"so hard just from me hurting you"
gripping my balls, tight and swollen from your teasing
your knuckles against my jaw
making me arch off the bed in agony and ecstasy
leaning down
biting my aching cock
ordering me to cum
cum for you
slapping me
abusing me as
I lose all control
obeying my queen's command.

Hurt me
Beg me to hurt you
We both do both
Every bit as much as we love each other
Pain and pleasure like drugs
Lying together
cuts and bruises stinging
we whisper to each other
"Next time"
"I'm going to hurt you properly"
"I love you"
Shivers down both our spines.

poet Anonymous

Twisted Dreamer
United States
Joined 24th Feb 2016
Forum Posts: 56

What i want

What i want is a lady beast, someone who know how to please me, fuck me, love me rub me in all the right places.

Let's go to a place we both can GO fucking crazy, BABY don't GET lazy, i want you to fuck me.

It's sexy as fuck when you have a lady in the streets and a beast in the bedroom.

Come here baby i can make your pussy bloom with MY tongue GOING in on it.

You better get READY, because I'm not going to hold back.

I'm going to LICK THAT PUSSY like I'm a mad man licking on that ice cream.

What i want is a woman who is NOT going to play with me, if you can talk the talk i hope you can be able to walk the walk.

Now bring that ass here so you can ride me, bounce that ass on this DICK  like you happy.

I'm a cancer mixed with love and a little beast in me.

If you want to see how freaky i can get come see me, because i'll eat you until you cum.

I want a woman WHO is not afraid to be herself And always take control.

Show me WHAT you made of, come and get this butta love with a little rough burn.

What I'm going to do you baby we both going to lose weight, because i'm going in on that ass no breaks I'm going to make you PAY baby.

Water dripping off your body let me lick it off front and back.

Spread your legs BABY I'm HUNGRY and i have a sweet tooth.

You know what they say big dudes eat well when food is involved.

well baby you is going to be my dinner everynight.

BABY go wild and take control, fuck MY whole body up WITH YOUR domination.

When we done their SHOULD be bite marks everywhere plus it SHOULD be a hard time getting up, because WE just fuck up some shit.

Don't play just BACK that ass up and put it in MY face.

dont worry about a thing i can always make a way.

just let me get a taste test, so i can show who is the best.

i'm deepthreat baby, i am going deep in on your pussy, every night i promise that i will give you every part of me.

Don't come with that bullshit that you can't.

if you can't i understand, i will just sit here and wait.

because baby I told you that you are worth the wait.

Written by deepthreat1490
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poet Anonymous

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Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom 4awards
Joined 24th Jan 2016
Forum Posts: 53


Not as perverted or kinky as me//
But I believe, that she's a freak when she is between the sheets,//
Or on her knees, when she goes down its like a round of applause//
The crowd goes wild when she gags my shit down to the balls//
She never asks for a pause,
she just gobbles some more
A public princess
but at home she's a whore
Stick it where I want to,
It's Fridays, all week
She's screaming daddy I want you,
Every inch, go balls deep
Turn my room into a rodeo
She can drop it, look how low she go
Put on that dress yeah, that's it, dance for daddy
I might be tripping but tonight we might get married
I'm intoxicated by her body
I got solid, she knows, she can have it
Written by Benzy_420 (BTheW)
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poet Anonymous

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Dangerous Mind
Joined 21st Oct 2014
Forum Posts: 146


Deep down, our love is kink personified.
I like it when you share your dirty mind with me under the ambience of soft lighting, and the subtle shading of burning sandalwood wafting in the air.
How am I suppose to know how to bring your fantasies to fruition if I don't enable you to share your most intimate thoughts ?
Trust, is key to knowing I won't feel repulsed by your underlying perversions.
Liberate yourself by using my body to explore your limits until I'm quivering & inarticulate as you solicit my deepest desires, in kind.
We both share the same sentiments for one another, which increases our mutual pleasure.
I want you to know the pleasure I derive from watching you, watching me, as you drag the razor along the edges of my cunt until I'm entirely bare, sitting before you with my legs spread and knees up splayed open to you, is divine.
Watching you plant kisses on my swollen bud as your tongue leaves a trail of saliva from my clit to my tight little arsehole, as you fill my cherry pink velvet walls with a vibrator until I'm trembling all over you.
You elevate me to a heavenly state of being.
My cunt aches to be filled by your rock hard cock but you tease me with the vibrator, while sucking gently on my engorged clit until I lose my composure, and I'm gushing all over you.
The first of many more gushing moments to cum.
Watching, the way your cock leaves me gaping time & time again as we create our own book of kama sutra, heightens my senses, and triggers my root chakra to align with yours. 
The taste of our love is infused in the air, and it drips from your rock hard cock, to our lips, and fingertips.
Every time you make me cum on your cock, I lick and suck you clean, and the wilderness reflected in your eyes, tells me I'm home.
You don't just fuck me repeatedly, until you're able to bury your fist inside the rim of my cunt, you nurture the whore hidden within me, and I've never felt as full and stretched as I trace my name all over your cock with my tongue, before deep throating you.
My lips were made to swallow the elixir of your essence as your opalescence is akin to sustenance.
You own my flesh when you make me submit to you, and I belong to you, there's no question about that as many of our nights are spent exploring one anothers limits, from dusk til dawn, on the dreamscape.
Written for the 'Give Me Your Dirtiest Thoughts' Comp.
Written by shadow_starzzz
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Jennifer Michael McCurry
Tyrant of Words
United States 28awards
Joined 22nd June 2015
Forum Posts: 2047

still life lust

i see you baby...
holding up that wall with mysterious lean
with afire hot stare and faded blue jeans

wearing dark hoods low
shadowing your unscrupulous scrutiny
peering centuries back into me
penetrating time and sex

white hot flash of first kiss hits
in super nova instant
with igneous effects on my usual morality

i will you inside of me
clawing at your fear of intimacy
shredding you to sweet nothings
my purrrr rattling careless manipulations  in your ear

my hands seize your hard ass
pulling your pound violent in my grasp
scrotum swing smacks my lilly white
sending sweet percussion nut slap chorus into night

guilty smile inclination turns frenzied filthy fuck tick
your serious composure hard line jaw twitches its intent
cum kind determination set on serving my moan and hiss
sweet pink ring spasms thanks tightening pussyche vice grip

your cock rockets release shuddering rhythmic bliss
giving good time pulse to throbbing starfish kiss
my smile curls to satisfied twist

yes i see you baby....and picture this

Dangerous Mind
Ukraine 2awards
Joined 20th May 2012
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two tired to take a bath,
I flopped into bed covered in mud.

The pile of laundry had grown as tall
as my waste

Diapers overflowed from the diaper can

The dishes piled high touched the faucet.

I hoped for the arrival of my new indonesian maid

Slender was her picture visa stamped

Sultrey was her name

doing laundry was her claim to fame

The doorbell rang

I rose from the bed

in seven day old underwhere

She looked at me in shock

after opening the door

She turned to run

I called, "you're not going anywhere"

She ran as fast as she could

I jumped in the shower

put on my suit

got on my lamborgini

followed in hot persuit

sprayed on Old spice

by the time I saw her butt draggin

I was lookin nice

Excuse me maam,

you need a ride?

She look at me in surpise

'n jump on in.

poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous

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