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Poetry competition CLOSED 6th April 2017 10:03pm
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That Girl/Boy Is Mine

Dangerous Mind
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Poetry Contest

Write about being in a love triangle or loving two people at once
Ever had that one experience where you and your friend fell for the same boy or girl or did you ever fall in love with two people at once?
Write about it!!
Even if it never happened to you explain what would you do in that type of scenario.

- can either be fictional or non fictional
- can be funny
- as long as you want
- one entry only
- collaborations are welcome
- erotic poems are welcome
- please title them

You got three weeks so get started!!!

poet Anonymous

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Fire of Insight
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Love Triangle

I met a girl called Mary
To bed we did not tarry
Our friendship to blossom
The sex; it was awesome

Then I met Ann, her friend
Fall for her I did not intend
But soon she tricked me into bed
Wonderful sex it must be said

How do I resolve this quandry?
I feel for both very fondly.
Luckily they were good friends
Their suggestions made amends

We agreed we'd be a trio;
Three in bed, we got to know
How to satisfy our desires,
Stoking up our sexual fires

Satisfying both is rewarding
Sex life is never boring
The arrangement has lasted long
With both girls I belong

poet Anonymous

Fire of Insight
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Him and You

Must be nice.... that release you get so effortlessly with the simple sway of my hips, I wouldn't know because while you drift off to dream I lay awake wanting more....
More of you, Better then you, used to believe all men were the same.
But I was made to second guess that notion when my mind was fucked to silence by his words.
You were always silent, he never shushed, but I did....
I imagined the way his lips would feel pressed to mine, while your lips chapped and dried, mine were soaked in.knowledge that the knowledge of his existence changed the course of mine.
You left me weary, while he brought excitement to my life, a moment from brink of death with you to top of the world with him.
You never saw me, but somehow he did from the start, and I still see myself in your reflection haunting you while you dream.
But I sleep....
You couldn't hold my candle, it burned you and you allowed it fall to die out on the cold,damp, cement floor and as if that weren't enough...if watching my own fire die when entrusted to your hands wasn't hard enough to watch, the hardest part was allowing him to pick me back up, funny how easily he brought back the fire I lost in you.
You didn't care enough to try, but he did I.
Written by Erotic_Goddess
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Twisted Dreamer
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I will never forget

When we first met You sought nothing but attention ,
You had been fooling around with another man
Something you forgot to mention.

Even though he was with another woman He said he loved you,
i knew he just wanted to fuck you.

you fucked him Behind her back while she was away,
You fell into his trap Just a toy for him to play.

I fought him,
I fought him for you,
I fought him for her.

Womanizing white trash ,
piece of shit with no class.

With Bloody knuckles aching,
You were mine for the taking,
As time went by History we had been making.

3 years had gone by and they were to arise,
2 conniving rats or a couple of shit flies.

Insane and in love
Obsessed with their own pain,
Only out for their own gain.

They took advantage of my aggressive nature,
They played on your weak mind,
To you they would cater,
And me they would grind.

They together drove us apart,
You sided with them and drove a knife into my heart.

Kicked me when i was down Straight into the hole they had dug,
Piled on the dirt Thud after thud.

Buried beneath 6' of earth
I choked back the dirt and remember my worth

I clawed my way out And soon plot revenge
Though i let my enemies go
With my heart i made amends

Because a ship cannot sail when the anchors are set at the bottom of the sea
Now further then ever
Forever i am free

I will still never forget
When psychopaths fall in love
They sure hold a grudge

those 3 sick fucks went together
2 insane clowns and a sick little puppet

I will never forget
When psychopaths fall in love

*thatgirl/thatboy competition entry*
Written by Leo_Sunset
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Thought Provoker
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Die for more

Just for a moment I'd love
To taste your sweet love
To feel this touch I feel
Every single day in my dream
Those lips I imagine to kiss
I pray standing on my knees
That skin I crave to caress
I dream once to posses
This moment I'd let go
All that so long ago
Were left to wait an hour
To show it's real power
It gets to take you all
Together body, soul
Hear your cry not fake:
"Please, now...just take"
Wild animal from leash
Will run to its wish
Feed the hunger deep
Seen before on sleep
Your flame with mine
As we make that crime
United, the one
Forever after I'm done
I know by taking it
You, drug, my need
I will only start to die
Night without light
Tiny candle to be a fire
Destroy me with desire
To cover you and slide
Deep into what's mine
Written by LanaW
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Tyrant of Words
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Now I know why diamonds are truly a girl's best friend because ...

... this bitch ain't loyal
Yeah sure
We grew up together
She was from there from the start

Grade school
I remember the day she started bleeding
Like something from a Chucky movie
I didn't panic though
I took care of her
Mom hugged me that night
Said she was proud of me

High school
We ran track together

Roommates in college
And yes we experimented

But now
She's leaving with
My man

I mean
I was the one who cooked for him
Typed his papers in grad school
Introduced him to Cumbia and Salsa 💃
Taught him Spanish good enough so he got
the real prices at the market
Not the americano prices

But he's leaving with her
That little puta

She brags to my face
About making his toes curl
About making him call for Jesus

And now I know why he always asked
Whose is it?
Whose is it?
With me ass up and my face buried in the pillows

Then have the nerve to ask
What's my name?

I thought the prick had Alzheimer's

It was just his way of laying claim to her
The only one of us he truly loved

I didn't help though
I laid back and watched her take selfie
After selfie
to send to him at the craziest times and
From the craziest places

One minute he and I'd be on the phone
The next she'd jump in because
He had to hear

It's bad enough he's taking my heart
He's gotta take this


this bitch

this ...

What if I want kids

Jill was right
Cookie is wild
And she will steal your man

Writer's note: This poem, written from the woman's POV, is a snapshot of the 10 minute play I wrote (In Love with the Wrong One) for the 24 Hour Play event hosted at St. John's University, and staged April 2

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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(uncut competition version)

It doesn't matter what the hell I think,
To touch you while I'm breathing down your neck.
It doesn't matter if you want to strut,
You know you love it and I don't forget.

Approaching you is walking razor's edge,
The times we don't connect are pretty rare.
'Cause taking you at once is on my mind,
And when you sulk I'm Johnny on the spot.

But when you bring him home I'm all at sea,
He's like someone who's just finished a game
And is the captain of the football team;
You take him then to shower off his sweat.

This puts me in a double whammy scene
With you my hot girl adding a hot dude.
Which has me wonder will I lose you both
If neither wants me as a triple threat.

I'd rather lose him 'stead of losing you,
I love you with that tight two-fisted ass!
I'm pacing back & forth across the room;
Can't stand suspense of how this all will end.

I see you do the smart thing coming out,
He's steaming up the stall and I don't care.
You bet your tits you better come to me,
Let Charlie Brown go fuck himself instead.

I know when you think I'm not watching you,
The way you stroke your mane before the mirror.
I pull out all my toys that buzz & twitch
And come up from behind to show you which.

You turn to face me and you take your pick,
As if regarding bouquets that I hold.
The brazen in you turns me inside-out,
Delighting me with playthings of your own.

Lost Thinker
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Something He Doesn't Have to Know

[font=Times New Roman]Maybe I should start at the beginning
Oh wait that's what this is. Well here goes nothing.
I told a stranger about all the men I knew and had decided to
just keep one to fuck
Yeah I know, doesn't sound so bad at first
But what you, yes you, have to know is that they were all
mine at the same time

Whoa is what you might say but hear me out, because there is
more that  you should know. I love only two of the three. See,
it's only three; no big deal. You should know by now that there is
some sex involved, but I'll delay those details because I still
care if you know. I think about them all everyday. What they're doing.
Are they aware of each other? Should I tell them one by one?
These questions cross my brain every second because........

I needed them so. I needed them to need me. I needed them to give me
what I could not supply to myself. Maybe that's selfish and well....needy,
but I need things in life. I am a lady after-all. In this case I care if you
know just how each of them has changed my life in the past two years.
They've given me all the things a 21 year old looks for in a man. I
should be more careful lately though. Now here is what I 'need' you to

One fucks me good and gives me love that only a soul mate could prove to be existing. He lets me know everyday that I belong to him and he belongs to me. Of course I don't tell him that he has a runner-up in his spot every
other day of the week. I guess there isn't much of another way to hurt
someone except chewing on their heartstrings. Now don't get me wrong, I
feel bad almost everyday thinking about how much I could get
from just him and how much he needs of me.

Maybe this is also something you should know, I see one more
for wanting as bad as the first. It's crazy; almost like dipping your
feet in a bucket of ice until your toes are red. He isn't much to
me to begin with, but I guess that's the way it starts.
Probably the reason why things are tricky around here now. He is
a sweet, demanding, not my type kind of guy.

You also 'need' to know how hard it is looking at him when he
says hello or when he tries to be funny or just himself
I know I know, you have been judging me the whole storytelling
But you should guess by now that I just can't help myself
I'm a true man-eater but I love all my boys better than any chocolate
cookie in the whole world

Probably should start looking into ways of forgiveness because
while I have been telling all this my web unwound just a little the
other day. I hate knowing I stand to lose them all if everything
doesn't play my way. I have myself to blame. There's no place
I'd rather be than in my circle of men than anywhere else

Now I need to know something from you, yes you
Does it all seem so sad and terrible? Am I wrong for all of a sudden
wanting just one but can't slowly break up  the others?
............No, because that's just something he still doesn't need to know

Written by WomanofDayandNight
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Dangerous Mind
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Choosing the Right One

I told you that he is not the guy
To worry about when I am thinking
About you. I am telling him goodbye
Although I am blinking
My eyes and you are gone too.
You got caught up in the chase
And mystery when you
Should have been there to face
The truth that I did not love
Or chose him in the end.
I tried to push and shove
Him away before he would send
Me on the wrong path
But I got caught in the middle.
There is no reason to feel my wrath.
This somehow became a life riddle.

Dangerous Mind
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Thank you everyone for participating I loved each and every one of your entries.

Tyrant of Words
Sierra Leone 109awards
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Thank you for hosting this RJ ..  although the story started as a short play, reworking it here gave
me a few more humorous lines.  The crazy love triangle expressed therein is one many of us have been in.



jade tiger
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Thank you, MsRocky-Rock, for the opportunity in the theme of your competition, and giving me the honor of runner-up.  My congratulations to Lobo for the win, and to all who participated! x

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