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DUP Poetess Queens Erotic Comp

Dangerous Mind
United States 8awards
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Poetry Contest

Write an erotic tribute in honor of a poetess on here
In honor of the many beautiful women here in Deep Underground, I'd like to see some tributes in a erotic fashion in honor of your favorite poetess. I will make a male version shortly as soon as my other competiton is over

- Title the poem with the Poetess' username that you've chosen
- 1 entry only
- Pick only one poetess
- Nothing extremely vulgar, but still keep it sexy
- Can be as long or short as you want
- Be creative

Jennifer Michael McCurry
Tyrant of Words
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Good Grace

In fashion
Of brave heart howl
With glimmering hope in the end
She waltzes
Delicate steps into our good Grace
She has wisdom
Never understated
By the many who throw themselves madly on our senses
Overwhelming us with polite buggerung
Or fiendish sluttering
She dances lightly on our synapses
But fully
Always to be respected
She is the queen....
Long live
By womanly design

I would like to throw pink petals to match her shine

Imagine her feel...
And scent

Pahtchouli in clouds of white

Sandlewood haven of arms wrapped tight
Head rested on breast
Eyes closed as she strokes

And i am rocked by her night

Dangerous Mind
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Mrs. Rocky Jackson

How I love Mrs. Jackson
She is the poetess consummate
But her erotic romantic stories
Is the cause for my infatuation
And her alluring portraits
Demonstrates a beauty
With an imagination

Iíd so like to try and hit
On Mrs.Rocky Jackson
But Iím too afraid that
Mr. Rocky Jacskson will beat
The living out shit out of me
And put me in traction

poet Anonymous

--Ahavati Makes Me Feel Froggy & I Want To Hop All Over Her With Romance--

There's something about that Ahavati that's different from all the rest of the girls, she's the absolute best when it comes to politics, when she plays them, †
it makes my privates get hard. But I really think it's her power stance that turns me on the most. †Romance her? Absolutely. Dance with her? Hell ya!
Whenever she gets into that hardcore moderator stance, I go bonkers with desire, I get into a zombie trance, I mean my whole body ignites on fire, I explode
& I go brain dead.
Sweet Jesus, my whole persona gets charged up with electricity, my nipples get fully erect & some obvious things happen to my other body parts
that are too freaking extreme to describe in a competition poem.
All I can say is this people--if she wanted to play leap frog, I'd submit in a New York minute....it would be fun...ribbit, ribbit!

poet Anonymous

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Twisted Dreamer
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For: flowergirl

Flowing waves of flaming glass
Lights the shipman's way alas
On tranquil nights the moon will guide
W'eternal* souls enjoy the ride
Elated "how could happiness be"
Related to love and poetry?
Good verse & the blessing readily find
Inside the beauty of your mind
REALLY search
Love ain't blind.

*W'eternal- self-annotated word used to conjoin [we] and [eternal] in order to "preserve meter & rhythm"

Tyrant of Words
Joined 14th Jan 2012
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Thank you KS........I'm very honored for this beautiful tribute........purple luv & hugs xo :)

Tyrant of Words
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Taryn My Eternal Goddess

† †
i'll meet you by the sea †  
nude and open †  
no guile will you find †  
† †
azure eyes gazing into brown pools †  
telling truths hidden †  
untying binds that hinder †  
† †
we are free to feel †  
exploring the depths of each other †  
hands on milky flesh †  
† †
kissing you tenderly †  
passionate tangerine tongue †  
laps at your sweet spots †  
† †
taking you in my arms †  
I am unafraid †  
in your shade I'm home †  
† †
rolling in the waves †  
thunderclaps †  
applaud our love making †  
† †
the stars shine on silken skin †  
spun from the cosmos †  
my lovely one you shimmer †  
† †
bringing tenderness from my lips †  
they meet yours for an eternal kiss †  
yes my love i'll meet you by the sea †  
† †
where two will be one †  
intimate in a way †  
no words can express †  
† †
I hope this love letter †  
finds you in all your glory †  
bedecked in moonlight †  
† †
my eternal Goddess †  
† †
(inspired by my beautiful Taryn) †  
† †
(while listening to Andrea Bocelli Con te Partiro) †  
† †
Written by crimsin (Unveiling)
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For Taryn my beautiful love..

poet Anonymous

Related submission no longer exists.
as always my love, we are attached at the hip 🌻

Lost Thinker
United States
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Everything About Mary

Not something;

Months of watching † †
you have passed †
 † †
Your tough exterior † †
juicy rare, deep pink with blood † †
inside a vague mixture of musk †
with fragranced Life †
 † †
It's Tuesday; you're wearing † †
that plaid skirt -- †
its side buckle barely † †
holding the flaps together †
 † †
Your toned thighs Ivory † †
Towers in the Sun † †
solid gateways to †
your Altar of Offering †
 † †
Aphrodite's drum beat †
graceful movement †
regal rite of passage † †
between my lips; †
my tongue evoking †
moisture from dryness †
 † †
migrating to the constricted † †
tuft of your anus † †
 † †
A curmudgeonly aura †
your escort, a take-no-shit † †
mahogany headdress † †
marching in perfect step † †
to the bubbled outline †
of your ass batting fabric †
 † †
just enough to glimpse † †
the white cotton flag of surrender †
beneath the pleats †
 † †
Your crisp shirt pristine † †
debutante white from lack of fondling † †
I glance at my ungloved hands †
for cleanliness †
 † †
They're dirty with thought; †
your buttocks cupped †
tightly compressing †
you against me † †
 † †
But not for sex, Oh. . .no; †
to hold your lips inches † †
from my own lingering in respect †
of your Sacrosanct Breath † †
 † †
Outward things we notice †
passing are dusted with Time; †
dormant desires stirred by movement †
our attention, captured by Faith †
for what lies beneath the superficial † †
 † †
It's what I've seen beyond your nipples †
protruding in a downpour with no shelter; †
what I know past the orgasm † †
crashing across my tongue; †
high tide breakers of salt † †
washing ashore † †
 † †
that bind me to you. † †
 † †
Moist morning dew, pooling †
in the small of your dimpled back †
and evaporating delta † †
 † †
Oh, My Mary †
 † †
It's the Monday you stopped † †
gave your lunch to a homeless †
person in the park † †
 † †
It's the Wednesday you held a dog † †
parched from 90 degree heat † †
up to the water fountain for relief †
 † †
It's the Thursday you bought †
ice cream for an impoverished family †
because they had none †
 † †
It's the Friday you gave † †
all the cash in your wallet † †
and your umbrella †
to a street musician † †
playing for his next meal in the rain †
 † †
It's the Saturday you adopted † †
an orange-buttoned tabby † †
abandoned in the trash bin † †
 † †
But, mostly it's the Sunday, Mary † †
that Sunday you sat by yourself †
early in the morning †
your loneliness descending stars †
obscuring the galaxy of your wishes †
 † †
Wishes for more than fingers † †
to squeeze or teeth to bite †
or hands to part your swollen lips †
for a penetrating strap-on †
to desecrate the sacred channel † †
of your ass † †
 † †
Wishing for more than fantasy † †
to explode around you †
layers of tongue'd clit being eaten †
licked sucked fingered fucked † †
for seconds of release †
 † †
Only to open your eyes to emptiness † †
from the illusion of happiness †
Only to open your eyes alone † †
sheets tangled around the clock †
bodies dressed and gone † †
 † †
The aromas of sex permeating †
thick in the absence of Love †
 † †
My Mary, how you give what † †
you desire in hope it returns † †
manifesting your nights †
with the anointing of Tantric † †
 † †
Your Yoni, Source of Creation † †
massaged in increments † †
measures of comfort across the satin †
pillows on which you recline † †
 † †
Unsheathed candles stabbing the darkness †
from around you with daggers of light †
defending your right to shine † †
illuminating a mill pond of ripples †
curling as smoke around your pupils † †
 † †
Your arms above your head in surrender †
stilled lips echoing "Please" . . . † †
 † †
But I won't take you, Mary †
not our first night. . . †
 † †
No †
 † †
Our first night will be wine to ruby † †
your lips, chocolate sliding † †
from tongues down our throat †
fire of bathwater and ice between my teeth †
to awaken the dormancy of complacency †
 † †
To shake the foundation † †
of the Ordinary Life you've settled for †
out of disbelief and lack of Hope †
for a Truth you've yearned †
in your Heart of Hearts † †
would come to pass †
but never did †
 † †
You'll fall asleep against my breasts †
having laughed all your laughter †
and cried all your tears †
from the threshing floor †
 † †
fulfilled, satisfied, and Loved † †
without having been penetrated once †
 † †
Because, My Mary, it's not your †
outward beauty that will enable me † †
to climb the fortress walls † †
and capture the Kingdom of your Heart † †
 † †
Forever as Best Friend and Lover †
Protector and supporter † †
 † †
But everything about you, Mary †
 † †
Months of watching † †
have passed † †
 † †
It's Tuesday; you're wearing † †
that plaid skirt -- †
 † †
It's time I introduced myself. † †
Written by TwoSpirit (Adsila)
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Tyrant of Words
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Oh Jennifer Jennifer

your eyes flirtatious
looking out into a world
only you can experience

your lips luscious
pouting for the many kisses
of ardent lovers

fingernails painted red
imagine the sensation of a scratch
a touch, sending shivers of pleasure

Oh Jennifer, Jennifer
a calamity to my thoughts
gin of my mind

I get drunk
on your poems that explore beyond
more than I will ever dare

Yet deep inside
I ride in your stories
feeling the caress of your caresses.

geoff cat
Dangerous Mind
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Jade Tigers and Greek Boxes

For Blake, a jungle fire that burned the night;
For Milne, a velvet ass that bounced like springs.
Iím sure that naked glimpse would get me right,
For her loquacious curves, a hard read brings.

In purrs and softest growls, my green jeweled cat,
Makes quiet slink and stalk through DEEPest wood
From opened Grecian box brings forth exact,
The scribe, both grace and fury has withstood.

I long this tigerís bite would find its way
To meld with mine and find our bold release.
To tease and tear, to take in tigersí play
The otherís muscled lines Ďtil all strength cease.

From opened mouths both words and others come,
From opened soul and love a DEEPer Sum.

Dangerous Mind
United States 8awards
Joined 1st July 2014
Forum Posts: 318

Thank you everyone for entering,
I will now finally make the male version of this comp so please wait till it is finished
Till then thank you so much, congratulations to the winners and everyone made such wonderful and sexy poems.
Every one of the ladies here at DUP truly deserved these tributes.

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