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Team DUP Collaboration Competition,

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Poetry Contest

Tag Team Collaboration Competition
Deepunderground Team Collaboration Competition,



I have chosen DARK religion as the them subject, and I have also selected two songs that may help with inspiration. Please be creative in any emotion you want. Controversial, political, taboo, happy, sad, confused, lonely, angry, excited or sexual whatever mood you like

**Inspiration---> Religion can be related to mental illness &
asylums, Nuns used to runs the places back in the day.

The list of Participating Poets is at the bottom of the page!
Okay so this is how it will work Poets!!

All Poets/Poetess must continue the poem in progress, starting from the last line from the previous Poets poem. Under the last line of each poets poem should say the name of the next tagged poet.
"Name you're it!" like this -> Zazzles you're it!
1 poem per poet.

You will have 24 hours to submit your poem from the time you are Tagged by the previous Poet, meaning from the time the thread had been updated with Poet's submission.

-UPDATE no word limit go nuts!

Wild Card* to any poet who has time management issues and feel they cannot  enter in on time, you may give your spot to another poet from the list. Even poets with an x's next to their name. pm them and ask if they want a second chance to post again

-My PM is open

Tagged Notification will be in two ways:
- In the continual comp thread, which is time stamped; when each Poet posts their lines.
- and when the Poet notifies you via PM with subject line "TAG - YOU'RE IT!" (to be done the same time they post their lines)

After each poet is tagged an ❌ will go next to their name indicating that that poet is no longer available for tag.
This comp will run 3 weeks.

Note: At the end of the comp I will construct the entire poem and present it as one whole piece/poem and the winner will be announced at the same time.


- Poet receives notification
- Update no word limit!!
- Participant list viewed - Poet selected
- Poem gets posted with "you're it" as last line
 (after poem)
- Poet PM's selected participant "Tag you're it!"
- Host puts an X after that Poets name
- like this Zazzles X

-Do not actually add the last line of the last poets
poem as the first line in your "poem. Instead Just use it as a starting
point for your poem...
-Poem them is religion
-Poetry gene up to you. BUT you must keep the poem going it must all make sense as one whole poem.. Can we do this?! I think we can !

NOTE: Any poet who has not signed up will not be allowed to enter and will be disqualified, sorry.

Once the comps starts it will all make sense if it doesn't already

The List

*John Feddeler❌
*Lord Viddax❌
*Trixareforkids ❌
*Jade Pandora❌


Remember the structure of your poem lines doesn't have to be the same as the poet who tagged you. just the theme.

-Religious words are not necessary be creative but
most of all, Have fun!

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Behind limestone walls
and rosary beads
hides the secrets and trickery
they don't want you to believe

come right in, take a seat
and pay your dues
breath in the majesty
take in the view...

All religious denominations
are full of shit and long-arm scams
we're only as good
as the dollars in our hands.

God needs money from everyone
don't you understand?
he has bill to pay too
and own self-righteous plan

Trixareforkids your it!

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Don't look too closely
or question what you see
just take in the word

the word is me
you don't need faith
just believe

I am truth
and you are free
to be a flawed copy

Todski28, you're it

Fire of Insight
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of negativity
though we walk through the valley
shadowed in tombs
and pray upon these mortal wounds

where is the sanity bent
upon the rod
upon the alter
the bell tolls and ringing
this sing song rhythm keeps repeating

for its not the messages that are flawed
but the images we perceive
and the belief we derive

poeticmind# you're it

Tyrant of Words
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When one thrives, they can arrive
where they derive a sense of purpose
oh can you see the wisdom's surface
a face, heavenly pon the clouds
I feel God's power, for thee endowed...

"Let no man tatter the spirit of belief"
these are the words I hear fall softly
in the ears, a comfort I seek...

One is all,  all is one
let's strive a little harder
a bit higher to reach the SON...

Tag! Goddess Worship, you're it...

Dangerous Mind
United States
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update: no word limit! go nuts!

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Many are they
who have faith in the Word,
o el Verbo mejor dicho
numberless claim no religion
religious are we all
audacious statement, sí señor
ludicrous, naïve, patently false, perhaps

Bowed by panoply alters
fervently worshiping amor, hatred,
war, peace, prejudice, sex, music,
nature, poetry, ourselves,
stuff, stuff, more stuff,
work, sports, drugs, money,
he, she, it...
step right up folks
have I got a religion for you!

Flocking to houses of worship
the  obvious: church, synagogue, mosque
not so much: shopping mall, stadiums,
pub, soup kitchen, the office,
forest, beach, boudoir,
inside closet, outside closet,
theater, concert hall, casino,
or basking in computer screen glow
come on in and join our friendly congregation

good religion from bad
compels light or conjures darkness
joy perpetual or temporary pleasure
kindness, compassion or bitterness, resentment
yen to serve others or me, me, me
building up or tearing down
hope nourished or despair encouraged
religious are we all
free to choose utter misery or effulgent bliss

Grace dear, tag you're it!

Guardian of Shadows
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God is Great!
Allahu Akbar!

Soldiers of God ride
to search lost kingdoms
where no one kneels
to the standing effigy
of Him they call ‘Lord’

might of steel upon their signs
crosses high towards the burning sky
wrapped in their dark garb,
upon their neck the white
collar, depicts the highest order

towards the holy cities they ride
leaving baptism of fire
upon their wake
dead and dying
mercy given for heathen…

Crashing in battle, with fiery might
swords unsheathed shields up front, charge!
for kingdom and glory they fought
when swords sworn to holiness
in all its deeds for God
Only a few to it adhered.

Lord Viddax, You are IT!

Lord Viddax
Guardian of Shadows
United Kingdom
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With fire and zeal
they sallied forth
outside the gates of their hated foe,
a city of sinners without values
who had turned from the right
away from the safety of darkness
to capture the sunlight in jars

always in threes
in a perversion of the righteous,
these were the fools of science
who capered in ecstasy
as they dealt bargains with miniscule demons
for ever more and more knowledge
and ever more damnation

traitors and heretics all
to the right of the Dark Ones
for only the Dark Ones know
as ignorance is knowledge
as blind faith is all-seeing truth
as servitude is freedom
so say the Dark Ones

At these gates they stood
preaching the good words
as bombardments
rained hell upon the faithless
taking them closer to the gods
killing them all
as only the Dark Ones know their own.

Tag, Jade Pandora you are it!

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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bathed in stained glass
before morning mass
reflections of rain
run down window's pane

unbuckled and open
no words can be spoken
my mouth on his belt
while all else is felt

to them, I am damned
I am what I am
though try as I might
for me, he's the light

the Eucharist's taste
fills the gash in my face
his fingers slide in
forgiving my sin

For God doth loom beyond his son
The highest pow'r, only One

My husband of thy many wives
Who've taken on all of his lives

But I in my black habit worn
Must have his flesh as I have sworn

Devoured from his bloodied guise
Replace mine his all-seeing eyes

And so I see the rea'l truth
And thus I pledge my faith his Ruth

To be his brick and mortar site
Corrupt the sheep and make it right

To say we did and bless it so
To lose their trust before we go

Forgiving all I do for thee
There is a place in hell for me

Forsaking all who kneel and pray
We shall not hear a word they say

Tag, Crimsin, you're IT.

Tyrant of Words
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my habit doth strangle
a pussy that pulsates
for the holy cock of God

I serveth him on my knees
at the confessional
where him I do please

when the clock strikes midnight
I rub my cunt
whilst I sayth my Hail Marys
I pull each rosary bead out of my butt

with coveted lust I pleaseth the Lord of hosts
in his holiest of holies
straddling the priest on his throne

with riding crop in hand
he beats me like the devil himself
is on my ass

as he plunges deeper
whilst preparing his holy mass

tag _shadoe_  your it

Tyrant of Words
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i made puja
of my lusts,
like ghee & grain
sown on the ghats
of whatever life giving
stream of consciousness
poured from {sri you}
& understood the worlds
that do not touch ~
... in {sri you}
was the asram
to which i made tirtha,
in you was trimurti
destruction ...

tag JohnFeddeler, you're it

Tyrant of Words
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All they talk about in this town is the 2nd Coming
if Jesus shows up here He'll be packin' heat
I learned my catechism from the bad girls
who sang in the church choir
their training bras stuffed with anxiety
as they hid in the balcony to make out

I draw my twin sixguns to take on the outlaw poets
they're a wild bunch
if I go down, I'm goin' down Bogart
Jimmy Cagney, I'm goin' down noir...

Tag Miss_Sub, you're it!

- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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these black and white streets
mean nothing when this sister
is walking barefoot on the road
over the spent butts and broken glass
past the old preacher on the corner
against the nub of her bullets
with everywhere to go

for Satan is a' hatin' his children
as she presses her shaking trigger  
against a temple, against a church
that won't dress her bleeding feet
that won't feed her homeless
sat shivering in the cold.

She's got Jesus in her money-mark
or so she cries "oh God!" to the skies
hoping a deity will proclaim
her rapture early, or at least provide
an exit sign
a tomb
a heavy gun
against the forehead of the bold

when her tongue is malicious
and heavy screaming Bible scripts
are just too fucking old

Tag Paperstains, you're IT!

Twisted Dreamer
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Sinners sitting in judgement
of sinners
breaking rules made by ancient men
claiming to know the mind of God
to hold power
over those not allowed to know better

kept on their knees
force-fed shame
baptized in guilt

absolution sipped from silver chalices
filled from the poisoned well

Naughtymouse, you're it!

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