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Poetry Contest

Write about a loss of something(s)
This will end up being competition voted upon instead of being decided by me

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You Left

You left me here..
Wondering on the maybes
Pondering the whys
You left me here
Stranded in the abyss of my life
Leaving my hand unheld
My forehead unkissed
My shoes untied
So many memories that could have been
What Iíd give for a glimpse of your smile
To tell you the love I hold for you.
To hear the wisdom within your thoughts
When I stumble I reach for your hand..
Itís not there
Youíre not here
You are there and Iím nowhere near
You left me here
Gasping for air
Drowning in tears
So many years unlived
So many I love youís lost in the wind
You left me here..
I hear you in the breath of a breeze
I feel you in the warmth of fire
I smell you in fresh baked bread
Can you hear me?
Are you there?
I loved you
And you left me hereÖ
Written by unseen_
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Dangerous Mind
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Sadness is spawn of loss
entropy asks its due
visitor to all mankind
here today and moving on.

Depression on the other hand
spans a life with its demands
beyond the moments found in time
to the roots far out of sight.

Both are seen by the world
on the surface they seem the same
tears may flow from the eyes
fists are raised in voiced despair.

The iceberg is depressionís strength
most is masked beneath the plain
ever present behind the scenes
when eyes are dry and voice serene.

The depth denies the seekerís quest
while the rain may cease to fall
melancholy drowns the core
in the fathoms found below.

Beneath the sea there are monsters
with claws embedded in the soul
no mercy offered except to ask
for the sacrifice of the life.

Tyrant of Words
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Gathering Fragments

Departure from skin means nothing
vertiginous time sewn to seamless hours.
Light leans into darkness like a gun barrel
not knowing circle's end, or slumber of
the path straight into ribs.

The veins branch upward lifting
shingled roof against promised rain
puddles recede carrying memory of lips.
Iíve learned to walk blindly
opening but never entering
traveling but never leaving
drowning in colors of silence, scent of you
everywhere rising with temperament of
weather'd dust, muffled memories.

I speak to you as if you are with me
gliding through days knotted to hip
rays of sun rage; indefinable in void.
Snow on tongue.
Sky reflects land parting sea
blue bleeding rust; drift and flux.

Save me from myself, beg
skin and eyes, mercilessly betraying
painted cherry blossomíd mouth
in crooked silent smile
gathering fragments... Lost in loss.

Thought Provoker
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You are....

You are one of those things
That I want to get rid of and I can't

You are painful, but I need you

Is this sick or what?

I want to feel you papi now

I need your kisses
Your hugs and your hard dick
With me

At night I miss you
When I shower I am all wet
Touching myself thinking of you

I imagine you coming to the bathroom naked and telling me
Mami I want you
I can feel you inside me

You are one of those feelings that I really want to take out of my chest and I simply can't
Written by FLC8
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Dangerous Mind
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The Ruins

My world is bleak
I have never fallen this far before
I suffer alone nowhere to turn
No light can penetrate this darkness
To guide me out into the real world
I have failed at the best thing in my life
I let it fall apart
Right through my hands it slipped away
I should have fought harder
I am now consumed with pain, anger and sorrow
My bottle my only comfort
Welcomes me without judgment
I take my elixir to kill the pain and
Cope with the broken world
I have to live in
It is a selfish decision
I know but I still choose it
I will pay for this later
My selfish needs have to be met
Dysfunction is an everyday thing
Still I survive in this way
An eternity it seems
I nurture courage for awhile
And cope without a crutch
To rebuild what I have neglected
These dark days of self-pity
Failure however stalks me
At every corner bar
I gather my friends as a final plea for help
But they only pat me on the back and
Numb me with wine and song
Till my heart settles in its own tears
I have seen the ruins of my life and
They are made of flesh and bone

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Thought Provoker
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She took a deep breath and closed her eyes
Exhaling deeply she opened them;blinking occasionally to try to adjust to the enveloping,suffucating pitch black.The smell of lilacs was overpowering brining with †it's †heavy perfume a thick fog that clouded †her mindset. Through the thick mist memories seemed to assault her viciously;vivid pictures of happier noments-long forgotten. Beautifully painted portraits swimming and swirling round-left untouched and neglected tucked away safely in the back of her mind. Packed up carefully in the seldom used recesses of her heart...When he was here with her-two souls dancing forever entwined.
Written by Afroqn73
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Strange Creature
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Lost in the shadows

I learnt with each step †
What it meant to fall  
Deep underground †
In the pits of this darkness  
With each dance,,,, You used me up †
My innocence †
Borrowing me like a rag doll  
But I gave up †
On you, on me  
With your spiteful face  
Every fiber of my being opposed you.  

Your breath had blown  
All of me, far away †
Into these lost shadows...  
Why did I go down because of you?  
I will stand back up again †
But, this time my demons will rise  
They will dance to my beats  
And all you could do is see,  
Coz my demons wrote bitter love to me,,,  
Your mind will lose,  
Lose in these beats.  

Tyrant of Words
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Dangerous Mind
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A Good Loss

You left me behind like the star in the sky
That is forever burning into your
Memory. You do not care if I get dry

Or wet. You leave every scar and sore
Open, bleeding on the sidewalk. You
Never came back because I was a bore.

You were a loss that was not going to
Ever come back, especially for me.
I should have known your true

Intentions, but I still did not see
Any of it coming. While you are
A stump I am a growing tree.

You are just a smashed jar
With tiny pieces of glass not being
Able to heal. That is how you left, far

Away from the mess. I am seeing
Everything in the light for the first
Time. I am no longer freeing

You. I am well experienced and versed
In repairing the damage. I know that my
Heart has been completely nursed

Back to health. I am not flat
Anymore because I am not being openly cut.

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