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Broken wings

poet Anonymous


For long I have contemplated
such an action, how much longer
before we grow from the abuse
and demand respect?

poet Anonymous

Fly Again

After all the beatings,
Punches and blows,
Even with broken wings,
I hoped that I would heal,
And fly again.

poet Anonymous


The Angel has my wings
falling from the sky,
I die.

But as quick as day
turns into night,
I live.

Heaven is beautiful
but Hell,
conquers me.

I am limitless
like clouds,
sheltering birds.

poet Anonymous


Many things go against my will
i'm a survivor am hard to kill
Wrote this on a window sill

poet Anonymous

Luckly Escape

Icy alpine slope
Four  together on rope
One man slipped
Ice axe gripped
Slid below
Land in snow
Lucky escape.

poet Anonymous

"Naughty Girl"

She thinks she's a
"Naughty Girl",
But she ain't ever had no sex.
It's just naughty for her to THINK about it,
Comin' from her Conservative Background.

poet Anonymous

Why do we continue
to break the wings
of a child
whos life
needs to be

poet Anonymous

white lights

blue beds and white lights
follow the flames of great nights
all the hues of altered insight
the fall is long
dark fright

poet Anonymous

My treasure is
soiled, clean,
intact, broken,
pure, tainted,
indifferent, trusting,
whole, battered,
fragile, eternal,
strong, wounded.

poet Anonymous


I want to be beautiful for you
see my cigarette foil wings
ashes for heart
smoke halos this angel's head

poet Anonymous

Its the broken wings that crave most to fly
That can't forget their pain or why
So done with love and long for sky

poet Anonymous


Within the solitude of melancholia
lies sanctuary
For in foolish hope
is the demise of Icarus

poet Anonymous

Death is my virtue
Devils are the gods
Death the savior
now we're ruled by the unknown
The devil our god and king

poet Anonymous


Cold cradle dewdrops shining
low lies head turning against
the beast of the street as he
stalls us into slumber

poet Anonymous

Black Opal Heart

hewn heart
cast silent

watery dead reckoning
polished anew
to shore

& ricochets

.a skipping stone.

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