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RUNNERS-UP: Jennifer Michael McCurry and Controversity

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Walk In Their Shoes

Strange Creature
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I literally had goosebumps reading this - nicely done

Fire of Insight
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Winston Churchill

The Finest Hour

The fascist war machine is in the horizon,
Casting a shadow on the free,
The French have fallen,
So it’s up to us to make a stand.

We must put a stop to this madman,
We must show strength and resolve,
The commonwealth has to understand
That there is a great sacrifice to be made.

I must show the strength and inspire them,
So that they will fight with honor and integrity,
It’s our responsibly to fight for our freedom,
It’s our duty to defend our country,
The future of the free world depends on it,
We must brace ourselves…

“…the battle of Britain is about to begin…”

Guardian of Shadows
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Ah jeez--fast week!  LOL  Great entries everyone--congrats Xmar, Calamity, Controversity!

Everyone had wonderful writes, winner and runners up, kept jumping out at me, though--thanks for joining in!

Dangerous Mind
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Thank you for choosing my poem!

Jennifer Michael McCurry
Tyrant of Words
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So honored.....a great list of people
And Wendy O is one of my all time idols
This comp challenged me...thanks
And congrats winners!

poet Anonymous

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