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Free Speech

Thought Provoker
United States
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The fingered ears of LA LA land..

The self censored build their feeble bubble
When the slightest logic pops it, trouble
Now the rationalizing must be double
Or the tears of truth turn delusions to rubble
Now all alone where omission flocked
Must hurry to get this twitter blocked
Its hurts when my reality is mocked
If I disagree, youre a Nazi I hope you get socked
Three monkeys through my day
I can't hear what others say
If the game is fair I won't play
Ear plugs and blinders is my only way

Twisted Dreamer
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Free Speech Alternatives

For Freedom of Speech!
they cry  
surging from every duck boat
Storming the beach
they die  
bayonets to each throat

And green berated notions
along with Anti Censor ship guns
become flotsam left to float  
amidst fallen daughters and sons
in the red rolling tide
while the cowardly runs off to hide

while all the cowards run and hide

while all the cowards run
back to their white houses
to hold press conferences  
issuing statements such as
We are under assault nationwide
from biased media attacks
It's time to take the fight
to the Fake News Outlets
We must launch even more
Alternative Facts!

Guardian of Shadows
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a lot of excellent entries so far - thank you :-)

Lost Thinker
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The war on freedom

Listen to my voice and no other
for those who seek to enslave you
speak words of poison that will infect
and undermine our freedom
Do not question my opinions or decisions
for I act only to protect and preserve
the ideals that we live by
any opposition only aids and strengthens the enemy
and is, in itself an attack on freedom

Gladly surrender your privileges
to fund our fight for freedom
shackle yourselves to ensure
the enemy cannot infiltrate or flee
be under no illusion the enemy is amongst us
therefor we must watch everybody everywhere
listen to everything all of the time

Your freedoms and liberties are at stake
But donít worry, I will protect you

By Danny Carr
Written by monkeyman
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Twisted Dreamer
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snugglebuck said:"You have the right to remain silent"

I believe in the right
Of free speech
But sometimes I believe
The best way to exercise that right
Is to not speak at all
If one day we all
Refused to answer questions
Asked by authority
They'd end up
Cowering in humility

This was nice

Twisted Dreamer
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A lot of really good entries '

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