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- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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The Company Of Absence

you said once  
that Europe was your dream
walking the cobbled streets
with a pen in your shirt
in the midday warmth

peace, you said
and I prayed for you

as you paced the walls
of your house, with the rooms
empty as Sunday mornings
and I thought about how strange
it would be to let you go
out into the tumbling world,
cutting your silhouette
from my mind.

It wasn't ever going to be royal  
for I ponder crisp white pages
I have scribed with you,
and think of your skin
perfect and chaotic
in the insomnia hours
when clocks tick slowly  
and I feel your pulse
across spectral voids

vexed with frustrations
of being unable
to whisper my fears
of never finding another  
who lights up space  
quite like you:

I love you as all secrets
deserve to be loved
in the low shiver of time,
your ghost kissing my hair
as I fall asleep

Fire of Insight
United States
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Say the Same

If I told you I was in love
really not kidding, the real thing
would you believe my fervent phrase
spoken by one with so much to lose?
to declare those three heartfelt words
opens a door through which I must then proceed
sharing the stage with another
the next act in a land populated by two.

In the past I could lie to myself
say I didnít need the company
with all the trials this would incur
the aggravations when I deny the joys
though this hollow is felt within
no other was needed to feel complete
this I tell myself as I try
to find a reason to hold my tongue.

Now my heart is filled with joy
with a single person held responsible
a balloon would fly to the moon
if delight in you were its helium
soaring high into the sky
beyond my reach, into waiting arms
elation asks too much from me
does this glee mean you would say the same?

In my mind the thoughts are consumed
filled with visions of what could befall
two people who confess their hearts
of falling far beyond the comfortable
to be in love is not enough
if unreturned is to be its fate
so my flame, the one I adore
please say the same, if not before.

poet Anonymous

Heart Calling

I close my eyes
and feel you
your hands,
rough yet so gentle
every pore
in which your
poetry has marked
and escaped
out of

your lips
the words
which drip
with want,
and love
a desire
wrapped in
escaping from
the soul
released by
only your touch

your body
pressing so
moving to
the melody
in which
we create
the heart
which belongs
to you
the heart
which calls out
to you
the heart...
that feels you
so deeply
the heart
that is
and overpowered
your very own

the achingly
beautiful love
that belongs
to you and I

poet Anonymous


he breathed
giving of
as he
opened her
filling in
the empty

to the
of this

as the fear
of love
and pain
have ceased

him in
the eyes
she takes
him by
the hand
opening it
as she feather
each finger
placing her
right in
the center

she carefully
closes it
never wanting
a day or
to ever
letting him
through his
own heart
and love
did he not
only make it
beat again
that heartbeat
to him

poet Anonymous

taste my love

words which
drip with
slightly lingering
before they
fully embrace
the tongue
lick your lips
as you take
them in
savor, and
my love

thoughts which
as your voice
dances within
humming around
those sensitive
touching every curve,
nerve and crevasse
which your hands
can't reach
the mind
and body
to react
tingle, and
slowly drip
yes, right there
take a sip
of your
honey & pears
savor, and
taste my love

my soul
knows your
my heart
links, and claims
to be wrapped
in your
love chains
come to me
hold me
tightly embrace
just long enough
to fully
my love

persona non grata
Thought Provoker
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the goddess of love, Aphrodite  

Aphrodite's silken veils
dance with currents in my veins
Her son, Cupid is on my lap
feeding me his loving drug
This ambrosia of the Olympian gods
endows ancient clairvoyance
Inspiration to foresee
what had all in all been seen
With this illuminating spring
I make space for you in my swing
A paranormal touch of strain
runs me thoroughly like sweet pain
hitting me like a restless pulse
pleading you not to leave fast
building temples for your soul
while in ecstasy we howl


persona non grata
Thought Provoker
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he's my out of orbit star

I'm a puppet of my heart
My guide is my gut
Where I stand is my homeland

† † † † † † † and I have a love
† † † † † † † †expanding beyond

As my thoughts transform in lines
they grow to creeping vines
My fears are their confines

† † † † † † but I can detect
† † † † † † what makes them alert

The one thing that frightens me
is to wonder happily
set my intuition free

† † † † † †and let me become
† † † † † †my own nymph of Pan

He is my out of orbit star
like sweet honey in celestial jar
The bond is variable and bizarre

† † † † † †I leave every norm
† † † † † †in solar love strom

Like a trip of the land of Goa
like the cataclysm of Noah
he's my all and all is polar

† † † † † from darkness to light
† † † † † he twists my insight

Fire of Insight
United States
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In Behold of You

Itís not just the way you talk to meÖbut
Itís the way you smile at me without a word
The look in your eyes pretty much expresses it
You have me in some many ways itís absurd
It gets me deep, in the core, the way you do it
Naturally without trying it gets me every time
I guess I let myself fall for you instinctively
Whimsically, both in body and in mind
But what I donít understand is my fixation
The affinity for the simple things I exaggerate
Perhaps itís the dreamer in me in behold of you
The steadfast rate of ache thatís tough to illustrate
The manner in which you glimpse gets me thrilled
Itís like my pretend imagination is in state of bliss
In your eyes I fantasize the perfect love and lust
Like suspended animation by way of your kiss

Philosopher King
Twisted Dreamer
South Africa
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A birds Symphony

The bird that broke its wing
Sang a sombre song
It sang all night long
sang for the sunrise
Sang for the moon
Sang for recovery
Hoping it will come soon

The bird that broke its wing
Whispered with the wind
As it was the wind
That lead the song into the air
But all this bird could think about was her

The bird that broke its wing sat there
Waiting for what it knew was already true
The bird sat there whilst knowing
She was already in the air
For she sang a sombre song
A song so strong

For it reminded her of days long gone

The bird that flew
Sang for the bird with a broken wing
For it was the wind that fuzed
The two sombre songs
And made a melody
So sweet
A symphony of sombreness
The destruction of loneliness

Because when his wing recovered
It was his heart that she mended

But now

Now they fly together
Floating in the whispering wind
Singing a duet of joy
Then Reciting A birds Symphony


Philosopher King
Twisted Dreamer
South Africa
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Death fell for Tragedy

Death and Tragedy
Had a conversation
Trying to figure out
which of the two
had a bigger impact on you

Tragedy was your playmate
Whilst Death became your soul Mate
But Tragedy came into your life before Death
Yet Death Has chained your heart ever since

Tragedy introduced you to Death
But Death was my mutual friend too
Yet I never knew that before I met you

Tragedy's identity has been stolen by love
For love is Fought For
Whilst many Fear Tragedy
as much as they fear Death
And that is How Tragedy and Death became Friends

Tragedy has left you with eyes that cut into my Soul
Death has left you with a Heart that comforts many
Tragedy has given your smile more meaning
While Death still holds your heart

On the Day I met you
I never knew that Tragedy was at play
Because when I met Death
I never knew that I would have to wrestle with it in order to Earn Your Heart

But Tragedy
has given you so much Beauty
and that lead to the Death of Tragedy
Death has left me with your Heart
and that lead to the Tragedy of Death

[In the process]

I became Death;
and You became Tragedy
what this really means
is that I (Death)
have fallen for You (Tragedy)


Philosopher King
Twisted Dreamer
South Africa
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I like to gaze at the stars
during the day
I see stories in
some can make you fall prey
to the lust hidden within you
But nower days i see truth in the eyes of the few

I dont understand love
i have heard it comes from above
The symbol of peace being the dove
whats the symbol of truth
whats the symbol of lust
better yet whats the symbol of true love

i like to reach for the stars
my dream is my rocket
and my passion the fuel
With my heart as the guide
nothing can stop me

I see stories in eyes
sometimes sharing mine thus adding a simultaneous chapter
not forgetting the palmers kiss
as i gaze at her stars


poet Anonymous

Caerulean Blue

my stormy skies
release their anger
trailing rain through
charcoal clouds
dark along the edges
and streaked
with a thousand shades of blue

peekaboo sunbeams
pierce the billows
blinding edges
dazzling the eye
where the rays reflect
into the caerulean blue
creating the backdrop
I see as you

shimmering lights
dancing along branches
emerald leaves
kissed by the sun
scamper playfully
on the breath of the wind
propelled by your words

the turbulent waters
reflected in my being
do not trouble you
as you tenderly
dip your fingers
below the surface
of the waves
to feel the texture
of my soul

beneath the echo
of the thunder
a mere whisper
yet clearly heard
lies the beauty
of the song that is you
and soothing
my troubled mind
echoing words
I need not articulate
to convey...
you know...

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