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Poetry Contest

Write a poem about opposites
Has to be less than 20 lines

Dangerous Mind
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Opposite Attraction

They say opposites attract and ignite
Like the 4th of July fireworks, almost
Like a mutual attraction right on sight.
These are different people with a ghost
Like experience, barely a touch and that
Person teaches you something about
Yourself. Before you go splat and flat
Against the sidewalk, without a doubt
They pick you up. In that moment they
Taught you a valuable lesson. Skin color
Does not matter and neither does a grey
Sky or religion or if you have a dollar
In your pocket or having nothing at all.
Even if you have committed every sin
Known, there should not be a wall
Or a barrier or the past that can get in
The way of two people who appear
From contrasting worlds and places.
It is all simple connection and mere
Attraction with more than just faces.
Written by eswaller
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Tyrant of Words
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Regardless of Who

He’d always been carefree and impulsive all around,
She’d always been cautious with her ear to the ground,
She was brought up in the city, while he grew up in a farm,
And yet she was an introvert opposite to his outgoing charm.

Her upbringing made her conservative and a bit reserved,
While the country life made him lust for great things in life,
They eventually found each other and like opposites attract,
After a year of dating they became man and…
But those differences made for a tumultuous relationship,
His impulse was offset by her prudent and careful behavior,
His wild and dangerous adventures often got him in trouble,
So she became his rock, his pillar, at times even his savior.

While she may have been rational, logical and reasonable,
His passion for her brought something special to their lives,
And just like rollercoasters which have their ups and downs,
So do marriages regardless of who steers or who drives.

But like all things when opposite ends pull they break apart,
Despite what the heart feels they went their separate ways,
Because sometimes happy beginnings can end up in misery,
Regardless of who goes or who stays.

Fire of Insight
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Vistas Twisted

Might we be windows of white?  
Encasing inked indentations
Diffusing garish pitch with maiden neutrality
Are we rather malevolence of melanoid black?
Hung in blanched backdrops
Blotching crisp curtains
Interjecting ideals
Overcasting consummate conclusions
Could we yet be gradient gray from afar?  
A petrified synesthesia...
Like cold cobwebs snagging fragments Paradise should've strained
Written by AtoMikbomb
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Dangerous Mind
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Aurora Australis

She became an instrument of his inner divinity as he practiced his rites upon her delicate frame, embedding himself in the depths of her and drawing breath to sustain himself, and she passionately embraced his artistic motions whilst strumming upon his wounds to apply oceanic portions of panacea upon his wounds as they floated upon the notions of one another like a graceful pirouette.

Solidifying his dreams and sowing seeds to nurture himself collectively, whilst gripping her firmly yet gently as she gasped upon the motions of his hardness, twined upon his grinding gesticulations as she held him close, piercing his eyes with notions of love, wrapped methodically for his atonement inflicted by others, conveying a thousand words where none were exchanged, to heal and seal his wounds tightly.

The acquisition of a mysterious kind unfolded, as he stroked the elements of her subconscious, precious and most precocious, until she was quivering and cascading all over his thoughts, triggering his emotions subtly but eloquently, whilst merging thematically and dissecting one another perpendicularly yet strategically, to soothe the inner fragmentations that were scattered upon their finely crafted salubrious natures.

Until he learnt the art of mastering her notes as she sang a song that only he could identify, from across the ocean, doused in moments of flames and devotion as he sliced her ferociously, synonymous love defined in the softness within her and rough around his tattered edges, as she immersed herself in his illustrious and polarised nature, until she found herself nestled on the edge of his lips, in pausal.

A blending in motion was forthcoming upon his abstractions until she felt him melting into her, flowing kinetically by nature, as auric bindings bound their heart and soul boldly and supremely, floating upon each other’s energy, subliminally delivering temporal sacred love notes, until they floated upon commitment and promise as she was his to shape and mold as his hands carved his mark upon her.

Reverencing him silently with wild but expressive thought patterns as he polarised their connectivity internally, she tasted his essence upon her lips, as he sealed his love with words that embraced her wholly, until he became the silent prayer that she hummed as his melody infused itself in the depths of her to soother her restlessness, and like a hymn he whispered softly, I am the southern lights to guide you home when your soul is shipwrecked upon shores unknown.
Written by shadow_starzzz
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Thought Provoker
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Black, white
Dark, light
In the end
Which is right

Young, old
bought and sold
This world leaves you
In the cold

Night or day
Curse or pray
It doesn't matter

Love or hate
Which is your fate
Create new life

Wound or mend
Receive or send
For this poem , it is the end

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