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Sex like a dragon

poet Anonymous

Beg...For More

tightly clenched
hot desire
slowly dripping
oozing between
my thighs
my heat
pulsing through
the black lace
which barely
covers my flesh
uprising this
passionate fire

eyes closed
moans softly
my lips
behind me
his breath
in my ear
his hard length
pressing into me
with full intent

his lips
find my neck
his tongue trailing
landing upon
my shoulder
as his strong hands
make their way up
my shirt, cupping
my full breast
my legs begin
to shake
then slightly part
as I knew he was
getting ready to take

ripping lace
his fingers dive in
a growl echoing
through his chest
he knew I was ready
to give my all
ass up
legs wrapped
back against the wall

hard thrusts
carnal lust
his sweat
in my pores
taking me
claiming me
making me
beg...for more

Dangerous Mind
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We flung ourselves at each other clawing at each other's clothes
Our mouths hungrily kissed
I caressed her voluptuous breasts as she reached down and squeezed the bulge in my pants
Stopping just a bit to smirk at me her approval of my size
As I took of my shirt she slipped off her blouse and bra
I quickly slipped one of her beautiful breasts in my mouth as both of my hands grabbed her tight ass
I lifted her up to get her breasts closer to my face and
She quickly wrapped her legs around my waist and held on tight
We walked slowly to her bedroom as I sucked on those beautiful titties
Together we fell on her bed as we continued to grope each other
We flung off the remainder of our clothes
As I quickly went down on her
She was soaking wet
I slipped in my tongue and fondled her clit
Slipping in two fingers she moaned with ecstasy
I took her to the edge but I backed off not wanting her to cum yet
I kissed my way passed her stomach and up to her breasts
I bit her nipples as I caressed them
We kissed longingly
She stroked my penis
I was ready for her
She had something else in mind
She licked the length of my shaft then took it all in
She choked only once then took me to heaven
She laid back down and I got on top
I slipped it in and we kissed again still starving for each other
We fucked slowly at first then it quickened
She met my stroke with her own
Faster, harder, Forever it seemed but I waited for her to cum first before I came in her
A gentleman always waits

Strange Creature
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Hey tapped on my door slowly but romantic he lite up my day he mad the day a better day with his touch he mad me feel safe and with his smile it made my heart melt i swear thou always falls in love with thee again and again evry time I see his smile it makes me blush and it makes me want to jump on him and kiss him i remember it was in 6th grade as soon as our eyes melt i know i wanted to spend the rest of my life with him every secound of the day evry hour evrynight and every morning when he touches me makes me feel happy and excitez

Strange Creature
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He knocked on my door as he slowly opened the door while i was changing i didnt noticw until he heard me singing our song and said awwww then i quickly covered my self bc we was virgins and hes never saw me like that before then he started slowly walking closer to me and gave a gental tug to the towel the towel feel off and he stared at me so I picked the towel back up quickly and he stops me before i can cover up again and then starts walking closer to me and i ask him what hes doing and he says oh nothing and then he got really close and kissed me and then we stopped kissing and i started getting dressed and he says not to and i say whay and he says u really wanna know and i say yes then he comes as close as he cacathen he grabs me by my ass and picks me up and kisses me and im naked and i say are u aure about this and he says shhhh its fine then i say ok and he lays me down on the bed quickly but gently and leand over top of me he doesnt lay on top or me or sit on top of me but he bends over top of me and kisses me slowly then kisses my neck really slow and then starts going down and whrn he got to my pussy he said are u ok with this and i said uhhhh yea baby im fine he just gently kisses the lips of my virgin pussy and then starts getting rougher and faster and my breathing increases and he starts licking my clit slowly and easy then he fets rougher and faster my braeathing increases alot more andi start getting horny and then he starts slowly moving down further to the hole and start licking it and then he slowly and gently slipped his tounge in and out of my pussy and then he started fingering my clit whille licking my pussy and then he slips one finger in and then another then supposedly accidentally did it on a accident and then i slowly get up amd push him down on the ved and sloqly unbotton his pants with my and then slowly slipped my hand in his pants anf he pulls it out and starts to rube it up against my clit and then i say im a virgin im nervous and he saif its fine i am to we will learn together and he sayed ok and we did learn together yea he saw what a popped cheery lloks like and we was 14 he slowly slipped it in and carresed my boobs
And kept kissing my neck i got horny but it hurt a little but pain is gain u have to be in pain to gain so we can have fun later on in life pleasure later on i life

Fire of Insight
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Theme and Variations

Straight to the bed
No time for head
Slid in to the hilt
On top of the quilt
Her vagina grips
As I swing my hips
Her g-spot's reacts
The wall contracts
An orgasm erupts
Response to my bucks
The passage is wetter
This could not be better
Three orgasms later
The pleasure is greater
Time for a break
A decision to make
Which new position
Should we commission
She sits astride
My cock inside
I fuck from below
Strokes long and slow
Another orgasm
Her vagina in spasm
Next on her knees
A 'doggy' to please
In deep to the balls
With pleasure she calls
Then on her side
Like spoons for a ride
A gentle interlude
Whilst energy renewed
Missionary to conclude
She's enjoyed being screwed
Ejaculate inside
At the end of the ride

persona non grata
Thought Provoker
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Electrifying chills

Slaves of hormones..
A sexual delirium of  such a paradoxical state of  
being balanced
while overreacting
Chills on my flesh, insane attraction, am I escaping reality?
As time fails perception, desires are expanding their sacred spark
I want you all around me
Just roll downwards from my mind..
Multiple sources of fire rise inside me
and burn the fearful forests of the subconscious  
corroding me like acid or auto-inflection
Every single cell is energized to the core
Extensive body search, inch by inch, stimulating awkwardness
but your voice
transform me like the wind
Cosmic experience of human needs?
Your touch electrifies my body from top to toe
How can this feeling even exist?
I'm shaking from lust
Hypnotized by the eroticism of your eyes
I seize holding back
My heart is under attack, it can't handle the love
the intensity of this connection is scary...kind of.
You're not mine nor I'm yours
We added ourselves against every mathematical rule, into one monad
Your sight removes every little last piece of cloth of us
Beyond this dimension's expectations
my aura is printed over yours  
mingling into an ethereal seductive color
of energy  
begs me to allow it disperse  
piercing forces
through me
advertising our unity
to the formal laws of the phychedelia
The skin
is transparent to our sight
spoiling the soul
claiming the 'interior' of our hearts
as forgotten boxes of past lives memories
Cold inflames
We bleed on the vanished field of Eros
under his silken tent
on the sand sparkling on a godly island
of Lost Atlantis
A vail is covering us like an invisible mantle
There's no horizon
Everything melts into body fluids
that taste sweet
Pure, maniacal, furiously sexual aggression meets its mirroring divine, affectionate and loving embrace
and what remains
is dust
denser than oil
more distant than the future
closer than now
unchangeable like the past

Guardian of Shadows
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She lies beside me, no longer screaming, just silence
Disconcerting after all of that violence

She lies beside me, not making a sound
Disconcerting, after the love letters I found

She lies beside me all quiet and still
Disconcerting, I didn’t really mean to kill

She lies beside me, cold and rigid
Disconcerting, she was normally frigid

She lies beside me, with those ‘fuck me’ eyes
Disconcerting, I’m gently stroking her thighs

She lies beside me, I’m getting erect
Disconcerting, for once she doesn’t object

She lies beside me, I fondle her tits
Disconcerting, it appears she submits

She lies beside me, I finger her gash
Disconcerting, it gets me so horny I’m ready to splash

I lie now on top, I fuck her all ways
Disconcerting, she’s been dead for three days

Twisted Dreamer
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All Rights Reserved  

When we first reach the sheets in a scramble of kisses and nibbles and the awkward pauses to remove shoes and various articles of clothing, it is not the eventual breast grabbing and skin licking that get met wet and takes my breath away. No, these are bonus moments...

Feeling you press your physical body into mine and collapsing onto my torso and hip bones is the real overture. Most people believe that the power and control lies in being positioned from above, and certainly it comes with the benefits of dictating tempo and has variety in movement but the receiving position is underestimated. When you collapse onto me you are giving me your whole body, like a soldier collapsing into the arms of a comrade and having faith that this person can carry you out of the fray to safety. It is the position from which seduction can take place, the slight lift of my pelvis which adjusts the angle of your penis coming inside me, the pulling of your hips into mine spurning you forward. Wrapping my legs around your torso and squeezing them into your sides pushing you away despite your desire to go in deeper. Not having to prop myself up like you frees my hands and fingers to caress squeeze and dig my palms into your flesh and knead your muscles like dough.

I can play with myself and dig my fingertips into my breasts suck on my fingers and showcase various tantalizing expressions that by themselves make you come closer to climaxing. I can spank your ass cheeks and cup your face, grab handfuls of your hair and if I don't like your tempo I can shift to be on top. I can softly trace the skin on your backside which you can't reach and is rarely touched so it is the perfect location to give attention to.

When you press down onto me and into me I become your support, my breasts clench beneath your pectorals like pillows, my abdomen contracts to receive you more deeply and unintentionally provides you with stability in your movements. My pelvis, opened and blossoming, can not only withstand the harsh thrusting of your hips but can also lift your whole body into the air and provide resistance to your movements which allow you to go harder without pushing my body off of the bed! More impressively is that my small frame can take your beastly body and it doesn't break, doesn't ache and even excels in movement and flexibility in spite of being pressed down.

When clothed and when naked, before during and after coitus, the weight of your body is balanced supported and received by mine and I enjoy being that foundation. When I daydream about us becoming physical I feel the sensation of weight on my front and back sides and that thought is so wholly panty-dropping and primal that I become moist almost immediately. You may feel that you are dominating me and in control of the act and for you to be truly effective I let you feel that way, but from beneath and below I control not only your pleasure but my own. I allow you to play baby but I am the director!

Strange Creature
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My Love Handed Her to Me

My love handed her to me
Like a harem keeper
Mischievous eyes
Nervous was I
Not to err or
Incite jealousy

You must let him taste you
He's so very good

She sold me
Like a slave
Crowning my
Ego expertly

Kingly, I swell
Into her mouth
Hot titanium
My tongue
Proving worth
Giving ecstasy

Wild, sapphic
They kiss
Like young lovers do
We are young
And we fuck
And suck beautifully

Tits and
Asses and
Mouths and
Pussies and
Our friend has a scorpion tattoo

Desperately etching
On melting
Mind's fabric
Their sex, her love
Forbidden desire
Not left me.

Lost Thinker
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CAGES OF SEDUCTION-The dominance of the devils plaything

Trapped in the very cages of seduction
to be whipped abused and used
The voices began to take me over

The whispers almost unbearable

But i couldn't stop them i'm i'm powerless....

A dark husky and seductive voice soon whispered "May i take you whip you and play fuck you",

I stopped breathing all together now hands all over my body

TRAPPED in the very cages of seduction and lust

Chains seemed to rap around my whole body


Sharp pain pleasurously exploded and nearly grounded against my pussy

Ragged growls and moans escaped from my lips

Hands roughly and quickly began ripping away clothes

Shredding it but i couldn't be sure i was blind

In this dark terrifying place of pleasure

Soon I felt those same seductively twisted up harsh hands trail down my body and along the way i felt something sharp and fiery begin to trail down the very middle of my body forcing whimpers out my lips.

"Call me master", my secret captor whispered

The flames began pouring down my middle
Flesh was revealed
Bodies pressed close in a seductive heart beat
Two trapped in a bloodied moment
Chained down to the addiction that is pleasure

Hands leading the way
Body rocking
Pussy grinding once again
Loss of control
Loss of morals

Lost in the heat
Lost in the painful pleasures
She was caught and hooked

Sick and twisted hands rose all around our bodies
Quickly finding what was wet and dripping
Forcefully removing
More cloth
Was it the teeth

Who could say
Dear master captor

Growls ripped away from my throat as something cold yet hot entered me
Whimpers moans and claws

Let lose into the night
ignoring the taste
ignoring the pain we continue the fight for dominance


All to quick blinded
No wait blindfolded
Chained soon became my arms and legs

Harshly touched by his oh so rough hands
Soon they entered and destroyed no dominated
My already wet

More growls
was i fucking an animal or devil


A whipping lash sliced into me
Releasing a sigh and moan

Hands gripping
Groping petting thrusting

Harshly gripped my breasts
as he none to gently entered me making me breathless
no words left to utter
but none could be said

A dominating force was what he was but no that's not all
The devil
Blind fold slowly was cut away to reveal a hard length
A muscled torso
An evil seductive smirk
From a mystery master with grey eyes

Looking down
Chains were tangled intertwined and defined
Curled around my entire body

What was cold and hard soon quickly began pumping and thrusting into me
Words became trapped in my throat
The beast within craved more

An arch of the back an spreading of the legs

Pump Pump Pump
A dick no wait his dick
Rapped in chains penetrating and dominating

Slowly he rose to the top and stared dead in my eyes
A dead connection is made

A deal perhaps
One with a devil
Still pumping hard and growling he undid the bindings on my wrists

Mistake perhaps

"Dominator" voices soon whispered
"Take him he is your puppet now"

No morals
No virtues
I grinded hard against his hard and oh so cold dick leting him thrust in and out

Bodies trapped in this endless trance
He let go of all control
Ready to take advantage

He pulled out leaving me to orgasm
Not done Not done .......NOT DONE!!!!!!

I waited till he laid on the side of me soon
he fell

I climbed on top bound him in chains
All the while whispering one name
"Master monster"
I grindded harshly against the chains letting them cut into me
Allowing the explosions of painful pleasure to consume me

He began whimpering in his sleep
"Soft easy too easy was he"
I went harsher to punish
To destroy
To torture and torment

His eyes flew open as i went harder and began to trail blades over his restrained body
"master monster"

He squirted yet he was still squirming to get away
Off in the distance a psychotic laugh could be heard
"Mine", i growled

Quickly i undid the chains that
contained his rock hard dick
Without care i took his long hard shaft
into my hands and soon began
stroke him over and over
he gasped in shock and in pleasure
but had all the gaze of a fire

"I know who and what you are", he whispered breathlessly
"You're the serpents bitch"
"And the devils plaything"

I smiled but short lived

I leaned close soon sinking my head quite low allowing myself the first lick
The first taste
Allowing the Devil himself to take me over
In these cages of lost lust and seduction

A growl could be heard when i stuck out my tongue and slowly licked down his length
Torturing him
Soon i took him in fully sucking licking
until my head began bobbing up and down
my mouth soon was filled with his sweet cum or more technically known as his semen
I swallowed like a very good girl
I sucked on him again and soon figured he let himself out of the chains his hand pressed harshly against the nape pf my neck
Right as i bit his dick harshly and hard
A scream pierced the night

"Never play with the devil's toy if you can't handle it" i whispered over his hot body

I climbed on top once again and grinded harder then ever and soon i cumed with a harsh growl

i hopped off leaving him there petrified and terrified
I walked back over to him and kissed him harshly and hotly
"Good night buddy boy and thanx for the fuck but next time no begging"

Tyrant of Words
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I would like to say thank you to our lovely host Photosynthesis for holding such a great comp. I am deeply honored to have been chosen amongst all of these outstanding entries and congratulations as well extended to my dear friend John and to Jinx!! Excellent job everyone!

I curtsy as I say Thank you so very much!! 😊

Tyrant of Words
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Thanks for the nod, Pho, & Taryn, excellent poetry; fine work, Jinx, exceptional entries all around...

Lost Thinker
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Thank you for the shout out and thank you both for the commentary on my work

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