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Lady of the Night

Tyrant of Words
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Poetry Contest

Your take on 'Lady of the Night'
Write a poem on the above subject, according to your understanding. No collabs, any length, two poems per poet, Title your Poems please and new writes only.


Dangerous Mind
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     3RD SHIFT

It was a field trip for her college class.

She was a liberal

She did get a job working nights

Eight dollars an hour in 1985

He looked into her window but did not knock

She needed to complete her studies

Finally  she gave up waiting
Cracked open the books
Got engrossed in her study

The long nights awake at the factory
packing baby formula
found her sleeping in the bathroom stall
 badly needed rest

He rode his bike out to her job
hid in the back seat
In the early morning drive home

gently he put his hand on her shoulder
She didn't know if it was a phantom
She could not place whose gentle touch

He waited a little long to reveal himself
The next night she sees his bike
teasingly calls at him inside the car

His bike was from the night before
He is absent on her lonely drive home

Dangerous Mind
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The Lady of the Night

Her soft and angel like tresses covering
The moonlight streaming through
The car window. Her face, hovering
Just above yours. Her breath that blew
Around like the wind on a calm day.
She is still someone with dreams and
Ambitions. Never hope to see her ray
Of sunshine on a daily basis and stand
Right on the edge of the shadows.
She works hard to make ends meet,
But the truth is that she knows
Herself better. She runs the street
And keeps herself from starving.
She stays up all night into the wee
Hours. Her name, the letters carving
Into your skin with a blade because she
Is truly unforgettable and captivating.
She will always be a reminder of
Better days and she is worth waiting
For because you would not want love
From anyone else. Keep your tight
Grip on her; she is the lady of the night.
Written by eswaller
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poet Anonymous

-The Wholesome Clowns Club-

They all had their reasons & so did I.
I didn't ask questions....they just gave me a price & I paid to get my rocks off.
Usually, I went over my time limit.  I found that I could really get my money's worth.  It was more fun that way,too.
I figured, hell I'm paying for it so I'm going to get every penny's worth.
And even when they didn't belong to the seller's club, keep this in mind, you're still paying for it.
An old timer from Mandalay gave me some words of wisdom once...
Cho told me & the boys, "The streetwalkers are cheaper in the long run."
I know he's dead now from some untreatable disease that made him go crazy but he was right.
My only advice I can give to the novices & the first time users is this--wear protection on your pecker
& don't kiss them on the lips or do business with them if they have tracks up & down on their arms.
I am telling you straight, if you kiss them, you're taking your life into your own mouth.
It's not that I am against kissing hookers, but
if you have an open sore in your mouth you could get a nasty microbe.
That happened to Sean O'Malley & his face eventually went numb on one side.
It made him look like half of an unhappy clown.
That would suck, especially if you wanted to be wholesome.

Tyrant of Words
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rabbitquest, thank you for your entry:) Please title your poem.
eswaller and Messier110, thank you for your respective entry.

William Colten Sorrells
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0bs3ss3dp0ss3, thank you for your entry.

poet Anonymous

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AEMelia564 , thank you for your participation.

jade tiger
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It is She as Night Descends

The evening pall hides what's to be
Reflects the face of the Lady
Who stalks the heart, who walks the night
And takes you to her chamber bright

Where sits a glowing orb she holds
To mesmerize your thoughts and soul
That haunts your mind, that taunts your gaze
'Round neverending starlit rings

Is where the echos of her sings
While loosing sight her subtle ways
Her fingertips, her parted lips
That presses soft her lover's kiss

There's not a corner she has missed
As galaxies in orbit pass
To cause delicious dizzy cast
'Till claims your love her lunar phase

Dangerous Mind
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Cloak of Salvation

Darkness hides the truth in her eyes  
And so at night she comes out to lie  
To strangers, to her fellow, to herself  
That she's everything that she's not  
Happy, without worry, without pain...  
Sadness sleeps while the moon is out  
And so at night she forgots and she laughs  
For strangers, for her felllow, for herself  
Feigning, almost believing, that she is indeed  
Happy, without worry, without pain  
Colorful lights, loud music and dancing all around  
And so at night she comes out to party and get drunk  
With strangers, with her fellow, with herself  
So she could drown her sorrows and for a while  
Be happy, without worry, without pain  
A lady that feels alive only when the sun has died  
And so at night she stays awake to be seen  
By strangers, by her fellows, by herself on the mirror  
Fully made up and dressed like a peacock  
Happy, without worry, without pain

Written by OxyMoronicMe (G.L.)
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Tyrant of Words
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Thank you for your entry, Oxy.

Tyrant of Words
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Thank you for your entry, Jade.

poet Anonymous

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Fire of Insight
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Alight at Night

By day she led a normal life
Hard work and a bit of strife
But when it was near to night
Her demeanor came alight

She danced and pranced at a club
Or went drinking in a pub
The men were taken by her beauty
Making remarks that were fruity.

She kept them at arms length
Refused to give them consent
This made them the more eager;
Little joy with this intrigeur.

Things changed; the plot unravels
Her lover returned from his travels,
Now the nights are at his abode
Sex until her body glowed

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