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Bipolar Poetry

Pariah Shadow
Dangerous Mind
United States
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Poetry Contest

Write a poem ranging from extreme joy to extreme sadness.
It can begin happy and go sad, it can start sad and end happy, it can bounce around throughout the piece.

No collab
Please title the piece
New or old pieces welcome
No prose
No word limit
One entry per poet please.

Fire of Insight
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Callow circumlocution

.........clandestine cliche clemency........

some succinct subversive surreptitious(...reprove pernicious cunts...)
fortuitous exalted epigraph thrown gainst agony

.....rapid enervated endemic usurp....

stymied my foretelling loquacious into smokes...

Philosopher King
Twisted Dreamer
South Africa
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!!!I HATE YOU!!!
I hate the way you make me feel
I hate the way I look at you
I hate your voice
I hate your body
I hate the fact that you taught me
I hate the fact that you hate me whole heartly
I hate your back story
I hate the way you nurture
and feel empathy for others
I hate the fact that you're a natural beauty
I hate so much about you
But you know what hate is a strong word
And you make me feel strong
So every time I said hate
Just replace that word with Love
Because thats the way I really feel
About you

Lost Thinker
United States
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† † † † † † †"Her"
High on love, almost died on the drug, A Goddess, god this, is perfect. Always worth it. Brought out the best in me and loved me for the rest in me. Fought to the death of me now I should probably let it be...Didn't ask for you to miss, but fell into this. What are you doing to me? My feelings are pure you see, why not just be? Me n' you sounds like bein' blue for a reason. I stayed true, you changed like a season. Quit believin? Na, love is war and that would be treason. After the smoke clears and hope appears. Maybe you'll give my heart both ears...Til' then I'll keep dreamin', or is it a Nightmare? You don't fight fair, can't escape it. Held on to your heart or I'll break it? Na, my love's a work of art, no one can fake it. Now you miss me? Sound iffy like pieces of our history. You were next to me, I felt alone. Now who's the one sitting by the phone? Took me for granted like you planned it, I'll never understand it...

Lost Thinker
United States
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Well fuck my bad for not reading the rules all the way

Is It Poetry
Twisted Dreamer
United States
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I Could Be Yours

I could be yours,
And would I in you like find?
So far away,
I do so long, I would to you give,
Lost in you.

On fire at night are you not?
Yet for my age,
And you in your youth,
I am he in the book that you read.

I to who long,
I to you would belong.
Lost in you,
A light in your night's.
Would it be love or fancy
A lark.

I would plunge deeply,
Into the sea.
Waves crashing on rocks
Tossed and lost.

I would leave you, my dear,
Deaf, dumb and blind.
Like your scarf in the wind,
And yes I would,
Love is blind, would you me?

Thought Provoker
United States
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@Zombie...... dammit dude!!!! Smashed it you did!!!!

poet Anonymous

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Fire of Insight
United States
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New Yearís Kiss

All the people Iíd like to kiss
some a peck, some on lips
perhaps a few with the tongue
it doesnít matter, I love them all
Iíd pull them close at the drop
of the ball high in the air
showing I appreciate
all weíve felt as days progressed.

The darkest days rolled around
of deepest gloom I tried to share
by word of poem I spoke my mind
knowing some would see my cries
though the posts numbered few
they were the worst of the past year
scary days came and went
as mumbled prayers saved the day.

The happy days came and went
most with swing spinning round
hands were held as music played
my joy was more than I can tell
twice a week I strove to prance
with other souls that sought the same
glee was found as music led
not the show, instead the dance.

This past year featured peeps
some came early, others late
now on the scene but not before
Iím newly blessed with entre vous
that is French for you and me
vernacular asks for more
entre ustedes is Espanol
new to scene, please do stay.

Sadly some have left my stage
were there at launch but not at end
the door was opened when we two
but is now closed by only one
these I send special thoughts
circling round to start of poem
Iíd kiss them twice as much
if they were still in my life.

Pariah Shadow
Dangerous Mind
United States
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Thank you all for your entrances thus far.

Fire of Insight
United States
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The Swing

I hate this swing,
Between the good and the bad without a warning,
Juxtaposed in the joy and the happiness, the blues and the madness,
The one that escapes my dreams when there comes the morning.
I hate this swing,
From the ecstasy to the agony and back to the bliss again,
Frightened of where the pendulum will come to a stop,
And face the consequences for the choices back then.
I hate this swing,
That rocks my faith and questions my existence,
Between the heaven and the hell of my own saving grace,
In the evolution of my creation that has no resistance.
I hate this swing,
From the loving passion to the course and lustful rage
That ignores all decorum solely for the purpose of pleasure
In leisure of fantasies that should not be let out of their cage.
I hate this swing,
From the longing for life to the yearning of eternal slumber,
That in the simple joys are tainted by the guilt of the past,
Feeling the torment and comfort of not knowing my number.
I hate this swing,
That hangs over my head like a guardian angel or angel of death,
That there is closure in dying than there is guessing in living
Then enjoying all surprises of life with each abated breath.
But in these polar opposites that seem to be so distant,
I find it such a fastidiously and interesting thing,
That in between the dark and light, the right and the wrong,
I loathe and I hate it, but I also love the swing.

Dangerous Mind
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The way of the wyrd

O harlot moon
Draw me deep
into your wood

Where the shadows
are not meant to be
Body of decay

On winter`s ground
my tears fall broken

O virgin field
may I lay my head
upon your green

to the stars

sparrows fly
from my heart
wind greets
their flight


Tyrant of Words
United States
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Insinuated maybe's

"I wonder
   yeah I wonder
        why so many insects would rather feed off the dead"~Jello

Intimate whispers
  we clasp bone deep
  tied together
  kites by tethered string

  how conditioned
  such gilded doors
  this hinge to open air

"Jimmy through your locked front doors
   rifle through your sacred drawers
   line my pockets, deface your dreams
   till the cows come home to me
   all for me"~Jello

persona non grata
Thought Provoker
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mood roller coaster

Disorder in occupation
Lovers of no expactation
Missiles with feather appearance
are ending my convenience
Get the fuck out of your comfort zone
You came alone, you'll die alone
But don't say to Death that he won't last
he's going to eat the last of us
It's strange, it's like tears are almost missed
My black and white picture list
sit speechless in the drawer's dust
and represent my holy ash
for I was burned millions of times
I wrote my blaze in fucking rhymes
I think I 've let it to be known
everything's waiting in a row
to find their place and be a part
of my deep underground kind of art

When sadness says welcome back
when my option's waiting for some luck
In sorrow like life's dead everywhere
Me and my pain hide their affair
Why is it hard to exist but don't feel
I woke up in hell and thought that was the deal
Tomorrow never meets my hopes
A wedding dress that fits my corpse
this will be my last invalid will
don't ask of why, that's how I feel
Death always whispers in my ear
I always sense that he is near
and I'm afraid that all 'll be gone
things I've been trying for so long
But I don't care let him arrive
Inside his mind I'll stay alive
and laugh with irony at his archive
declaring I will never die
for I'm not written in any book
I put myself in my own hook
Creating gods and demons way
life is the prize I have to pay

Despite all, all thoughts walk
towards my weird conscious fog
I wish it could be crystal and clear
what is it that I'm trying to heal

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Another Dream

I have awakened from my nightmare
To a new life and beginning
The smell of life renewed around me,
Fills me with a sense of hope
My desire ignites and my feet carry me away
Through the park I dance this winters day
The colorful leaves bend and snap at my feet, barking
The cold winter air nips at my cheeks and turns them red
There is no sadness in my stride,
I am happy to be alive
I have awakened from my nightmare
To a new life and beginning
Listen to this old soul sing
It is happy to finally be out in the sunshine once again
Clear of the dark and desolation
Free to partake of lifeís many splendors
I have awakened from my nightmare
To a new life and beginning
How much I have missed is not apparent
How much I care has taken over the day
Let me savor the morning
For I canít remember one as beautiful as this one
I feel the tears of happiness well up in my eyes
Wait, something is wrong
I panic as my heart races into more y throat
And terror echoís in my mind
Everything starts to slow,
Like a scene in a movie
Please donít let this be another dream

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