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Alphabet Soup

poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

Write a poem Where the first letter in every line uses the entire alphabet starting from A - B....
July 3rd will be the closing date,.two poems per poet.

Any style poetry  is cool in the gang and reversals are allowed ( Z - A ) for the adventurous

Here is an example.....

A Fairy's Festival (Alphabet)

A rare fairy song
Brings forth the dragonflies dance,
Captivating the pixies hearts
Dissipating their impish frowns.
Elves sitting in the forest court with
Flowers smiling at their feet,
Gnomes playing their instruments where
Hobbits break bread and tell tales of old.
Insights from the seers tell of future's bold
Jasmine wine for the elders, deep in thought.
Kings would weep at the sight of a festival where
Lotus flowers decorate the table of feast
Maple trees shade the sun from the east.
North of the vale, natures children
Open their sonnet for the world
Pixies swing and sway as their
Quartz earrings sparkle like tiny suns
Reflecting the love of mother nature.
Soon, as dusk falls the fireflies take flight
Tapering the wondrous horn of the
Unicorns, enchanting and majestic.
Veiled in the backgrounds dark,
Warlocks smile as their hearts warm
Xeric woods crackle and pop as flames of
Yellow and orange, dance to the beat
Zebus graze in peace.

Good luck guys break a leg!!

poet Anonymous

healing wave

Zealously, she's guarding new emotion
Yet cradled gently in open palms.
Xanthic embers of her being
Warming chambers no longer vacant,
Vagrant emotions find a home
Under a fiercely burning sun.
Trying wings so far untested
Sweeping across a windswept sky,
Racing an approaching night.
Quivering echoes of pain slowly fading,
Prismatic hopes breathe and expand
Overwhelming a stirring core.
Nomadic raging fires are
Melting recently frozen veins as
Labyrinthine channels are flooded,
Knowledge filling her hungry soul .
Just before its evaporation
Inward motion holds love close,
Healing a long dormant hollow
Gaunt with neglect and familiar sorrow.
Finally she's finding peace.
Every hope and dream remembered
Dropping through her waking mind,
Caught in intricate silken webs
Bound between her trembling fingers
Above a rapidly beating heart.

poet Anonymous

Killing the Game FTA!

Dangerous Mind
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A universal dream
Buried inside a third world mind
Captioning the imagery with a
Delusion of leadership and protection,
Emphasised to rule over the
Free world.
In front of your eyes but a
Jester steals the show.
"Kill or be killed?" NO!!!
"Love to be loved"
Men and Women
Nations to Nations
Organised and brainwashed to
Penetrate realism to an idealism.
Questions unanswered,
Rebellions unacknowledged,
Silence is voice in the
Top management.
Unscripted acts become
Violence in the facts.
Whites turns into a
Xanthic shade when it printed.
You won't find the difference even when you
Zoomed it in on a microscope.

Tyrant of Words
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of owls & oleander ~ {ii}

alabaster reveries
besmirched by
cigarette haloes
dancing in the
flux of
galaxies ~
... half formed wor[l]ds
in ixoras blooms
{just waiting for
kairos to
leak thru the
matter & form} of
nurtured nothings ...
opium sweet deceit
permeates my
soul sucker}
touching my
umbrageous places
xeric landscapes have
yet to dry my
zincite tinted tears

poet Anonymous

--The Horny Kinky Dead Czar Comes To Me In My Zazen State of Mind--
(I Am A Visionary)

Albeit people, I know it sounds crazy
but I have met the dead
czar himself. That's right, he may be
dead, but
every now & then, he comes to me in a vision &
fucking appears to be very
gigantic &
horny, sauntering around my bedroom
in a freaking g-string covered with
jaguar spots that appears to be made out of a
kevlar type of fabric.  Trust me people, I'm not a
loon either...seriously, he just stands there with fake blond
mohair sticking out of the sides of a thin strip of
nylon, green nylon with silver bells attached down his crack-side
or is it a shade of pomegranate or it could be a variation of mint
peppermint? I'm not sure if that's even a
question.  Whatever, let's
resume my encounter with the kinky horny czar...okay,
say it's not true, that I'm only imagining it to be
true. Well, I don't know what your drinking, but I'm
under the age of fifty & not senile yet.
Vexed  for sure & maybe I'm
whacked out on good whiskey at times, but I'm certainly not senile, though I do believe I possess
x-ray vision from time to time....I can see through your wall & I know
you're the one living in a comatose state, I'm just hallucinating

poet Anonymous

Awesome write!

poet Anonymous


poet Anonymous

--A Pissed Biologist Asks For Your Prayers--

Zaffer they ordered!
Yes, Zaffer, knowing full well I was a young biologist & not a chemist!  My specialty of course-
xenopus....uhhhh, tongueless frogs!
Wankers, bloody fucking wankers!  I was so pissed, I went out & purchased a huge bottle of
vodka & guzzled the whole fucking bottle---I put myself deep
under the influence of ethanol!
They wanted zaffer knowing full well I studied frogs, not cobalt!
Retards~not politically correct I know~!  But, I had only one
question to ask them, "Did they know who they were messing with?"  They really had me
off &
now I was going to show them who the boss was.  They had no idea, I was a
maniac in science school.  I would set my alarm & wake up early in the morning, and
leave campus under the cloak of darkness, careful not to wake up Dr.
Klaus Von Scnitenhoffer, the head master of the science department.  He was a
jack of all trades, knew exactly how to fuck people over by giving them poor marks.
I'm telling you mate, if
he had any idea I was sneaking off campus to dig up dead bodies, he would have
given me a beating beyond belief!  So
forget about him, back to the story.
Every time I think about their order for Zaffer,
dreams of violence entire my
crazy head,
but before you pass judgment as to whether or not I'm a good biologist, pray for me.

poet Anonymous

You guys are freakin awesome :)

poet Anonymous

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Guardian of Shadows
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The Unhappy Man

along the dusty highway of life
baggage from the beginning
dogged his unhappy self
clinging in his throat and eyes
daring his tears to flow
especially during lonely nights

freedom from guilt was not possible
ghosts of the past haunted his sleep
howling to be heard within his closed eyelids
images of grinning demons tortured him
jumping into his skin in glee
kissing him with poisoned lips

lingering shadows of doubt
merged into his waking hours
nudging his mind, was he insane
or was he living in a world in between
poles in an alternate universe
quaint though it may sound

reigning in his thoughts
straining to look and act normal
trying his best to look natural
until he couldn't bear it anymore
various attempts to die, all failed
wondering why he couldn't  end it

X-rayed his brain even
yet nothing strange was there
zymosis was out of the question.

poet Anonymous

Bravo Guys!

Tyrant of Words
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Armadillo makes me think ‘arm a dilldo’
Buffalos look graceful in ballet pumps
Cougars should really act their age
Dolphins have no friends, especially Tuna
Elephants are related to Trump, but not orange
Foxes make lousy hen house managers
Geese will goose you when you’re not looking
Hogs are as happy as themselves in shit
Iguanas love winter – lizards in blizzards
Jackals are French President Assassins
Kangaroos love joeys except the one in “Friends”
Lamas always spit, they never swallow
Mice without tails are usually blind as well
Narwhals are simply legless unicorns
Octopuses have 8 tentacles meaning they have 4 penises
Penguins always dress for dinner – black tie
Queen Bees, the ultimate third wave feminists
Rhinos are insatiable, they always have the horn
Snakes all bite apart from the trouser variety
Tigers, like men are hunted for their penises
Urchins are like women, pretty but prickly
Vultures like undertakers wait on the dead
Whales sing but need auto-tune
Xerus, Meerkats with a bushy tail to tell
Yaks, yackity yak, so don’t talk back
Zebras are just horses in pyjamas

Tyrant of Words
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This an old one of mine.  Don't know if you want only new ones, but I shall leave it here anyway.


aromatic adventures accelerate ambience
blackberry blades blow by blossoming bloodless borders
cascara curlicues, crimson calmness, crawlies creeping
divine dancing digits design desire, daring, delectable

enveloping exuberance, enriching, evocative, everything exposed,
florid flowering faces fascinate fantasy, flourishing forward
gripping gorgeous gestures greet glimmering groans
heady heavens hold hearts hostage. haphazard hunger hugs.

Infusing intimacy intoxicates imaginations inferno
javelin jewelled junctures, juicy joyous jostling, justified
kneeling, kissing kinky keenness
laving lavish layers, lips liquefying loose love

movement motivates mutual magnetism, melting moon
nurtures natures natural naked neediness
obsessive oral optimism overwhelms orgasmically
passion peeks panting, persuading pleasurable pause

quivering quakes quell quietly
radiating rare restfulness renewing romantic rise
satiated spirits sigh submissively, shyness smouldered
trustful touches tender to tear telling truth take times tenacity

undulating unfamiliar understanding, unique upon undressed
visions.  vocal ventures vibrate, veiling velvet values
whispering wanton winds wake waiting waters
your yearning yanks yielding yesteryear's
zones zealous zip zinging zest.

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