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Official DUP NAPOWRIMO (National Poetry Writing Month) 2017

Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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Michelangelo carved David
By cutting at the stone
That was to become David

God carved David
Wielding humiliation like a chisel
Chopping and cutting

How He laughed
What's the Salvation
If you're not swallowed by a whale

How slow I walked
Slower than the old man with the frame
Who shuffled passed and called me nigger
How slow I was
Slower than the boy on his way to school
Who gave me the finger
Then ran home again

Slower than mud I walked in
And flowers have roots in

Every step felt like needles stuck in my eyes
You can't move fast when you're attached to
Fame shame blame name
In a word "Fear" my dear
You're light
In a word "Light" brave knight
Light through the eye of a needle

Dangerous Mind
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Almost Judas

I felt the overbearing weight of an angel
crushing my gray matter
suffocating me with attention
& half-hearted affection
I was however
in no mood for such pleasantries
& in my mind
I spattered her on
the windshield
like some kind of glittering technicolor bug
as I drove away
leaving a cloud of dust
to forever hang in the air
like that final reply
at the end of a fight
the one later on
in hindsight
you regret
but never speak aloud
I come to the senses of reality
& hand the little one
a crayon
& as she colors outside the lines
I find myself
lost plunging deep into the crayola horizon
& a tranquil peace comes over me
I pick up one of the wizards magic sticks
& sit beside her
now lost inside of her world
& together we create
a magical world
where I think she was trying to take me
to begin with


Fire of Insight
United States
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Miss Information

She leans over hedges
dialing up the Telephone Game
with neighbors, seeding gossip
vines that swiftly spread tendrils
throughout the community

Miss Information
germinator of factual innacuracies

What goes around the block
comes back around the block
never returning the same

which is good news for her
of course;  the offshoots can't be
tracked to the origin point:

the one person
full of so much bullshit
she uses it to
fertilize her lies

Guardian of Shadows
United States
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Flip Flop

I have worked out
The difference between
A dick and a cock
On seeing a foolish
Or a stupid man
We call him s dick
Dick is derogatory
Cock, on the other hand
Compared to its chicken counterpart
Is proud, and erect
As it struts and preens
So what would you rather have?
And that’s not just a question
For the male congregation
Would it be dick or cock?

Does dick or cock matter?
If you happen to be impotent
A member of the erectile dysfunctionals
What used to be your rod of iron
Is now a jelly truncheon
What used to be Thor’s mallet of meat
Is now the vegetarian option – mashed
What used to be my pork samurai sword
Is now like a floppy tuna sushi roll
What used to be my tummy banana
Is now just like low hanging fruit
It matters if there’s no lead in your pencil
Your dick or cock is equally useless

It’s true; I was never hung like mules
But now I’m needing Snap on tools
Showing no shame, I even tried Viagra
Waste of time, my tackle fell like Niagara
I don’t even attempt sex anymore
Almost anyone is now a better lover
Any woman with a strap on
A pitbull terrier called rocky
Steven Hawkins after a power surge
Anyone who is currently in a coma
Anyone who is currently dead and buried
At least they would be stiff

Attempting to fuck now, would be like:
Pushing a marshmallow into a beer bottle
Thumbing bread dough into a milk carton
Pushing ground beef into a champagne flute
Forcing macaroni into a light socket
Like slapping steam or punching smoke
It has now become exercise in futility
For a man who wears flip-flops
Ironically I can’t flip my flop

Thought Provoker
United States
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No Poetry For Old Farts

We are literary dinosaurs
in a rapidly changing world
where poetry is going extinct

superseded by pop stars
who if stripped of voice
and musical reinforcement
would seriously have to
up their game when it
comes to writing lyrics

If you are like me
unable to play an instrument
or sing without scaring away
dogs and small children
your days as well as mine
are numbered unkind


unless we make magic happen
in the minds of our readers

Alistair Plint
Dangerous Mind
South Africa
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Give it Steam, Honey

Cogs and gears
spurn then turn
steel lips and
brass nipples burn
Black top-hats
aeronautical goggles
with a dark green furn

Shades of spring mornings
protected under awnings
brollies of silk
in mechanical robots

As oil warms
hydraulics speak
frogs crow
ladybirds squeak
Screaming leather
latex spats, drying milk
Crying fur
covers shoulders
in tacky old overcoats

Trains spray temperamental steam
brass horns blowing
whistled sonnets
in loves loud screams

Auburn hair locks
and darkly lined
eyes with matching lips
"Oh, thank you kind sir"
she nods
as they pass the Java
brewed by the barrister's
dream team


20th hosiery seam

Guardian of Shadows
Sierra Leone
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over under

Scared money
Don't make money

But whose money
Are we playing with

I get y'all waiting for me
to fuck it all up
that's my leagacy
One of weakness and surrender

A mind likely to succumb to
The zoolophilous screams  
Of the choir
Raising the Holy Ghost

Somebody's caught him
Same lady I saw cursing
In the candy store cause she claims
The man cheated her for a dollar

She's a hustler though
Puts in five in the collection basket
Takes ten as her change for the
Twenty she claims is hers

Collard greens
Biscuits and gravy
Smothered Pork chops

The good deacons supper
Before he goes home

to his wife and kids

They make plans that
don't include me

He figures I'll be dead
Or in jail

By the time they run off
Safe bet
Most would say

Five to ten
Over or under

Bet the over
I tell my closest friends

Cause one Sunday afternoon
I'm gonna gut him
While he naps

Stomach filled with cornbread
His eyes dripping gin

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States
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April 20 ( NaPoWriMo 2017)

Born To It

When I was smallest size before I walked
And only had two stumps for baby teeth,

I felt I knew the words when I would squawk,
The meaning of that sound ran underneath.

I hoped the people so high understood,
They waited for the day when I could talk.

Until I could I loved to pantomime,
It came as natural to me as a dance.

A friend who all of two taught me to sign,
My little hands like wings in signing stance.

The first word that I spoke I shouted 'HORSE!',
Became a poet thinking of a rhyme.

(You know how girls love ponies most of course.)

Fire of Insight
United States
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Peoples, be proud.

As of today's end, we are 66.66666% finished with NaPo!

Tyrant of Words
United States
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be still

be still, my love
go to that place filled with hope
and peace

rest your spirit
calm your mind
reach within
and seek the quiet

wrap yourself gently in warmth
gossamer wings of love
so soft and so strong

enfold yourself
in the solace of knowing truth
in tender touch of god(dess) within
the solid strength of your soul

let silence fill you
with the beauty of its hymn
hear it with your being
until your weary heart
is once more made whole

be still, my love
go inside

Fire of Insight
United States
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Shrodinger's Cat Stuck In A Well

I am out of ideas to write poetry about

or rather

the ideas are out of me

So many there have been
in such a brief span of time
that I question whether or not
there is anything left;
memories to draw upon
abandoned song lyrics
some ongoing DRAMA

or even if
there is any ink left in the well
to dip my quill in

but the doctor I play on TV
( he's a brilliant physicist in his own mind )
insists there is
and there isn't

and that I should not look

Tyrant of Words
United States
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First, what he said:  

JohnnyBlaze said:Peoples, be proud.

As of today's end, we are 66.66666% finished with NaPo!

Secondly, woot woot!

Welcome to Day 20! T-minus 11 days and counting! After you post today you're 66.66666% the way home, Poets!

We're holding strong at 21 eligible for the trophy! I predict everyone of them will finish!


Congratulations to our next Featured Napo Poet, Mel!


Tyrant of Words
United States
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Poetic Pools

will I vent today?
this question is posed
or will I deny this muse?

I hold so much in
afraid of detonating
my own flesh
with the release

keeping close
what lies within
unless it destroy
all in its path

a beast that ravages
cuts & bites
brings people low
there is a season
for such things

once I was an alcoholic
& like a drunk
I could slam head on
into oncoming ideas
without being harmed

I no longer wear my liquor armor
my soul is sensitive
to the present temperature
of the poetic waters
I & others tread in

I fear causing a vortex
that would swallow us all
if I stirred these pools

for now I tread water
skimming the surface
of my feelings
they may lack luster

the day will come
when I can again dive deep
into the acidic sea
without being burned
for now ignorance is bliss

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Alistair Plint
Dangerous Mind
South Africa
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Two Decades In Value & Rent.  

Shackled hands hold
translucent tea cups
in shivers of fear
with two spoons of
"I don't give a fuck"
stirred gently into
"Oh No! not again"

They asked for honey
were fed white sugar
and the green in the tea
got greener and greener
as the stocks cost more and more

Mother watched her flock
fall into dreamy sleep
before she tackled her chores
Father read the evening news
No one noticed the basketball

Taken lightly
the silence would be golden
silver clouds in castled sets
all out dates
holding clover
in late night bets

truth beholden
it's the back light sense
that breaks
night's silence
in tones that heaven sent

The local sheep dog
scratched a patch
in the main
bedroom tent
then barked at the postman
till a his biscuit ear
was bent


I got excited so a ladled the bank with the 20th Cent!

Lost Thinker
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Joined 24th Feb 2017
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haha I did this exact thing in february, it's very difficult to write one poem a day but extremely satisfying.

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