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Free Speech

Guardian of Shadows
United States
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Poetry Contest

Do you really believe in free speech?
Recently I have seen and read many advocates for restricting free speech. What saddens me greatly is that many of them are writers, poets and song writers. In my view we as writers should be fighting this evil. As far as I am concerned "Restricted free speech" is an oxymoron.

I want poems that argue for unrestricted free speech

you can post poems that argue against unrestricted free speech if you so chose. Unlike some other comps I will not restrict entries that don't follow my particular view - all are welcome here

New poems prefered
less that 40 lines prefered
Colabs - if you want

Dangerous Mind
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"You have the right to remain silent"

I believe in the right
Of free speech
But sometimes I believe
The best way to exercise that right
Is to not speak at all
If one day we all
Refused to answer questions
Asked by authority
They'd end up
Cowering in humility

Guardian of Shadows
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thanks Snugglebuck for the first entry :-)

Guardian of Shadows
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Free Speech

did I have the right to express my feelings
once I was ignored, unread, unseen
like a smidge of gel
drying liquid on lotus leaves
a stupid reminder of a scab
on rusty leaves... reminder of falls
then I let go and words flowed
like a floodgate opened to allow
emotions out into the vast sea mingling
with the tears of man of the earth
and angels of the sky alike
I sang my songs
to storm hidden heavens

are like children
you let out into the world
you hope you have done
a good job of moulding them
so that they are well received

Dangerous Mind
United States
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1st World Probs

white nationalists

shit, am i missing any?

yeah, whatever you have to say,
no matter how offensive or "wrong",
is protected here
it's the 1st amendment
and all you pc police
are un-American nazi fascists
and you have place here,

Guardian of Shadows
United States
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another two excellent entries - thank you - this competition seeks true diversity :-)

Fire of Insight
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The media told such dreadful lies
it made you gasp and stretch your eyes
‘9/11 pies in skies’
the media gobbed amazing lies

and then one day the many folk
saw through this ancient lying yoke
which kept them tethered on a rope
and limited their sense of hope

so glimpsing truth the many viewers
through their T.Vs down the sewers
said “we’ll be no longer skewered
we’re the shakers and the movers”

the media barons apoplexed
became extremely very vexed
said “bloody viewers got us hexed
with no TVs - whatever next?”

but those in power said “it’s time
to beat those peasants back in line
to have no telly’s now a crime
for which they’ll pay a hefty fine”

but folk just laughed and turned away
said “silly rulers - go and play …
for now’s the time we’ll have our say
your tyrant-rule will end today”

and though the tyrants kicked and screamed
the masses were no longer memed …
whatever happens next, we’ll see
for we create our destiny.

Thought Provoker
United States
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Selectively permeable gag

The voice of evil spreads it's lies
Silencing voices that seek you wise
Blindfolds of ommision over your eyes
Chains of oppression are ignorants prize
One voice silenced starts freedoms demise

Guardian of Shadows
United States
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Thank you Josh and Chump - excellent ink :-)

Pariah Shadow
Dangerous Mind
United States
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Kindly Close Your Mouth... Or Else

Unrestricted speech
Aren't you a field of green?
You are the dream of dreams!
Blue as a naked sky
Open in freedom flight
Once those dreams
Were my dreams
Fearless screams
Adrift unfiltered
Those green-dreams
Now are black of rot
Wiggling with worms
For every word I've uttered
Made them shutter
Made them crack;
Glass mirror
Brittle bones
Hurt feelings
Tired moans
I am wrong
As always
To speak thought
For if my thought
Be not their thought
Then my thought
Must be fought
The truth not sought
Neither my tongue caught
In its free workings
Of non-conformed thought.
Written by anonymouslyhere (Pariah Shadow)
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Dangerous Mind
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A Spartacus
is needed
the American system
to show the romans
in washington
that all roads
should lead
to the freedom
of speech

Dangerous Mind
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Freedom is the right of all sentient beings
Freedom of speech is another level all together
You should have the right to speak freely
But there is a but
Freedom of speech can't give you the right to be
Rude hurtful spiteful nasty
Freedom of speech also can't be seen to being a bully
Freedom of speech can't mean you can say what you want to whom ever you want just because you can with there being no repercussions,
Freedom of speech gives you the right to have a say by thinking is this the right time to have your say on said topic.

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Freedom of Thought and Expression

"To suppress free speech is a double wrong. It violates the right of the hearer as well as those of the speaker."
~Frederick Douglas

Any restriction of thought or speech violates the soul of mankind. Transcending we shall impeach and speak freely of our ideas. To sit above others in judgement upon a throne is an assault on any independent thought. Imagining to decide what is right or best for another based on a warped version of reality is overbearing and dictatorial. Freedom of opinion and expression is a right granted unto all. For one to disregard philosophies with arrogance, they become tyrannical in their censorship. With a dogmatic assertion of what is valid, society would be enslaved to silence. Opposition is not danger but is freedom; while muteness would echo the plight of man. Unrestricted speech reveals new ideas and without a free exchange, knowledge would be limited. Demanding immunity from criticism, denounces justice. Any desecration of autonomy is repressive. Freedom of speech affords a liberty to proclaim our truth while providing others the right to agree or disagree. Anything otherwise, would be in conflict with nature.
Written by mel44
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Thought Provoker
United States
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Freedom of Speech, Inc.

is a high rise building in Cyberspace
having numerous fictional stories
built upon a promising foundation
albeit a poorly profiting one
compared to other establishments such as
Common Censors and The Courtesy Exchange
said examples thriving with employees
thrilled to work together as a team while
here? instead is a workplace
and let me assure you
these morons are very hard at work
perfecting their sales pitches
tossing off
bait into the waters from chum buckets
overflowing with cherry picked nuggets
and racial slurry
towards other peoples and groups
they know diddly squat about
while getting themselves more wound up
than Olympian discus throwers in the process;

all fired for being a major fuckups
at previous employers where
being honest was less a laborious task
the minimum wage earned was integrity

Tyrant of Words
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Daily News

We read the paper
inhaling the ink letting it soak the skin
my eye catches the funnies
peeking from behind
a smudge
rubbed by colour green
what new atrocity sits
on page three
The restless Rebels
within the hills
no longer falling fools
for frail despots
what images they convey
are you scared
should be
The press
never stops churning
sprinkled truths
in daily news


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