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crimsin (Unveiling)
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Death to the living

Jennifer Michael McCurry
Tyrant of Words
United States
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Niclandish emos Plagin weird iclandish chicks!!!


Twisted Dreamer
South Africa
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dances in the dark

light the fires and get the kids
tonight we have a feast
get the crosses and pierce their ribs
call upon the beast

draw the pentogram in the sand
throw around your salt
light your candles black as night
draw near your cult

shadow figures dance around
and unto hell they cry
one young virgin we now have found
tonight she has to die

bring glory to the hounds of hell
call upon their name
vicious stories they have to tell
let's inflict the pain

tie her hands and tie her feet
but do not gag the mouth
leave her naked no need for sheet
make sure her feet face south

stab her here and stab her there
blood flows just like water
blood is splashing everywhere
remember she's someones daughter

now a demon has come to see
what pleasures he can find
reluctantly he has chosen me
and quickly enters my mind

possessed i am, two in one
six six six vs seven seven seven
cursing now the only son
who came down from heaven

spit and drool and nails a claw
tongue as hot as fire
anything holy accused as hoar
enjoy my hellish desire

falling down,now on my knees
resembling a roaring lion
the demon takes hold like a disease
war we will have at mount zion

telling his stories using my tongue
he spits and shouts at all
"the coming is close, the end has begun"
"my master will break your wall"

i gag and i choke as the demons takes aim
at the virgin who's bleeding out
call everyone let's have our feast
there's meat for all , let's eat

ripping at flesh and chewing on eyes
we eat and enjoy her all
suddenly the sun breaks the sky
and to my knees i fall

it's over and done, the night away
alone i sit here now
bloody virgin and me alone in the day
and so i take my last bow

persona non grata
Thought Provoker
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Paranoia, great massacre
masturbation, with no luck
Thinking that your lives suck?
Children starving, what the fuck?

Their greed passed beyond the line
'Churche's' people don't give a dine
Parents rape their own kid
Inane buy shit they don't really need
Beautiful deamons on parade
all they think is to get laid
War world three is taking place  
war of the bossy ruling race
Welcome to a political fuck
racism and slavery are back
Guns in the hand of a 13yearold
Homeless people shivering with cold
Brand new diseases, expensive therapy sold
Proud to be a human in this fucked up world?
President's smiling, wishing you well
An innocent men is found dead in his cell
Conspiracy theories of whom we're a part
celebrity tributes on when they fart

Fuck it
I don't wanna know
where the world is gonna go

Fuck the priests who are as dark as a crow
Fuck police who brake the law
Fuck all those who worship money
Fuck the stupid who think they're funny

Now I'm no better than anyone else
I ignore too, as a defense
Who knows, my poor, convicted friend
when all humanity comes to an end
Fuck it
I don't wanna know
where I will be and how low

Thought Provoker
United States
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