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From the ashes a fire shall be woken...

Guardian of Shadows
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Poetry Contest

Your take on the above
“From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring...”
By J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

Write about:-
when you are defeated by an event or circumstances
and you feel like giving up on life
something happens and you rise up and fight to live again.

Poems of any length, max two entries per person, title your poem please, no collabs. Old poems are eligible as long as they have not been entered in previous competitions here.

Guardian of Shadows
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inhale exhale

and still she cries
pushing back memories
of crimson sheets
wishing she died
that night

yet she grasped
for life
as she gave life
to another...

still she cries
as she remembers
her captor's endless
brutal thrusts

*not an entry*

Twisted Dreamer
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The Road

Staring down a desolate road
Shaded in hues of grey and black
Leafless trees drape over the trail
Twisted fingers closing their grasp
Haunting shrieks of perils unknown
Shrill in pitch to pierce the ear
Danger is thick as the fog descending
Upon the path to impending doom
Bones of previous attempts scattered
No markers, only open graves
Stale blood and rotting flesh
Wind blows the cold breath of death
A core most steadfast remains
An unwavering will staved off by nothing
Onward into the darkness
Bring the fight to hell itself
Ignite the torch, unsheath the steel
Carve a legacy out of sweet oblivion
Written by Zach_of_all_trades
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Thought Provoker
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look at you now, so still
our solitude unbroken
only silence, now
and darkness, your darkness
so much pain, so much violence
required at your hand
and now, nothing
you have earned this rest
this solemn peace
the blood on your hands
not mine this time
the ground cries out
for your lifes blood
and i gave it willingly
your evil is spent
your bloodletting complete
no more will your darkness
descend upon me
now your swords are broken
and your ships are burned
revel in the darkness of  
your afterlife, a dark shadow,  
wandering alone  
in an endless frozen forest  
for eternity
receive the justice you deserve
bask in the suffering
I give to you
for all you have given me

Tyrant of Words
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Parliament  Of Rooks

He stood
paces the gallery
a parliament of rooks


tentative drips
dangle from his tongue
fluttering fumbles
that begin
where red streaks
crack the wide staring eye

of whistling wind
lies the folded leaf
as black shrouds
prod for parable
Nay not a minute more be spare
time to fractured mind

he pleas, clicking repeat of circled stride
his sticks jutting to and fro
feathers folded back
then opened wide expressive

" We have beat the drumming sky, dove over lighted spikes, to where wild winds were left; far from us; away back there."
"Here where the gray still stand by our side,  you have just and proper numbers; where I  propose, humbled and hobbled;  what should keep air to my wings
Left footers, right, praise to the same yet I circle the earth.
Knowing what I've bled to be equal and same.
Co-dependent marks, molt the feathers once glisten ; yet I have fed equal every open mouth with earthen stability we now stand upon.
was our life spent forever at the edge of a cliff, only to wait for eventual landslide?
We are ring, we are league; salt that mixed in our food".

" Now what was fruit has dried and I am starved, stuck in refusal to desert life nor partial  tundra that barely gives.
Yes the flock may survive, but I am dying in the wind of mercilessness.
Were I never borne true as you?"


gloom thick
they rail in
one to one from a thousand
as I tear in half
by hole after hole
so many come

murder by crows...

so many times and honestly
the spire to heaven
still fixed by the last gleam
that colors my grayed out eyes...
dissected sections
of my soul
cry out
in whole

Guardian of Shadows
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souladareatease,Phoenix_Risen and Zach_of_all_trade, thank your for your entries.

Guardian of Shadows
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Pix Pinterest

I am the fire
I shall fly
ashes of my past
I drop away
to nothingness

from the ashes
I shall rise...

*not an entry*

Guardian of Shadows
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Dangerous Mind
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Some Tiny Cell #2112133959697779493925563188777910

The first creatures of the earth
Saw before them a vast world of water
and life giving Oxygen
His children, and childrens children
multiplied, wined and dined themselves

Spewed forth bratty generations
to take the reigns
of every corner of the planet
and the earths air
Grew a bit stale

The party grew dim as
the Earth's air grew quite low
of life giving Oxygen  

The revelers
Seeking any last sip of wine in some abandoned cup
bent over in their stupor

as the planet suffocated in no O2

So sat earth
confounded at itself
Unable to glory in life
It once had

An endless field of  Life sustaining Oxygen
had changed into  an endless field of lifeless Carbon Dioxide
a waste product

So the earth waited
with the patience of a million years
Once again lifeless
or if there were any life
barely hanging on
strained to its limits

until in
Some microscopic corner
some tiny cell
Came together
to capture a suns ray
on a sunny day
and use that
CO2 as snack attack

so what was once a vast wastland
became a field of plenty
and so was born the plan
that grew and multiplied to
the four corners of the earth

and once again the world was good
and this plant, had a waste product of its own,
which was Oxygen, after stripping off the Carbon
from the Carbon Dioxide,
to use as its own food, to build and grow
it's great branches
as branches came to be

and the oxygen once again roamed the surface of the earth
and life came back

so when you mow your grass
remember that you owe your grass your very ass

Guardian of Shadows
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rabbitquest , thank you for your entry. Please title your poem:)

Thought Provoker
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STATE of Nature

On the eve of the second Great Depression —
We found a housing bubble that would pardon the rich —
Carved into the margins of a marketing myth —  
Bound to downward struggle as it started to shift,  
and you’re the mark, we’ve been targeted, the market is fixed —    
Property is robbery, serving an aristocracy  
where freedom we observe is subservient to plutocracy,  
a dream deferred —“burgeoning democracy”;  
reoccurring absurdities converging on hypocrisy  
while heeding the words —“fervor” and “philosophy”;  
so what's an oligopoly's policy on monopoly  
when fleecing the herd —nursing inequality,  
or nurturing hyperbole for worshipping economies  
depleting the Earth? —perjury’s a novelty  
when purchasing a circus of encircling monotony;  
adjourned —for the purpose of it furthering    
the disconcerting poverty it purged —  
…and preserving obvious ventures —they'll be watching  
as conscientious objectors are oddly met with conjecture  
in a system that dismisses its omnipresent oppressors —  
Living in derision where godly essence is measured  
by imprisonment of victims it’d probably sentence forever —  
Business of attrition, it lobbied deadly endeavors  
while topping many dissenters at prodding enemy threats —  
It’s impressive, the frigid, rigid, and wretched  
had limited dividends to the timid heavy in debt —  
The objective, insipid lending of credit  
while robbing every incentive, admitting any in jest —  
An inception embedded into its citizens,  
or sicknesses injected, omitting any regrets  
while alleging it’s competitive —given sedatives,  
while sitting at the precipice, living envy the dead;  
they’re envisioning an emptiness as connections are severed —  
Up the dosages, we can cope with the loneliness;    
the holiest of holies are only known for these opiates —  
Weak and broken, as we awoke in erroneous  
reasoning; each a demon who reeks of foreboding soullessness —  
Sleepless dreaming, as seen decoding felonious    
secrecy; it’s intriguing and eases shouldering hopelessness —  
private gatherings are happening for regulation;  
grappling tenacity, their tapestry of legislation —  
It was more than just our apathy, a resignation;  
mastering depravity would atrophy a generation —  
It was maddening, the magazines and emulation;  
nothing but a strategy unravelling our education —  
Dedicated to status and fashion, actively —  
Demonstrating our sadness and laughing passively —  
Living lavishly where flattery’s a reparation,    
’til they felt the gravity of tragedy and devastation —  
With a baffling capacity for separation,  
scavenging for batteries and rationing their medications —  
…Turned to savagery,    
while having these Earth shattering revelations —    
Or to piety, the blind will lead the deaf in the dark,  
then hide the meaning; there's no rhyme or reason left in the art  
to find the irony —line of questioning, charges;  
silent treatment led to violent beatings; mentally scarred  
by wily mind readers piloting the menacing guards  
of high society —time, regretfully ours  
to find sobriety while spiraling incredibly far from our reality —  
Life legacies marred by lean banalities —  
…Wage slavery, chasing a meager salary,  
competing with the neighbors and faking congeniality  
at day’s end —“savior”’s a weak analogy  
for teaching paganism and praising convenient fallacies  
of made men —allegiant, albeit callously;  
maybe they think the boundary’s egregious, although cowering    
to lame trends —they’re entertaining tradition  
while contagious entertainment’s used to tame them —  
…it will mitigate desensitization  
as they inundate assimilated mechanization —  
Then disintegrate collectivization  
while they “liberate” through innovative weaponization —  
Speaking of armed foes and cynical principles,  
you can borrow your tomorrows like a “free individual” —  
…then Anarcho-Syndicalism    
is seen as trivial, but teaching Neoliberalism  
will keep us “civil” as they barcode political systems —  
We, the indivisible, pleading, if being literal;  
as harrowing, as we are sheepish and pitiful —  
Need no other reason for proceeding as criminals,  
we’re breathing —even though we’re reaching the pinnacle  
adjacent to forsaken places made for human waste —  
As if our state of nature was awakening too late —  
This is our innate capitulation to The State —  
Where change has been abated by the chains that keep us safe —  
© Travis J Gibbs, The ANT1-HER0 Project
Written by Ant1-Her0-Project (Travis)
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Guardian of Shadows
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Ant1-Her0-Project, thank you for your participation.

Lost Thinker
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Hush hush

Hush hush
they say behind covered mouths
we are all pawns
in this messed up game
they call life

Hush hush
put on your best front
your smile must convince
or this cruel world will wean you out

Hush hush
this world is raising suicidal's
with predetermined labels
this fight is already lost
or is it?

Hush Hush
rise up and claim what is your by blood
fight against the world
your hands bloody and torn
they will never win
theirs is false confidence
it is my right to live how i want

Hush Hush
hate me
bash me
but this is me
in my unabashed glory

hush hush
this war is already won
Written by Fyre_Raen
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Lost Thinker
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Break Away

pulling against the chains
that hold me in place
gasping for every breath
as my lungs empty into the void
staring back at me
the darkness creeps closer
then i break away
the chains fall and i take off running
through the vast nothingness
chasing dreams
i thought i had lost
I break out of your hold
you don't own me anymore
there is nothing
nothing for you to take from me
nothing more for you to break
i am free to live my own life
that i had broken free
Written by Fyre_Raen
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