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Poetry Contest

Share romantic poems.
Romance: a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.

Poems will get a comment of multiple sentences that will explain good features as well as subjective areas of improvement. If you want to receive your comment, then put your poem webpage's full url link (or just the 6 digits that are within that url) at the bottom of your posts.

You are allowed to submit a poem that you've written before; regardless of whether or not I've commented on it, or whether or not it's been in my previous romance contest.

You can submit a maximum of 3 poems. Don't edit your posts, after the contest has closed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please send me a private message.

Here's some inspiration:

Ahavati said:The Luckiest

Solar illumination crept    
into our final morning      
You reach for your      
medicine bag, open it      
place a buckeye seed    
in each of my palms –      
For Luck, you say    
folding your fingers    
firmly over mine.    
Your hair feather      
rests against my neck      
lead crystals reflecting    
a rainbow'd wall of  magic      
All 88 constellations      
set in your pupil'd      
irises in after-light    
We are weightless      
under pelts, natural    
as our own epidermis      
burning wood cracks    
branches somewhere    
beyond us, its heat      
preying eagerly      
on a lingering chill      
You read my eyes, ask    
if I’m composing poetry    
I say no, just thinking      
how as a little girl    
I always wanted    
to be loved by a poet,    
spend our aged years      
in the composition      
of beautiful verse      
born of inspiration    
between us      
You smile, your palm      
covers the entire side      
of my face, no trace    
of sorrow or jealousy      
crosses your gaze,    
only a deep respect    
for courageous truth      
You say you want    
that for me as well    
pray the Great Spirit      
will favor my wish    
I ask why – why    
would you pray    
that I be favored      
by a poet when  
in this moment      
I'm the luckiest      
being so loved    
by a poem    
A befallen silence    
strips our Spirits      
crystallized refractions    
explode across the cabin    
stars meet their season    
billions of miles from origin    
thermometers swell    
their mercurial red    
magnetising solidly      
deeply infusing    
one inside the other      

OxyMoronicMe said:My Avian Knight

Don't stare at me   
With those smokey eyes   
My looks mean nothing   
And would fade in time   
I am sorry that you   
Have to see this broken me     
I am sorry that my heartache   
Caused you pain.   
If my soul could mate with yours, It would... 
But I'm afraid to turn your golden heart   
Into dust with my poisoned hand     
I wish my heart would listen to justifications   
And be wielded with the voice of reason     
If I could just love you instead, I would.   
But tonight, let me share with you   
My soul as shattered as it is   
Let me be one with you   
In body and spirit.   
I cannot stay knowing that I am   
Just a mere shadow of that person   
You deserve to be with.   
Let me grow back that missing piece   
Of feather that had fallen off   
Along with the autumn in my heart   
Fear not, my Avian Knight   
For in your nest I'll build my home   
Not today, but someday soon   
I hope...   
It wont be long now,   
I promise you.   

personanongrata said:when I suddenly felt you

All of a sudden
I felt your arm
Organs vibrating
taking your form
There are no words
that capture the state
or any thought
to assimilate  
You turn my darkness
to luminous space
with running planets
as if they're late
They taught me love
seen by the few
watered my heart
so it grew
Imperial blossoms
convoke creation
there is no coincidence  
or discrimination
Sensual spheres
of masculine force
enter in feminine
then backwards
The outcome is
like nuclear fusion
Enormous potency
but major confusion

jade tiger
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Everything Worth Knowing

A waning sun makes golden
The end to a spring day,
And sends forth the suddenness
Of a breeze from evening’s breath.

As it approaches, it sloughs above,
Through the trees that line the street
Where they walk, hand in hand, in love.
She stops as if she’s lost her way.

He turns and looks down at her,
Smiling, with an expression
That asks if anything’s wrong.
She lifts his hand that she holds to her face

Studying up close every detail,
Turning palm upwards and then down.
”You’re not certain I’m real.
You think I'm a dream” she hears him say.

On the contrary, her mind spins in place
To drink in the fact that she can feel
Every cell of hers in a fusion with his
At the moment of their discovery,

When they return to the flat
Where they live, and walk the five flights
To the room
To the bed

To undress
To lie together
To explore each other
To know

Every detail very well about
Everything worth knowing.
Tongues taste and fingers stroll,
Spending long hours lazily delving

From head to toe and in between.
That anywhere, both night and day,
They'll think of each other in ev'ry way.
To daydream of the shadowy valley

Below the pelvis, as one might.
Of parted thighs that shed light
On the tender most regions,
So receptive and so very warm.

To kiss the crook of a soft inner arm,
And the sensual swirl to the shell of an ear.
Planting slow-motion kisses upon the
Archer’s bow of a collarbone,

Across the undulations of flesh
That span the hips, and upon
The navel floating midway between,
And dimples around the bend of a knee.

Taking in the aroma of one’s lover.
Where one nuzzles an armpit,
And is given shelter by an embrace
That makes time stand still until

Nothing more is left but the senses,
And the reflection of them drifting
From their tour of exploration about
Everything worth knowing.


Fire of Insight
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London Lust

Moans in transit
Upon hankering blood
Impetuous over fallacy
Spitting game fires
Mallory of chains
Over roughed pimps
Under skins lust
Passion for body
Moaning like coward
Fucking like reward
Causing unlimited fallacy.

Over those nightmares
Lies my involuntary
Dreams to intrigue
Murder my emotions
Just some pleasure
Beneath parallel justice
Roaring like wildflowers
Moaning like handicapped
Catch my heaven
Get myself perplexed
Sober like eternity.

Dangerous Mind
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Your Waters

Gingerly I waded in
Wetting my heart before the soul
I floated gently on the waves
Of your fathomless being
A sanctuary built for me
Created to give me life anew
The fountain of life in you
I plunged head long into  
These miraculous waters
Healing the pain in my heart and soul
The parts have come together  
I am born anew in you

Dangerous Mind
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On Top

On top baby
That’s where  
I want you to be
Take charge  
I will submit today
Awaken that passion and fire
That I have seen before
Caress me in your warmth
Sustain me with those gifts
Make me feel genuine
Tomorrow’s another day
And I will be anew

Dangerous Mind
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This Knight

My shield, I have cast aside
My sword, is sheathed and
Sits against your bedroom door
I have abandoned my armor
This knight
Comes to you
Open, vulnerable to your whims
Tonight, I am not a knight
I am only a simple man
With simple needs
That only you can satiate

Is It Poetry
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Her Breast's As My Pillow

Bosomed dear,
A breast
for my pillow.

A lonely traveler
and thus
kind you are.

I like
the wine and
how it tastes
beneath the moon.

Dear, come soon
on my head
smell of wine.

I swell
it is the

Is It Poetry
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The Climax

Yes, being strong I
And those finger nails were
Lavender Smell's
On you the rose I split into

How much snow can one eat
Oysters dine
On rank tuna fish and
Crabs back into their hole's

The distance between me and it
Caused hiccups
And as for me I swam to the bottom
Without air and laid there

The weight of it throbs
In her hand
Having faith and faith is blind

Day always is and night is kind
And you
are less in the light though
your mine
and always
and always it is as it is
I am blind

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Upon the blue and green ocean set the sun, the golden sand sparkled...as the wind blew the white mesh curtains trickling over my naked back i lay happy in the arms of the one who make my heart pause every two seconds. Caressing my hair pulling me closer to his chest our heart beat as one, as we stare into each other's soul our lips meet causing waves of tremmer all over my body.  Feeling secured as muscular arms held me firm; as rock hard abs cushioned me. The scent of salt and coconut fumed... giving a calm aura. Our love was all that clothed us as we lay face to chest, hand to head, skin to skin in the ambiance of la la land...

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Thank you again for the honor and "inspiration" title.

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Romance was never my thing, until I met you,
the loud, funny laugh drama queen that you are
challenged me to the point of changing me from
a once dull quiet extra introvert to what I am
today, a different person entirely made from the
roots of your genuine soul. I can always claim
to be the luckiest person alive, but I wonder how
many have made this claim throughout the years
with the actual matter of fact bravado that I now
occupy? No matter the number, I'm bound by
nothing but your essence, the way you stood
up for me when everyone around you said
my personality could never hold a candle to
your smiling bounds. Here I am today declaring
us a success despite the nay says of yesteryear
which have since disapeared into the abyss of
the world in which we control for only a limited
amounts of time before it changes to something
else entirely. Where are those people now?
Divorced multiple times trying to find that perfect
person that suits them instead of letting romance
take it's course when love comes calling on our
doors at ungodly hours of the night. I am a
witness to what love can do, the look in your eye
when you look at me seems like a dream in passing,
but it's been years now and I can't seem to ever
understand how someone so beautiful and
spontaneous could ever look at me and say that's
all you ever wanted in a man. I am honored by your
presence, our romance will overcome the masses.

Twisted Dreamer
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romance II

How romantic can I truly be
when I'm trying to be with you?
I have nothing else to give,
you're taken by someone I know
and that kills me everyday thinking
how things could be different than
what they are now. Are we meant
to be? If so, how come you're still
not part of me? I understand the
way things work, and the way
things work out, but I feel lonely
without your touch, the inpatient
side of I who declares myself
yours even before one word on
the subject of my love for you is
ever spoken. I have high hopes in
the time coming when your glance
is meant towards my direction, and
for that time I wait never folding hands,
instead with my eye on anticipation.

Twisted Dreamer
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romance III

I am romantic to a fault I can truly say,
how can I not when you have everything
a man could ever want in a five foot five
frame made of absolute delight in heels.
Say I am head over heels, and that would
be the correct assumption, I've made it
my mission to dedicate myself to a part
of you yet excavated by any man before
my five foot nine came into your existence.
Flowers and things will never be enough
for someone who in a year has made me
realize what true romance entails, for that
reason the sky is the limit when trying to
impress you by doing things that you
would consider a work of art in the
department of the romantics. Let me take
you on a ride of a lifetime with someone
who would never take your for granted,
or someone who puts you on the highest
pedestal imaginable with the eye of a
beholder trusting that what he sees is the
most divine being to walk this planet.
Because of you I am a true romance,
and because of you I am a man with no
boundaries to the happiness of your stride.

G.L. Emz
Dangerous Mind
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The Day I Wake To Find You

Written from the otherside of the bed of Hepcat's .... http://deepundergroundpoetry.com/poems/237191-the-day-i-wake-to-find-you/ 

The day I wake to find you beside my naked self 
Your arm's warm embrace engulfing my spirit 
Your hands dead on its weight enclosing my breast 
Your morning breath, heavenly faning my face 
And your eyes slowly opens to find me staring 
Sweet smile slowly forms both our lips 
Knowing we're each other's first sight of a beautiful morn 

Memories filled my mind 
With our night full of love 
Remembering how beautiful it was 
Skin to skin, joined together as one 
Each sigh, each touch, each kiss... 
Felt so good, so right, so at home. 

For with you, at last I found 
That pull, that magic that others had 
Heart-melting lava of wet insides 
Longing for a throb only from your burning rod 
Just like a sonnet with syllables in count 
We form a world rhyming the both of us 
I welcome you with legs apart 
Your member so rigid, so silky and wanting 
Our pores open, slippery, burning 
Each contact, electrifying, satisfying 
Each taste, passionately sweet,  addicting 
As we come to our peak, a new height starts to rise. 

Starry night, cold, heat, spring rain 
Everything happening all at once 
Passion filled our heart with higher calling that is love 
Exhausted, fullfilled, aware of what this was 
As we close our eyes, our spirit soar 
Knowing that tomorrow, each will still be there 

Your heartbeat speaks to me as I drifted to sleep 
Mine singing a sonata that only you could hear 
As consciousness slowly shut down 
A dim light remains at the corner 
Keeping us together,  even in our dreams. 
We float in darkness,  swimming in each other's warmth 
Knowing that a new dawn would come and there would still be us  
The day I wake to find you beside  me, with me... Forever. 


G.L. Emz
Dangerous Mind
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Thank you for this...

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