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My Suicide

Lost Thinker
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Poetry Contest

Write a suicide letter in the form of a poem
-Must have a rhyme scheme!!!!
-Minimum of 10 lines
-Maximum of 100 lines
-Can enter more than 1 entry
-Can be new or old poems

Good Luck!

Fire of Insight
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My Suicide

To anyone who loves me
Toughest apologies
Broken is my spirit
My soul, on its knees
In duress of darkness
No light answered plea
Prisoner of madness
Evilís detainee
Not if I was loved enough
Leading to decision
Excruciating anguish
Making the incision
Torture, I am protesting
Relief is to die
I beg of you no mourning
Of my suicide
Inspired by My Suicide competition
Written by mel44
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Tony Pena
Fire of Insight
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In wild fits of sobriety
Iíve turned with leather glove
a brass skeleton key

unlocking the connection
of dots between lust and love
but finding only an infection

of periods, a symphony of stops.
Hanging over with absinthe on tongue
and a taste for only perished crops,

living loose as a thread
barely growing as strung
like hair of the newly dead

but moments of barren mind
when left with hollow soul to knot
leave a man deaf, dumb, and blind

weaving a bridge between hope
and  hate armed with conscience not
but more than a gallowsí worth of rope.

Lost Thinker
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The End Is Near

Fuck my life
The end is near
Forget the world
I'm living in fear

I'm tired of trying
and getting nowhere at all
I give up
my back's against the wall

This world is fucked
I'd rather go to hell
Than spend one more day here
for the world to see me fail.


Dangerous Mind
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Death will find you
Trust me
All you need do
Is wait patiently

No need to hurry
He doesnít like complaints
That he should
Pick up the pace
Best just sit and wait

And when death
Finally comes a knocking
And you open the door
With your last breath

I promise you this
Youíll regret the little
Time you had to live
And wish he never knew
Your address

The above write is an anti-suicide note I wrote to myself during my most darkest time to remind that I neednít embrace death, heíll find me soon enough.

Dangerous Mind
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If you want to get even
With those that are mean
Donít Die
And make them
Not you,
Want to commit

The best revenge is not to die
But to keep on living

Dangerous Mind
United States 77awards
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The Asylumís elevator goes up tonight
Youíre not going to Hell, donít fright
See the doors, push the button
The devil appears when the doors open
Hell is right here this night
Christ bade possessed pigs to die
Is this why you loved suicide?
Demonic pigs, faith disavowed
The Satan is in you, youíre the sow

Tyrant of Words
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Write Right

The other day my daughter asked me,
What would I do if I found out I only had a month to live?
I responded, I wouldnít tell anyone, I would spend it writing,
I would spend every waking hour making sure my words would liveÖ

I would spit the sickest slickest shit and my flow will be so ill,
I would drop a great deal of ink like an oil spill from my quill,
I would inscribe until my eyes and fingers thoroughly bled,
I would compose so hard and fast racing like a thoroughbred.

I would write until my head and skull go numb, lull and sore,
Drink some mocha monsters and then Iíll write some more,
I would pen letters, poems and prose for those close to me,
Paragraphs like photographs for those who may have forgotten me.

I would reach into the deepest parts of my mind, heart and soul,
Expressing with honesty and modesty my love for it all,
Then in my pending death Iíll engrave the perfect ending prose,
And my epitaph would simply say, he died of a writing overdose.

Pariah Shadow
Dangerous Mind
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With not a thing to give
This razor in my wrist
Everyone I have to forgive
Give away a final kiss

Jumper, fall forever
Forever like never
Is a void I can't picture
But my evils hold no cure

If my grave would levitate
Like a winged razorblade
Of despair and a sadness
Melting into a great madness

It is the darkest taste
To stand in my disgrace
Look at my nude face
And wish to disappear
Without a trace

My suicide forthcoming
The rot of agony incoming

If a light were to appear
So my path be clear
Perhaps I'd have no fear
Out of hell, out of hell
Jesus I need you near.

Pariah Shadow
Dangerous Mind
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The Void Emotions of Numb Nothingness

Tastes like suicide
Burden of the moment
Sound of gunshot
My darkest lament

Murder, murder
Man in the mirror
Off a cliff, on a noose
I see you so clear
Sweet guillotine
Be my release!
Sever this life clean

In a thrill of sadness
Flailing like roadkill
Bullet-razor embedded
So I can finally feel

The pain was too much
But the numb nothing
Was a living death
And in feeling something
I'm reaching my last breath...

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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Printer Error Printed

This note was planned a freak mistake,  
The kind I thought I'd never make.  
I didn't mean to write it, still †  
I feel no pain, no time to kill.  
†† †
Sleep-walking with eyes opened wide,  
Murderous thoughts on hold denied.  
Around my wrists wrapped power cord,  
Bloodied prints on Apple keyboard.  
I sit naked in my redress, †  
As these words slide down my numbness  
Where you'll find me 'cross your car seat †
With no pulse to match my heartbeat. † †  
†† †
I hadn't planned to have you find  
A letter from me of this kind,  
The black and white of my lost faith † †  
Stillborn, lies in the paper tray. † †  
†† †
†† †
†† †
Entered in the DUP competition "My Suicide".
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Lost Thinker
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My blade no longer
numbs the pain
and neither does
the Mary-Jane

I cut deeper
than ever before
call up my dealer
and try to score

For all my loved ones
this is a harsh goodbye
I can't live this life
I must die..


poet Anonymous

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Thought Provoker
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To the people who loved me,
I give my sincerest Apologies,
The Monsters under my bed crawled inside my head
And I'm sad to say it,
But I'm glad my wrists are dripping red,
I loved the world so much,
But somehow I got stuck in hell's clutch,
To My little sister,
I love you,
And My absence won't mean much,
It'll be a Stain,
A blister,
A cut.
I'm sad that I had to go away,
The Monsters got a hold of me,
And I'm sorry it had to be this way.
It was like the ocean was living inside my chest,
And the Monsters Had dug a trench beneath my breast.
To the people who Mourn me,
Don't worry,
My soul is flying high,
And my mind is kissing the sky.
And to the ones I loved..
I'm sorry I had to be this way,
I'm sorry the ocean got to be too much pain,
And the Monsters Inside my head wouldn't ever go away,
I'm sorry I couldn't stay,
Forgive me,
I love you.
Your Jesse Ray.

Strange Creature
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Who ever may read my letter,
"I'm sorry" I say everyday
wheather I'm broken or beaten, down or bruised
I can't take it anymore but you knew
You see the tears I cry and leave me to question why
as I tell you I want to die, you just stand there and stare
with the frown on your lips and hands on your hips
your eyebrows are furrowed and in torment I burrow
"I'm sorry" I say everyday right to your face
and now you know why I wanted to die
you now see the cuts on my wrists and hips
but you didn't before it when I wore a dress or short sleeves
or maybe you did and didn't care,
that's okay I would say but it's not okay and now it's too late
So I must apologize for making you question,

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