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Mind Fucked

Just a simple poet
Dangerous Mind
Australia 5awards
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Poetry Contest

Mind fucked
What is your interpretation of this poem called mind fucked

1 must have title
2 can be any length
3 ready set go lady's and gents

Mind fucked

I want to drink till I'm blind and can't see no more
A few more after that & I'll be fine like a child in a candy store
I want to un see what I've already seen, it's doing my head in
Games played inside your increasing stupid mind play
I've grown so much yet I'm still so weak from it all.

poet Anonymous

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Jennifer Michael McCurry
Tyrant of Words
United States 28awards
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Miss Deception on FM radio drag

Mind soaked and shattered
Soggy pieces of crazy baby chitter chatter
Scattered lazily about like wet wool
Numbing the white noise of my void
My sink hole soul haints jibba jabba
Set to low volume dull roar
Augh!! Sha doobee shattered shattered. .
Shadoobee..     .
Life is so alarming
My criminal propensity going up up up
Making my pussy wet
Come danger
And dangerous man
I raise my skirt
My thick ass
And glass
Bending my elbow
To clink salute
Stealy flash of deadly eyes lock
Baby blues With my alter ego
Bonanza Cherry.  ....fucking trick
A total fuck high whore
Fiend prostitute
Her dress in tatters
Selling her reality
Dirt leg cheap
Spreading it all over
Second avenue

It doesnt matter....


Lost Thinker
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It hits you quick †† † †  
One second you're at your desk, coffee in hand †† † †  
The next you're on a spring mattress, fucking †† † †  
†† † †  
You can't avoid it †† † †  
The feeling of being filled up just to the point of breakage is satisfying
The way you contract around his cock is pleasurable †† † †  
†† † †  
The pleasure stems from the impossibility of your reality †† † †  
How could your cunt, so hidden and pure,
Accept this foreign object so willingly †† † †  
† †
But here it is, dripping with a slick fluid †† † †  
The external physical equivalent to the rapid beating of your heart †† † †  
And it pulses when it is empty †† † †  
†† † †  
Fingers, cock, the Devil knows what else, satisfies it †† † †  
But his lips sucking your clit makes you convulse †† † †  
Your body shaking from the welcome invasion of privacy †† † †  
†† † †  
His fingers are still pumping inside you †† † †  
Your back arches and your toes curl
There's fucking and then there's fucking † †
† †
And then you're flat on the bed, your breasts pressing into the sheets †
He takes you from behind, both hand possesively grabbing your hips †† † †  
†† † †  
And then you're bent over a wood table, your clothing on except for your skirt †† † †  
It's hitched high enough to allow for dexterous fingers to toy with your clit until you're begging for it †† † †  
†† † †  
And then you're blindfolded, your eyelids fluttering against the fabric †
Hands brush over your breasts, pinch your nipples while teeth mark the sensitive skin of your thighs †† † †  
†† † †  
And then you're begging, but you don't know for what as he tightens his grip on your neck †
Your breathing staggers but a familiar heat rushes between your legs †† † †  
†† † †  
And then he is taking you without permission, bruising your thighs with his wanting hands and forcing you out of control †† † †  
And without control you can breath in the heady scent of sex without repercussion †† † †  
†† † †  
Too soon you're thrown back to your desk, your coffee cold in its mug †† † †  
The familiar scent of sex hits you †† † †  
You close your legs and shift uncomfortably in your seat †† † †  
†† † †  
There's fucking and there's† fucking † †
And there's the lusty thoughts of your mind
Pinpointing your desires †† † †  
†† † †  
-- †† † †  
An exercise in using simple language focused on the physical while avoiding descriptive similies and comparisons using imagery
Written by Enchantress_Em
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Fire of Insight
United States 7awards
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The ultimate mind fuck
Letís go you and me right here on the floor
Donít worry about the door no one cares anymore
Bite me here lick me there start off slow
Fuck it
Thatís not a mind fuck
Who am I trying to kid
We are all professionals here
Well Iím not but you could never tell
I write you up and down
A misspell what I like and donít what I do
I love it rough and ragged but smooth and slow
The sweet to and FRO of the gentile rocking
In and out just like breathing
Isnít that what life is or have i been fooled once again
What can I say I have a habit of being the teacherís pet
Until I get my way any who
You want a mind fuck look into your own mind
See all the boxes that say donít open ever
Letís take a peek
See what we can fuck up
Maybe mommy issues
Who doesnít please that Is so clichť
Daddy issues ditto
Please just stop
I want the juicy shit
I want to play with the bones that I hear rattling around
Pretty please
Let me Harley Quin that shit
Maybe throw a little joker in there just for fun
Lets pop the cork on that not so nice sister of yours
She didnít let you have a cookie ????
How sad you poor baby here let me give you one
Made of rat poison
Just kidding
Loves you

Lost Thinker
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im leaving this message because;
1) i dont want to contact you directly and get abuses,
2) i have you blocked on everything
3) i dont know your account on here, my memory is shit as you know, plus i dont want to know  your account.
Your bullying and shit father skills are gone from our lives for good, who tells  their sons mother they hope i and his son and my other son get hit by a bus and wishing us all dead, saying things about my family, trying to put me down.. well hunny its not working im so happy and much more  confident i have a new partner.
so thankyou for making  me stronger.
i have no memory  left of you all pictures  have been deleted, your face makes me feel so sick
you wont bring me down anymore no matter what you say, you said my shit was boring  and shit yet you dont even know  what  your doing! i know im not experienced but  ive slept with  less then 5 people  unlike  you

im trying to escape you fully but i still feel you lerking in the background, you  keep popping up randomly  trying to tell me to go away and not come through  wanting you back yet your the one who comes to me with your pathetic messages.
im not a writer  im a BASIC CHICK as you call me, so im sorry if this aint perfect or meeting any expectations im just here to tell you.
fuck off for good RICKY.

Lost Thinker
United States
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A Fool's Reflection

I've become a slave to the thought of needing him. I layed down and rested in a dwindling flame half a decade too long. †  
I rebelled in anger against the truth when I saw it, he had a spark for me but I was still on fire for him. †
†I hid inside myself where no one could see my tears, masking with a smile as I agonized over the hurt that dug deep into me puncturing new wounds and ripping through previous scars carved by his deceit. †
† †
Yet, still I find myself able to mouth "I love you."
Written by Zion220
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Dangerous Mind
United States 29awards
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Not Giving In

People told me that you should not be messing
Up my mind or fucking it up so bad that I cannot
See straight. Maybe this is what they call a blessing
In disguise. I need more than a sip and a small shot
Of alcohol to forget and numb the feelings running
Through my system. Most of all, I just want to forget
Everything about you because you are cunning
And manipulative. Maybe I do not have any regret,
But I know that I have given you too many chances
When other people disapprove of you. Forget mind
Games and every single lie. These slow dances
Do not mean anything. I can no longer be blind
To what you continue to do to me, so screw you
And these ways you draw me back in every time
You come back. Darling, maybe I finally outgrew
You and this ďrelationship.Ē It is our prime
That has long passed. Maybe this has taught me
To stand firm. From your lips I will ignore every plea.
Written by eswaller
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Twisted Dreamer
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Half masked

In my cage I sat retracing the steps that got me here... I thought vengeance was mine...but I was filled with anger and rage only hell could manuover.

Naive I was seeing everybody as I saw myself. Taking every disappointment, disloyalty, abuse and reject comforting my mind that they did not know better... I was like a sponge absorbing everything that was good mostly bad thrown at me, I fell apart on the inside but was a smiley pretty face on the outside...that seemed like an invite to demons who possessed my temple draining me of my substance but left scars that protruded on the outside.
I was always " the stone that builder refused" the one that " should know better " but instead I became bitter, so bitter you could smell it from a distance.

A small push and I exploded chopping my victims in shreds I lost my voice, my smile, my morals to life and living for what was half masked was now whole.
Written by ThaSeductress (Daii_Cevyn_Belladon)
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Dangerous Mind
Philippines 24awards
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Superman In White Panties

All Rights Reserved

Bittersweet and taste like fire
Liquid hardness that kicks the gut
Skull splitting in the aftermath
Vile flavored cocktails for a short while.
Oh, I hate you come daylight!
But fucking loves you moonless or not
Your skull marked body so sexy
Your neck is what my hands can't stop gripping
While I kiss your round full lips
Wet potent juice, my tongue craved to lick

Wait a while after you settle inside of me
My legs would go wobbly, my vision blurry
Elated feeling while gravity fights my eyelid
Still, I feel like challenging the wind
As my feet sew crisscross on a highway
Singing a song in halftones and
Barking back at the angry dogs protesting while in chain
Daring feeling, stronger emotions...
Like crazy, fear escapes me
I am superman wearing white panties
Damn those ugly red undies!

A few moments I'd be out
Oblivion would claim my hazy conscience
But before that let me cry my heart out
The ebb is admired, with tears, with snot.
Let me laugh as loudly as a cymbal
The spirit be lifted from the ground where it's down
Let me dream of another time when I am free of the burdens of now
The body be washed with alcohol's antibacterial chemicals

Carlos Primera, Jose Cuervo
Carlo Rossi, Jay and Bee,
Black and Blue ó what good fuckers!
I'd call Ginebra, Carlsberg, and San Miguel whenever I am in bed with them
Who cares about Toms and Dicks and Harrys!
Not me... Not me... NOT ME!
I am superman
In white panties
Soon I'll remove them...
Just wait a while.
Cheers, and let's go flying!
Written by OxyMoronicMe (G.L.)
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Tyrant of Words
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memoria ~

how many jackhammers?
one revolution
or was it two ago?
i slammed back the date
& felt it burn its way
down my throat,
my veins steeped
in morose realization ~
... there is a lifetime
drowning in that bottle
& i don't know if it's mine or
if i'm trying to find you
in rapidly emptying solace ...
& i will sleep alone,
shamefully drunk
& weeping
as though it's new,
as though i need
an excuse
to self-sooth
with the neck
between my lips...
... if it wasn't you
it would be something else
driving me to seek

Twisted Dreamer
Australia 2awards
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My nerve ending sing out in joy.
Of course they're not acting as they should.
I feel wet warmth spill down my self. Nothing hurts, all sensations are golden fairy dust.
Burn, slice and grind.
My mind is fucked.
It's my personal drug, I can't stop.
I reach nirvana, this brings me hell.
Stop fooling me into failing onto falling onto broken glass.
My mind is fucked.
It must be why it feels so right.

Just a simple poet
Dangerous Mind
Australia 5awards
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thank you again guys and gals some awesome ink there will be another one shortly cheers

poet Anonymous

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Just a simple poet
Dangerous Mind
Australia 5awards
Joined 10th Feb 2017
Forum Posts: 122

That's awesome to hear 😊

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