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Poetry Contest

Keep PG13 please!

Write a short poem that is no more than 30 lines about romance during the winter. Please do not make it super sexual or overhwelmingly graphic, simple and sweet. It can be about how you love the winter time or about spending winter with the one you love. Please do not post X rated material! Public vote will be casted in a week! Have fun and amaze me!

Also, do not post more than one poem for this comp. Please!
(That means do not repost your poem over and over again.)


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Winter Cuddle

Winter cuddling
In the nude
Under the covers
Just we two
Skin against skin
Soul against soul
Fitting together so well
As though we were
Made for each other
Senses heightened
In every part of our bodies
Sweet kisses reassure our love
Reconnecting on different planes and
Building warmth never
Felt so good

poet Anonymous

The Hours

beyond the shelter
of downy covers
the air is biting
thick with winter
a frosted night
moments like these
I cherish the heat
of being lovingly entwined
wrapped up together
heart next to heart
as little whispers
of tangled lovers
warm away the hours

jade tiger
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Beyond meadow which the young man traveled,
Snow flurries began to rise, bowing trees.

The sloughing sound, a choir of voices
Forlorn from heavy-laden skies adrift.

The council of elder trees surrounding
Would rain down offerings of white powder.

He had no plans to turn back, now that he
Was on the path, though he could see and feel

How impossible his quest had become.
He smiled, murmuring, his thoughts only of her:

If I hear your voice carried
On the wind of a century storm,
And I struggle through the night, my love
In hopes of the sight of you.

If I can't see, and all I feel is
The frost that beats against my face
Making diamonds of my tears,
My heart will steer the course.

If I stumble to the ground,
Ill-clad, to be where I am
With the hope of an encounter,
With the remotest chance,

If I find myself yearning in the snow
For a different time, a warmer day,
A kinder god, to bring you where I lay,
Will you come, and will I know?

Sleet whistled, and soon he disappeared
Into dark stands of trees that edged where

The white shower of their offerings
Silently obliterated his footprints.

Poet's note: The title comes from the term 'century storm' used in the poem. It means a weather event of such magnitude that people can't remember the last time because it happens only once in a hundred years.

Dangerous Mind
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Winter Knight

Walk with me
amongst bare trees
Through ignited  snow

Twirling towards the ground
We feed this silence
Breath our only sound

First kiss fades
frost from my face
Second enflames

Arms arched
Head resting
on your chest

moon a
laughing sky
Her smile forms
a sickle eye

Fire of Insight
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The cold is king beneath the trees
its mighty court hung with snow
winter on the throne of frost
nature bends to sovereign reign
I am itís subject as is my love
walking close arm in arm
painted trails are our path
reverentially draped in white.

Audience is asked by two
nobility please hear our plea
to warm our hearts at time of hoar
the white and gray surrounding us
we need the comfort of the warmth
far beyond the brace of clothes
seeking heat found in pure bliss
when congress finds the celebrants.

Drape our bodies in cloaks of rime
weíll find our warmth in the contact
as you bless us now exempt
from Jackís attention as we fuse
the trumpets echo in forestís realm
voices share our joy combined
not to stay, this momentís hold
our majesty was in your court.

Dangerous Mind
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I know your there
I can feel your warmth
some where deep
the winter lands
of my frozen heart

poet Anonymous

under the snowfall

the snow gracefully falls
under the bright shining stars
the chill of the wind
brings you closer to me
as you travel from afar

embrace me with your warmth
as the look in your eyes
set my heart afire

wrapped in you
under plush blankets
hot chocolate becomes cold
as your love is spoken
and youraffections are bold

kiss me by the roaring fire
as the crystalsnowflakes
become our nightlight
feather touches upon the skin
caresses become more potent
as we fully envelop
in the heightened
desire within

Dangerous Mind
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It was -5% below zero when we first kissed.
When our lips met your face was clouded
By our frosted breaths. †Yet, I never felt such
An endorphin rush in all my life. †
Now I know that temperature of love is

Fire of Insight
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The Warmth of Your Touch

When your face is close to mine while you embrace me,
It gives me warmth and strength to the depths of my soul,
And this fire, I carry it with me like a permanent memory,
That the lasting ember glows when I step out into the cold.
The kiss from your lips has a special kind of signature,
Imprinting yourself on my skin, my spirit, my heart and mind,
You donít know what you do to me, or maybe you do,
As the taste of you lingers in my memory for a long time.

Your trace tends to raise my heat in so many ways,
That during the cold winter the fire burns even hotter,
Longing to be with you, throbbing with a fancy for you,
With a thirst to be immersed nursed by your holy water.
But I must wait for permission to enter the sanctuary,
This sinner isnít the same saint and must be purified,
Carrying the undying tender cinder that always timbres,
As it lingers during these cold days waiting to come inside.

And when we hold each other in those dark cold nights,
The warmth of your touch makes everything alright.

Dangerous Mind
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Stronger Than the Winter Storm

Snowflakes keep dropping around
Us, but I can hardly notice with the heat
Between us. The eerie quiet sound

Is mingled with the frosty air. Drink and eat
Me up to help me escape the winter chill.
Even the coldness has a steady heartbeat.

Keep the energy going like the thrill
Coursing through my body to keep
The blood flow running warm. You will

Thrust me into your warmth. I am deep
Into your protection from the outdoor
Elements and you always seep

Into my pores. I am close to the core
Where you and I belong together.
I am closer walking on the floor

Made of ice with you in this weather.
You and I will make it through anything
Because we are stronger than leather.

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