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After the Party

Fire of Insight
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Poetry Contest

Write a short eritic poem (max 20 lines) starting with 'They left the party early.......' and ending with '........a one night stand''
New or old.
As many entries as you like.
Have fun.

Guardian of Shadows
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They left the party early,
in haste, for
the emotional pull was
far too much for even
the beer keg, to dull.

Ah, sweet bliss, the
aromas to come, with each
stroke they will take, painting,
waxing, the booty laden in
their truck from a Craig's List
"Curb-alert, free stuff" ad.

And the curbside-connoisseurs
drove into the night, with their
treasure, destined for refinishing:
a bookcase and
a one nightstand......  

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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Crashing the Scene

They left the party early one night
Ten minutes after crashing the site

Just as the sound of cops could be heard
These unwanted guests of in between years,

To graze unnoticed at the buffet
And see if there was reefer to toke,

But others began to tire of them
So Jack & Jill ran upstairs to a room,

To burrow under lots of fur coats
That partially hid their nakedness,

And lost no time tickling & groping
Then, with soft muffled moans, went deeper.

But like you read earlier, it said
The cops, the 'copter, the dogs appeared,

Meaning 'twas time to get outta there,
So Jack & Jill unloaded and left,

Eyes widened, hair flying, stark naked
They ran 'cross the lawn just as, unmanned

Sprinklers came on for the 2AM spritz,
That sure was one hell of a one night stand!

Not that Jack & Jill lol...

Tony Pena
Fire of Insight
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They left the party early after their gazes
locked like USS Enterprise tractor beams
with the boy making like Captain Kirk,
confident, corn fed, and horny as hell,
and the girl Vulcan cool, exotic, and aloof,
but she needed a ride  to her friends
in Neptune, New Jersey so she went
along for a ride in his 1999 white Saturn.
He hit warp speed of 69 mph to a hot sheets
motel on the moonlit way and sweet
talked her inside where he took off
his beige shirt and black pants and pulled
her close, his probe on high alert.
She wrapped her arms around
his neck applying the Mr. Spock
nerve pinch dropping him to the floor.
She went through his pockets lifting
his wallet and car keys and sang
to the melody of the Star Trek theme,
“Venus will never do a one night stand.”    

Jennifer Michael McCurry
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A fondled farewell

They left the party early
Just short of 11 thirty....
Her eyes lit full of shine
Intensified by his touch and the effects of cheap red wine
His reflection did laps in her baby blues
And simmered in pools of heat  
She gleamed fiery eyes that wanted more
To gaze taut anomalous flesh
And he took her curves in like so much meat
This left him stiff with arousal
He pulled her to feel his strain
She felt his excitement with sweaty palms
That sent his mind exploring warm wet spaces
He shuddered with anticipation
She giggled into his neck
As he took her with wigwag hand
They waved to the lonely people left
With lascivious grins crooked with Bon vivieur
They offered ribald salutations
Returned  by waspish fuck you's
Unamused by the situation
Their faces contorted with the twitch of envy
With fingers on the verge of flying the bird
The words slut and philandering could be heard
And harsh whispers of one night stands

Lost Thinker
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One Night Stand

They left the party early
going back to his house,
thinking he was getting lucky
with his hands up her blouse.
The front seat of his car
sitting at a red light,
she was kissing his neck
then everything went white.
They were hit head on
by a big red truck,
he was at the bar with them
and he was pretty drunk.
All three people
dead on scene,
to bad it wasn't  
just a fucked up dream.
What they had in mind
didn't go as planned,
that was the end  
of their one night stand.

Dangerous Mind
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They left the party early
Holding each other’s hand
The geek and cheerleader
How these two hitched up
No one could understand
But after 30 years of bliss
With two children
And three grandkids
These kids have proven
That they were more than
A one night stand

Tyrant of Words
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Alma Gitana

They left the party early,
The stares they shared seduced each other all night long,
The way she wore that dress, with refinement and finesse
They couldn’t ignore the attraction, the signals were too strong.

And once they got back to his place,
They had a couple of more drinks and yet very few words,
They embraced and kissed with a fever no one could resist,
Into an all-nighter that had them both stimulated and stirred.

And in between those moments of rest,
As he caressed the delicate curves of her back and derriere,
He admired the splendor of this beautiful stranger,
As she still wore the flower that decorated her hair.

And in the early hours of the morning,
They shared one of those everlasting and deep conversations,
She told him about her travels all around the world,
Before they went at it one last time with profound elation.

When he woke up he found her decorative flower on his pillow,
But she was gone like a dream one dreams off to a distant land,
And even though it’s been twenty five years he will never forget,
That gypsy soul and the night they shared a one night stand.

Fire of Insight
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Many thanks for your contributions. Choosing a winner was difficult as thay all were good.

Tyrant of Words
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Thank you to the host for this honor. Congratulations to MadameLavender and MaKayla_Grace for sharing the podium in this comp.

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