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Refrain of the Rain

Dangerous Mind
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Poetry Contest

write a poem or short text about the rain
Rain, how does it travel through the skies ?
Give your rain a voice, a mind , soul,or a heart
What does your rain hear, see or know
What does it symbolize ?

Any length
Two entries max per poet
Collabs welcomed
No extreme material
Be original


jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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Rain always puts me to sleep

In the middle of night before,      
I awoke to the sound of rain      
In what seemed like a sated roar      
Of their deep voices, of their stain.      
'Twas a dream in my half-aware,      
I questioned its validity.      
Then dozed off like it wasn't there,      
This weather-beaten mystery.      
Then yesterday passed like my thoughts,      
Adrift, clouds hid daylight away.      
I watched what the weather had wrought,      
Then fell back to sleep where I lay.      
The afternoon walked in on me      
And claimed "It's been raining, y'know."      
I vaguely looked over to see,      
And murmured "I want you to go."      
The day turned away as it sighed,      
Went gray, fading into the wall.      
I knew it had made up a lie,      
But now hoped for raindrops to fall.

Fire of Insight
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Heaven’s Pour

They say the angels hide the sun
when they cry upon the land
because the light would betray
why they morn for us today
driven by the questing wind
droplets seek to touch the souls
fearful of the consequence
hiding from the Lord’s good grace

The seraphim seek only love
imparted with the raindrop’s kiss
flowing from the children’s eyes
questing for those far below
as clouds too dark with sorrow’s quest
again the sun is hidden back
circle round the gathering
the thunder sounds its trumpet call.

Gabriel rides on lightning’s fork
radiant in the storm’s loud voice
asking all to find their way
before the deluge consumes the day
the rain may fall in sheets at first
collect in hollows as pools converge
still the angels must pour forth
their sorrow at our shared comport.

May the drops on foreheads wake
the sleepers from their stumbling gait
into darkness beyond the storm
that feels no love from heaven’s pour
this last warning, wet embrace
delivered to the human race
the tears are omens sent to earth
from those who care high above.

Tyrant of Words
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 Storms a comin' ma

I leaned into my memories
drifting and dreaming
"days of futures past"

simply staring out the window

the soft solfeggio
singing through leaf-less trees
kept the eyes glazed

pointed inward

clouds had turned dark
tinged with purple
rumbled out torn by lightning

pinks of pastel fading fast

liquid intensity begins gathering quick
and I the hypnotized
follow streams carve into land

bodies rippled

the witty mockingbird
intent on being clear
only audible now when near

begging to question, continuing stare

Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
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The vile water falls from the sky
No longer yours or mine
The acid rain is drained away
to the rivers and with the fish
to the sea, where it rots.

How fucking lovely

Tyrant of Words
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Adagio At Twilight
(A collaboration: Vee & Souladareatease)

Sweet remembrance of walks on cobbleston'd avenues
glistening with April showers in the month of May.
We ran for shelter to the ice cream stand to share a cone
cream dripped between intertwined fingers, captured
stolen kisses born in innocence of laughter frayed by youth.

You gently pushed the hair from my face, catching
teardrops from silver strands with thole'd hands
whispering softly, “I’ve never seen anyone sparkle
my imagination the way you smile when you look at
my imperfections through storms and rains;
the way moonlight reflects on still waters,
shifting with the winds of the day.”

Deep ember burn, torched by streetlight embrace
we swept through alleyways, skipping puddles
bands fell by brim framing the eyes
shadows hold no secret, when lit by your smile.

There upon ire we played through the drips, soft elegance
wit on your lip; salacious she says at the coffee shop stoop
while we bartered for dark, avoiding the rain.
Keep close and hold on tight tonight
for I have no patience, like the sweeping tide.

Twisted Dreamer
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spitting incessant water on my head
yesterday it might of seemed like rain
today more like acid disguised as sky tears

I always imagine how calm I would be
listening to your uncatagerizable hum mixed with grey sky
cracked window
so I can smell the liquidated earth
but instead
you put me on edge once again

dear rain,                                                                                                
          what are you really?

Tyrant of Words
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Letter from an angry raindrop

don't own me

more free
than you'll ever be



am death



so why
are you still


don't you see


Tyrant of Words
United States
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tear flavored rain

all the tears we've shed
from birth to now
have been caught in a crystal vial

each contains a color, a memory, a feeling
collected by the angels

in times of emotional drought
our essence is poured upon the Earth
rebirth happens as the forests are fed
lush ferns line the overflowing rivers
that are flavored with our tears

some rain drops are murky with fear
as they streak down the face of one in despair

mixed with their tears is a kiss from the angels
each drop colored, marked and full of a feeling
the rain washes us clean

brings back the ancient memories
when we were free to cavort
at one with nature

thunder a reminder the gods are angry
as the tears of children are collected
to pour big drops on our heads
let us all remember them

in innocence we cried too

Lost Thinker
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A gentle downpour of your emotions.
I .am.drenched.

Dangerous Mind
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it`s raining poems!
nine poems

Thank you all participants,
Jade, Sean, Soul, Beuk, Soul&Vee
Url, Lep, Crim, and Eccent so far for brililant entries
I will read each your rain poems thoroughly

Dangerous Mind
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Rain On Raining

It’s not a bad life
like any other vocation
It has its ups and downs
ba dump bump tssssssss!
(just a bit of raindrop humor)
but seriously
I enjoy the variety of the experience
From the exhilaration of the fall
to the mind-numbing tedium
waiting for evaporation day
Like a long , long line
to once again ride a roller coaster
Hell If you land in Antarctica
you could be frozen for decades
yearning for ascension

Missions of compassion or fun
are my favorites
Sating the thirst
of a drought stricken land
or plant life in need of sustenance
Extinguishing raging forest fires
Pooling in perfect jumping puddles
for tiny human feet
Diving into fountains
where I can leap for joy
over and over again
Providing romantic ambiance
for strolling lovers
In fact, for this I slow my descent
I love rolling down noses
to mingle with their kisses
If I’ve performed exceptionally well
I’m assigned to snow duty
I get to put on my fancy clothes
slowly, gracefully dancing to the ground

Heartbroken I am
when called on a misery mission
driving living creatures from their homes
as part part of a deluge team
I try to avoid destruction
but sometimes I cause damage
With great sadness
I land on those without shelter
causing them to shiver
at my touch
Once I actually fell through a roof
landing on the head of a mother
desperately trying to contain
those who with me had fallen
I hope she knows it’s nothing personal
just the nature of my business.

Dangerous Mind
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My heart is trapped in a holding pattern
Circling in melancholy gray skies
That moan lonely thunder and weep cold rain

I tire of waiting for an opening in your clouds
So I might orientate as to where I am
In relationship to where you’re at

Guessing on what’s in your head
Fearing what might come next
In this rainstorm called love

Dangerous Mind
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Thank you Gahddess and Buck for rain entries
may it rain rain rain :-) :-)

Guardian of Shadows
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Spring Tides ‘44

Hulls ride on waves and
I am….

“I am one with
the seas.”

boots suck into
the sands
while they are gunned

They go—I
go, falling into
misty airs, gray
droplets of the
Vernal Equinox, smearing
blood with brine amidst
shouts, gunfire on
the shores of

The world implodes, and
I wash it away, while
my story rages on.

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