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Serial Killer

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Killer Blonde

Her blonde hair sparkling in the sunshine.
Happiness and a smile etched across her face.
I should have that, I tell myself. That is all mine.
As her eyes flutter close, I get a chance to trace
My hand down her face, body and all of a sudden
I flash back when everything was all perfect
And rainbows. All of the memories flood in
Of our happy little family. It all clicked
In my mind that she reminds me of my
Angelic mother and little sister, but it all
Got taken away from me from that one guy
I know that when her back hits the wall
I tell myself to save her and others to follow.
I have to escape this feeling of being helpless
When I was a young girl. I no longer feel hallow
Or empty anymore when these careless
Acts are me saving the world and its ways, hellish.
Written by eswaller
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Dangerous Mind
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David_Macleod said:

Fascinated and awaiting with bated breath :-)

Lol 🦊

Dangerous Mind
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she was laid upon
more often
than a mattress in a flop house
by legions of men
with uniforms of filth & flesh
& I
bore witnessed
from the shadows
my purpose
to pick their pockets
while they picked hers
more than once
I was caught
& beaten to a state
where I was unrecognizable
by the mirror
she would call me to her
usurping my love
as if it come from the nights transgression
& the night & sleep would claim her

till one day
they opened her wide
like a frog in science class
their ejaculate
the formaldehyde
her screams muffled by
the gagging of
hardened flesh
& when it was done
she called to me
with her eyes
to lay with her
until the angels came

It was there that they found me
three days later covered in
a baptism of blood
that was the day
he was born

he plays with me now
using me to get you here
to do to you
what they did to her
& I hide in the shadows
within myself
always afraid to look
until the deed is done
then I hold them
till the angels come

Fire of Insight
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People Want To Know Why

I don't care what they call me in the press
I just go about my business because I can
And I want to
Reason enough in my mind
Soon enough someone like me will find out who I am and catch up with me
And I'll lie as dead as my own victims do
And I don't care about that either
I'll keep my eyes out for him or her and give them a wave as they take their shot.
Acknowledge that they are the better at this
But until then I intend to kill
Any way I can and anywhere
It's what I was born to do
And with my coming of age I am set on my task
Watch out for me
Because I might want to kill you

Guardian of Shadows
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thank you very much thinlane, SatansSperm and eswaller three terrific  entries this is going to be a tough competition :-)

Guardian of Shadows
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Massacre of Innocents: Herod’s Decree

“Go, ye, by way of
mine foot-soldiers, for
the tongues of Magi
loosed words of a king
in the night.

I, Herod, am Lord
and King,
my empire a bloodbath
of victories.

There shall be no other
and their hearts
shall be as meat on stakes,
the suckling males…..

Hie and make haste,
lest the babes see the dawn
of their years
to usurp me.

Let hoof-beats shake
the land
and ev’ry door rattle
in fear,
systematic elimination
of would-be rulers.

Commence, the slaughter!”

“When he (Joseph)  arose, he took the young child and his mother by night, and departed into Egypt, and was there until the death of Herod: that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of the Lord by the prophet, saying, Out of Egypt have I called my son.”  Matthew 2:14-15

Thought Provoker
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Fun on the Bun

I'm not like some others who kill strangers,
I just get rid of those who piss me off.
And trust me, there's a lot ;)

Guardian of Shadows
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thank you MadameLavender and Fillenatrix another two fine entries :-)

Dangerous Mind
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Blood on their lips
hair is all crisp
calling me back home

Creeping around
you know that sound
yes I strike again

Slick mess
I must confess
makes me feel alive

A love so deep
guts all in a heap
true love has no end...

(David, Im not a serial killer but I thought this was silly ha! Its all I got! <3 )

Jennifer Michael McCurry
Tyrant of Words
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White Letting

Because it is night
And dark breeds darkness
In my inky depths others name soul

I travel the fringe
Of inhumanity
Where the second hand suits of the hoi palloi
Hang off slumped slum dog shoulders
The filth collected there
Only just holds their bony spines erect
And I hunt my midnight snack

The white lace of my dress sweeps the rotten stink
Of come hallowed grounds
Its swoosh swoosh echoing the flow of blood in my veins to black heart

My black of iris constricts as the fear in their eyes catch my privilege
Of all the nerve.  ...
Dirt on my white hem

Heads turn like sprung dials of broken clocks
Hands in permanent grip on 12
Grimaces on faces squeeze out futile screams
As my right hand
With easy flick of the wrist delivers quick hard twist
And my left hand unleashes my feast

Hatchet hits bone in a bloody festival
Its sick thud sounding my Eucharist of the unholy
Unwashed unwanted

I hear the Priests of my youth whispering ...
Blood of Christ
Body of Christ

It is as should be done

Their good riddance spatters my white dress crimson
I lick my lips of their distaste
And grin
One gone and 2 to go.....
My belly so full
Of forgotten souls

And I edge closer to salvation

Twisted Dreamer
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Sitting in the background
was the girl who never played.
She refused to talk to everyone,
for she preferred the voices in her head.
Her hatred for human life grew
at the same pace as her parent's anger did.
First came the words soaked in venom,
then came the bruises and scars.

With time the voices grew uncanny,
and she could take no more.
She fell call to their deep desires,
and found they held immense relief.
She stalked innocence with a blade at hand,
and swam in beautifully dark scenarios,
all led by her longing
to finally be in control once more.

Guardian of Shadows
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Thank you Elizabeth_Odly, calamitygin and mysteriouslady, you entries were all excellent this competition is gonna be a tough call :-)

Dangerous Mind
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21st | Becky - Day one

“He was so adorable”
“Look at his chubby cheeks”
“I wish I had eyelashes like him”

my mom’s friends, my sister’s friends...
all the girls, the women
whatever their differences
they looked at me the same
I’ve got to say I enjoyed it
more or less annoyed as well
now, why am I thinking about this…?

oh well yes, Aunty Becky, mom’s friend

yes, yes, so she reminded me
how she used to talked to me
when I was little
and then I remembered
the rest of the girls talk

sometimes I hate myself for
drifting away in my mind like that
forgetting whatever I was doing
worse part is then I lose interest
in whatever I was doing.

even worst
now I feel lazy to
clean this mess

I don’t want to have dinner
with the smell of blood
but it's not the smell
its just the thought of having
a body in the garage that
I lose the appetite

ahh! have to order now
then dinner will arrive
soon after my bath

oh wow! Aunty Becky had a tattoo...
huh! who would’ve thought?

ok come on now
put the parts in the bag
seal it tight
wash the room
and load it to the truck
rest is for tomorrow…

Thought Provoker
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I snuffed one the other day
I might whack one tomorrow
That's just the way I play
Really love to cause sorrow

You know if I had to pick
A favorite kill of them all
It would have to be that prick
The one in the teller stall

But I digress I love murder
That's what my life is about
I am just the reaper's herder
A monster without a doubt

Wow when I get that look
You know the one I mean?
They're not getting off the hook
The fucking terror I have seen

Still I am nice you know
My neighbors really like me
I put on a convincing show
I won't ever let them see

I can track some for days
Like a shadow on the street
Have different kinds of ways
To transform them into meat

Are you really interested?
Some kind of gore tard?
Or just another limp-wristed
Dick trying to be hard?

I have regrets God damn it
Too many expectations
Papa won't let me Cam it
Something about explanations

Anyway back to the main matter
Have you ever spied on someone?
Visualized their brains splatter
mowing em down with your gun?

Come on admit you wanna try
It's easy once you get started
So intense when they start to cry
When becoming the dear departed

Maybe you are protégé material
Might just invite you to Murderland
You can become one with the Serial
Or I just cut you where you stand

Guardian of Shadows
United States
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thank you dejure  and Northern1 I really loved these entries :-)

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