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A new beginning

Lost Thinker
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Poetry Contest

Post a poem talking about new beginnings. Or even second chances
Welcome to the competition.
Let's see how creative we can get.

Remember new beginnings.....

Poetry Accident
Dangerous Mind
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Begin Again

I am waiting to begin again
same time different year
wheel turned round as I stood
in the same place I was before
faces familiar have been absent
new ones have taken their place
yet the mirror says Iím the same
with lines added, a bit of gray.

Easy pleasures near at hand
true ecstasy too far away
too little shows the ribs
Iíd drown if I had my say
only solution is to hit reset
big red button that comes around
as circles spin within the dials
flashing lights dull the sight.

Fog the mind as chance is lost
like Andromeda Strain selecting cure
here at the line drawn in the sand
toe to heel then far away
am I unable to do what I want?
blink and see it move again
away from my grasp yet so near
bless my heart my patient friends.

There is hope in company
sanity by verity
confirming what I think I see
when the need asks its time
I am waiting to begin again
same place on a different year
hold my hand so I know
Iíll not walk this way alone.

Tyrant of Words
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"I am Tapestry"

I be Jean Luc Picard, captain of a less-stellar constitution  
Commander of a failing enterprise, adrift in time and space  
Warping my reality to be more than I was willing to become  
Falling short of my command, beyond the reach of an outstretched hand  
A fist closed to the possibilities my bleeding heart had once believed in  
While the echo remains trapped inside my head, "I know I can be more"  
So many chances I passed up when fear held still my steady feet  
My insecurity firmly locking in a course for a dependable inevitability    
My ship sank swiftly into the empty abyss of an alternate reality  
While the admiral I could have been was lost in space for infinity    
I know I can be more, I feel it transporting my soul up to the heavens  
But the gravity of forging panoptic cautious choices weighs far too heavily  
Light years now separate me from my lofty childhood dreams    
Raising shields between the frontier of undiscovered hope  
and arrogance malevolently unravelling the tapestry of me  
I've been handed second chances to repair this ship's dead engines  
But once the self-destruct sequence completes it's final count down  
No omnipotent force in the universe can deliver me back down to Earth  
While living the bereft existence of a mundane junior grade lieutenant  
Assistant of stargazing on a antediluvian sub-celestial vessel  
One captain to another, will I decisively commit to mutiny or bounty?
Will the tedium of a dreary life balance fate's predictory demotion?  
Just as Captain Kirk proclaimed, "I've always known I'll die alone"  
Are these my final steps towards death or the first on my trek home?

(jj johnson)

Dangerous Mind
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Did I win big with red on the spin
Cheered by whiskey women and wine
To get carried up high from the inn
Oh no...
So let's do it different this time

Did I magic from a rat to a prince
Find a love before twelve could chime
Did she remain my girl ever since
Oh no...
So let's do it different this time

Did I pitch a get-rich-quick scheme
Make a dollar from every dime
Did I live the American Dream
Oh no...
So let's do it different this time

Did I cut a deal with a deity
And by prayer out smart the divine
Did I out fight and outrun society
Oh no...
So let's do it different this time

Did I say that's all I can give
When He gave us his only son
Did I say that's all I can give
Oh no...
Then He showed me the rising sun

poet Anonymous

I Wait...

there was laughter
in this place
there was silence
filled with comfort
and delight
there was presence
warm and welcoming

there was...


has it faded?
has it gone?
did it creep out sullenly
tail between legs
head lowered
in submission
as I looked
the other way?

am I alone?

in this place
once so full
of so much

the silence
screaming with aching
and a lack of laughter

yet I hope

and so...

I wait...

Dangerous Mind
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is it a new Sun
over the horizon
reshaping the
old phantoms
into a new Hope

your passion
to relive the
again and again
till the dusk
till the night,
till the dawn
brings the...)

would you prefer
the old Sun over
a new horizon?

Tyrant of Words
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a new beginning
only begins
when you begin
to see
the beginning
of a path
that leads you away
from the decay
that you

Dangerous Mind
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©All Rights Reserved

All endings they said, are labors in pain
Struggling with the release of its offspring
Time and motion of all that has withered
Gathered in decay inside a cocoon amassing life
As the clock strikes twelve the sheet would turn
With the same dawn as was yesterday
But the siren would be sung by a newborn babe
Breathing life with resolve at hand
With renewed vigor and ardent hope
That this time around, things would be better
That this time around, they would do better
That this time around, he would sin no more
That this time around, she would cry no more

All is forgiven
All is forgotten
To start again
And live again
One has to die
And be born again

after all...

Endings are mothers
pregnant with new beginnings.

Guardian of Shadows
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Pining for a New Beginning

glow worms and fireflies
golden dusts falling on skin
lighting a night of darkness
and days of grey skies

they are hopes of dusty morning
still shrouded in mists
cold the letters given
by fickle minded destiny

they are but imagination
shrouded in wistful thoughts
wishing for a new beginning
still enshrouded in the old one

I see again the forests
in autumn glory
and the falling snow
photographs in memory

I see the flowers blooming
between the frosts in the morning
and the empty chairs
side by side, unoccupied

I close my eyes
and look forward
to bright but sterile days
looking and pining

for a new beginning.

Dangerous Mind
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New Chances

Possibilities, both new and old.
Never shut yourself out from the cold
Because it will make you appreciate
The warmth a bit more. Never wait
For anything to catch up with you
Just like you cannot wait to be through
With old doors before opening new ones.
Darling, you cannot be the one who outruns
The fresh chances that come your way.
You have to sometimes try to stray
From the path just a bit to learn to say yes.
Life is still always going to be a mess
In the end. This is your chance to shine,
Bloom and to be the first one in line
This time without being second best.
I know that you are weary and need a rest,
But you have this handled because this
Is your year. This is only your bliss.

poet Anonymous

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Tyrant of Words
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Every Day is a New Beginning

Every day is a new beginning,
It just depends what I make of it,
Do I go back to the same routine?
Or will I go and chase the dream?

Every day brings new hope,
Even when the rain obscures the sun,
It all depends how I look at it,
Is it partly cloudy, or is itÖ
It doesnít matter what the circumstances are,
All beginnings begin with me,
For every obstacle in my way,
There is an opportunity to learn and strengthen me.

For all the times Iíve fallen,
I got up again and kept on going,
I had to look at my playbook and my goals,
And try a different strategy to keep on growing.

And every morning I wake up,
For what little possessions I may have Iím still winning,
Because Iím surrounded by the people that I love,
And that in itself feels like every day is a new beginning.

Lost Thinker
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Thanks to everyone who has join the competition. you were amazing, congratulations to the winners

Guardian of Shadows
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Congratulations wallyroo92, awesome entry! AEMelia564, admirable entry....cach_17, thank you for choosing me as runner up...humbled!

Dangerous Mind
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