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dejure (vick)
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Devils and Darkness

Lost Thinker
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Poetry Contest

Okay so this competition will be mainly about devil and demons that live within weather their filled with lust pain anger vengence i wanna see it all
Okay you can write a poem or short story but keep it at a medium length where as i want alot of detail or as much as possible i don't want a whole novel because then i'll be bored
1. keep it as dark sadistic as possible
2. if you don't have any demons but wanna do this describe a demon to me the most twisted and messed up one you can think of
3. any and all types of writing are acceptible like if you want it to be erotic or violent go for it
4. If it has something to do with self harm please put a trigger warning as to not trigger others
5. it can be real life situations to
6. If you make up your own character or whatever everything and anything you submit here MUST BE YOUR OWN WORK in other words i don't want a poem about the joker from batman......unless your trying to show the interactions then its okay as long as the writing is your own work
7. if anything else please just message me

poet Anonymous

.decadence of evil.

we swapped


the lush
of white salted froth
blisters in our throats
and tinges
behind a corruption
of avalanche fire

our one desire, strokes
the wild of our manes, untamed
are the demon-esq lionesses
of the prowling night;
we run our own wild
through the Amazon's of groping hands,
coddling at each other's grunts
lulling in the hunt
of one for another;

spreading heaven,
unveiling hymens,
we trudge through
the wombs of hell
mustering the séance
of morbid tales
altered in a requiem
of Satanic Versus,
and dream of Rushdie
as a twin~headed beast,
twelve sixes  
he is
the dehumanization
the bare of backs
of the four horsemen
who come to play, to lay
their unbiblical sovereigns
upon us

and we concur

beguiled, we are,
suspended in a strain
of kama sutra'd orgies
bodies draped
within a cyclonic wrath,
blood silk sheets soaked
enthralled within a mild display
of forni~cum~ination;

in the decadence of evil
under a severed spine tree
is where ripe apples blossom
sheltering the resurrection
of corrugated cores
when love has cleared,
she sprouts
her double~horned dick
and inflicts
her rape of paradise
in me ~ splitting me
from ass to cunt

poet Anonymous


poet Anonymous

Diva of Darkness

she strung him up
by his dignity

and stripped him of everything
of what makes a man

...a man

she stripped him

of pride,
no longer the King of his Castles

of power,
no longer the Dominant of his Controls

of position,
no longer the Institution of his Universe

and turned him into the fouls
that retch and pollute, a scum of the fucking earth

what once crawled on legs
betrayed the gospel of rivalry
sired the sins of blasphemy
hanged on the balance
of her liberty's throne

right side down
he hung by his ankles,
shackled like a pig, naked like the nativity
bounded against the fortitudes
of what makes a Diva of Darkness


she whipped him, at first
like a Dominant lover ~ sensual, undemeaning
until she escalated to that of the likes of a slave
cowering to the rebelliousness of Hell;
the Devil's Snake, no longer making love
to the ardent penetrations of his skin but rather
dragging the steel of its viper cuts across his body,
hoisting up flesh until every inch of his host, seared

she watched
his blood drop
creating a splatter of magnificence
around her pedicure feet

she watched his excrement's
creating a slaughter of penitence
beneath the arch of her god-cursed arc  

like the howling demons that scream in the night,
she took to the butcher's anthology of knives~

severing his dick, she screamed,
'because you're the reaper of rape!'

gouging his eyes, she suppurated,
'because you're the windows to a soulless soul.'

slipping his tongue, she wailed,
'because you're a manipulator of manipulations!'

she then whispered broken
tokens of rituality,
crooned incantations of fascinations
with brutality

and when there was nothing left
to dismember
to scalp
to excavate
to vacate
to pillage
to purge
transcending his body into nothing but a cavity
of a rigor mortis symphony

the Diva took center stage,
laid down her knives, shackles and whips
stripped her body of silk and lace
and bathed
in a bath of unholiest waters
masturbating with the evil of all mankind
beneath a bluesy spotlight of cadavers
swaying posthumous
in her darkness

she whimpers

Lost Thinker
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I like how you think very good read

poet Anonymous

elise0622 said:I like how you think very good read

Great comp ... it's my kind of a comp.
And, Thank You.

Lost Thinker
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your welcome and thanx

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States
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Dark Messenger

Night's engorged corpse's maw spews forth
Sudden rider's dread appearance
As its steed's terror arch and pitch
Overwhelms with stench of sulfur,

In voices deep & black as death,
As if from ev'ry host and storm,
Resound in ancient glory raised,
'Tis he, the rider, back from Time:

"Beware, it will be ever known
That I am Devil, Satan's own,
Of Lucifer's originals.

Of those who fell to follow him
And pass it on to souls like you,
That his is Truth, the Way, the Life
Fore'er in death and well beyond.

That I, his Messenger elect,
Am but the only one who comes,
Not what was told would be the Christ.

To bring the news: you are the one
With billions more who join me now,
And others who are me as well,
To be the Coming.  IT IS HERE!

For this in time won't be eclipsed,
Because our black Lord trumped your god!
Come now, bow low, you must be quick.
Eternity of work awaits...

And there'll be no more rest for you!"

Fire of Insight
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Shadows of
the sea
The shadows of the moonslight and the screaming of the trees.
excavated grave and the motions of the seas.
dancing devils and demons wait, see those who hide behind
hellions gate.

ye great storms goes hovering over the hill, bewear of thy twighlight
thats strang and still.
   even so
black serface of sarrow from those who lurk in alleways.
traffics the burnning sun.

Do lovely blossoms of ocean. where christal rocks atoms leap,
priceless pearl-encrusted, dark billows of the frowning deep.

so tired she grew and turnd black and grey, fountains of bodies
dryand decay.

Tormented Drawn from billows green, Dark shore no ship has ever seen.
thou art' dead Unto the place for which I cry.Thy soul Be silent from were i lie.
even so
To seek within the jaws of death, I am and weak.
falling cuntinuasly in a trinch or cave. saving thy life
oceans of brave.
The shadows of the moonslight and the screaming of the trees.
excavated grave and the motions of the seas.
Once seen, once kissed, once reft from thee, Anigh the grwning of the roaring sea.

-Kumiko Yamamoto

Lost Thinker
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Nice i like how it sounds almost peaceful yet distressed

Dangerous Mind
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Is denial
the only friend you have
when you look in the mirror
within the eye of your mind
where your own personal demon
waits with a smile
with emotional baggage
snapping at the heels
of your remains

Dangerous Mind
United States
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They surrounded the dais like a pack of ravenous dogs
From front to rear the place was completely jammed
Ready for the show and ready to pay with all they had
With their preferred currency: the souls of the damned

She came on stage wearing a pair of ankle high boots
Made out of human flesh meshed with a black stitch
With nine inch heels that were made to look like nails
Like those of the crucifixion, that blasphemous bitch

Along with the loud music they all shouted and greeted
Welcoming the she wolf to her dance like she’s on the hunt
Baring her upside down cross tat that ran down her belly
With the crown ending on her crotch, that sacrilegious cunt

She had an athletic body, nothing like none had seen
Everyone wanted to be up close to the enchantress
She would not only seduce them both mind and body
But she would also perform a ritual of a praying mantis

There was heat in the beat as much as fire in her eyes
When she slithered on the floor with her ass in the air
Her gaze could penetrate you, like fucking your soul
She’d grind it and chew it then spit it out without care

Then she creeped and crawled back toward the pole
Her hair whipping, her body writhing so seductively
Her long legs and strong arms seemed to float in mid air
Lithely whirling and straddling up and down compulsively

And every time she did a split it seemed to hypnotize
Their eyes stared at the clam hidden behind her thong
Each move seemed to say a word or call out a name
As they threw their money her way amid the throng

At times she hung upside down twirling round and round
Defying gravity with perfect posture and flawless pose
Showing her skills that even gave the demons the chills
Somewhere between orgasmic sighs and deathly throes

They yelled and screamed out her name over and over
They had fallen in love with the famous Jezebel
And if she didn’t like whatever money they flung
She had the influence to have them called back to Hell

poet Anonymous

poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous

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