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Name Your Muse

poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

Each of us has an area of our universe that most inspires us or causes the majority of our words to form poetry. Name yours.

rather like a playful ferret
my muse scampers through my mind
leaving busy footprints
wreaking havoc in my being
such a contrary creature
when I long to find words
my muse frequently abandons me
and I find myself trapped
in an unwilling game of hide and seek
so random the sparks that ignite
we all understand the deepness
nightmares, heartbreak and love
but my muse stages ambushes
inspiration that catches me off-guard
sudden fog silently rolling in
the moon kissing my naked skin
people I donít even know
as I watch them come and go
(and true, often Iím fired
with a little naughty thought and desire)
at times my muse is pure brat
ornery as hell with words forming so fast
even I canít catch them all
so I share what Iíve been given
no argument, I take what Iím gifted
and good or bad, I usually post what I write
for that reason and many others
I name my muse Life

Jennifer Michael McCurry
Tyrant of Words
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Sweet ash
Block of flow to grey matter
Dissolves the mind
Saturday night revival
Visceral salute
Raises glass in haŕvest
Cheers to Ťpiphany proudfoot
Her angelheart redemption
To cocks crow
Grows wicked thrust in mind
And hip
With a madness found
In sun wont quit
Like summer
In hot delta heat
And break neck beat
Of virgin gentlmans daughter
And her fiřst eye rolling flutteŕ of daŕk hood
CausÔng days
And exhausted days
From good long nights
Of sweet no sleep

poet Anonymous

calamitygin said:Lust

Thank you for kicking things off, calamitygin!

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werbepause ~ {the exes}

i dry nerium memories,
steep the leaves
in the warm salt
of impotent fury,
a testament
to transience
swirling in my tea cup ~
... & i offered them
the frosted skulls
of seven love birds,
something to take
the edge off
their appetite for
what i hold precious ...
they chose to suck
the marrow
from my bones
& built tombs in
the honeycomb matrix
{tabernacles to
my treacherous heart}
inscribing metaphors
of macabre romance
in the fissures
of their departure ...
... i love them all
in eternal verse,
worship their
fleeting presence
in shrines of ink
& body fluid,
taste their lips
one last time
& savor
the goodbye

poet Anonymous

_shadoe_ said: werbepause ~ {the exes} //

Sweet baby Jesus nappies...thank you so much for such an incredible entry, shadoe. Inspiration indeed

Fire of Insight
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The Canvas Of The Mind

The mind like a canvas to be exploited with me in mind intending to be used as the device triggering the sensual pull of tenderness, slowly devouring your innocence as you helplessly begin to indulge and allow yourself to be deeply submerged in pleasure of forbidden fantasies of positions pinned down and stripped. †Warm flashes of flustered imagination desperately craves the intent of me in you. Willingly forced while wanting me, the wait is to much but to have yourself given, to take what you desire, Hazel brown eyes, stare into your soul as the top ridden you ride, to arrive to a destination only in your mind the feeling inside to weak to hide, as we explore the canvas of the mind.
Written by Michael_Goodridge (BiblicalBoredom777)
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poet Anonymous

Michael_Goodridge said:

Thank you for such a sultry entry, Michael_Goodridge! I'm happy to see such great pieces appearing here.

poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous


Your poetry seeps
within the spaces between
my soul and sinew
igniting something
I thought dead,
or at least dormant.
The arcs and truths
you display conjure
images of my fingers
tracing the lines of your
body and prose
and half guilty thoughts
tease my mind as
they reverberate
around my cranium.

You have no Idea
of the power of your words,
the literary Siren, who,
without even knowing
beguiles me
to the point of madness.

poet Anonymous

Anonymous said:<< post removed >>

Thank you for joining in AEMelia564!

poet Anonymous

Naughtymouse said:Muse.

What an intriguing piece, Naughtymouse! Thank you for joining in with your muse!

Guardian of Shadows
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My Muses and inspirations

Beloved, the flash of your eyes
the sound of your feet
walking on frothy waves
inspires divine words
from within
to form verses for you

birdsongs and bees buzz
outside my window
falling leaves
and colours of the wind
songs of the leaves
dance of flower petals

rainbows in the sky
covenants of peace
drizzles on midday sun
cleansing showers
puddles on the walkway
singing Kermit on it

the gentle breath
of my beloved
the cold midnight air
presence without existence
alone but not lonely
my beloved and I

My inspiration
my muse, they all are mine
exist I in their midst
a gossamer soul
within heart
Written by Grace (Idryad)
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poet Anonymous

Grace said:

What a calming and warming entry, Grace. Thank you so much for joining in!

Fire of Insight
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thank you from the ash...

poet Anonymous

-You Created A Piece of My Whole Existence-

A concrete barrier formed in my heart
the minute you exhausted yourself inside of me
I split
the perfect mixture of pain & hate
which moves my soul,
it spurns me on
to greener pastures
which truly never existed
except in the minds of those
with rosy thoughts.
Fuck you.

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