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Sex like a dragon

Lost Thinker
United Kingdom
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Poetry Contest

Describe a sexual act in form of a poetry. It must be extreme and sensual at the both time. Fuck like no other day.

Tyrant of Words
United States
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              of sudden desire

we fucked.  because my passion is overwhelming
        because her devotion is absolute.

we fucked.  it is the primal urge, the first rapture.
if there was a Garden in Mesopotamia,
a man was created, & he was given a woman;
when they fucked, only then did it become Paradise.
before there was love, there was sexual union.
it joins us to the animals.

we fucked.  the word itself is coarse & cruel.
it’s denied to the sensitivities of poetry & art;
if it’s used there, it’s labeled extreme, & banned.
we are ascended when we have it
and tormented when we do not.

we fucked.  we are in a lonely place,
she & I, where no one can find us.
we touched; we kissed. we held each other with
extraordinary surrender  –
and fucking emerged out of all that is beautiful.

we fucked.  of all the glory in heaven
        so much was never given.

you are Tereska & I am John.  we fucked…

Dangerous Mind
United States
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The thorns of a rose

He makes me get on my hands and knees
as if I were his doll, depleted of emotions,
to do with as he desires. Before he inserts
his angry inches, he kisses then bites
my baby-powder ass, spanks me without
appeal; and I know he smirks at my girlish
whimpers. When he forces himself into me,
I am sure it's more than I can bare, until,
until..... I fall deeper, ever deeper, into his heart.
When he fucks me like that.

G.L. Emz
Dangerous Mind
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All Rights Reserved 

Open your legs and spread your lips! 
Just like that, see how wet you are? 
With a horsetail, your cunt would be slapped. 
Count as I do! 
One, two, three. 
There you go. 
Do you like it? Answer me, damn it! 
Disobey and your ass shall earn whips. 

Now, hand me that ice cube! 
Feel the cold burning you; 
Numbing your senses, 
Grazing your flesh. 
Don't cum till I say you can! 
Understand all that? 
Inserting two fingers in... 

Feel me rubbing that G-spot? 
You stubborn bitch! 
Another whip then. 
One, two, three. 
Stop squirming! 
I'll lick the sting away. 
Hmmm so yummy! 
Like Sashimi served with Sake. 

I could feel your insides, 
Strangling my digits. 
I see, you're shaking, 
Squirting all over! 
Why did I stopped, you asked? 
You are not listening at all! 
Told you not to cum, 
Until I say you can! 

Now, calm your self and kneel down! 
Put your hands behind your back. 
Lick my balls, suck them both! 
Oh yeah,  do it again, just like that. 
Look at me and don't close your eyes, 
Take me in as deep as you can! 
Gag, tear up, my beatiful cocksucker... 
Motherfucker, you're making me hard! 

Stand up and sit on the edge of the bed. 
Bend your knee up and rub that nub. 
Look at me, see how horny you make me? 
This cock, inside of you, I'll ram it hard! 
Cunt, do you want that? 
Then say,  "Please Sir, fuck me now!" 
Put your arms up. 
No matter what, don't move that hand. 

Screw you slut, so wet and tight! 
Say it! Say your mine, all mine! 
Pinch that nipples, pull both up, 
Arch your back, scream with delight! 
I know what you want... 
Your clit played with as you're slammed. 
Then what is the magic word? 
Say, "Please Sir, let me cum." 

Count as I do! 
One, two, three. 
There you go. 
Cum for me! 
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! 
There, there, there! 
Let go... Let go... Let go... 
Good girl. 

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Black orchid
Purple eyes
What glows
Between your thighs?

Is it warm inside?
Or a furnace
That burns men
To ashes?

Under the Ultra V
It seems enchanting
Yet I wary of
Of touching

Black Orchid
Grant permission
To taste the radiance
Of your blossom

With the promise
I’ll not be engulfed
In the brilliance
Of its incandescence

And that after
Sampling your luminous
Ovule treasure
I can choose

To leave,
Or to stay
With you

Which would you
Like me to do?

Dangerous Mind
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I want
raw & primal
from my
mouth & loins

& tear
at our flesh

guttural moans
become the
sighs of angels

to echo in the halls of eternity

Jennifer Michael McCurry
Tyrant of Words
United States
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Right Fucking There....

I taste the salty moisture that shines on his shoulders
My bite there a primal reaction to the pleasure felt as he digs deeper
And deeper into my being
My grasp on his ass and back is desperate
3 red lines ooze bright red in an excised trail left by my fingernails
My hands claw wildly in demoniac gesture as his fuck escalates into a feverish progression
His hips find a rhythmic Nuance  that sends my vaginal walls into spasm
My squeezebox dee Dee beats the William Tell overture around his sizable prick
Gripped tight by my venereal vice
He is forced to arch over me like a humping dog
He pulls me up and on to his lap his cock never leaving my cozy wet furnace
His hips thrust up in MAD movement as I respond with my grind
My lower back finds an arch that pulls him into my innermost red velvet spaces
There builds intense pressure where his cockshead hits cervix
I beg him to fill me
He is so deep he says he might cum out my ears
I pant..uhh uhh ..oh gah!..please baby...please.....
..uhh unnn....try....

Fire of Insight
United States
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Swimming Beneath the Night Sky

We swam beneath the midnight sky
anchored by the blanket on the ground
lit by orb at half mast
floating between here and there
movement was our guiding hand
when nature's lights were not enough
feeling, moving, pouring forth
dancing to the passions' tunes

our clothes were discard in the rush
by urges freed with merriment
as garments were tossed to the grass
witnessed by the moon's dim light
between the cool of whispered breeze
fresh from the dark beneath the trees
and the warmth of blanket's
our bodies moved in motions joined

exclamations escaped our lips
protestations for mercy bliss
completion desired while postponed
as we escaped from the earth
terra firma may be our home
the stars so very high above
our passions took us in between
swimming beneath the night sky.

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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My penis is rampant; ready to start;
She lies there  naked; legs apart
Tempted to rush with deep insertion
Fuck  her well; much exertion.

Better perhaps not to rush in
Fuck may be over; hardly begin
Gently foreplay is preferred
Sensual feelings; stronger when stirred

Using mouth and finger
On her vulva, try to linger
While she caresses with her lip
You sensitive penis tip

Caressing and touching
Cuddling and kissing
Worked up to a frenzy
Now's time for entry.

Gently slide inside her passage
Back and forth mutual massage
Fast oscillation excites her G
Orgasm erupts; extatic glee.

Stay in for more, much to achieve
She'll orgasm again before I leave
Each time she comes, increases wetness
Before much longer I am breathless.

She mounts me like a cowgirl
Her turn to give me a twirl
She bounces to maintain the rhythm
Enough for a further orgasm

Continue thus until tired out
So many orgasms we want to shout.
Cuddled snugly we then sleep
Our love is getting very deep

poet Anonymous

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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Four Words

Thoughts affecting each nerve traveling within my core...      
Never could I have predicted the amount  
of yearning that would be experienced, this insatiable    
burn flowing    
spelling your name all in the need to feel your touch  
Transitioning they develop a mind of their own    
it's almost unbearable    
approaching too much  
Eyes closing ~ images possess
sending warmth throughout to collect    
flooding walls of silk pink    
Resisting the urges to let hands roam, preventing tips from    
deep diving to sink within a smooth creaminess    
that causes me to gasp and moan, shuddering unable to think    
Shocked and amazed at the intensity,    
how these visions are affecting my hunger, my want...  
Knowing that if you were here before me    
these plentiful tears being wept    
would be coating lips when your tongue buries to taste    
as it dances in slow spins and laps    
Your hands gripping to anxiously pull me closer    
feeling thighs tense then tremble    
with spine reaching backward while supported at the waist  
Hear breaths surface in visceral tones begging,  
impatient to feel your teeth biting down penetrating    
into the delicate tender of my fruity and tangy passions    
Your mouth saturated and dripping with the very sweetest of juices    
you have ever had the pleasure of sampling, in your aggressive suck to drain me    
quenching your amplified thirst....  
because this is what
really need...    
I need to rise and fall,    
impale myself onto hardened urgency, pressing    
into my soul the kinds of thrusts which glide in abandon    
Each stroke having the intention of causing me to call out    
to the heavens thanking them for your presence  
Shoulders clenched as you hold me tighter with eyes locked and ignited    
knowing that I will happily take whatever you gift me    
and whisper "love you" at times when I have to fight it  
Causing a heave to my chest knowing that I have been    
brought to that edge    
suspending me there in tease with a carnal grin conveying    
just how very pleased    
you are    
accompanied with piercing convicted growls...    
speaking four of my most favorite words...        
"Now cum for me..."

Tyrant of Words
United States
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...i am repeatedly craving
to be tenderized, seasoned
then seared to lock in and retain our every flavor of passion
when my sweet flesh is prepared, garnished then tabled,
splayed to offer a one-of-a-kind delicacy to be devoured in growls
leaving eyes to savor the unconsumed remains after you've had your fill

                                 ~;*• •*;~

...i am constantly thirsting
to be held firmly within your grip
when i am swept by pulsing urges and aching throb
after they swell, roll and arrive
to make contact with my deepest inner depths
where aspirations will be quenched behind stolen breaths

                                 ~;*• •*;~

...i am unreservedly willing
to be the canvas
you draw, stroke and scroll upon
after each curvature has been explored, meticulously traced,
to emerge an exhibit which drips of your hard lined artistry
found to coalesce with silky smooth once autographing my page

                                 ~;*• •*;~

...i am continually longing
to be orchestrated
into exuding harmonious melodies
as you masterfully conduct the combined flats with sharps,
found ambiguously hidden behind each bar
creating for us a majestic unparalleled opus

                                 ~;*• •*;~

...i am perpetually yearning
to have walls constrict
imploding to collapse around you
after quaking erupts high on your richter,
once roadways broaden with a simultaneous surge
to give way as they elevate and displace due to flooding

                                 ~;*• •*;~

...i am endlessly needing
to feel all of my tears cascade
as your name escapes in whispered heavenly cries
once you resurrect the dead to cleanse all decay,
when drowning our demons submerged within
to save us while answering my greedy beg

                                 ~;*• •*;~

...i am tethered to overwhelming hungers...
• always here ready • fulfill our
desperate needs...


...let me feed you...
again and again,

                              ~;*• 🔆 •*;~

Author's Note:
All is
silent and still
on this
New Year's Day....

Tyrant of Words
United States
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I Gave In...told in King of Noir style

so I gave in. I finally said yes to that dinner & dessert invitation & let me
say, he didn't go cheap; the amount it cost for the drinks was pretty close to
the rest of it. he treated me to five stars, just as it should be. in hindsight,
perhaps the twists & turns the evening took helped to contribute to the injury
I've sustained. now I'm sitting here wondering.

it started out innocent enough; normal conversation, talked & laughed while
playing catch up on all things both relevant & not. ever present was the mutual
attraction, on many levels, just as it always had been. & then towards the
end of the evening, with tensions & inhibitions riding the crest, we decided it
was time to go back to the room he had conveniently waiting on stand-by. I being
my normal self, was not at all turned off when asked to sample the after dinner
dessert presented before my lips once I made myself comfortable. I gave
it a try, wondering if time would have at all changed the recipe. my taste buds
have been known to be quite sensitive & picky, so I was a bit apprehensive in my
approach; mouth open slightly just allowing the tip to enter, closing slowly as lips pulled
the flavor to be licked by my tongue. I smiled coyly in surprise; we were golden here, just
as I remembered, the glaze was not at all going to cause me to say "no, thank you..."

he could hear in my 'mmm' I was receptive & motioned again towards me, 'go ahead,
have some more...I'm happy to share...' he said. 'oh...well I appreciate that..thank
you' as I went for a second helping. not nearly as apprehensive this time around; mouth
fully engulfed the tasty delight, teeth raking slightly on both the top & underside
on my withdrawal, as he made sounds that translated to rapture. I took it upon
myself to further enjoy this delicacy the next few times but suddenly, he decided
dessert time for me was over.

it was his turn now; clearly communicated as throat was taken within his grip
when he brought my mouth towards his. lips pressed & tongues danced but different
than in the past; a soft & tender, with lip lightly bitten which seemed to please me
as told by the wetness which began to quickly creep from between silk folds. his
teeth then sank into shoulders & neck, tongue swirling to soothe the pinch. he already
knew this to be a favorite. his greedy hand placed under my skirt found its way in
no time to move panties to the side & I am found supported by his clench while atop his
three fingers. he teases me, stroking my sweet spot, feeling the swell build & then
STOPS; abruptly I am turned & bent over, face pressed against the bed, with
ass up & legs spread, he dives in there yet again bringing me to wince in a needy
beg, needing release, needing to drench. my wet seen cascading in
threads towards the bed.

I can feel the heat radiating from his hungry appetite as my walls are scorched when
he enters in one forceful thrust, gripping hips as he dictates the speed of each
glide upon entry & exit. the small of back now pressed as wrists are grabbed like reigns
when he decides to ride me hard. every nerve in my body in heightened excitement,
sending pulses which cause walls to tighten & thighs to tremble, nipples hardening
with my groans exuding his name; I needed to cum, release a wave that would
capsize the thoughts of any other pussy he's ever fucked & he knew it. he knew it & he
let me, to my surprise with the sound of him growling three magic words...

'cum for me...'

& I did, I came in that wave exactly like I needed to. the next time he wasn't so
quick to gift such pleasure; he made me wait, just as I had made him do before
finally saying 'yes'.

he's been pretty disappointed that I am hurting right now though; & just as he did
long ago, he can now only think of one thing....

poet Anonymous


the air is hot  
redolent with need
though you  
are not here
tonight I'm alone
left to my own devices
drenched in my longing
burning with desperation  
and you
are not here
naked upon the covers
window open  
for the breeze
body tingling
as cool air
my glistening skin
if I close my eyes
I can see you
hear your words
baby, you know what to do
and I do
fingers trembling
bottom lip
between my teeth
I begin my solitary journey
grazing nipples
both hands
palms flat
against their peaks
fingers circling
gently pinching
not so gently now
one hand descending
over tummy
over mound
into shadow
into valley
into the streaming depths  
fore and aft
until they find
a home
deep within
heated darkness
riding edges
spread wide
thighs shaking  
slamming shut
trapping hand
one hand buried
one hand clutching  
at the sheets
head thrown back
eyes glazed
lips parted
uttering no sound
I'm beyond that
into volcanic
left trembling
too weak to move
missing you
hearing your words  
save some for me  
I'll be home soon

poet Anonymous

the edge

breathless words
of pleasure
escape my lips
as I feel you
so deeply
doing what
you do best

your fingers
just right
my heat,
dripping with
so hot
so tight

my back is
as my
hips lightly
I am open
for you
to enjoy
your feast
you bite,
devour and

my hands
press you
as I ride
your tongue
sweet juices
ooze and drip
as your lips
to take a sip

heavy breathing
growls echoing
from your chest
you hold
my shaking body
as I scream,
your name
over the edge

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