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OxyMoronicMe (G.L.)
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Twisted Erotica

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Fire of Insight
United States 17awards
Joined 20th Sep 2012
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I'll tell you

I'll tell you what you were.    
You were a notch on my bed post,    
locker room bragging rights.    
You were a cunt to receive my dick,    
a receiver of my wet dream's emissions.    
You were a blonde to follow the redhead,    
not as good as the brunet.    
You were way too short, barely up to my chin,    
not fun size at all.    
Your boobs were so small, most boys have more,    
couldn't fill a training bra.    
You were skinny, arms bony and legs gangly,    
all skeletal angles and points.    
You were a slippery mouth with a wet double jointed tongue,    
that swallowed my cum.    
Your mop head's hair, never combed, much less fixed,    
made good handles to hold your mouth around my cock.    
Your eyes were out of a cartoon, shadowed like a raccoon,  
one green and one blue.    
Your fingers were anorexic, without the grip of a noodle,    
barely good to stroke me before I entered you.    
Your ass was something to grip with my hands,    
as I unload my cum inside you.    
That's why I ignored you when I was with my guys.    
So why did it shatter my heart, cause me to sink to my knees,    
and wish I could die?    
When you walked out of my life, with a tear in your eye,    
and whispered over your shoulder,    
"I loved you."
Written by J_J_Jay_Jr
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States 154awards
Joined 9th Nov 2015
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It Was a First

We talked on the phone after meeting online,  
She liked how I spoke and she sounded so fine.

We posted new pics on our Facebook accounts.  
Raised eyebrows, I wondered if those melons bounce.  

We did what you do and decided to make  
A place and a day and a time for a date.  

With me and my power cut how can I lose?  
And my body sans bling, and lizard skin shoes.
Okay so I'm here where we both said we'd join,  
I'm ready for action, to spend me some coin.  

This club where I'm at is sure building up steam,  
If things don't work out I'll just find me some dream
Of a girl to play with all night if she's game,  
And trust me, I hope she won't wind up too tame.  

I'm checking my watch and I think "should I call",  
Not that I'm worried, but it's late after all.
So I step to the bar to order a drink,  
And start tossing shooters before I can blink.  

Then lo' and behold as the booze starts to hit  
I see the Facebook melons jigglin', oh shit!
Fuck, it's her, it's her, says my brain-turned-to-lint  
I forget what to do next, i need a hint!  

The club with its colorful lights starts to spin,  
My sense of direction gets lost in the din.
It's then that a hand grabs me tight and then pulls,  
A sweet voice croons, "Come on, stud, you know the rules."  

I fall by a table and into a chair  
The way I'm positioned says "hell, I don't care."
My hourglass hostess sits plump on my lap,  
And that's fine with me 'cause I'm takin' no crap!  
The way her tongue digs and what her strong hands do,  
Got me feeling open to anything new.  

The music goes low as the house lights go dim,  
And the talented miss now looks like a him.
I'm thinkin', "those shooters went straight to my head",  
I look down and shout, "whatcha doin' there, Fred?"  

I creak and I groan then as Fred sucks me off,  
A-smackin' and grinnin' like it ain't enough.
He stands up and straddles me, chewin' his cud,  
He holds up his fat cock, "Now you do me, stud."

A first date as the opposite gender (me as a dude in this case)

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom 23awards
Joined 19th Aug 2012
Forum Posts: 625

Night of Passion

Late at night with much delight
My girl asked me to spend the night
Flatmate was out on a date
And would return tomorrow late

Soon we were naked and in the shower
Gamboling wet for near an hour,
Exploring private body parts
Promise of more, gladened our hearts.

Refreshed  we climbed into bed
Inhibitions were by now shed
Intimate parts were entwined
Orgasms of the G-spot kind

Amid all this sexual bliss
We heard a sudden hiss
Her flatmate stood beside the bed
Sobbing, tears were being shed

She had been dumped by her date
She really was in a state,
Once calmer she joined us in the bed
Cuddles soon cleared her head

'It as wrong of me to intrude
You should continue, I'm not a prude'
We took her at her word
Cries of passion could be heard.

Then she cuddled up very close
'Please a threesome I propose'
Never one to refuse an offer
I fucked then both well and proper

Jennifer Michael McCurry
Tyrant of Words
United States 28awards
Joined 22nd June 2015
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Pussy envy

They dance
Dramatic drop with swing of hair
Patchouli clouds arizon
To elevate their lonesome  despair
From suffering to survival
Lovely curves their hands hungrily knead
What familiar places they both concede
Fingers wander shoved up skirts
The blonde quickly makes the brunette squirt
The brunette sqeals during her first orgasm
Goes glassy eyed as her punani spasms
The blonde cums like Niagra  during scissor rubs
They find sex Nirvana love nub to nub
Lascivious giggles bubble up
The blonde finds her g spot
The brunette falls in love with the taste of cunt
My god they wonder, am i lesbian......?
I love my red lipstick
I dont know how to drive a truck

But......Where for art though men?


Dangerous Mind
Philippines 24awards
Joined 15th Feb 2016
Forum Posts: 1470

War of the Genitals

 Angry Penis:

You told me you're a virgin,
You said, "Be patient, I will soon be ready."
Waiting for that time to finally remedy
I was excited, you can't even imagine
My aching dick, wanting to splurge in
Basking you with cum, and treat you for a hefty
Behold! When my shaft to your pussy merge in
T'was wide and used and deflowered already!

Pussy Pissed:

What nonsense you told?
Me, a virgin? I never project!
I am used, so what? But I am still tight!
Do you think that's gonna hold?
That penis that's more like a finger, a peninger,
I reject!
All would, even if you prayed with all your might.

©All Rights Reserved
Written by OxyMoronicMe (G.L.)
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Tyrant of Words
United States 140awards
Joined 11th July 2012
Forum Posts: 1666

The Contour and Figure

She came to me in the middle of the night,
Undressed and provoking me to no end,
“Take me” she says in all her raw nature,
“Take me and I will be your new best friend.”

“Do with me what you will” she fervently says,
“You can do anything, whatever you want,
Do with me whichever way you please, but please!
Use the right size and a really good font.”

And as I gather my thoughts carefully,
I prepare myself to fill her shape and form,
My fingers then twitch a bit nervously,
When I feel her ready heavy and warm.

And she opens herself exasperated,
Torrentially she flows right into me,
And I like a poor soul drowning and poured,
I swim in titillating mystery.

“Give yourself in, it’s all you desire,
Concentrate harder and finish me quick,”
And I revel in the guilty pleasure,
Carefully choosing the words that I pick.

“Hurry” she tells me “you’ll find the right spot –
Where everything touches and all will make sense,
Don’t be so coy, so delve in and enjoy,
Surrender completely and make it intense.”

And my guilt wilts to a languid memory,
Looking forward to giving her my all,
And I play and I shape, I figuratively rape,
The confines and structures of her walls.

She becomes my exclusive creation,
From imagination to paper and pen,
I give her life in these written stanzas,
My thoughts come alive again and again.

She smiles releasing me tender and sweet,
“You did good tonight, you brought it all home”
Then she appears in these verses and rhymes,
In the contour and figure of this poem.

Fire of Insight
Trinidad and Tobago 2awards
Joined 18th Feb 2017
Forum Posts: 187

Verbal Intercourse

Skilled in the pleasure of physical poetry.
Touching the mind and body while provoking toughs of fantasies beyond your wettest dream.  
Godlike pleasure.  
beginning with the mind, submissive in thoughts of pleasure, wanting me in you, going against all impulses not to be touched in ways you want to,  
ravaging blood throughout your body, burning with the intent of sex. The mind subdued.
sending the body into chaos, needing the pleasure of the most skilled lover, masterful with the power of the tongue.  
Done by: Michael Goodridge
Written by Michael_Goodridge (BiblicalBoredom777)
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Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom 39awards
Joined 5th Nov 2014
Forum Posts: 2983

No Mercy; Please

I  now take heed of it
I plead for it
I bleed for it
I feel the need for it
I’ll do a dirty deed for it
I’ll spill my seed for it
I'll do it all for you
In the hope you show me no mercy
I don’t need you to save me
I don’t need you to crave me
I need you to rave me
I need you to enslave me
You can give me relief
From this dire human existence
Even if it’s just for a while
Your body makes me tremble
Your dungeon is my temple
Time to testify
Time to worship
Time to praise the pains
Time to take the strain
The Straps and chains
The slashing of veins
Crucify me hands and feet
Nailed to your fuckin floor
Let the pain begin
Let the blood flow
Let your whip crack
Bury your strap-on up my crack
Puncture my back
With your glass heels on
Reverse cowgirl ride me
Like a fuckin animal
Shit on my stomach
Piss all over my legs
Keep shouting obscenities at me
Enthuse me
Abuse me
Misuse me
Bruise me
I plead for it
I bleed for it
I feel the need for it
I’ll do a dirty deed for it
I’ll spill my seed for it
I'll do it all for you
In the hope you’ll show me no mercy
You hurt me like no other
Please do me again dearest mother

Tyrant of Words
Kazakhstan 106awards
Joined 26th June 2011
Forum Posts: 9239

The Heels

I guess you could say those heels
had my attention from the start

the way they curved ankles
in a submissive call to the wild
beckoning me to journey them

the dark caves of knee
a map of bones, in which
I would intentionally
become lost.

How I loved those heels
as I heard with silent breath
the audible click of movement
over the wood floor they owned

how they made the same noise
when they stood behind me
balancing against my frame
as face down on the table
they stroked my calves
in the slick glide of leather
against erect skin

how, with every fistful of hair
the heels sang in response
hell-bent on owning my body
determined in their search for God,
towered in complex ascension.

I guess you could say those heels
had my attention from the start

as I knelt on the floor before him
the heels still on his waiting feet,
the hips a long-hidden tale of arousal;
I lay a solitary kiss on his thigh

a stiletto smile spreading
across his face.

Tyrant of Words
Joined 25th Aug 2011
Forum Posts: 15507

Release Me, or Just Love

breathy mouth lusciously
encircling me, deadly erotica
small sharp teeth... ecstasy
could maim, could wound

her eyes, so beautiful, I swim
in their depth, yet flickering within
some madness of possessiveness
I want her, adore her and hate her

my man, she purrs, nuzzling
my groin, and I proudly rise
she encircles me with her tongue
hugs me high to pleasure universe

her hands, lips ...thighs
they are my handcuffs to this bed
within the room that never opens
windows that are forever curtained

swearing each morning to never return
each day ends with my lust aching
to be stroked, blown into an inferno
on the sheets I am  rutting again

one day I swear, even as I cum
I will kill her...and be free.

Written by Grace (Idryad)
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Dangerous Mind
United States 77awards
Joined 3rd Feb 2014
Forum Posts: 1873


I was awoken in the dark night
When she pulled back my bedding
I could only make out the sight
Of her silhouette in the moon light

Dropping her robe she had a figure to behold
With beautiful curves that outlined
Large breasts and bubbled ass
This mysterious girl had class   

And here all along I had thought
Sharing a vacation timeshare
With my large extended family was dumb
But much to my midnight surprise
This 17 year old boy was going to have some fun

Who was this erotic beauty?
Was she one of my second cousins removed,
Or was it a third cousin that slide in bed
Beside me, completely in the nude?

I pulled my pajama bottoms down
To accommodated her smooth ass
That she nuzzled against my hips
When she whispered with sweet lips

“Oh my, Harold you haven’t
Had a boner like that in a long time”

That’s when I realized this was no
Sexy kissing distant cousin
But someone shocking beyond comprehension

But I kept my wits about me
Reaching around I put my hand over her mouth
And whispered back, “Mom, don’t scream or yell!
I’m your son Drew, Harold is my dad for Christ’s sake
You must have used the bathroom
And returned to the wrong room by mistake”

“Now quietly get up and leave
Before someone catches us
And we really have a scene”

Mom got up dressed and quietly left
And neither of us mentioned that night
Till several years later

Till one day when I asked to borrow her car
For a long Holiday weekend with friends
At first she said, “No!”
Then I reminded her about dad
Not having a boner like that in a long time
So she threw me the keys and I got my loner

Strange Creature
Joined 5th June 2017
Forum Posts: 1

Ocean Blue Eyes

I fell in love with her ocean blue eyes
And her thunderous thighs
Blonde hair in the moonlight shines enough to make wolves cry
Her body so perfect would make any virgin rise
Though rejection in return receives a long sigh
She doesn't know what's going on in this cold mind
Her reaction too slow as she goes blind
My timing being one of a kind
When she wakes she'll be declared mine
As I thrust I make her pussy swole
She screams as she plays her role
Blood drips as if being struck by a steel pole
Her virginity I stole right when my eyes turned cold
No one around and my future looked bright
As I clasp her throat and hold on tight
Her face turns colors until my wrist snaps right
Then her ocean blue eyes turned to white.
Written by Ghost_of_Society
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
Joined 5th Aug 2016
Forum Posts: 25

Self-Prescribed Sex Prison

I grit my teeth and white my knuckles
as my newfound mentor chuckles.
He teaches me about disdain,
but no matter, I planned for pain.
My eyes both flutter as I shudder,
then I hear him coarsely utter:
"Good, looks like you still feel somethin'.
Bitch I swear, you ain't worth nothin'."
Lashes wet my back with crimson
in this self-prescribed sex prison.
I don't mind the body abuse,
but worry when he grabs the noose...
He likes to leave it on so long,
Last time, I thought I was gone.
But this time I see in his eyes
Something that brings fear to mine:
This is self pity and anger,
my hairs raise as I sense danger.
I test my cold metal chains
but can't break from my restraints.
He slips the noose around my neck,
then gives my cheek one final peck.
Fire rips through my perception,
Monsters I don't dare to mention..
Everything I love is ash,
all my glass memories crash.
Burning flesh, a pungent smell,
flares my nostrils in this hell.
I hear screaming, perhaps mine?
Then I'm returned to my time:
Surrounded by smoke and flame,
mumbling my dealer's name.
In this inferno, I bubble,
as his crackhouse burns to rubble.
Written by MrBuchanan
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