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OxyMoronicMe (G.L.)
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Yin and Yang

Lost Thinker
United States
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Poetry Contest

This competition has to be about the yin (light) and the Yang (dark). No cusing please. Less than 30 lines. If you win i willl not only give you a trophy you will give me the next topic for my poem. Good luck
1st place gets trophy and tells me what poem to do next

Dangerous Mind
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I'm infecting her pure soul  
with my dark desires  
as she pierced my evilness  
to leak into the shadows  
my heart weep to the thought  
of she changing in to me  
her seed growing in my heart  
encouraged my soul to be strong  
when she surprise me  
with silly devilish acts  
my wicked darkness screamed  
with joy mocking my heart  
and I see her eyes sparkled  
when she see me with white capes  
she want to light up my darkness  
so my soul slowly exhale the dark  
she slowly inhale the dark for me  
as our love grew sacramentally

Dangerous Mind
Philippines 24awards
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Two consciousnesses in a game of tag    
Both standing their hard grounds    
Pulling each other to faint, fighting for dominance    
Battling each other's will.    
It's my time now, get out of my way!  
No! I'm done letting you steal my life away.    
Your life is mine, as mine is yours    
But soon, yours will be mine as it should.  

You can never be me, stop your delusions    
What you are is just a figment of my imagination.    
What a fool you are thinking like that    
I have the memories, you have the lies.  

Memories better forgotten than remembered    
Memories that horrible shouldn't be a reminder  
That memories constitute who you were and still are    
How dare you forget! How dare you erase!  

It's mine to do with, not yours to play with    
It's mine to slash not yours to bask    
You can't live without, you can't change who you are    
Forgetting, will that make you any less of a sinner
No! It's not my doing.    
I did not want it, I do not like it.    
Whose carnal desire was aroused    
By the violence before his eyes?  

Not mine!    
Whose hand was it who suffocated, to silence the baby's cry?  
No, it couldn't have been mine?    
Deny all you want, but why am I still here?  
Written by OxyMoronicMe (G.L.)
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poet Anonymous

You Can Keep Balance In The Universe If You Know When To Cuss

Just so you know--I have an issue with cussing--
it's the yang side of my personality.
I have been trying to stop using bad language for several years now;
but, sometimes the urge to use four letter words just overtakes me
& I lose control of the words that leak from my foul mouth.
If you really think about it,
cuss words can be useful tools if you use them at the right time & in the right context & around the right people...
They work well in biker brawls & in barroom fights.
They work when you hit your finger with a hammer.
They work when you run a red light and get pulled over by the traffic police
---just don't let the officers hear you use them,
they will bust your behind* & write you up a citation (*see, I didn't use the A-word).
Remember this universal fact, cuss words don't work with real ladies.
That's when the Yin of my personality comes out.
I truly believe females are God's gift to us menfolk.
Even the mean ones don't deserve to hear cuss words.
Just let them blow off their steam & them tell them
how much you love them.
That's how you keep balance in the Universe.

Althaia Alkmene
Strange Creature
United States
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Black Heart - White Soul

black hearts
and white souls
complimentary components
just to feel

dark thoughts
and pure intentions

two halves
of something

or is there more?
Written by althaiasxwriting (Althaia Alkmene)
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Lost Thinker
United States
Joined 12th May 2017
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Hysteria I like it but it has to be 30 lines or less..

Tyrant of Words
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Lord Viddax
Guardian of Shadows
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Taking the Yin with the Yang

Taking the Yin with the Yang
as it is all part of the experience
the good times with the bad
the dark with the light
to make a fully rounded life
Sometimes the going may be good
or everything is going to hell in a handbasket,
yet things find a way
to bring balance
through fate or force
so that there is always hope for
a light in the darkest hour
or daggers behind the smiles.
The wheel turns
and the wise roll with it
whether it is under a bright moon
or under an eclipsed sun.
It is a game of two halves
and the best path
is that of the Taijitu;
unity and clarity through duality,
ever-flowing ever-growing
taking the Yin with the Yang.

Yin is the 'dark', Yang is the 'light'.

Dangerous Mind
Philippines 24awards
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will reformat. sorry I missed that 30 line limit.
There... Twenty-eight lines in total. Hope that will do.

Lost Thinker
United States
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that's fine great job on the poem though

poet Anonymous

Twisted Dreamer
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Yin Yang <pipe><pipe> Wu Wei

What do children know of balance?
Balance hard, sexy easy
Balance shaky
Let's get queezey
Drugs and rocks and little ladies
Run amok and have your babies
"I'm a Republican"

The balance forces us to walk
Along the lines of Sandy chalk
You wonder why it's called "blurred lines"
The line is Dao
The feeble, blind

Seek that truth, and you will find
Mother nature's secret mind
To love and peace--the joyful kind
And all the other things divine.

Lo the balance shows The All
Sinful pleasures help you FALL

So long as fear is in your mind.

Ask for courage, you'll receive
Guides who will never leave.
Your drink will sour
Your mind will bend
You'll see the hour
Or see your end.
Written by KublaiSwan
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States 154awards
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Signing in Korean

Signing in Korean as rain falls
in another land, and within my mind.

A robe of cranes wraps around my
willow's body, following my every move.

I gaze through my fingers as they weave
and separate the rain turned to ice

with hands that flit and beat silently
on a petrified drum

through constantly shifting clouds
from which snow will soon drift

with the flight of cranes
into another land, signing in Korean.

Dangerous Mind
United States 77awards
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Confessions of an Angelic Antonym

Without darkness there would be no light
Without evil there would be no right

Without fear of damnation
There could be no salvation

I am the baseline from which you should aspire
I am the standard made in Hell’s Fire

But before you condemn me, take care
There are things about me God and I share

Though we are diametric opposites
God and I are spiritual compliments

Together we bring balance to the universe
Without either of us there would be Kayos

Combined we are the essence
Of what is human consciousness

This is why I exist
And why I consider myself

Twisted Dreamer
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Ying/Yang (Snakes in paradise)

My paradise guarded, the ying still a virgin
My garden, my heart is held safely within
The walls will not fall, no chaos won't win
The yang gives a bang but the walls don't give in
My spirit inside these, of whiteness and pure
To withstand a tyranny, hardship and war
My walls of cement with an iron beam rib cage
Shall no evil enter when I am deemed this safe
A curse is bestowed unto me when I sleep
My impenetrable fortress has proved to be weak
A snake in the grass comes to wrestle my neck
And sink teeth and ink while I nestle in bed
The white tainted black
My life is attacked
My order's protection is somewhat a lack
To seal off the source: to use evil and sword
To be chaos for order and lay down the law
I am white in the black, I am black in the white
The things I must do to survive through the night
Written by Benzy_420 (BTheW)
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