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anonymouslyhere (Pariah Shadow)
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Sun Rise or Sun Set

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Poetry Contest

Which one are you
Do you rise with brightness or do you retire with the darkness, or vice versa....
Pick one and explain why
2 weeks
not too long
no collabs
need a MOD to make 18 and over

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mysteriouslady said:
need a MOD to make 18 and over

All set 😊

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State of Mind

I rise before the clock tries to wake me up,
With brightening lightning speed I get dressed,
Put on my sneakers and go for a run,
And watch the sun come up over the mountains.

With every beat of the drum in my ear,
I can hear my breath syncopating,
Imitating the rhythm and step in my stride,
As my heart tries to keep up with the music.

I almost feel unbeatable, it quite unbelievable,
When those mornings I get that runners high,
Watching the rays of sun light, warming my face,
In a lonely race I try to improve every time.

And by the eighth mile I smile, itíll be a good day,
Every muscle in my body is relaxed, Iím on track,
The older I get the better my state of mind becomes,
The sun welcomes me, inviting me to have a brighter day.

ÖNow that Iíve mentally prepared myself,
I can finally get out of bed, and go for a run.

Lord Viddax
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Rage against the dyling of the light

The Sun may set
but my ire rises
as I rage against the dying of the light.
The Sun sets,
but I rise.
Only after the day is done
when normal people sleep
resting after a honest
or dishonest  
days work,
is when my mind grinds into gear.
The tectonic plates
with iceberg ponderousness
finally align to make me mortal.
Darkness descends
but my mind rises,
free from distractions
painting mental pictures in the dark.
Dreams and desires
spouting forth their visions
in screaming impotent defiance
to a day unseized
and the coming emptiness.
I fall asleep in desperation
as the Sun rises
and the confounded cycle begins again;
to when Ra sets and it all resets.

Tyrant of Words
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Thanks ML. Wally....this was awesome thanks for the kick off. <3

Tyrant of Words
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Viddax, excellent entry, my friend!  Just what i was looking for in my comp <3

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My Sunset

Sparkles of sunlight through the gauzy curtain
The bright evening sun in its dying splendour
Creeps ever so slowly to drown
In the ocean with intense adour
Here on this bed I lay,
watching the pretty nature play
Entertaining me in its little way
As I recline in dolorous decay

My face pale, my eyes deep
Are no more as pretty as before
Nor infernally appealing
They do not beg for a fix
Nor fallen angel's lurid desire
Not yet the exquisite feeling
Of needed love, of penetration
be it needle, or an erection
I need a termination

I am so tired, so exhausted
I wish I could just go, †sleep
the eternal slumber, so deep
that I may never again creep
In an existence so meaningless
to everyone including me
I am nothing, I am less
than the lint in a clown's dress
Or the moisture of a monkey's spit

Oh yes, but I once loved
and was loved in return
I basked in the adulation
of all my men and women friend
I recieved pleasure on every
end, was touched through all
my bodily orifice
I knew, I took, I gave, I wallow
In pleasure pricked and pricked and more

I was John, I was Joan, I was Johan
I was man, I was woman, I was everyone
Pleasure and desire, wants and needs
I took them all, I drank ate inhaled
Until the day I fell, pretty boy
My wings furled could not unfurl
I fell on the ground, broken
shadows of what was around me
Reflections of beauty gone

And thus, I embarked on the journey
that led me to this lonely bed
facing the last sun rays of a blazing orb
Setting in the horizon, the ocean
I was blazing in my beauty once
I made love to prince and prncesses
Was loved by mighty men
and mightier women
But here now I lay

Lovers gone and lovers fade
You who touched me once with your love
You who held me once and professed
togetherness for ever to the end
You shun me now, †the ugly AIDs
sufferer, a pariah, outcast, society's ghost
Thread softly now my lovelies,
for my path to this bed
may well be yours someday
Written by Grace (IDryad)
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Tyrant of Words
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Grace, Im speechless. That was beautiful! <3 thank you deeply!

Tyrant of Words
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Pariah Shadow
Dangerous Mind
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Creature of Nocturnal Existence

I fade into the darkness
It swallows me whole
I sit with stars
As the light fades
The moon illuminates
My emotions awake

While most repose
I play with shadows
In the shade of night
With only the moonlight
I, the pariah am nocturnal
I play in the peaceful eternal

Dreams escape in the dark
Soon, soon the sun arise
I watch my dark skies go
I must now close my eyes.

Dangerous Mind
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a sun and a flower

† †
† †
† †
† †
† †
the dawn flirts
through the green shrubs  
over the new petals  
languishing in blush  
† †
and she searched for him  
till she met his gaze  
shining brightly  
through the clouds  

she turned her head towards him  
flaunting her gorgeousness
to the butterflies
and the bees  
† †
† †
Written by dejure (vick)
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anonymously and dejure, these are fabulous! Thank you for your indulgences. <3

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Curtain Call

I was born a sunset, swallowed whole
blinking gold and dripped into darkest known oceans.
Rose, as a long stem supporting bloom,
I've known no other color, the wishing tides

Rare reds strike through the open blue
as fragrant dreams waft, gild passing clouds.
They are every imaginative scene, waiting to be.

As I stare, my eyes blind and mouth agape,
they silhouette, turning black and back towards my
sole and constant shadow.
Were I the sunrise, that single solitary star, hope would know my name.
Not given away, swallowed by the hour of energy rendered useless.

The solar storms flare, their last spark along the horizon line,
pleas of vibrancy and warmth.

poet Anonymous

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