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Poetry Contest

Share romantic poems.
Romance: a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.

Poems will get comments explaining good features as well as subjective areas of improvement. If you want comments, then put your poem webpage's full url link (or just the 6 digits that are within that url) at the bottom of your posts.

You are allowed to submit a poem that you've written before, even if I've commented on it or it's been in my previous romance contest.

You can submit 3 poems maximum. Don't edit your posts, after the contest has closed.

please send me a private message with any questions.

Here's some inspiration from last competition:

FromTheAsh said:dichotomy of being

you don't understand
the chaos ringing
screaming in my mind
or how it stills
whenever you're near
hands on my shoulders
lips pressed to my hair
you say all
I feel you
solid strength
against my weakness
knees that won't support
breath I can never catch
every shuddering tremor
collapsing my being
with each impassioned caress
everything in me sings
the more deeply you sink
but my mind
shifts its focus
honing in on you
you bring me

Afroqn73 said:Kiss Me

I inhale with eyes closed
Lips touch like
The breeze from angels wings

mel44 said:Adore

You are my lifetime passion
The most precious love I've known
I could not live without you
I care not to stand alone

Beside you I feel whole
Never more complete
You have loved me always
No other could compete

All the parts of you
My lover, I adore
You are my existence
My soulmate ever more

I hold you in my heart
Desire I will embrace
Know how much I love you
You are my saving grace

jade tiger
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Renga: Sensual Rain

† † † †
through the rain falling † †
we chase around apple trees † †
our bounty bears fruit

tonight with our clothes † †
drip-drying in the bathtub † †
distant thunder lulls † †
† †
† †
new rain arrivingó † †
heartbeats of night passion pause † †
as we both listen † †
† †
† †
through blinds lightning's flash
zebra stripes on naked flesh
we're each other's prey

a voyeur's phase ebbs
while wind gusts part swollen clouds
and lovers' thunder

moments before sleep
when all things are possible
our fingers touch rain

Renga = Linked Haiku/Senryu

Fire of Insight
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Found Again

I was blinded
knew not what was real
existing alone
forgot how to feel
then you were there
just as before
more than human
you, I adore
Written by mel44
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Fire of Insight
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To Have And To Hold

Beautiful yesterdays
Promise of tomorrow
Perfect todays
Forever, we borrow
Written by mel44
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Fire of Insight
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A Previous Dissever

A Previous Dissever  
A clearly glorious past
Now a promised future
Unconditional forever
Beholding the best within
A fundamental knowing
Trust we shall endeavour
Inspiration of passion
Love instilled desire
Our bond ought not to sever
Each otherís confidants
Adoring ardently
Neglect not whatsoever
Admire, cherish madly
Romantic enamouring
Embodies us together
Shall we dissever  
Written by mel44
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geoff cat
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From far across, through golden wheat, she comes. †
The joy within her strives betrays the flame. †
She brings with me my songs, and now we run, †
Our hearts beat out a love too wild to tame. †
We fall into each other's perfect rhyme: †
It's here where we exist, one heart, sublime. †
(A call to my one)
Written by Hepcat61 (geoff cat)
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geoff cat
Dangerous Mind
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True Sun

I long for life all spent at end of day,
A single hour held in sunset light.
An orange and yellow flame and then away,
From baby's breath to old man's bed, then night.
I long to live one hour in your heart,  
Entwined in perfect passion's pure embrace.
Its true fire in old blood new life impart.
One touch, one kiss, may Time's cold hand erase.
I long to live one hour in your sun,
That I should live a life before life's done.
Written by Hepcat61 (geoff cat)
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Lost Thinker
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Emerald Guitar
All I had was my songs and this guitar
Until one day you passed by me.
You stood there, wind blowing in your hair
I couldnít help but drown in your gaze and stare
A dream that seemed back then so far-
is coming to sweep you off your feet
My Dalia I know you hear my heart-
You didnít just come to ask for a song
I just made you smile, didnít I?
You came to see yourself in my eyes-
I donít mind the lies from your lips
The smiles you hide each time I look your way
give you away as I continue to play my guitar
Guitar lessons with you were a debonaire
and a chance to have you close my star!
Why do your emerald eyes have to char-
a soul like mine when all we want is to never be afar!
Take my hand Iím singing in this fanfare
to tell you that you are my Emerald guitar
Whom I long to hold, kiss and adore
Oh how I love you Dalia this I hereby declare!

Thought Provoker
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I am your life and you're my poison

From my soul my love to yours
It doesn't it much it flows
Love, desire, pleas, moans
To all it YES after all "no"...
For all the borders I am wind
They won't stop me I'm within
I fly to you and I am there
To wake up your dreams so rare
I will melt down in them, in you
In you soul so dark before I knew
The sun will shine again, no fear
All who judges won't be near
Their bodies will be dust
So let them speak if they must
I am your life and you're my poison
I'll die when my lips feel you in
After I disappear, you will be back
To find me and a new attack
Will catch me fast and deadly
And you know what? I am ready
Written by LanaW
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my thoughts hanging out
words push to the front
suddenly † where'd they go
twirling off my tongue
you're more than just a setting sun

Pushing pencil strokes † painting
beauty in an ever welcomed eye
brushes of kindheartedness appear
in the shadows † controlling
the contours and the fear

Backdrop stops where colors lie
yellow swirls of honey
attracting more than just
the sweetness of a simple smile
inscribing unfiltered desire
filling page after page

Chapters start and chapters close
but I propose † that twinkle
will never die †when the ink dries
the syllables will align †creating lines
describing the indescribable
in hues of heavenly descent
Written by JusTim_
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Dangerous Mind
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(Following poem is written as an enteral rhyme scheme)

Dear Anne Shirley,

Hey, Carrot!
Hey, Carrot!

Do you have any idea how much I love you?

Even after you bonked me on the head, for pulling those pigtails red, Iíve never been able to forget you.  So intelligent and independent, your beauty runs deep within.  Your voice; your face; your presence has been tattooed on my mind forever.  Iíve even become endeared to that fiery temper of which I often suffered.

All these years youíve considered me a rival, competing furiously in ever endeavor, to best and defeat me.  Even after I rescued you from drowning you wouldnít grant me any quarter.  In fact, it only inflamed your resentment.  An antipathy that has befuddled and troubled me, for Iím the only person you treat was such contemptibility.

Everyone else youíve ever touched has been enriched by knowing you.  Your compassion, charity and effervescent personality have made you the love of the community.  You are the beloved daughter of all Avonlea Village.  Everyone loves you as you love everyone, save me, whom you see as an adversary.

Well Anne of Green Gables, Iíve got good news.  Youíve won.  Youíve defeated me completely.  Youíve conquered my spirit and taken my heart as a trophy.   So let me accept defeat graciously by allowing me to concede with a query.  

ĎAnne of Green Gables, will you marry me?í

Your humble servant,
Gilbert Blythe

(Inspired by Anne of Green Gables)



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Patient Love

 We Teased
We Laughed
We Fought
We brought Love to each others daily thoughts

The highs were high
And lows were low
But my Love for you
Still always grows

Apart we are
But not for long
We both know
This Love is strong

Now hand in hand
Let's walk this land
And show each other
Love of the highest brand

So many times
I pushed and shoved
But what caught me
Is your Patient Love
Written by Sir-Anton
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Strange Creature
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Love makes me high

Stay high, why o why?
Lights of seven, still makes me cry.
Met you on a sunny day, I was little shy,
Darling you're a rainbow,and I just want to fly.

Run wild and free, in every street you see,
Cry like a river, sing like a bee.
Dreams burning your soul,
And life disappearing in a black hole.
A sad-sad tune might make you weep,
"Come back to bed sweetheart, lets go to sleep".
On breaking your cocoon, you will find,
Life's just a gift, always paying in kind.
Nothing can stop you, be born as butterfly
And I'll still get high, oh darlin' cant you see why!

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Here's the Answer: Love

Would you read this? † † † † † †
Not misunderstand it? † † † † † †
† † † † † † †
The truth is † † † † † †
† † † † † † †
I love you † † † † † †
† † † † † † †
Donít recoil saying † † † † † † †
† † † † † † †
You don't know me † † † † † †
† † † † † † †
Youíre right † † † † † † †
I donít know you † † † † † †
Not in the way I should † † † † † †
Iím as mystified as you † † † † † †
That I should feel like this † † † † † †
† † † † † †
Over these past months † † † † † † †
Iíve analyzed Ďusí to death † † † † † †
But still come up with the same result † † † † † †
† † † † † † †
I love you † † † † † †
† † † † † † †
Then I took it one step further † † † † † †
And this is what I got † † † † † †
† † † † † † †
Though it is you I love † † † † † †
Love is not you † † † † † †
You are not Love † † † † † †
† † † † † † †
Separating you from Love † † † † † † †
allows me to bear witness † † † † † †
on my journey to Love † † † † † †
† † † † † † †
You are my ferry † † † † † † †
to the end of this journey † † † † † †
to the end of this life † † † † † †
where you, me and Love become one again † † † † † †
† † † † † † †
So you see it's not just about you † † † † † †
itís about me too and † † † † † † †
my relationship with † † † † † † †
Love † † † † † †
† † † † † † †
Does that make sense? † † † † † †
† † † † † † †
Sometimes I think not. † † † † † †
† † † † † † †
† † † † † † †
† † † † † †
† † † † † † †
† † † † † † †
© Kate Adams 10/3/17 † † † † † †
† † † † † †
† † † † †

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A Reply of Sorts....

I read your words, JohnFeddeler, in a sunny cafe, in a city like any other in a country some call lucky. Those words, your words, drew me to write these words. Thank you for the inspiration.

Darkness may hide physically what she doesn't want seen
but in the dark the true essence of a woman is on show,
the contrast being it illuminates her soul;
and so she turns her head to hide her eyes
till the shutters come down hiding what she doesn't want you to know.

But there are times when she'll kiss you,
hold your face in the palm of her hands;
if you open closed eyes and look closely, it's then,
in that moment, her true self will be exposed.

Yes, she's afraid...afraid if you see what's there,
you'll be scared, because she's accepted you just as you are.

Is there such a thing as a love story or
is it the tale of misfits in a complicated world?
What draws him to her and her to him, nobody knows
but if they could start by accepting each other just as they are,
drop the need to mould into Miss or Mr Right,
it may surprise all to see what unfolds.

Say her name and she will turn....

Copyright †Kate Adams July 2015

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