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drugs i need one feeling...show u been there

Lost Thinker
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Poetry Contest

i need some honest people to tell a story about a drug they did tried or even o.d. on my best writes are about a time when i did something on a drug induced mind so please share no judgement here its all fair we seem to be normal when the drugs 💊
Pleased for the opportune time to see how many honest junkies and dope dealers ....and people who seem discombobulated to come out ....we accept tweekers who speak tweek ...we take the crazy insane and we love to make fun of the drug induced brain...dont worry I'm not laughing at u its a thing that all junkies to comeback and check and see what's been written u may like the adventure ....lets go on it together....meshelly

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strikes the match    
smelling of vinegar    
tar melting in the spoon    
wait for it to register    
then all the way down    
to the bottom floor    
the devil greets you    
"are you feeling good Crimsin?"    
nodding out on a cum stained mattress    
in a sleazy motel room    
porno playing non stop on the t.v.    
dirty days I can still feel them    
crawling on my skin    
festering thoughts    
boil to the surface    
I don't miss that itch    
though I still feel it    
"come Crimsin take a taste"    
remembering the numb    
the blackout bliss    
druggie days    
ripping and running    
the heartbeat of the street    
still thrums in my heart    
head to the pavement    
hearing it's siren call    
"come get lost"    
in the land of forgotten    
this train will derail    
next stop death
( Author's note I won't do dope again just writing out a bad day)
Written by crimsin (Unveiling)
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Tyrant of Words
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Taste My Rainbow

The pink one is pretty,  
Its for me to forget
That awful vengeful night
The one I will forever regret

The blue one tastes awful
but wow the high is real
To try not to remember
all that was forced to feel

The red is for the demons
that caused the most pain
Those never go away
and then its another pill, again

The yellow is the best, its my most fave
makes me able to not think
Sometimes I take 2 of these
And wash them down with a drink

The purple and green make me mean
and the white makes it alright
to try and wake up the next day, and begin another losing fight....

Written by mysteriouslady

Dangerous Mind
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Inspired by Oxycodone and Kafka's 'Metamorphosis'

Like Lucifer’s fall from grace
I dropped from the human race
Neurotic paranoid schizoaffective with addiction
Into the dark I retreated with my mental affliction
Dilapidating in desperation I prowl and sneak
Nearsightedly on hands and knees I rummage slink and creep
Scavenging the sewers, gutters, dumpsters, clutter and alleys
Of garbage and sewage for digestible grubbery
Filthy frizzled frazzled mangy hair crawling with lice and fleas
My surviving mustard-colored teeth decay with disease
Like tusks over my withered lips only a few remain
My dirty untrimmed fingernails are yellow and frayed
I’m harmless, yet people are startled at my sight
So I prowl in the lonely shadows of the night
My humanity is slowly disintegrating
Tweaking ticking twitching scratching shivering
Body constantly moving in psychomotor agitation
Chemical mortification of the flesh in declination
Some dumpsters are better than others
Some swill and garbage has more to offer
My inflamed olfactory detects odorants of molding
Leading me to a steel cornucopia of bakery leavings
Where I feast on musty maggot-infested sweet breads
With such abandon I’m oblivious to the iron jaws of death
“Hey Jack…Jack!
Come here quick!
Look at the huge rat
I caught in my trap!”

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Diagnosed with cancer can be a humbling experience. The synthetic opiates I took, along with the effects of chemo, were devastating to my psyche. Plagued with insomnia, I’d wander the streets at night. I looked like a wreck. My hair fell out in patches. Due to acute dry mouth, my teeth literally rotted out of my mouth.  People avoided me like the plague. I never felt so alone. For the fist time in my life, I identified with society’s outcasts. One night, I had a horrible nightmare that I was trapped in a dumpster crawling with rats. I awoke drenched in sweat and trembling in fear.

Dangerous Mind
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To The Edge

I Drink the first one with ease
It slides down
Cool wet and delicious
Pop the top to another
Take a Tequila shot and Chase it with my beer
Two gulps and it's gone
Things are looking up
Take a couple lines of coke
Motivation is building
The demon begins to awake
Let's get this party started
Two more shots
Another beer and we
Spark up the Chronic
Long smooth drags
Puff, puff, pass
Don't bogart the joint
Mellow sets in and
I'm feeling no pain
Inaudible conversations
Surround  me as I tweak
Don't stop now
It's barely starting to get good
The demon laughs in my head
Another beer and
Some more coke
Why not!
It's a party and
I won't be driving home
Conversations with new faces
Drives to new places
Hitting up the pusher
In the middle of the night
Beer run!
Everyone pitches in
Jack Daniel chugs
Chasing it with beers
More chronic
Let's move the party
To a more secluded place
And let's get wasted
Cars parked every where
The party rages on
Quaaludes make their appearance and
Their gobbled up like candy
More chronic and the
Demons start to waiver
They drag me down into
The back seat
Away from the crowd
Take another one
God won't care
Relieve the pain in your heart
No one cares
Sinking down deep
Into the dark abyss
So low you can't move
From the weight of your body
Hades beckons you
I have a place for you
Everything will be better
I reach out but
It is all in vain
Curled up sleeping
At deaths gate

(C) 2017 xmar82 All Rights Reserved

poet Anonymous

cheval ~

there've been ponies
riding his crook
like a carousel again
& that slack arm rests
across my nape
a noose of
bruised veins ...
... he licks the ceiling,
lapping an ocean
of bleeding plumeria
from pale plaster,
wonder if
they rain down
behind hooded lids
or if he's blind
in that place  
between something
& oblivion
in purgatory
we sleep on
broken tea cups ~
... i watch him eat
echoes of the past
from china shards
& silver spoons
burned by flame
at his fingertips ...
he soaks the singe
in amber fluid,
pours the scorch
down my throat
[i swallow]

Fire of Insight
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Love Hate Relationship

It's been three months now without you
i go days without thinking about you
But some days i find that i'm losing my mind
And i yearn and i miss and i shout you

For decades we roamed clouds together
And didn't mind where how or whether
Hell or heaven sent i still catch your scent
We were bonded by a smoky tether

No i don't miss you at all yes i do
i thought you were love but we're through
Hear you calling my name but if it's all the same
No i want you i need you i hate you

You helped me forget who i was
But you were my downfall because
i just couldn't cope with being this dope
And so now i am taking this pause

i hid your utensils from my wife
In case you return to my life
And i'm full to the hilt of this awful guilt
You've given me nothing but strife

The worst thing though is this grief
And knowing that i can't get relief
There is no desire that replaces your fire
You've damned me is my belief

There's no way that i can employ ya
And if only i could i would destroy ya
No one has to guess why i am such a mess
And you infected me with paranoia

And even though i won't be the same
i'm telling you to fuck off Mary Jane
But still stay close if i should need your dose
No damn it you're not worth the pain

Tyrant of Words
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Prescribed by those meant to save you
Turns out they just want to contain you
Make you controlled and compliant
They make sure you lose your will
Lose your ability to reason with them
They drug you then say you’re confused
You can no longer make decisions
They make you drool when you talk
So you just stop talking out loud
In lucid moments you ask for help
Their solution; gives you stronger drugs
I now crave for my hillbilly heroin
Despite out of control hallucinations
When the monsters come out to play
The care staff strap you down
You can’t become argumentative
Whilst feeding your pet unicorn
Or watch a pink spider army marching
Towards your least favourite demon
Goblins rip your body to shreds
You scream that slow mo silent scream
You are mentally and physically immobile
All your dreams are haunted by darkness
Nightmares about previous nightmares
There is no apparent end to the horror
Shaking with fear you rant like a mental case
Highs are as bad as lows, you crave normality
Gabapentin, Morphine and Oxy-Contin cocktail
Imprison the little sanity I have left
My love, my wife, my saviour
With a heavy hand put her foot down
She told them “no more” insanity
Reducing drugs and psychotherapy
Brought me back from the brink
They took both my legs
They took some brain function
But now by force, they leave me alone
I am almost drug free
I am almost sane
I am not cured
I am not happy
But it could be worse
I miss my unicorn

White Tiger
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The school geek, speed freak
Pressures of an 'A plus' teen,
The jock jerk no homework
No need for those amphetamines.

Study hard, report card
Parents can be very needy,
If you're tardy no party
Think it's time for something speedy.

Getting laid or getting grades?
Gotta focus feeling crabby,
Wars are forming, geo warming
Solve it with a little addy.

Fix my brain, catch the train
Here comes those racing engines,
A Shakespeare play, Hemmingway
Finish homework with a vengeance.

Super bright, up all night
Back to school again tomorrow,
Getting wired, feeling tired
Can't keep giving when you borrow.

A piece of cake, you're wide awake
Your life is blinking like a flash,
Now on your back, a heart attack
That need for speed leads to a crash.

Written by mikemason

Dangerous Mind
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Resentment Swimwear

When girls walk around casually in their bikini bottoms
It gets a man thinking
It gets a man drinking
And smoking cigarettes
Trying to forget all the regrets
Doled out like candies from PEZ dispensers
Return to me
Fat boy in skinnies and turquoise
White noise
And all the spoiled rich kids
Eating charbroiled chicken breasts
With garlic aioli
On a bed of arugula on brioche

Direct messages from me to you
Countdowns in the abyss

Most families aren’t happy
They’re just units of fear and resentment
And measure that across the nation
And what do you get?
Do the math

Going due north
On the south side of town
Speeding past old haunts
Until all you see is a faint glow
In the rearview mirror
The city at night
Swimming through sewage
En route to the Promised Land
Two twins in the passenger seat making out
Plot twist, they’re not related
Windows down with my head out the window
The desert heat soaking my t-shirt
In the dead of night
Red Ford Fairlane depleting the ozone
Red horizons parade as sunsets
The only light comes from computer screens
And mobile devices
We know everything
And we do nothing

We drive to a ranch-style estate
On the outskirts of Palm Springs
And lay out by the pool for a couple of days
Popping Xannies and sipping Greyhounds
Plenty of booze to drown an army
On the third day we throw a party
And the whole place is heavy
With marijuana smoke
And mirrors of cocaine
Teenagers popping Molly
And I’m high off all three
Rapping to a chick who looks thirteen
She seems totally enthralled with my conversation
And that’s why I like her
In my altered state I consider it
But eventually pull back
And I can see by the expression on her face
She’s wondering why I’m not trying anymore
I go outside to smoke a cigarette
Even though people are lighting up freely inside
The twins are out there giving lap dances
To a couple of schmucks on beach chairs
I shake my head and laugh
Then move to an angle where they catch my eye
When they do they immediately stop dancing
And mosey over to me
We laugh and head over to a make shift picnic table
Where I lay out thin rails of heroin
Just enough to get them even
They sit there with languid smiles after
And I start making out with the one
That’s sitting next to me
As the one across from me looks on, disinterested
I pull at the back of her hair
My other hand palms her face
But the kiss is robotic
And I wonder why she doesn’t love me
Well, drug addicts only love one thing
I stop kissing her and look over
To the one across from me
And realize she’s just too far gone
I caress her cheek
And head back to the house
And find that thirteen year old-looking chick
Who’s talking to some chump
A conversation I interrupt
With superior game
And she stares at me dreamily
As the chump stares daggers
Not enough years on your résumé
In ten years you will do the same
You’ll know what I know
And I’ll be dead
A life lived without fanfare
A person who played his part
But for now I’m the king
So run along little doggy
I’m about to teach this young tender
A few things about life
But when I lead her to a secluded bedroom
On the west side of the estate,
She’s on me like a spider
Biting at my flesh
I have to fight her
I shove her against the wall
She comes back
Sprawled out like a Cheshire cat
Clawing at me
So I have to smack her
She lands backwards
On the duvet
And from that position I can see
The bikini peeking out
Where a pink thong should be
And I feel it overtake me
Okay, you little bitch, you wanna play?
I’m game
Don’t give it another thought

And later when I rejoin the festivities
Leaning against the east wall lighting a cigarette
White oxford and beige chinos
Drenched through with blood
No one seems to notice
As I coolly drag the Camel, completely calm
Until one of the twins
Who’s flirting with one of the schmucks
Catches me in her peripheral
And starts screaming bloody murder

Written by Taurek
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White Tiger
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Pills, pills

Pills, pills such pretty pills
Eating so many I can't get my fill,
Yellow and green, orange and blue
So many colors, I love what they do.

Pills, pills wonderful pills
Found inside cabinets; on windowsills,
I'm high and I'm low - they're great as pain blockers
Steal them from people and con them from doctors.

Pills, pills these miracle pills
Given to people to cure all their ills,
Dissolve so well down deep in your stomach
Solve all your pain or certainly numb it.

Pills, pills such peppy pills
Popping them purely for all of the thrills,
The party keeps thumping inside of your head
Til you take four downers and then go to bed.

Pills, pills strange little pills
The ache in your heart and the strain on your will,
Their chain of addiction is too hard to break
Withdrawals are cruel and too hard to take.

Pills, pills horrible pills
You never did tell me how you could kill,
You stole many years, my family and friends
I'm taking them back now so this is the end.

Mike Mason

White Tiger
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Heroin, Violins
You played me like a fiddle.
Dead man's drug, you took my blood
And gave me very little.

You're so evil, pins and needles
Warm sensation creeping in,
Can't refuse you - always use you
Poppy juice is seeping in.

Staying high, days go by
Sleeping in and nodding out,
This is spiritual - such a miracle
Now you're here and God is out.

I feel no pain, you're off the chain
The one I always tried to find,
You moved in here - removed my fears
And helped me tranquilize my mind.

When you were gone the games were on
Withdrawals hit me like a brick,
Nerves were jumping - head was thumping
The cramps and chills, so deathly sick.

I can't believe how you deceive
I worshiped all those things you gave me,
I never thought you'd slip a knot
Around my neck and then enslave me.

Written by mikemason

Blade Artist
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Creepy sounds are crawling in
Now its five am again
Baselines that were so lush
Fragment as I lose the rush

Press my chest down
As I gurn and frown
Now it’s time to bounce
This crazy nite renounce

The sounds were so insane
MDMA echo’s in my brain
Coming down off this high
I stumble under cloudy sky

The journey I take alone
Is grey, no bars on the fone
The chems are in decline
Not long till I don’t feel fine

Time to move get out of here
Before a smile becomes a sneer
Lose waves of beauty inside my soul
You know it’s true it’s time to roll

Comedown digs like a shank
Maybe time to talk to frank
Bury my head to the pain
Chemical meltdown in my brain

Waiting here I anticipate
The paranoia and self-hate
This dark place I lay my head
Almost wishing I was dead

Awaiting sleeps gentle caress
Escape the fact that I’m a mess
When Thursday comes feeling sane
On Friday do it all again

White Tiger
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Copping blocks, chopping rocks
Stacked up on a shiny mirror,
Snow white powder - hearing louder
Talking faster, seeing clearer.

Ringing ears, no more fears
All amped up I'm feeling stronger,
Coming down I get unwound
Wish this shit would last much longer.

One more hit, such good shit
Wonder what it's like to shoot,
I take a shot and blow my top
This high is fly and absolute.

Need to slam another gram
Tolerance is getting higher,
Need a plan to make a gran
Become the seller not the buyer.

Selling rocks to thugs and jocks
For kids I put my shit on sale,
Big time bucks, But outta' luck
The popo threw my ass in jail.

Doing time, dream of lines
And rock piles in a silver spoon,
There's no doubt when I get out
I'll mainline cocaine very soon.

The day is here I'm free and clear
But homeless and I'm destitute,
No cash for coke, I'm flat ass broke
Guess I'll have to prostitute.

Jennifer Michael McCurry
Tyrant of Words
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All that Glitters

She swills in dark ..  
heart leaks the night into pounding morning head…  
another day she walks the dead…  
another sun exhausted by 10, tiresome lonely staring down her demons mocking..
Her only invited friends..  
though cruel friends they are embraced …  
by her martyrdom and self loathing costly, costly ways…  
her expensive tastes forfeited as slave to the high..  
or rather the chase…  
rot gut replaced fine wine when  
high escaped from her red knuckled grip that was once just an embrace..  
out the bathroom window without so much as a wave..  
Fuck You Cunt! he hollered…  
while she lay face down in a Demon Friend's cold empty lap ..  
faded to black mid jiz swallow surrounded by a dozen or so of her little blue precious gems…  
they do glitter in her red laced R.E.M…
Written by calamitygin (Jennifer Michael McCurry)
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