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Poetry Contest

Share romantic poems.
Romance: a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.

Poems will get comments explaining good features as well as subjective areas of improvement. If you want comments, then put your poem webpage's full url link (or just the 6 digits that are within that url) at the bottom of your posts.

You are allowed to submit a poem that you've written before, even if I've commented on it or it's been in my previous romance contest.

You can submit 3 poems maximum. Don't edit your posts, after the contest has closed.

please send me a private message with any questions.

Here's some inspiration from last competition:

Hepcat61 said:Here

From far across, through golden wheat, she comes.  
The joy within her strives betrays the flame.  
She brings with me my songs, and now we run,  
Our hearts beat out a love too wild to tame.  
We fall into each other's perfect rhyme:  
It's here where we exist, one heart, sublime.

Sir-Anton said:Patient Love

We Teased
We Laughed
We Fought
We brought Love to each others daily thoughts

The highs were high
And lows were low
But my Love for you
Still always grows

Apart we are
But not for long
We both know
This Love is strong

Now hand in hand
Let's walk this land
And show each other
Love of the highest brand

So many times
I pushed and shoved
But what caught me
Is your Patient Love

Jade-Pandora said:Renga: Sensual Rain

through the rain falling    
we chase around apple trees    
our bounty bears fruit

tonight with our clothes    
drip-drying in the bathtub    
distant thunder lulls    
new rain arriving—    
heartbeats of night passion pause    
as we both listen    
through blinds lightning's flash
zebra stripes on naked flesh
we're each other's prey

a voyeur's phase ebbs
while wind gusts part swollen clouds
and lovers' thunder

moments before sleep
when all things are possible
our fingers touch rain

Here's more inspiration from the last competition:

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Sure Feels Like Love

jade tiger
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A summer night of sultry dreams,  
I stand upon my balcony  
From bedroom sanctuary mine,  
To slip out of my négligée  
I feel the need to shower clean,  
To arch, to stretch, & know I'm seen.  
Your eyes are flowing down my curves  
As I turn slowly 'round to show  
My breasts to full advantagement  
That cup within my hands like wine,  
Their swollen spigots shadows cast  
Invite, imbibe, intoxicate.  
Then let surround your flesh with mine  
To lean, to bow, to rivulate  
And mix elixir mine with yours!  

The title is French for négligé, which is French for "neglected".
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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He clung onto me like a leech in shallow water and I held onto him silently,
Just Thinking about how this quiteness could mean more poetry than I could ever write.
But between the awkward glanses and fumbling over eachother wondering who would make the first move, I couldnt help but watch his eyes there, like I was drawn to the flicker in between his lashes
as he strummed bitterly sensual chords into the back seat of my car.

maybe he will leave soon,
And never come back..
And maybe I will be sad about it-
But for now I'm okay;
For now it's okay
Because It feels right this time
And it's crazy: that feeling,
Crazier than when I knew someone else was wrong for me but I let him do things to me anyway;
Crazier than anything that's happened so far;

He clung onto me like a leech in shallow water, and I held onto him silently,
Hoping this wouldn't be the last time we would tremble together in the darkness

geoff cat
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Morning Tiger

On highest flat of mesa’s steppe,    
The rest of life still dark below,    
I find her there like sunrise born.    
A golden sparked obsidian,    
With slink like waves in new green sky,    
Her merest strut sets me ablaze.    
In three-point stance, she takes her state,    
Surveys her land ‘fore gains her rest.    
I find my spot in new day’s light.    
Her gaze then comes to rest on me.    
I see her smile from distance set,    
Like sun itself had burned my heart.    
She raises song that calls for me,    
And I sing back that she might hear    
And carry me with her to bed.
Written by Hepcat61 (geoff cat)
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Alexander Case
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woman [the sociological aspects of pornography and a book cover for tenderness locked within]

i can live  
on her essence  
without taking a breath  
a lonely prisoner  
locked away for winter's entirety  
still i feel the seasons of summer  
spring and fall  
in the mercy of her lips  
my woman  
siren and muse  
my sweet friend and sister  
she's the one who ignites the silver flame  
that dances within the confines of this cage  
brother give me your daughter  
i want her washed up  
on desert island shores doused in coconut oil  
i'll invite myself over for pizza and a movie  
and steal her hand  
with the mona lisa under my arm  
we will stroll the streets of paris like thieves  
she sends me gifts  
poetry and books and her wonderful eye  
for composure  
whilst i pour over photographs of sex  
but what she sculpts with her mind  
remains untouchable  
she offers me  
dust particles for life  
still i want more  
it's only natural she tells me  
when she bows down to the sun  
and for all this  
i surrender my sanity  
my heart  
my body and age-erasing jizz  
the drippings of life  
that sings a melody of laughter  
to the fading rhythm of love  
i pray  
for her smile and presence alone  
to torch  
the greed that now faces this world  
when i close my eyes and slip under the waves  
of ultraviolet light
Written by case28 (Alexander Case)
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I Do Not Love You Like The Crescent Moon

I do not love you like the crescent moon
majestically erupting into a star filled night  
nor do I love you like the pearl painted swan
gliding effortlessly across a pristine pond

Fear not for I do most certainly love you -

But my love is more like a cool crisp apple
one succulent bite bringing sustenance to life
My love lives in our fresh laundered linens
dried in the comforting winds blowing off the sea

My love is here
My love is now
It is in everything I touch
It is in everything I Do

I may not love you like the luster melting hearts
glistening off a ten carat diamond ring
but you can be sure my love lives daily
in my every breath and my every dream
Written by JusTim_
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My Blues

Someone is thinking
 Of you
Through the restless
Wishing and dreaming
 Closer to your heart
Here and near

I’m still here sitting
The silhouettes dance
Wishing and dreaming
Of this

Amid all the moods
 Colors and hues
The reds
 The purples
   My blues

I lie here and want
That which
I cannot
But I must entrust
 This perfect

poet Anonymous

Thank you so much sirBoring for placing me in the mix with some fine entries here & for your invaluable opinion/critique as always.  

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Congratulations to all the winners! Awesome entries everyone...

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