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Be of Good Courage

Dangerous Mind
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Poetry Contest

Write about being brave.
Recently it struck me that bravery sometimes wells up in us during the strangest of circumstances. Sometimes it's the dark. Sometimes the hospital. Maybe the playground or shopping mall.

Wherever you have experienced, or witnessed, bravery, write about it!

The Rules:
-maximum 200 words
-title your poem
-only new pieces
-no collaborations
-i don't mind romantic interludes, but let's not get pornographic. let's keep it pg-13 please.
-two weeks

Be brave, poets. Be brave!

Dangerous Mind
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we hid under the stairs.  

before that, you were so focused:  
deep breaths between each
number counted outloud,
pushing your blonde head  
against my chin,
scripting yourself into favorite books
"it's in my story, see?  
silas is brave and gives blood."

then it was over.
"i'm done."  
you fled the room to the nearest
dark, quiet space.
i found you,
knees against your chest
head down,
heaving breaths,
in the corner.  

i sat beside you, not touching.  
seconds turned to minutes
and i found a spiderweb
above our heads.  
my fingers found grit in the space
where the wall meets the floor.  

five minutes turned to fifteen.
fifteen turned to thirty.
"i'm sorry, mom. i ran."
and you reached for me.
"i am brave."

(just an example! i'm obviously not entering my own competition.)

Guardian of Shadows
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A Pain Remembered

Until next time
he says as he walks away
looking after him
she smiles brightly
not sure if he will look back

sadness encircles her heart
its healing
doesn't matter anymore
and the band around
her hurts break

her heart pulses
and shifts a little
blocks her throat
and moisten her eyes
her lips quivers

not that he is leaving
but that her feelings
are ashes under
a remembered pain
his goodbye a truth

Only to her.
Written by Grace (Idryad)
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Dangerous Mind
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Grace said:https://deepundergroundpoetry.com/poems/187075-a-pain-remembered/

thanks for kicking it off, Grace!

Dangerous Mind
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Be Brave

Have faith and courage to take the jump.
Fall in love with someone who loves you
Right back. Be brave to go over every bump.
Do not be afraid to go over the edge into
Something new and exciting. That is how
You breathe and live. Do not go by someone
Else’s rules. Make them and you say wow.
Darling, do not think that your life is done
And over with because you still have a lot
More to go. Travel the world. Be curious and
Broke. You sometimes only have one shot.
Break the rules and hold someone else’s hand.
Do not be afraid to ask a lot of questions
And sometimes you do not always get
The answer. Take your own suggestions
And advice. Above all do not hold any regret.
Written by eswaller
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Dangerous Mind
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Thanks for your entry, eswaller!

Strange Creature
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He hit me again,
this time stronger than before.
didn't he love me?
"You have no strength," he told me
i didn't.

Mother called me today,
father had passed away.
"Stay strong," she told me.
but i didn't.

"You're weak" he said
I had made him breakfast,
rubbed his back,
i told him i loved him.
but i still wasn't strong.

i went to the gym
i lifted weights,
i did my pushups,
ran on the treadmill;
was i strong yet?

i took therapy classes
i went to father's funeral
i handled my emotions
was i strong yet?

mother called me again
"I'm doing better now," i say.
"It's good you've stayed strong!" she tells me.
now I'm strong.

He hit me again today.
This time, I hit him back; harder.
I made him leave.
Now I'm strong.

(sorry, I wrote this on the spot. Probably isn't too good.)

Jennifer Michael McCurry
Tyrant of Words
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Unknown Rebel

A simple man
Like you or me
stands alone
Shifting as oppression tries to roll past
Massive dogs of war
And the silence is like thunder
A rebel yell heard around the world
His act against boys
With big toys
Selling propaganda of little self
And intimidation through tyranny
Was not done for glory
But because his heart suffered
Without freedom
And that need was stronger than the fear of consequence

Simple people commit
Acts of great bravery every day
At times getting out of bed
To face another day
When you are hungry
Or homeless
Living with a terminal illness
Elderly and alone
A child living through physical or sexual abuse
A woman with bruises that mark her with shame
Or simply the will to go on when the days seem too long and you are just plain tired

We get up and persevere
And hope that the next days
First glitter of light that hits our
tired eyes
Makes us smile

We remember the people
Who risked it all to save freedom
That faced devastation
By taking a stand on shaking knees
And stood strong

And we.put two feet to the floor
and do the same

That is courage

Twisted Dreamer
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False Signals

It starts inside
You can find an abundance of chaos
A double cross of conscious
The obnoxious and toxic
So what's with the virtue
Who hurt you and should pay
On a good day it's no one
But it's no fun you could say
Kill your masters they're done with
And the fun shit can start
Be smart with the blame game
The same way they tell you
The hell you could raise but today you will bury
Be merry and spread love
And rest up you're tired
Of liars and protest
Go rest your psyche
And likely you'll see who the victims are truly
Not you me or him her
This dim earth is gloomy
We all live to suffer
Enough of the crying
Start trying to better
The weather you walk through
And talk to your family
That can be prescription
To end the addiction of signalling virtue
The dirt you could dig up
The mix up is curfew
The word you would call it is bravery basically
Don't be afraid of the world in this state
And wait patiently on your own self fulfilled prophecy
Honestly god is the obvious policy
Talk to me like you would talk to yourself
Give me love and affection like anyone else
You can place all your anger on top of the shelf
And make better the world when you better the self
Written by Benzy_420 (BTheW)
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Dangerous Mind
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Thanks so much for your entries!!!

Twisted Dreamer
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Love Me Naked

Love Me Naked  
Can you love me naked withholding nothing but love from my heart
Holding everything together when everything seem to be falling apart
Can you love me in and out of time  
The naked truth is hidden inside of you  
Never withhold the truth  
When love is in the midst  
Because feelings are involve  
Can you love me when I am naked
All of my insecurities  
All of my flaws  
My darkest secrets are exposed
Can you love me with everything you got  
Love is real when it is coming from the heart
Letting go of pass hurt and pain
Not letting tears fall like rain  
When things are falling apart  
Everything else is coming together  
Like the sun up in the sky  
The stars shining so bright  
Like a light that sun shine  
When you are naked  
Everything is out in the open  
So can you still love me with all of my baggage
Love me naked  
Love me to the end of time  
Love me pass my pain  
Hold me close never letting me go  
Like a cool winter breeze  
Do you still love me naked  
Do you still love me naked
Written by MalcolmJThePoet
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Dangerous Mind
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Caged inside familial bond not knowing why or how
Psyched, forced fed an ideal - religion, morals, values in life
One day you just realized, the world is vast and you can get out
That you can choose your own right and wrong, regardless

When your house no longer feels like it's home
And you feel like fleeing to make it on your own
When you ceased to be afraid of being alone
Then step-outside and conquer yourself, head high

Courage is an expectation of the worse,
Will that is stronger than a broken heart
Hope of survival even amidst of it all
A decision to take chances and not for show

Without regrets...
Here you are
Standing still.


Dangerous Mind
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Thanks so much for all your entries! They were all spectacular and gave me a bravery boost. Which I so needed in the last few weeks.

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