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root of all evil

Just a simple poet
Dangerous Mind
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Poetry Contest

root of all evil
here is another one people

I want the root of all evil,
describe it anyway you want to
lets see how evil is evil

your following poem must have

1 must have title
2 must be evil
3 must be your own work

Guardian of Shadows
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A Touch of Evil

humming a song, a low dirge
a smiling face, a cheerfulness
even as his talons dug firm
in dying hearts
his eyes twinkling merrily
as his guests' souls left

the black clad persona
his back against the mourning
crowd, disdain in his demeanour
even as he fed on their sorrow
another lifeless to be buried
planted beneath the sod

the mewling living breathing man
the crowd that populate the earth
they eat kill maim anything weaker
than them, they crown themselves King
each one above the other
until they play and kill one another

he, the entity, walked among man
smiling as his boots ignited forests
on hills, mountains and islands
all over the land the fire burn
nothing stood on their way
and he laughed long and hard

men lighted their playthings, exploding
them among the crowds, scattered
disemboweled women, decapitated children
strewing them all over the buildings
and thoroughfares
they shot down flying objects from the sky

oh We meant to do that...such fun
he walked on, the man behind the rows
blood to blood, the sacrifice
for without the Earth would starve

His laughter always reverberated
better in time of bloodshed.
Written by Grace (Idryad)
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Dangerous Mind
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Oscuridad Mas Alla - The Elephant In The Living Room

(Darkness Beyond)

The fear of the unknown
Drives one to adoration
Since time immemorial,
We idolized not because of love
But because we were afraid
Of bad luck, of wrath
Of famine, of flood
Of disaster, of death
Of loosing what little we own
And so we pray and beg for salvation
To the stones, animals, plants
Elements, deities, monarchs
To Allah, Buddah, Mary and Christ

Uncovering the mystery
Pays a price that was too high
Untill one is defeated
War was fought until one has died
The cost of ones belief
Is always paid with bloodbath
First with those of chickens
Then those of ones own child
At its wake, the wailing and echoes
Of grief and hate suffocates the mind
Until nothingness is claimed by its new God
The former Higher Beings now labeled
As legends and myths of the past

And then men learned philosophy
And harness the skills of litany
For fear alone can not sustain
The oppressed and terrorized masses
As men's Heart and Mind fornicated
And gave birth to Wisdom, Courage and Freewill
The kitchen was reconstructed
Separated the Church and State
They hired a new Chef as well as Chief
Gold flows freely from hands to hands... to hand
Blind faithfulness now has a dictionary
Invented Hope for the desperates and needy
And Love became their shield against all the unholy

There is no such thing as Good Religion
Only good people and good intentions
There is no such thing as Bad Religion
Only vulnerable and weak constitution
The table is full of both attractive and plain meals
And we all gets to be hungry sometime
Whatever we had decided to take in and consume
Relieved us, filled our cravings and sated us
At the time it happened, at the moment it did
For today, afterthoughts are tomorrow's bane
No mater how and who we choose to follow
And the whys and hows of it all
It make sense to the one who understood

The elephant stood as tall and mighty
For centuries, we kept it alive, thriving while thieving
Inside our very own living room, and we named it...
Against all reasons, we stood behind it, together yet...
We find security as we suffer unknowingly, inside...
We kill, we sacrifice, we order charity, demand alimony...
Under the spell of mass delusion a God was born, twins with...
And if evil has a name? Who would it be? Must be that...
Written by OxyMoronicMe (G.L.)
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Dangerous Mind
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VVitches, The Evil & The Good

I - VVitches      
The nights are darker beyond the forest      
Heated barren lands calming their skin      
For the blowing wind with a loud shriek      
Her chants roamed on earth a century ago      
She had four daughters to accompany her      
Sitting in a circle chanting the unknown songs      
Evil is what you would call it if you ever hear it      
No men allowed stepping into those wasted grounds      
But for the young boys with healthy semen      
Their chants cast a spell like a siren’s song      
Many boys lost in the woods and disappeared      
They lure the boys and fucked them to get pregnant      
The villagers called the ladies the evil witches      
Bones of little babies were hung at the borders      
Rumored that they kill if a boy was born to them      
And teach the daughters to pray for the unknown      
On a full moon night, the chants could get stronger      
The Wind could slice a grown bull into pieces      
The voices of the witches mixed with a growl of a beast,      
Curiosity of the young flesh sacrifices their lives for them      
The chants were continuous throughout for days and nights      
Most of the villagers learned to live with this cursed chants      
"To whom are they praying for generations and generations?"      
It’s a common curiosity comes to any man with a sane mind      
II - The Evil      
It was the full moon night in the midsummer      
A boy born to the youngest witch in the circle      
Is she supposed to kill her own baby? is she?      
She did bring back the shattered bones      
An old witch fell into the fire the next night      
One dead witch won't slow down their chants      
The circle has grown bigger and bigger      
While the Growling of the beast grew stronger      
The tall trees of the forest fell down in the night      
Wise men took their families and fled the village      
The poor who stayed accept to mourn for their sons      
Abandoned houses turned to ruins in time      
The forest became the prey to the hungry dry wind      
Almost two decades passed swallowing the forest completely      
The natural barrier to the village was gone      
Wind carried the voices to the houses to torment the living      
Now in the village, all left were the women      
Men and the boys were gone except for one      
A young boy who was deaf by birth      
He could not hear siren songs of the witches      
No one knew his father or his mother      
He was found in the forest on a full moon night      
Till now he had never cried, smiled or spoke a single word      
But that night they found him shaking in his sleep bathed in sweat      
It was the night before the full moon of the midsummer      
He screamed but no sound came out from his throat      
They made up their minds to fate they were forced to      
The night came and the boy left the village      
III - The Good      
The boy stood at the edge where the old forest ended      
Tonight he could see his shadow from the moonlight      
He looked up and saw stars for the first time      
He removed his clothes he felt a slight coldness in the wind      
He could feel the strangeness in the atmosphere      
Women in the village heard the shrieks and growls      
Their houses fell into the grounds for the weight of the wind      
They mourned for the boy and the sons they've lost      
The boy walked slowly towards witches circle      
He could not see anything but the darkness      
He noticed the moon only let the light fell on him      
He saw the black hands on the ground following him      
He heard the desperate calling of the familiar voice      
He turned his ears to the direction and sprinted      
He saw the circle at a distance, and he stopped      
The fire flames trying to reach the sky in the dark      
The boy felt the coldness freezing his body from inside      
And felt his feet lit up in yellow flames burning his skin      
He didn't feel the cold nor the heat, he was amazed      
He could hear the cry of a woman to save her      
Now he can hear the chants, songs of the witches      
It was not unknown language for him and it said;      
"I bound the beast with fire, I bound the demon's desire"      
He walked towards the circle and touched a witch and said;      
"Mother" and she turned to see her only child grown      
Glowing in flames with all the magic he inherited from her      
She couldn't kill; instead, she brought the bones of wolves      
All the chants stopped, in the silence, the fire grew taller      
The witches started to cry for what about to happen      
They cursed the young witch for her betrayal      
They'd been containing the demon from getting out      
Who will stop the great evilness yet to be unleashed?      
Who wrote these prophecies, no one never knew      
Who started the chants to contain the demon in the fire?      
But there was a prophecy from the old villagers      
"From fire, you burn the fire once and for all"      
He was born to a fire witch on the coldest night      
He inherited the fire inside him from the day he was born      
A dark hand crawled out of the flames and grabbed the witch      
Another hand crawled and tore her body in half      
Inside the flames, two eyes opened staring at the boy      
And blood dripping from the appeared mouth      
His eyes filled with tears, in remorse of his mother      
He knew what he had to do to stop this evil      
The witches started the chants holding their hands      
"I bound the beast with fire, I bound the demon's desire"      
The demon screamed as the spells pierced flames into its eyes      
"I bound the beast with fire, I bound the demon's desire"      
The boy spread his arms and turned himself into a fire spear,      
"I bound the beast with fire, I bound the demon's desire"      
And plunged at the beast piercing its throat and exploding into tiny sparks      
Women at the village couldn't hear the chants anymore
Written by dejure (vick)
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Thought Provoker
United States
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I am that Nigga you should be afraid of.
Grave Digger grim reaper call me God's karma.

In the end When everything is gone in the split of splitting second  
Bury you above your child right next to your mama with all your family members
Alone in the mirror still living in denial
Fucked with The God The one The Holy child
I am but the hand of your unholy demise  
The pain the sword that cut you shorter of a swift trial.
Ever wonder where life would be if you didn't fuck with me where you go after you die?
Shivers deep in your soul, you didn't even see it coming
Lost in this world, broke cold and having nothing
Face the facts dawg you all amount to nothing
Like a curse my rage quietly descended upon you
I let you live just to strip you of everything you ever tried or amount to
Bury you alive in the rain can you hear the shovel
Look at me as you scream yes your life is over
The 1st shovel of dirt hit the casket and the glass gets covered.
Ever wonder where life would be if you didn't fuck with me where you would go after you die?  
It's almost over now...

Written by Michael_Goodridge (Private)
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Thought Provoker
United States
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I Am Still Here

Born amongst Saints more loving than Lucifer himself. Sacrificed by loved ones for riches and wealth
I'm still here

Sweet dreams of nightmares each night, running in darkness for my life
even when I'm awake like the dreams become my life
I'm still here.

My joy and happiness meets death, each time my, happiness like Judas a kiss on the night, deceit with a smile
I'm still here.

Standing in a river of souls seeking to devour, like a roaring Lion, I walk on the waters of the sea of death I fear no evil
 I am still here.

Deep in the vaulted seals of my mind, the scrolls of ancient times arise, protected by Alpha and Omega the God of time, yes I AM
still here.
Written by Michael_Goodridge (Private)
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Thought Provoker
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Final Prayer to god (Behold The Truth)

Lord I can't wait to die.  
But if ever I do I won't be at peace, it's the evil inside of me like Lucifer's afraid to take my soul six hundred and sixty six feet.  
Resurrected with a pair of horns as my cold heart beat as my blood runs below zero cold as my veins refuse to leak.  

Razor blades to my wrists, overdosed on sleeping pills and a bottle of Gin as my body goes numb I'm dead, or so I wished I'm awake again it's morning, and I'm like here we go again with this same old shit.  
This life is sick and twisted, God you must need a therapist or a shrink to have us suffer like this  
sitting in hell with Lucifer you bitch Sucking his dick while Legion fucks the hell in and out of you, again and again  
then have the guts to punish us for sin.  
Hi daddy remember we were made in your image you prick, dumb fuck, addict, fuckin faggit, kneeling each night to pray, lord please help me, tomorrow I'm still as broke as today, still can't find the cure for AIDS, Cancer leaking out the brains, and we're all suffering from something just to die another day  
So I say fuck you, fuck heaven and fuck your angels too,  
go to hell, o shit ur already there taking a dick or two  
So dear lord die slow for my amusement to  
beg for our prayers like you need us to worship you  
hope that we care as much as u do, cause you never gave three shits about us, neither will the world give a fuck about you.  
so I guess we're all screwed  
pretty soon no one will believe in you  
most of us already don't, we just pretend to...
Written by Michael_Goodridge (Private)
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Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
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Commy Dictation

He's a warrior of sorts with a secret agenda
One that seems, at surface level, wanting what's better
He will tell the world how he aspires for righteousness
But practices his power over weaker folk in spite of this
Words to charm a stone into become like water
A pied piper mystifying people to slaughter
How he tells them all that he protects sons and daughters
How the way he wants to see the world live, they oughta
A primordial stance, this isn't anything new
But one that juxtaposes what we have right now
One that when the masses want to rise up against
Won't be hesitant to strike their lives down
How he muddies the names of his enemies
How his prejudice was made compelling
How his definition of the perfect remedy
Was that of bringing lives to an untimely ending
6 million Jews
The Mao dynasty
Soviet and Stalin
It's humanity's history
Will we see again the rise of communist rule
Or will we ever get to really live peacefully
Written by Benzy_420 (BTheW)
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poet Anonymous

-It's Not Fucking Rocket Science To Figure Out Evil-
short, sweet & real life

The root of the root is hard to quantify.
I wonder who cries the loudest?
Us or them, the warmongers incognito.
I have walked through streets full of motherless children,
specter like, they go about their business while others go about theirs.
A sudden movement in the wind, to escape the jitters we took cover
until we realized it was a torn-down station sign fluttering Shell.
Fucking-A.  I wish they wouldn't do that shit!

Blade Artist
Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
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Evil is indifference of the obscene
Evil is accumulation of digits onscreen
Evil is the tedious casual disregard
Evil is really not that hard

Evil is apathy devoid of all feeling
Evil is the laziness of not intervening
Evil is not a description in a holy book
Evil is not the opposite of good mistook

Evil is knowing and not caring
Evil is standing back and staring
Evil is not horns and a pitchfork
Evil is denial and a refusal to talk

Evil is betrayal of society
Evil is drinking cool-aid insanity
Evil is every other dismissive remark
Evil perpetuates in internet dark

Evil is an insipid recline
Evil says everything’s just fine
Evil is cold cut capitalist vanity
Evil is the destroyer of humanity

Jennifer Michael McCurry
Tyrant of Words
United States
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I sink into the desperaration of depravity
Its quicksand pull swalows me whole
I have learned
My resistance not only tightens its sweaty grip on me....
But drives it need to possess me
I have not been
For so very long now
I went screaming at first
Was carried from comfort by a monster
From my safe pink womb
Then veiled by a shadow the color of midnight
Blue black shadow blinded me friom light
And through my atmosphere
I saw a thing
Swaying its head above my soul
It sniffed my fear
And salivated like Pavlovs dog
It had aquired a taste for my demons

And now desires to banqet on my human

It howls
Throwing back its skeletel head
Announcing itself and goosefleshing my skin
I brace myself for my monsters piercing bite

Tyrant of Words
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Black Rose

Greed leads to more avarice,
 And any form of lust,
One must at acquire all things coveted,
 No matter what the cost.

Even with the cup runneth over,
 And spills on to the floor,
All the time it’s “what’s really mine”,
 And then they want some more.

There’s no satisfying the hunger,
 Let alone control the urge,
But men come to lose their humanity
 Beyond insanity they splurge.

Greed leads to more blatant greed,
 The need to feed won’t stop,
Regardless of who or what gets in the way,
 They always want to be at the top.

It contently poisons the mind and soul,
 Without regard to other men,
Greed is the seed, the root of all evil,
 Without respect and without an end.

Just a simple poet
Dangerous Mind
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Thank you again for some awesome poetry I'll put up another one shortyly

Tyrant of Words
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Congrats to composeWITHrazors on the mention and Jennifer on the win. Thank you to the host for the honorable mention.

Jennifer Michael McCurry
Tyrant of Words
United States
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Suuuhhweeet! Big thanks to the fine judge...a wink to razorz...and congrats to all for great work!

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