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Poetry Contest

Share romantic poems.
Romance: a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love; love, especially when sentimental or idealized.

Poems will get comments explaining good features as well as subjective areas of improvement. If you want comments, then put your poem webpage's full url link (or just the 6 digits that are within that url) at the bottom of your posts.

You are allowed to submit a poem that you've written before, even if I've commented on it or it's been in my previous romance contest.

You can submit 3 poems maximum. Don't edit your posts, after the contest has closed.

Please send me a private message with any questions.

Here's some inspiration from last competition:

Paul290288 said:Beneath your eyes a beauty lies
Behold its wonder in it I amaze myself
This wealth of depth of beauty felt yet I behold more still
It shivers down my spine
Could this be true love felt deep within my heart of hearts
Has luck struck me dumb beyond belief for its untold pleasure
It has to be true its beyond measure for its wonders grasp me to great new heights
And wonders most truest gift would be you by my side

RuNe said:Poetry Writing

My eyes wander on your face...

Whenever my day turns to darkness
Bringing me sunshine in your presence
The salve to heal my broken soul is
A written poetry you made for me

Looking at the laugh lines in your face
Itching to touch them with my lips
Followed by my tracing fingertips
My own poetry are written for you

Beard that tickles when you kiss
Playfully making me laughing and
Wishing to feel that passionate kiss
Together we write our own poetry

What I'd dream most in every night
To be sleeping inside your loving arms
Cuddle to the music we are making
Tangled in each other warm embrace

To hear your heartbeat next to mine
Music to this old girl's restless heart
A lullaby to silence the one monster
Playing chaotic havoc in my mind

Michael_Goodridge said:Love the way it should be

To be touched, to be grabbed, to be maneuvered through fantasies needed, but only known when the true concept of love faileth... To trust completely your heart to me to be loved worshiped as true love is, was, and should be, as children feeling this  for the first time each time, like putty, your mind molded to be subdued, let me serve you to do your bidding, as I tickle every fantasy you heart desires your body to feel, let me make love to you for all eternity...

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The Poet and His Muse

He looked at the sky with weary eyes,
And spoke to the constellations once again,
“Return her to me” he said with a defiant heart,
In a whisper which time and space transcends.

His voice carried through the galaxies,
And bewildered Gemini asked “is he talking to us?”
Looking for the one that was claiming her soul,
And then noticed a disheartened Taurus.
“She was almost given to me” the bull said,
“For it seemed her time to join us here,”
“But he’s claiming her return” the twins declared,
“And it seems that the fates are quite clear.”

And the poet offered his life instead,
As it seemed the he could not bear,
The pain that pursued his aching soul,
To lose his muse would be too much despair.

And the Universe returned her to him,
Distressed and wounded and scarred,
For the forbidden ascension left empty,
A light missing among the stars,
And that’s alright with him,
As he cradles her in his arms.

poet Anonymous

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My love, beautiful and perfected

leave your realm of light behind

follow your heart to me,

my dark soul calls to you

from across this vast expanse

reach out to me now.

In these depths, void of all light,

still my heart burns for you,

a deep longing permeates my soul

Your beauty, is an all consuming fire

reducing my will to ashes.

Come take my hand,

abandon your inhibitions,

I will lead you to another place

not of this universe

created for your own pleasure

my Otherworld, our sanctuary

Behold my love, a million stars.

constellations unknown

shed their light upon your perfection

my creation, a gift to you


Sands of perfect crystal

kiss a cerulean ocean of pure glass

for your eyes only to behold.

Come, let us drink together now

the wine of pure love,

let us become drunk on our passion,

let me hold you now, kiss your sweet lips

taste your warm breast.

For eternity I have longed for you

to caress your soft flesh

to breathe your essence

to become one with you

body and soul.

Take me my love,

on this crystal shore,

as the sun sets upon our love

our passion lights the night

and cracks the sky.

And when our love is spent

let me hold you

just for a while, a moment more

to look into your eyes

to remember this blessing

this forbidden love.

Before we return to our realms

separated by time and space

forever to remember

this place


poet Anonymous

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geoff cat
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(a sonnet)
As sun's last supplication ends the day,
Anointing Earth in pools of golden light.
Somewhere, unseen, musicians start to play,
A woman's voice takes up the song of Night.
With words that whisper love to famished hearts,
Like children's prayers from dinner tables' grace.
With notes that heal, the troubled soul departs,  
Like gentle Moon, harsh light of sun replace.
At Night's procession's final yellow glow,
Her music flows like tears from joyful eyes.
Within the melody new verses grow,
Let Earth begin the chorus and reprise.
The Moon and Night begin to sing along,
And grace this singer's po'm, her evensong.
Written by Hepcat61 (geoff cat)
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poet Anonymous

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Written years ago


my sanity a perpetual cycle, a sequence i`m caught within
as this waveform seems to dance, the vivid colours kiss my skin
as events take hold, beyond control, are beginning to unfold
now the world begins to slow, bathed with crimson and in gold

liquid shadows gently flowing, electric sparks, illumination
tasting each seductive whisper, each subtle motion, intoxication
i drink inside these images, darkly elegant in their design
the twisting forms are almost ethereal, they appear to be divine

the gentle flutter of this arpeggio, that skips inside my chest
calmly float beyond the border of this world i have transgressed
as perceptions of these new realities are in constant evolution
upon an axis that gains momentum, in a ceasless revolution

golden waves, wash over naked flesh, in timeless ebb and flow
with patterns traced by webs of light, leaves a delicate after-glow
entranced, by fragile brief creations, could be shattered with a word
the eddys lap, like alien whispers, of the like i`ve never heard

the flicker of every new sensation, meerly gives the briefest taste
my essence is nothing, but a slave, to passions i have embraced
now falling like a dying star, i can do nothing else but burn
these fires are quenched, in dark blue oceans, never wanting to return

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I close my eyes and I see extreme beauty
never thought i could be so mesmerise from one female
Real love, like real poetry, is extremely rare and precious as a pearl
thank you god for she's in my crazy world
i wish i could just excel
with one mind-blowing female name Yelena Sabel

my heart
you're the fire inside
Baby It's Cold Outside
come into my arms to keep you warm
from your one and only spanish guy

Fire of Insight
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The hunger for love

The hunger for love
is more difficult to remove
Everything is so clear when you're in love
You don't look up for God, something in the sky,
Yelena Sabel-- I Love you
The only one female i adore without knowing why
True love is rarely pure and never simple

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Capt'n of My Heart

My Dearest,      
The crippled shape      
of your words reached      
my atrium today, slightly      
squeezed before filling      
its chamber with content      
Metaphors of melancholy;      
a congregation of meaning  
lined at the stationary font    
of Holy-Watered Belief    
Such intricate calligraphy    
exposing delicate vulnerability    
so perplexingly genuine      
Repentance behooves me;    
patterns my own quill    
having etched various      
designs in sorrowful motif    
across personal existence    
We all, through experience    
sacrifice innocence      
upon an altar of misstep;    
Momentarily surrender      
balanced logic to mistakes      
we'd later regret    
These Life-altering Teachers      
of consequence puncture      
the landscape of History      
with the contrast of Dreams    
You beseech Forgiveness    
to ease the burning of Moments    
and summon Hope    
But I say yesterday is gone      
and what was never Lost      
needn't be found again      
What sin is so grave    
to warrant waving      
a Sun-Dusted wand of Grace      
before any Human presence      
I am neither Jury nor Judge      
over the blueprints of others      
except for those of myself      
On the contrary, I am You    
I am Her, Him and every One      
between who've thrown stones      
I have no power to bridge regret    
nor heal wounds except to move    
forward with Time's Love      
It's all I know    
The Absolution you seek      
waits Patiently within Yourself    
Whispers, "Come Home to Us"    
My Dearest      
Page 2      
You seem so good at leaving    
So adept at forming Goodbye    
from an alphabet Null and Void    
to my stationed vocabulary      
I always envisioned Love    
as the First Mate of my Heart    
weathering swells, repairing sails      
navigating obstacles    
You Jump I Jump    
No matter what      
Until our ocean found its shore;    
our bonfire its song    
our lips its rum      
Maybe I've been wrong      
All I've ever known of survival    
is being left behind      
to stay the course      
Abandoned at the Helm      
or Universally separated      
by unveiled dishonesty      
I don't know how to give up    
or why I still Believe in something      
that hasn't manifested itself    
in this long Life I've lived    
Perhaps I'm meant      
to pull anchor, turn starboard    
and sail straight into the Fire      
Who knows. . .maybe someone's      
on the other side      
having already been through      
Maybe it will be You    
perhaps that's where you've gone    
unable to bear watching Us burn      
And maybe You'll say      
with a smile on Your face;      
" What the Fuck    
took you so long? "
My Dearest      
Page 3    
I do not profess knowledge    
of that which I know not;    
all I can offer is a Spirit      
that won't surrender      
to the lack of Faith      
nor promise      
what isn't mine to give      
That even Lost at sea    
with little or no provision    
there is happiness      
The Future is her own Mistress    
elusive to any grasp    
and constantly summons at will    
We are powerless to her pull    
yet the method of arrival      
is of our individual choice      
We'll stumble, our bones breaking    
persist, rejoice, succumb      
to the disease of showerless days    
and detoxifying stench of rot    
on our skin    
Beg for fresh water      
Maybe we'll feel ashamed      
try to cover our naked imperfections  
exposing weakness in the hull    
Shame can become a deterrent    
refusing to reach for a buoy      
in shark infested waters      
Opting instead for ravenous jaws      
to scatter its sinew and blood      
across the current as fish food      
It can be an excuse overthrowing  
a weary Vessel in weakness;  
a Mutiny against Love;      
an unholy insurrection      
becoming the new      
Capt'n of Your Heart:      
a cold, unfeeling hollow      
of Living Death      
without the fullness      
of tears and Joy    
Or, it can be squelched;    
led Northbound into the rocks    
a failed shipwreck of debris    
While You cleverly double-back    
South for the open horizon      
of possibility      
Like the True Pirate You are  
and Capt'n of My Heart      
All My Love    
Written by Ahavati
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Everything About Mary

Not something;

Months of watching    
you have passed  
Your tough exterior    
juicy rare, deep pink with blood    
inside a vague mixture of musk  
with fragranced Life  
It's Tuesday; you're wearing    
that plaid skirt --  
its side buckle barely    
holding the flaps together  
Your toned thighs Ivory    
Towers in the Sun    
solid gateways to  
your Altar of Offering  
Aphrodite's drum beat  
graceful movement  
regal rite of passage    
between my lips;  
my tongue evoking  
moisture from dryness  
migrating to the constricted    
tuft of your anus    
A curmudgeonly aura  
your escort, a take-no-shit    
mahogany headdress    
marching in perfect step    
to the bubbled outline  
of your ass batting fabric  
just enough to glimpse    
the white cotton flag of surrender  
beneath the pleats  
Your crisp shirt pristine    
debutante white from lack of fondling    
I glance at my ungloved hands  
for cleanliness  
They're dirty with thought;  
your buttocks cupped  
tightly compressing  
you against me    
But not for sex, Oh. . .no;  
to hold your lips inches    
from my own lingering in respect  
of your Sacrosanct Breath    
Outward things we notice  
passing are dusted with Time;  
dormant desires stirred by movement  
our attention, captured by Faith  
for what lies beneath the superficial    
It's what I've seen beyond your nipples  
protruding in a downpour with no shelter;  
what I know past the orgasm    
crashing across my tongue;  
high tide breakers of salt    
washing ashore    
that bind me to you.    
Moist morning dew, pooling  
in the small of your dimpled back  
and evaporating delta    
Oh, My Mary  
It's the Monday you stopped    
gave your lunch to a homeless  
person in the park    
It's the Wednesday you held a dog    
parched from 90 degree heat    
up to the water fountain for relief  
It's the Thursday you bought  
ice cream for an impoverished family  
because they had none  
It's the Friday you gave    
all the cash in your wallet    
and your umbrella  
to a street musician    
playing for his next meal in the rain  
It's the Saturday you adopted    
an orange-buttoned tabby    
abandoned in the trash bin    
But, mostly it's the Sunday, Mary    
that Sunday you sat by yourself  
early in the morning  
your loneliness descending stars  
obscuring the galaxy of your wishes  
Wishes for more than fingers    
to squeeze or teeth to bite  
or hands to part your swollen lips  
for a penetrating strap-on  
to desecrate the sacred channel    
of your ass    
Wishing for more than fantasy    
to explode around you  
layers of tongue'd clit being eaten  
licked sucked fingered fucked    
for seconds of release  
Only to open your eyes to emptiness    
from the illusion of happiness  
Only to open your eyes alone    
sheets tangled around the clock  
bodies dressed and gone    
The aromas of sex permeating  
thick in the absence of Love  
My Mary, how you give what    
you desire in hope it returns    
manifesting your nights  
with the anointing of Tantric    
Your Yoni, Source of Creation    
massaged in increments    
measures of comfort across the satin  
pillows on which you recline    
Unsheathed candles stabbing the darkness  
from around you with daggers of light  
defending your right to shine    
illuminating a mill pond of ripples  
curling as smoke around your pupils    
Your arms above your head in surrender  
stilled lips echoing "Please" . . .    
But I won't take you, Mary  
not our first night. . .  
Our first night will be wine to ruby    
your lips, chocolate sliding    
from tongues down our throat  
fire of bathwater and ice between my teeth  
to awaken the dormancy of complacency  
To shake the foundation    
of the Ordinary Life you've settled for  
out of disbelief and lack of Hope  
for a Truth you've yearned  
in your Heart of Hearts    
would come to pass  
but never did  
You'll fall asleep against my breasts  
having laughed all your laughter  
and cried all your tears  
from the threshing floor  
fulfilled, satisfied, and Loved    
without having been penetrated once  
Because, My Mary, it's not your  
outward beauty that will enable me    
to climb the fortress walls    
and capture the Kingdom of your Heart    
Forever as Best Friend and Lover  
Protector and supporter    
But everything about you, Mary  
Months of watching    
have passed    
It's Tuesday; you're wearing    
that plaid skirt --  
It's time I introduced myself.    
Written by TwoSpirit (Adsila)
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Starving demons
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Related submission no longer exists.

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Lessons in Lectures of love….


You weave wondrous webs with words
Practise percolate perfect & perform  
You spin sexy synonyms secretly seducing sanctions
Litigate lustful liaisons languidly

You school this student serendipitously
Tormenting teasing tantalising
You acquire avant garde aptitude
Cautiously coaxing committed candour

You reward religiously rightfully
Manifesting in momentarily madness & mayhem
You devise in detailed determination
Her orgasm in opaque oblivion
Written by feenixfiles
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geoff cat
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Blade edged black obsidian,    
Flares glinting in its gamuts.    
Cut away the heart its weight.    
Hard rock, moguled, faceting.  
Shining shows our frailest thoughts.    
Dreams, the stuff our pain becomes.    
Brightest Star, you restless move.    
Touch your fire's eternal spark,    
Clutch I might feel your pulsing.      
Like Mab, dispense your subtle rest,      
Extract me with inclined pursuit,    
And wanton lay me home.    
Written by Hepcat61 (geoff cat)
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