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OxyMoronicMe (G.L.)
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Fire of Insight
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Poetry Contest

Write a poem about horror mix with erotic sex
Sex and horror have always been inseparable for me. Whether or not this is a healthy attitude is for others to decide, but all of my life I have actively sought out horror films that either overtly tackle sexual themes or use sex exploitatively to grab my attention

Anything goes

Good luck

Horror Erotic  poetry

Tyrant of Words
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Cursed Dream

She told me to give her my soul and I’d indulge
In all the pleasures I could ever fathom
So I surrendered all will and control
Then she pushed me into the chasm…

In the catacombs of writhing naked bodies
Taut yet decrepit by time and misery
The stench of lust and decay aroused us
Merged with a rapture that was new to me

Maledictus, the faceless voices whispered
Echoing through the caverns of my mind
Maledictus, they repeated over and over again
Sending shivers up and down my spine

And the sounds of anguish, wails and moans
I could not distinguish from bliss or agony
The harmony of hissing kissing rotting flesh
Filled my senses with sour, bitter fervency

I trembled with terror and excitement
Just like the others who surrounded me
Shaking in delight and fright in a trance
As they danced a ritual of perpetual ecstasy

(Maledictus) I felt my insides set on fire
By an unknown sensation that caused a stir
As my fading and dreadful desire seemed to be
Invoking emotions when I spotted her

She was in a tattered crimson corset full of maggots
As I could feel a strange but familiar passion pulse
Then the unhallowed orgy around me unraveled
(Maledictus) She beckoned me to act on impulse

I walked toward her immediately without delay
Obedient to her call like a subservient slave
Expectant of the love she would bestow on me
Or the wrath of a goddess in her temple cave

Her touch felt as cold as ice and burning needles
Her eyes gazed into my spirit like a plague or flood
As she gave me a wicked smile, fangs and all
“Servus, meus es tu” she spurted out with blood

I kissed and drank from her lips and sores
Her tongue slithered down my throat
Her long sharp incisors dug deep into me
Clawing with precise incisions as I choked

I felt the sweet syrupy metallic taste
Her delectable hemorrhage in my tongue
I found it suffocating and intoxicating
As if breathing life into my infested lungs

Our lips parted like quivering ulcers
And she caressed me with arachnid fingers
Implanting herself in my memory
That the crawling on my skin still lingers

In the midst of the wicked debauchery
She seemed to take contentment in it all
As her parasites devoured one another
Like beasts feasting maniacally at a ball

(Maledictus) I felt a tingle and fell to my knees
And she looked down at me with wide eyes
Protruding then sliding out from their sockets
As all her beauty came to an abrupt demise

She kept her composure but cold demeanor
And all she did was give me a sinister smile
But I was the one who felt like a derelict
As the worms now spewed from her vile

She walked away in that tattered crimson corset
As I watched wither through the veil of my sty
She submerged herself into a pool of black tar
Without another word or saying goodbye

Tyrant of Words
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Getting Head

Sex is just fucking boring
It was beginning to feel like snoring
I’d seen it all
Done it all
Had a ball
And now fuck all
Would make me crawl
Erect and ready to trawl
The internet for something new
Straight sex was for the birds
Anal was just a pain in the ass
I could no longer face a 69
Golden showers left me cold and wet
S & M – I’d rather whip up an omelette
Torture had become torturous
Bestiality didn’t bring out the animal in me anymore
Necrophilia was just dead boring
Then I watched the Exorcist 111
It came to me in a flash
I immediately got the horn again
Made my internet purchase
And hatched my plan

Her name was Lola
She was a show girl
She was my random pick
We were going to have a night of sex
Like no other – unforgettable
For me at least
She walked seductively into my bedroom
She was easier than most
Clothes off and ready for action
She let me tie her hands to the bed
(Always a mistake on a first date)
She tasted sweet
Her lips tasted sweet
Her breasts tasted sweet
Between her legs tasted sweet
Her ass tasted sweet
I was beginning  to think she was diabetic

It was hot and sweaty
A sultry period of straight foreplay
Puffing and panting
Became humping and heaving
You can touch me
Became fuck me hard
I slipped my length inside her
And slowly began to fuck
Getting harder I brought her
To almost climax
Suddenly I stopped
“Oh god! Please don’t stop”
I reached under the bed
I whipped out my extra large
Surgical shears
I sprung them open
Then clamped them on her throat
There was some blood
A surface wound

Her face had changed
I said “you were saying”
She started to tremble
“Please don’t” she whimpered
“You want to make your fuckin mind up,
A second ago it was please don’t stop”
I gripped both the handles
And started riding her slowly
Then harder, then harder
Despite her predicament
She moaned like a cheap whore
Timing would be crucial
Seconds before I came
I released the guard
And came cutting off her head
Despite the sever she moaned
I came like thunder
Her eyes still twitching
I knew in my mind
I would have to do it again
And hoped boredom would not follow me

Dangerous Mind
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Angels kiss
Devils bite
So which
Do you
Want to
Tuck you-in

Dangerous Mind
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House-warming Gift


Truth or Dare...?.........?...................?

   creepy morose voice
echoed as he was
drawn back
from his fellow winged heroes
in  the lands without gravity.

"Did I just woke up to a dream?"

   does nightmares exist?
because he was never scared in his dreams
but this sudden damned feeling constricted his veins.
that noise
or is it a voice

"What is this feeling?"

   that blistering voice again.
his stare gazed into the windowpane
he's certain
he saw something
a cold thread pulled through his spine
as a nail draw a line in the window glass

"What the fuck was that?"

   a face sneaked out with a smile
she came passing the window
like a smoke


    his voice is gone
torpid arms
numb legs
frozen gaze

only heart's beating...



   it sounded like
the whole room spoke

   giggles, laughs, orgasm breaths,
echoing randomly

TRUTH?   ......    NO?!
DARE? !.........? ....?..?


his head is nodding


   she disappeared
into the sheets
slowly crawled
revealing her face
connecting to his gaze

   she is in flesh
amber grain pattern
on her pale skin
vermilion hair

   she moaned
she rode
he is mute

   in their climax
she disappeared
in a flashy smoke

crickets to

"Oh my GaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaD!"

   that's his
house warming

   he stared
at the scratch mark
left in the

"Best Halloween of my life"

he stayed

Written by dejure (vick)
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Dangerous Mind
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Related submission no longer exists.

Dangerous Mind
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Mistress of Puppets


pinned me hate
Injected me

no more!

why do you
envy my pure heart?

seduction is
the catalyst
of your force

for an aeon
you had me in your palm
doing the death dance
representing you
on your behalf

voodooed my soul
 to your fingers
manipulating my mind
to do your wishes

mistress of the puppets
that is who  you are
the witch of the dark lands
death trembled at your presence
darkness bled to your glare
you love the blood
you love the red

why you look so beautiful to me
why I only see your kindness

you infected me a craving
with a fake satisfaction

I killed for you
I bled for you
I cried for you

I begged for you
to release me
again you will put your spell on me

that nervous look
on your sharp eyes
your pale face
looking down
that gaze
I’m lost

you slowly
lift your face
only revealing
your eyes

but I know you are smiling...

you are standing
leaned back to the altar
you bend your left knee
the red velvet slides
to the side
revealing the pale skin
of your thigh

I grab my hilt
widening my smile

"I will be back
my sweet princess
with heads of your

from the lands
before the dawn


Written by dejure (vick)
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Tyrant of Words
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Feel me again when you return
To this room we call our own
As I taste you again when I can
in our love-lust nest, our dark domain;
Remember the love we shared
Think of our bodies as one
Remember the promises you made
We are lovers from day one

Your soul is here within this room
Trapped by a lover's boon
Tied by the promises of a groom
Who nevertheless left too soon
Your careless exploration of a woman
Who is not yours to love
Is your own undoing
forced you to hold on to your vows

Remember the sharp thin knife
that cut your proud erection
the blood that spurts from the cut
Like extremely bright ejaculations
Remember the crossed incisions
that freed your testicles
from their snug confines
They look like teary eye balls

Remember the way you scream
as you felt the blood drain
out of the cut on your front
How you slowly realised
That you are tied securely on the bed
Good sex and a little sleepy dust
Can make you doze and then awake
To a full blown lust

I lay at the couch in front of you
Used my vibrator to make you see
How I loved my pleasure too
while you struggle with your heart
so untrue and unfaithful
that has now an irregular beat
Running out of red fuel
drained through your gaping front

You do haunt me every night
sighing your songs of contrition
soughing through my goosebumed body
I swear I can feel your tongue
on all my pleasure orifice
As I urged you on with my vibrating tool
To pleasure me until I am full
Until I wish again to partake of you

My trip to the butcher has been postponed
I have plenty for stew and enough battery

Written by Grace (Idryad)
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Dangerous Mind
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The WereGirl

She's a she wolf on the prowl,
Hear her howl,
Watch out or she'll chew you up,
She's the WereGirl that comes out at night you better run for your life.
She may be lovely, but she surely is deadly.
Hair black as night as it curls down to her back,
Eyes that don't lack focus as they are bright and penetrating whenever they are staring at her victims,
Lips soft and full that look like Cupid's bow ,but with teeth that are sharp and help eat you whole.
Her nails are long as she likes to deepen them in a man's back whenever he gives it to her then attacks him, by the time he's came to his happy ending.
She's a she wolf on the prowl,
Hear her howl,
Watch out or she'll chew you up,
She's the WereGirl that comes out at night you better run for your life.
It's her sadistic joy to first pleasure her victims, give them their every desire and burn them in a fire of passion then taking their soul and running to the next.
A body like an hour glass,
Her back curved with her bottom pointed upward,
her looks fool any stupid victim dumb enough to come her way.
She likes to have her way with her prey before they die;
By day she's so simple and walks around like she's normal, but by night it's as if she turns into a nymphomanic, sadistcial, criminal that reveal it's true skin whenever the the moon is full.
She has no heart,
She won't stop until she had you in her sights so stay away from those eyes,
Keep your hands away from her thighs, don't believe her lies she's only a seductive nymph.
She's on the prowl,
Hear her howl,
Watch out or she'll chew you up,
She's the WereGirl that comes out at night you better run for your life.
Run, run, run away
You better get away or you'll be her next prey.
She's on the prowl,
Hear her howl,
Watch out or she'll chew you up,
She's the WereGirl that comes out at night you better run for your life.
Written by MsRockyJackson
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Tyrant of Words
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A fly shared his genetic code
Mixed in transmission
Another screw up in the lab
Yet the insect traits are slow to come
A prelude to power
A newfound agility and grace
And a superhuman fuck according to Giselle
She doesn't mind the coarsened hair
The mandibles along his mouth
And five eyes just filled with love

His wings blur as he approaches
His cock still human after all
It's familiar girth and length
Rigid as they come
Giselle is more than satisfied
Finding charm where others pale
Well worth a bowl of honey
Well worth a kiss on his bristly brow

Jennifer Michael McCurry
Tyrant of Words
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Oh babygirl are special....
I will take much time with you
Savour every lick and nibble of your delicate peach flesh
Lick my lips off your esse
It oozes from you and runs warm scarlett adamantine honey over my lip
Look into my eyes dove
Stare deep into my black
In my eyes you find the corners and alleyways of the terrordome
Everything and nothingness swirl into maddening twist
My eyes will not blink as those sweet nothing sounds you send out in piercing desperation
Echo out into my midnight realm
In efforts to impale my lunatic hunger for your flavour with humanity's dagger
I am the desert of soul
Your screams wander my awareness
Like a thirsty madman
I feel your heat and grow by lust and in savagery
So scream Baby girl ....
Pain makes my pussy wet
Feel my slice until i cum moaning your end

Dangerous Mind
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In the windowless basement,
No sound would escape it.
Don't worry!
Make her scream in terror,
Let her wail in pain!
No one would hear her pleas for survival...
No one would ever care!

Three hours of torture and excruciation,
Strip her, unnerve her!
Gag her, clamp her!
Electrocute her with her feet...
Submerged on a basin of water!
Pull out her nails...
One by one with a plier!

Whip her back and mark her!
Bind her to the Rack,
Dislocate her bones from its sockets!
Slice her tits with a katana,
Burn her clit with cigarette!
Violate her rectum,
With a nine inch choke pear!

Fuck her only after then;
Deposit all of the would be children...
In a womb that'd soon whither!
Slowly drain the life out of her...
With hands incased in a pair of leather gloves;
Besotted with her blood,
Stained with her tears, sweat and urine!

When dawn comes,
And before the sun is up…
Lay her on the earth,
Where daisies bloom…
And Ma awaits underground.
They belong together,
Along with all the others like them!

Dangerous Mind
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a terrotica story...

do you read the tears  
running down her cheeks  
do you hear the spasms  
in her rose shivering lips  
do you feel that fear
in the hugged knees  
do you smell the blood  
soaking her books  
do you see her?  
Written by dejure (vick)
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Zebra Black
Thought Provoker
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The Sadist and Ophelia

ill take you slow
over the long night
it could be our own party
of tender kisses and blood letting
your coos and soft whispers
a cut
oh daddy
another mmmm
kisses that drool tears
your panties soaked through
do you have any idea how sweet that is for me
its the perfect wordless compliment to a man
like when i cum
deep in your sweet pussy
or looking into your fire eyes
your mouth
blood on white teeth pearls
loves trove
how could it ever end
sweet languishing
bloodalicious tongue
coos and oos and tender cries
as i undo you by sweet darling
your belly and tits blood soaked
for kisses and licks sake
turbulent mouths
as it drizzles and pools at your pretty feet
after devils play
i cinch you up with soft gauze
your sexy death skirt
red splotch print
my cock down your throat
a bloated jelly lozenge
you look up so bright
knowing the coup de grah is coming
your in the mood you said
i grab the shank of your hair firmly
and slit your neck wide and deep
you blink and shudder
as your smile morphs
to exquisite horror
a baffled grimace
o sweet surprise face
an eye floating in mud
then darting wild
skull sockets like melting moons
a gash, like twisted metal
your new world
in ten seconds, a dim smudge
a ghastly pleasure
sets my soul feral
disavowing lifes clatter
you feel  a dark caress
but whos
dissolutions embrace
oh fuck witch
terrors grace
to fall through
the big black hole
as i flood you
with cocks white rushing panic
butter butter butter
and watch you squirt rhythmically
the last quart of blood you've got
your arteries
empty tunnels
your mouth plush red
hysterical mutterings
only gasps
bewilderment dissipation
till you slump
a ruined creel
your cunt and anus
a stained camellia
your womb silky kisses steadfast
caressing cock till dark
your sworn promise kept
black candles flicker
until last light
i would whisper
my beloved
and cu cu cu cu cummmmm
only a few beats to go now
you widen your haunches
and make ready
for last vulva's wave
last thump
blood pulse
your surrender
gasum tsunami
then deaths rattle
next, pyres and fires
like a small house
a blazing ruin
collapsing in on itself
popping cherry red embers
smoke and ash
my beloved a memory
held forever
tears tears tears
Written by zebrablack (Zebra Black)
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Zebra Black
Thought Provoker
United States
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Sadomasochistic Poetry: Temple of Humiliation and Murder

a poem of degradation and devotion  
My darling child  
you have come to the right place  
your salvation is at hand  
please lower your face  
are you good  
we soon shall see  
take off your shoes  
and drink this tea  
you say it taste bad  
how fucked up and sad  
now kiss my dick  
and learn to lick  
spread your cheeks  
now bend down low  
a spike in the ass  
for your solar phallic hero  
your path will be hard  
learn the meaning of mass  
prostrate your self  
and poof out your ass  
now show your devotion  
and drink broken glass  
i ll make you a cocktail  
it may give you gas  
blood from your mouth  
its nothing im sure  
keep chewing it up  
so you wont be a whore  
oh baby girl  
your doing so good .  
now swallow some razors  
just like you should  
you say they hurt  
and you cant stand the pain  
well aren't you lucky  
spit up in the drain  
o my god  
how pretty and red  
your saliva tells me  
you'll soon be dead  
but not so fast  
my little snot  
lets tie you to the radiator  
and make it real hot  
oh what a thrill  
to prove your devotion  
for the god on the hill  
you want a drill  
pretty little holes  
your are religious  
good girl  
isn't god delicious  
now a needle  
threw one of your eyes  
you say its hell  
so say your good byes  
we electrify your nipples  
put your head in a vice  
tighten it down  
till you cry twice  
burn your nipples  
til you bleed  
there pretty fried  
just what you need  
take furniture tacks  
and nail your skull  
i think your finding god  
do you believe in full  
just dance on some nails  
what pretty bleeding feet  
lets put on some rumbas  
point your toes to the beat  
now god is not a bastard  
so drink battery acid  
drink it all down  
and don't you dare frown  
ooo look at you swell  
making faces like hell  
smile you bitch  
and don't you dare twitch  
do you understand  
that we are helping you  
find the lord god  
please perform seppuku  
hope your cunt is wet  
please show us your ass  
take an injection  
its now got infection  
now one for the tits  
you sweet little bitch  
it will hurt so bad  
tare them to bits  
this goes on in the temple  
day after day  
your proving your devotion  
what a sweet lay  
as you lose you toes  
you take a pose  
swollen and broken  
we brake you nose  
your tits swell  
like flowers from hell  
your anus balloons  
like the ass of baboons  
your intestines fall out  
your butts a blight  
your fucking mess  
a hideous sight  
your a real bloody fuck  
god loves you a lot  
drink some spurge  
and watch you rot  
the priest of your temple  
has no remorse  
pulls out his big cock  
jerks off on your corpse  
god loves the masochist  
my cock is your sun  
you proven yourself  
we've sure had our fun :)  
Written by zebrablack (Zebra Black)
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