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Lessons learned

Lost Thinker
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Poetry Contest

Post poems talking about lessons you may have learned at some point of your life.
Welcome to the competition

We all at some point of our lives learned a lesson. let's heat about those lessons.

Strange Creature
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The time passes by and show our pasts
Only a lesson learnt about cherishing her like she's your last
But be an Are or Ass
Just be that vase
That show your importance without unrooting your roots
Observe and mediate as we all take on it's growth

Dangerous Mind
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Lessons Learned

I learned well
the lessons you taught without words
how to calculate
in the blink of an eye
the curve and speed of your upraised hand
the pain it would bring
where it would land
how to stand
as it fell
and eventually
how to stare
into the face of hatred
and not hate

persona non grata
Thought Provoker
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Out of the blue

I don't know how
out of the blue
I just awoke.
I realized
which were my thoughts
and which were not.
I found myself
learning of love
looking for light
I felt my beat
and the sound of my peace
to synchronize
I don't want to live
in a meaning of life
I want to experience
What is beyond
the sight of the eye
will be inconvenient
But this is a risk
I already took
while seeking of guidance
The compass then said
"I'm pointing the truth,
I'm pointing your balance"
Lost in my mind
Hurt by a shadow
Healed while dead.
As long as I hold on
I won't find wisdom,
my angel just said

persona non grata
Thought Provoker
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for the betterment of all

How can you feel love
when your heart is frozen
Can you speak of truth
while your lips are shut?
Do you want to cry
when your mind is buzzing?
Can you even remember
who you truly are?

Do you know you're loved
and eternally special?
Do you see your soul
in the mirror lost?
Isn't that a fact..?
No one lucks potential
What may be right now
that you want the most?

Everything is well
Be extremely grateful
All are happening in a flow
exactly as they should
Even if you're unhappy
or indescribable miserable
it's a hidden blessing
and a lesson too

Do you dream enough
or are you too fearful?
Has our cruel reality
turned you into a machine?
Can you look your life's
painful repeated patterns
straight in the eye
and beyond what eye can see?

Don't take things too seriously
Don't be self-indifferent
Look inside your mind
find out what mind is
Learn all values now
soon you're going to need them
Patience I struggle
Strength is on a lease

When your think in smile
you attract more laughter
When you are in suffer
mind is dressed in black
All emotions pass
either soon or faster
when you see your life
as a cathartic chance

Dangerous Mind
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Lifeline - Memories (The Other Side)

I was raised in a world of diverse lifestyle.
One moment I was surrounded by people whose faith...
Bordered on religious fanaticism,  
Hardline christians and morally uptight...
With set rules on how to live life;
Church on Sundays, grace before and after meals,
Angelus at Six pm - Monotonous... Habitual...
I doubted if it would really mean salvation on the afterlife.

Another moment I was hoisted in a world of politics,
Where intrigues and dirty tricks shower my conscious mind...
Where needy people comes in every color...
Where politician's allegiance changes like a chameleon...
Where good deeds and bad intentions sync in harmony...
All in the name of public service.
I doubted if those Honorables means what they'd promised,
I guessed not, really.

For a time I found myself on the opposite side;
Holding placards on the streets,
Cursing the government,  the superpowers, the capitalist, the imperialist.
Lamenting for the flight of the oppressed,
The farmers, the workers, the students...
And all those who suffer injustices at the hands of the authorities.
I even held arms, learned to shoot a gun...
And was ready to die for the cause I believed in.

But my family holds an important place in my heart.
I returned home for their own peace of mind.
For a while I was aimless,
Unsure where I should belong.
Carcinogen became my lover
Liquor, my bestfriend
My world stopped and became stagnant,
Trapped inside a maze that I created.

I am who I am.
Became the me that I am,
Because of the things I've done.
In the past, my present stood;
In my present, the future hoped.
Remembering what had been,
Lighting the path of the rest of my travel...
My memories, my beacon.

Dangerous Mind
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Another Lesson

Falling too quickly for the one
Who is not right for you.
They may have been your sun,

But do not understand you too
Much. They do not see the tears
In your eyes or that you do

Not talk too much. Your fears
Are hidden away. They try to get
Under your skin, but are years

Away from what has yet
To come to the surface. They are
The ones you try to always forget.

For you, they are that star,
But do not point you the right way.
They ban you from getting too far.

They cannot be the ones to stay
Around forever. Just another
Memory that will fade away

And another lesson to ponder.
There is another broken heart
To be felt and would rather

Be felt the hard way. A head start
Into better things of life and
Another reason why to be smart.

Tyrant of Words
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It is not the point
how many have dipped
into your well
of desperate dreams
it doesnt matter
how many have laid
close to your skin
the point is
would you
let me climb
under it
to feel
what i believe
within your fractured
you shine
with all the things
that I need to learn
to finally be
with someone
I can believe

Tyrant of Words
Greece 10awards
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Are my possibilities
only probabilities
when compaired
to my ability
to understand
to learn
the enevertability
of a society
that has been disignd
to turn me blind
from the fact
I am more
then the things
that I like †

Poetry Accident
Dangerous Mind
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Learned at Last

You ask why I seek this fate
temptation set with two involved
when retreat is the safer way
as charms seek to take my soul.
A bird in hand to test the will
donít let it go until the beast is slain
into its lair it will slink
if fateful battle is not pursued.

Fruit so sweet is the lure
heaven sent is not the source
purgatory is the better guess
to stand your ground is the test.
Pleasure found is not accident
halfway met before the fall
humanity grasps for the joy
when sadness gathers all around.

The wheel turns round, this is true
if not conquered it will return
made strong by weakness now
seek the chance before itís too late.
The lesson will come around again
whispers ask the stage to slide
abandonment has its bitter gift
as the soul dies in sad retreat.

Hug the angel and spurn the imp
find your wisdom as love demands
with weakness made strong again
with pleasure given rightful place.
A lesson may be learned at last
with honor given to two involved
as triumph is the just result
in sight of realms high and low.

Fire of Insight
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Overtaken by Events

Weíre often overtaken by events;
ĎWe didnít see that coming,í we complain.
But †gods of Fate are deaf to our laments
And heap upon us earthquakes, fire and rain.
We curse our fate, we shake our fists and cry,
But all to no avail - the waters rise,
The ocean heaves, the fire falls from the sky,
Our houses are engulfed before our eyes.
Some see it as a judgment for manís sins;
ĎRepent!í they cry, Ďforswear your evil ways!í
But even good men die when Fateís wheel spins,
And Death takes no account of pious praise.
So donít let future fears bring you despair,
Just hope that when the tree falls, youíre elsewhere.

Tyrant of Words
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Between Want and Need

The latest model just came out,
I gotta drive it, I gotta have it,
Itíll give me status then Iíll be static,
Itís spending beyond what I make,
But I donít want to have a bad habit.
The new line of slim fit suits is out,
Itíll suit me well and Iíll look that good,
It costs almost as much as a weekís wages?
Thatís ok, I can put on it credit,
Iíll be paying that off for ages.
The most recent smart phone is out,
Forget the one I bought six months ago,
I gotta upgrade, Iíll see if I can trade,
And get the next one so I can keep up,
Then Iíll feel like I got it made.
The ads says I can look that good,
Be that happy, have much more,
Have friends like that, be noticed like that,
Go there, find it here,
I gotta own it, I gotta buy itÖ

Advertising and marketing can be so convincing,
"Get the latest and greatest and youíll be content",
But the truth is, stuff, will get old and fade away,
Then you find yourself knee deep in debt
To some extentÖ
Understanding the basic difference,
Between want and need,
In order to succeed in life,
Is a key factor to living within your means,
Learn to invest, especially in your mind,
Then you wonít be brain washed,
By the propaganda machine.

Thought Provoker
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Life you fickle
Ever changing, hateful
She devil you-you continue to
Screw me
Not to mention
Shit all over me!
Let me shine like
Everyone around me instead of
Always and forever
Raining on my parade
Never takin your foot off my neck
Dog has its day? Not this one I'm afraid

Dangerous Mind
Philippines 24awards
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Breaking Point ( Tattoo On My Arm)
©All Rights Reserved  

Fads, peer pressure,
Pure pleasure, wanton abandon,
Indulgence, bored indifference...
All of the above, I gave onto.

Gin addiction, night life,
Men, money, controlled substance,
Pseudo smiles, bleeding inside...
Reality check, I can't go into.

Decisions made, hardened resolve,
In front of a fourteen inch black and white T.V.
Drinking gin to numb the pain,
A needle in a dynamo pierced my left arm with waves and curves.

Black ink marked me for life...
Reminding me of who I really am.
And as the wound heals, so did I.
I walked away, never to look back.

Written by OxyMoronicMe

poet Anonymous

Back Then

Back then, I was not wise
though it did not show in my eyes
People thought that I was quite smart
but I was without heart

Unprepared, the world was mine
For this train wreck, there was no sign
Eyes wide open, I blew into this world with vigor
but I kept living it in front of the trigger

No sense, no thinking ahead
I lived alcoholically, jumping from bed to bed
My own mother wished that I would find
what it was that I seemed to be looking for all of the time

Honestly, I lacked any sense, and I had fear
of living right and respecting myself; I waited for my purpose to magically appear
While I hurt others and myself in the process
years went by, and I kept accumulating losses

Being a female alcoholic comes with a set of priorities
Drink, be used and abused, and shake off the unwanted amenities
and, if you do not awaken in jail the next day, do it all over again; life, you discover, is anything but kind
There is no self preservation or self protection of body or mind

During this time, family was abandoned; any sense of it a mere token
of my past.  It, they, and I, were all but broken
along with my body, which started to wear
I no longer turned heads, and I spent a lot of time sitting in a chair

When the fog lifted, I was an old woman
in a rotten relationship, trapped within
If there is a lesson to be learned by my story
believe that those with a similar start will not awaken to glory

Sadly, most of them will wake, as I did
no longer a curious and wide-eyed kid
if they choose, as I did, to continue the abuse
Back then, I wish that I had learned earlier, the long term effects of alcohol use

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