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I Pet Goat 2 Analyses /Apocalyptical ?  Or What?

poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

Watch 7 minute video (link below) and write something inspired by it
Hello writers,

I really enjoyed having philosophical discussions on the analyses of this video by Heliophant. There are many analyses online, of varying quality and depth.
I hope some of you will spend the seven minutes and see what it inspires.

Any length, style, and opinion. 2 weeks. Collabs OK but let me know who gets the trophy

I look forward to reading your entries.
There are so many ways to interpret the artist's work

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States
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The messenger came in, spoke in his ear,  
The one who had received in morning's light,      
Of what had come to pass just then that year;      
His eyes grew & drew in their hardened sight.      
The flames began to flicker at his feet,      
The news befalling those in their last breath.     
Such unbelieving sadness from its heat      
In moments of a generation's death.      
The third all-seeing eye that knew their fate,      
When destined, one-by-one, as was foretold.     
Of all the man-made temples built on hate,     
To ashes ground into the dust of old.      
The journey of the one for us who died,      
The world is spinning on a faith's mistrust.     
No matter what belief each man abide,      
And waits to claim which of them is more just.      
Apocalyptic triumphs' ruins cold;      
The masses freed of global social hacks.    
The corporate holocaust has lost its hold;      
Yet hope anew has no where to turn back.  
April 24 ( NaPoWriMo 2017 )
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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poet Anonymous

Excellent entry, Jade. I enjoy your Apocalyptic take on it.
Thank you for kicking things off.

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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It's my pleasure, hostess Miki... I love the challenge of this theme!

Alexander Case
Dangerous Mind
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O mystic Jesus, are you blind?  
Am I here, Lord;  
Incapacitated and terrified to disconnect  
From angels of torment and death,  
Whilst you shield your eyes from this war within.  
O crypto-Christ, are you at peace  
With the antichrist, burdened  
By the cross idolised by your flock?  
Sheep who follow goat tracks to every goddam lie  
Memorised from the book of Lucifer;  
Unveiled by the sun of self-righteous.  
O son of dawn and dusk;  
Lord of the first and the end,  
Your body ablaze,  
Your soul enlightened in the wake of oblivion  
Transcends a world erased of religion  
Abandoned by pre-judas.  
Here I am, Lord.  
Can you feel my body burn?  
My soul unplugged, absolved of ignorance.  
I the Lord, born of flesh and blood.  
Written by case28 (Alexander Case)
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poet Anonymous

Thanks for your fine entry, Mr.Case
Your interpretation is fascinating.

Guardian of Shadows
United States
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The Sliver Sailor

I am the fire that
does not consume, the word
like water
down your throat—
I am the last sunset,

the Alpha and Omega,
it is said.

While goats are puppets
on the devil’s strings,
I sail my sliver
on rivers
of glass, extending
my heart to all who
would reach out their hand.

The old may dream
and the young may
yet put your boots to the ground
and follow—

Mine eyes are
my love, my bride,
won’t you turn your gaze
on mine?

The fish come crashing
on your shores, yet
you will not eat.

Shabbat-shalom, and
The world stage is set
once again
for the ticking of the clocks
and the rise
of the eternal, on fields of

poet Anonymous

Thank you Madame L.
For adding another fine interpretation

I am enjoying these reads immensely ..:)

Tyrant of Words
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( A villanelle for "I, Pet Goat II" competition)


“It’s not my fault at all” he said
“the role I play is prophesied
for history needs the many dead”

the victims, traumatised, saw red
“the millions killed can’t be denied!”
“it’s not my fault at all” he said

“for bad guys must get out of bed
demand the people’s sacrifice
since history needs the many dead”

“a lame excuse that has no cred
you evil bastards should be fried”
“it’s not my fault at all” he said

“for citizens must be misled
in evolution’s rocky ride
since history needs the many dead”

“survival and our daily bread
can do without your genocide”
“it’s not my fault at all” he said
“for history needs the many dead”.

poet Anonymous

Thank you, Josh
for your excellent interpretation.
I enjoy your slightly different angle than the prior entries

Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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Goats go to heaven II

so it ends
thus as it began
Be it flood or flame

Unaware puppets
fooled once with an apple
won't be twice with that fruit
On that day the seeds were sown
destruction and life

Freedom of will
to see through the very facade
To know as the very fabric tears the veil
as the pillars of religion crumble
around the very society
that coveted control

Of it all
the very essence
is thus

One day a pet goat
the truth
the life
and the way

And so it begins
as it ended
be it flame or flood

poet Anonymous

Thanks, Carpe
for that fine entry
touching on the apocalyptic as well.

I'm loving the reads

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Ol' W was a dunce its true
A lot of things he did were bad
But from a 2017 point of view
I miss him like I miss my dad.

poet Anonymous

Thank you fizzle
Time does give perspective.

Not long to go
Sadly this video wasn't interesting to many here but we live and learn. I know I do.

Dangerous Mind
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(A Reactionary Piece)

Forgive me, but all I see are justifications
When we can't explain certain happenings
Or if we become so devastated by something
We find reasons that could rationalize it.
"It must be the anti-Christ, the end is near!"
Excuse me but, are you saying that all is preordained?
That salvation is only for the soul of the afterlife?

If that is so, is it all God's will?
Do you mean to tell me, it's gonna happen anyway?
No matter the struggle, no matter the perseverance,
Of mankind towards peace and reconciliation?
If that is the case, should we stop trying?
And let humanity rot, join the crowd and
Just wait for the enivitable - the end of it all?

This world is cruel, that is a given.
War torn with succession of tyrants and oppressed
Of heroes and of bloodshed spilled on lands
For freedom, for power, for faith, for love, for life.
Our history, is still being written by memory
By deeds, by speeches and press releases
Truth? Will always be relative to each who owns it.

Who's to be congratulated? Who is to blame?
My opinion, already written in this poem...

Cock Of The Game
Bullets fly, like blind hummingbirds   
Impaling everything in their way.     
Sunshine occulted by clouds of smoke   
Lungs suffocated by the aroma of blood and gunpowder   
Crimson cocktails of fluid and muddy earth   
Bathing bodies void of life.   
The once peaceful village   
Raped by warring sides   
Collateral damage in the games of chess   
Played by those moronic cocks of the walk     
Who puffs themselves up on podiums   
Where they squawk like unintelligible Gods   
When behind closed doors, they shake hands with the gaffers   
Then sold them the same arms that choke their very own flocks.   
My heart aches for the innocents   
Caught in the crossfire for the sake of bloated balls   
For the life they might have led   
For the others they could have met   
For the generation they could have influenced   
For the difference they could have made   
Now wasted, sacrificed in the name of greed and the title - Cock of the game.

It has always been survival of the fittest
We may have paved the virgin forest
We may have build skycrapers in its stead
But we never ceased to be the savages
Despite being dressed to the nines
We all still fight for existance, fearing Death
Gambling, playing all-in in a game that we call life...

Death, Life and the Gamblers

Death would come to us all 
How? When? Where? 
No one really knows. 
By the sickbed 
By the road 
Thru an accident 
Or murder by foe 
We could sleep tonight 
And never wake up 
We could be just sitting 
And be bombed along with others 

Because we fear it 
It becomes an object of threat 
A means to an end? 
A retaliation? 
An act of aggression? 

When will it stop to be a debt 
By one hand, by one group 
How many times will it be 
A tool to achieve a cause 
Or when is a cause worthy 
To cause a life of a mother 
A father, a child, a pickpocket 
A beggar, a priest, or a criminal? 
When will life ceased to be commodity 
Used to barter to gain one great cause supposedly? 

When one has the power yet have a dark intent 
When one believes that everything else is unimportant 
When an injustice becomes justifiable 
Then I would fear them above Death 
For the likes of them 
Knows no mercy and possess a manic mind 
That is beyond any counseling 

Like a gambler so invested in the game on the table 
They would play all in and if it isn't enough, 
They would waste away bodyparts 
Not their own, but that of their love ones. 

Death, life and a gambler 
Those three shouldn't meet and greet. 
Look at this world we're living in? 

There is no need to give reasons
Answers were written long before we were born
We all have to die...
No questions.

As long as there is two sides to a coin. We people will always choose... 

As long as there is loyalty, there will always be a war... 

Conflict will always be present one after another... 

Violence will never cease to exist, for it's our primal instinct... 

The sun does not always shine, we do not always have a reason to smile, people have desires and therefore would feel greedy and possessive at times. 

Dalai Lama once said that peace in the outer world can never be obtained unless we make peace with ourselves. 

But how could that be? Is acceptance enough, does compliance means it is alright? Should we suppress courage and give up the freedom of expression? 

To be deaf, mute and blind and be happy for everything, do you think it is possible? 

I think not! 

When two conflicting sides reached a compromise and abide by it, does it mean peace? 


But is that compromise encompasses the desires and will of everyone? 

Peace is not a state of just one. It's a nation of everyone. At peace with one self is not peace - it's resignation. 

But we keep hoping. 

Jhon Lennon sings about it with all his heart... 

... imagine all the people living life in peace, you may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us and the world will be as one. 

And then he died. 

Rest in peace, brother John, we would join you and the others someday soon, wait for us. 

For we all hope for peace, and we all will receive the gift when our mortal soul finally lay on it's resting place. 

For now... strive!
This lifetime.


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