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Impure part of soul

Strange Creature
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Poetry Contest

confess any crime you did ever in your life in the form of poem.

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Entering the door
Overcome by the
Sharp stench of
Rotting Seaming

Men pass silently
Faces shamed
Entering a booth
Floor covered in Kleenex and cum

Quarters inserted
A woman appears
Disheveled disconnected
She masturbates

I do the same
I feel dirty

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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The sinus drip of stifling air and
grimy windows as we sip the humidity,
no names allowed, anonymous in its sin

hidden in a truck stop bathroom,
the heat, the sweat—
flies are sucked down a drain,

his skin gives off the smell of a tattoo
and I recognize this puma is no ink blot,

a thumbnail full burns my eyes—  
I bare my teeth to have him here right now,

a cracked mirror fractures the image
showing the act multiple times,
as more than one of him.

I don't care at this moment when he
presses my back to the floor
and I'm just as wet.

poet Anonymous

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Dangerous Mind
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Pulling weed
out of garbage bags
to weigh
into ounces
for profit
in a house
with no furniture
just a space invaders machine
& an igloo cooler

Dangerous Mind
United States
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I coveted what was not mine
The dreams came soon after
The constant badger of plots
White hot, covert rendezvous
Flooded my brain
My mind screamed for air
As it struggled to breathe
Beneath the assault
Of the constant lust filled waves
My conscious scolded me
For the impure scenes
That played in my mind
Steamy and erotic
I must confess
They brought a smirk to my face
Worn down to the bone
I gave in
With pleasure and guilt
And I took her for my own

Lost Thinker
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Lied and said I'd love her. Place no one above her. I know she misses me. Shame she isn't the Misses Me. Her and I? Mystery. What is true is this you see...She's perfect in every sense of the word, like your favorite song you've never heard. It's really quite absurd how I feel, know it's real. But had to set her free. See, I let it be but I'll never forget what she said to me. Tried to ruin me in the worst way on my birthday one would say just let it go she's another hoe. Know that's wrong that why I wrote this song to let her know, I'll never let it go. I'm still there, I still care, fully aware you hate me. Waiting til the day you no longer feel that way. Until then beautiful friend. You're a part of me like the sun is a star, you see?

Fire of Insight
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Guilt under the priest of never breaking laws
Whose dilemmas lie inside the virtuous reality
And evil morbidity of the unexpected agonies
What we take over the lost price inside them
Our unbilled aortic aneurysm is not possible
And merely used as a merchant trading guilt

Fire of Insight
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Daddy..!! Am I your whore ?

Scene 1

That was a rainy night of cold whispers
when my thoughts about my daddy raised
like a dead corpse from the grave soils
upon those raised tradition of being fucked
inside the metal man hard and dictum fun
enchanted by the subdued primal fear I got
tried to get some sleep having wet curtains'
my tides of superior infertility laid awoke
my daddy loved me like his new fucking toy
and I never ceased to amaze him with that
that night was never going to end inside me
I needed my daddy with all I had that moment.

Scene 2

I went inside my daddy's room shivering
my mind was overshadowed by lusty eyes
he was sleeping like a kid after baked pies
looked the room with my spooky eyes rolling
I pulled down my pants and started rubbing
I rubbed like a caterpillar inhaling smokes
I put off my panties and made a decision
My daddy loved my naked body of tattoos
I was waiting for my man to wide up his eyes
sudden thuds and sublimed fragnance woke him
spiders began to roll upon my whole body
I saw his eyes upon me and time froze
I shouted with the power of my lusty voice
FUCK ME DADDY with all you have inside
I need some good and delicious empathy tonight.

Scene 3

mouthful of cock and I was restless yet motionless
moaning with the little cunt I was left out with
he was pounding up my hole like a savage on fire
he was unstoppable that day deserving my cunt
finally cums over my face and my daddy was done
My daddy fucked me like a sweet little whore of him
My body got the shore the tides were based upon
my mind got polluted over the watch of almighty
that day I fucked myself with the pain of fire upon
my body told me directions I could work thereafter.

Dangerous Mind
United States
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I Could Never Love You

Saying I love you when I never meant it.
How could loving you ever become a crime?
I am guilty of sins that have sucked and bit

Me all over. I thought maybe this one last time
And then it would be all over, but it is not.
I could never get rid of all the bugs that climb

Onto me and under my skin. They spot
The hidden lies that are threatening to
Take over. It is an aim, fire and shot.

Splat. The splatter reeks of your blue
Blood smell. I am so sorry would never
Be enough because although I could love you

I chose not to. I could pull the lever
And drain everything that ever belonged
To us. Just know that I am done with you forever.  

Fire of Insight
United States
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Poet’s Crimes

Beware the reader of poetry,
the doors are opened to many views.
The honest poet speaks from the heart,
of both of God's seraph and Satan's brood.

Words are lifted on angel's wings
or cast to depths with heart's chagrin.
The heights or depths matter not
when passion drives the heart to bleed.

Lyrics charm the feet to tap
or chill the heart to almost stop.
Pleasure or wrath are the same
with reaction wired to those who read.

Stanzas confirm a loving view
or cast aspirations on circumstance.
To speak the mind walks the line
between contrasting sentiments.

I've only hinted at the scope
of the poet's greatest crimes.
Seek what you will from the breadth
of tainted text and loving words.

persona non grata
Thought Provoker
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to my defense confession

Words of request  
to my defense confession    
pain is for the best    
it spreads imagination.    
Speaking mandatory lies    
screaming but there is no voice    
every minute my soul dies    
I can't make a fucking choice.    
Prayers for a whitish dust    
social striving to adjust.    
Maybe God keeps a constant eye    
on every thought and every crime    
Maybe I will sleep tonight    
or maybe I'll keep on the fight    
Either way the sun will shine    
and burn this fucking pain of mine.    
Can You hear me plead and beg?    
Superior power I need your help.    
If it rains, it means you care,    
seeing bad omens here and there.    
I have a simple little request    
I wanna live but I wanna rest    
You know I'm afraid to say goodbye    
but I need a reason why should I try.    
I'm not devoted but I'm true.    
I faced death. Was I saved by You?    
I feel different, am I cursed?    
You are alive therefore you're blessed

Fire of Insight
United States
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Next Door

She was always pleasant,
Courteous and polite whenever I ran into her,
And yet, I couldn’t figure out why,
She always caused in me a stir.

Even though I was a teenager,
I was discovering my adulthood,
But it was one particular night,
That I finally understood.

The summer nights had grown hot,
So everyone left their windows open,
But it was her voice from across I heard,
That in the heat had me roused and frozen.

I used to hear her scream at her kids,
But that night she was moaning in agony,
So I turned off my bedroom light,
And peaked through my window handily.

I watched her and her husband,
As the figures moved on the bed by the light,
Her voice enthralled me the scene engrossed me,
I was simply mesmerized by the sight.

Our bedroom windows faced each other,
But on a still night the sound carried clear,
I always ready to turn off my light and watch,
The woman next door whenever she appeared.

And sometimes when the shades were closed,
I only listened in the dark to the faint sound,
I discovered my affinity for mature women,
Coveting her whenever she came around.

Fire of Insight
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her name is Anorexia, she wount eat until she die,
eating nothing at all so sick it makes her cry.
not eating away from all just only left the pain.
breeding parasite prevails and leaches on her brain.

taunts her with its strength,
Decisions to be made.
Feeding on her agony, her mirrors never lie.

Stepping on the scale,
praying she loose weight.
all that this is true, her body she just hate.

Hollow eyes and cold skin
her body grew week , fragile and thin.

Anorexia is dying, she needs to take control.
but her body begans to feel dry.

to her she falls deeper in dispear
its her weight of the world.

Her eyes have lost their sparkle,
and her voice crakes and stumbles..
Thorn bushes growing choking out what little life exists,
acid and fluid slows down this pain she cant resiste.

dying, crying, falling , calling,
becouse she only tells lies.

its seems un real for this china doll.
destroying her self image.

her name is Anorexia, she wount eat until she die.
forever in her grave dryed up she will lie.

-Kumiko Yamamoto

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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They threw me in the pen for battery,
now I'm sitting here thinking in a hurry
no mercy for anyone in my position
see he said I did him dirty begging on
his knees for the key to freedom he
be free on his journey in life, I was
trapped thirsty as can be plea deals
all lies by someone standing sturdy
he's not worthy no worries all I need
to do now is sit here and think about
the mistake I have just made early
in the morning no fleeing just caught
in a scenario so ugly I will never hear
the end of it, do you think you know me?
Lazy thinking, that's simply wrong,
along with all your presumptions I'm
headstrong despite this little hangup
I will not be a pawn, let me live for once,
lift me up please before I fall into the pond
to never return from a long nap. The thorn.

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